Richard and His Mini Me’s Version of “GIRL TALK”

This scenario is inspired by last February 28’s episode of BCWMH. Richard’s touching attempt to engage Nikki and Abby in “girl talk” to make them both feel better was simply a heart tugging moment. Here goes another scenario in my mind, Richard’s second attempt at “girl talk” with his beautiful mini me.

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Author: iamgarie

Richard and His Mini Me’s Version of “GIRL TALK”
By iamgarie

It’s the first night since they got married that Richard and Maya are sleeping far apart from each other.

It’s past 10 in the evening and Richard is all alone in the kitchen preparing hot milk for himself. He doesn’t normally drink milk, but he remembered how Nikki once told him that Maya said a glass of milk at night can help one get some sleep. It’s been an hour since he got off the phone with his wife, but he still couldn’t sleep. He misses Maya terribly. Seemingly in a trance as he thinks about his sweetheart, he does not notice that Nikki has joined him in the kitchen and has poured a glass of milk for herself, as well.

Nikki just smiles as she stares at her Dad. She still couldn’t believe sometimes that their once lonely home is now brimming with love, laughter, happiness and good vibes. All thanks to the woman who is currently and constantly occupying his Dad’s heart and mind, her Tita Mommy– God’s wonderful gift to them after her Mom passed on. She will forever be grateful to her Tita Mommy for coming into their lives and allowing them to experience how it is to be happy and whole all over again. In a few months’ time, her Tita Mommy and Dad will be giving them the best gift ever– their beloved twin siblings whose birth they all await with bated breath. Although Nikki still feels crappy because of Nicolo, she can’t help but smile as she lovingly gazes at her Dad who just earlier this evening embarrassingly came to see her and Abby hoping to engage them in “girl talk” even if he obviously felt too awkward to do it. She can’t believe he said he even had their Tita Mommy coach him. She has the sweetest and the best Dad and Mommies in the world! Lucky her, she thought. With her Dad still in a pensive mood, Nikki tries to get his attention by holding his hand.

Nikki: Daddy? Daddy?

Richard: Uhm, hmm… What are you doing here at this time, Niks?

Nikki: Like you, Dad, I can’t sleep, too! (Smiles) Are youuuu thiiiiinkiiiing about Tita Mommy, Daddykins? You’re missing her na?

Richard: Yes, baby…

Nikki: (Suddenly becomes quiet)

Richard: Niks, what is it? Are you missing someone, as well? What’s up with Nicolo?

Nikki: Oh my gee, Dad! Don’t say that. Can we not talk about him, please?

Richard: (Smiles) Okay. But clearly, something is bothering you. Why don’t we both go up and talk some more. (With their glasses of milk, they go up to the entertainment area and settle on the couch side by side each other.) Ask me anything, Niks.

Nikki: Are you sure about that, Dad?

Richard: (Smiles) Yes.

Nikki: Dad, can you make me kwento na lang about your love story with Tita Mommy?

Richard: Ha? (Smiles) That’ll be a rather long story to tell. Why don’t I read a bedtime story for you na lang like I always did when you were little?

Nikki: Dad! The last time you did that was ages ago. I’m not Abby, Daddykins! Besides, didn’t you promise I can ask you anything? And nothing interests me more than listening to your love story. I haven’t had the chance to ask Tita Mommy to make me kwento, eh.

Richard: Ok, Niks. If listening to our love story will make you feel better, I’m all for it.

Nikki: I don’t know, Dad. Pero it might. You know how much I love rom-com!

Richard: Rom-com? You’re labeling our love story as rom-com, Niks?

Nikki: But of course, Dad! You married a lovely woman with a great sense of humor, after all. She’s the funny kulit one in your love story, while you’re the serious sungit one. Haha! Pero Dad, you’re so super kulit din pala ha.

Richard: What?!?

Nikki: While we were at the park with Lolo and Lola kanina, they made kwento about how you were as a kid. You were so super kulit din pala. Mas makulit ka pa pala kay Kuya!

Richard: (Smiles then chuckles ) They said that? So bagay pala talaga kami ni Tita Mommy mo. Pareho kaming makulit! So, what do you want to know, Niks?

Nikki: When you first met Tita Mommy you didn’t like her at all, diba po? (The first of Nikki’s many thought bubbles come out– “Like I didn’t like Nicolo the first time we met. I thought he was a basag ulo freak who was a bad influence kay Kuya! He was so G-R-R-R!”)

Richard: (Laughs) Haha! She was just so loud and talkative and meddlesome!

Nikki: I do remember. (As if in a trance, she pauses and Richard notices, but does not ask what she’s suddenly thinking. The various faces she makes does not escape Richard’s notice, though. “Nicolo was so jologs and how I hated him! I couldn’t even stand being with him in a room!”) Mealtimes were never the same again when Tita Mommy came! She talked too much! And I hated her for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve never met anyone quite like her before.

Richard: Like you, Niks, I wondered if she was for real. She seemed too good to be true. And I hated it. She smiled all the time and seemed to have this happy vibe ingrained in her system. You’re right, Niks. She’s unlike anyone we’ve ever met before.

Nikki: (Smiles) Like you, I hated it when she smiled and made me kulit. (“Wait! Oh my gee! Parang she’ s that basag ulo freak! Mallows was always so kulit and was smiling at me all the time! And how I hated it!”)

Richard: But then I saw how she was with Abby and how Abby blossomed under her loving care and guidance. And though you and your Kuya were not her responsibility, I also saw how much she cared about you guys, as well.

Nikki: And it took me a while to see how much she cared for all of us. Abby and then even Kuya warmed up to Tita Mommy eventually pero ako hindi pa din. When Kuya gave her a bag when she was just starting school, I was like ‘why’?

Richard: I guess, we’re a lot a like, Niks. We question and overthink everything sometimes. I kept denying for a long time that Maya’s a good person, so kind-hearted and so loving…

Nikki: Dad? You’re blushing! You miss, Tita Mommy na?

Richard: (Smiles) Of course!

Nikki: Oh! That’s so sweet, Daddy! But Dad, tell me. When did you realize you like Tita Mommy na pala? (“When did I know I like Mallows na?”)

Richard: You remember that night we camped out dito sa house when you and Luke were fighting? And then that night we lit the lantern that carried your letters for your Mom?

Nikki: Yes, Dad.

Richard: During those two occasions, I felt something for her, I guess. I saw how much she cared about you guys and it warmed my heart.

Nikki: Awww! That long na, Dad?

Richard: (Nods and smiles)

Nikki: You liked her for a long time na pala. Did you tell her then?

Richard: No!!! I don’t know, Niks! Though I felt something, it took me longer to realize that I have actually fallen for her. What your Mom and I shared was beautiful and unforgettable, so I thought that it was impossible for me to ever fall in love again. But your Tita Mommy came and everything changed. I changed and love happened. I fell in love. She is now my sun. Our sun, Niks!

Nikki: Oh… (“Just like me with Mallows pala. I didn’t even know I was falling for him na!”)

Richard: (Smiles)

Nikki: Dad, if you’ve liked Tita Mommy for that long na pala, did you get jealous when Kuya Simon started coming to the house to pursue her?

Richard: Haha! Maybe. But back then, I tried to make myself believe that I was just trying to be a protective boss sa Tita Mommy mo by giving her warnings left and right not be too trusting of Simon and other men she will come in contact with.

Nikki: (Laughs) And I remember how I tried pushing Tita Mommy to say yes to him ha. No matter how I nudged her to say yes to Kuya Simon, she just kept saying na hindi si Kuya Simon yung ideal man nya. Maybe— you were her ideal man na then and she must have fallen for you na rin during that time!!! (Gazes at her Dad with stars in her eyes) Aww! How sweet!

Richard: (Smiles) Your Tita Rafi told me much later that she noticed early on that Maya and I had mutual feelings for each other. Pareho lang daw kami dense kaya it took longer before we got together. Haha.

Nikki: Yes, Dad. I agree with Tita Rafi. You can be dense at times.

Richard: But Nikki, I’ve been a changed man since then, that’s why it didn’t take me long to figure out all by myself that you have a crush on Nicolo.

Nikki: Daddy!

Richard: (Smiles with a mischievous glint in his eye) Whaaat?!? I’m just saying the truth!

Nikki: Daddy naman, eh.

Richard: Okay, I’ll stop na. What else do you want to know?

Nikki: Did you ever get jealous of other guys because of Tita Mommy?

Richard: (Smiles, takes a long pause and stares intently at his teenage daughter. “Is this it, Niks? Are you jealous of some girl because of Nicolo? Let me in, Niks. I want to know what’s bothering my princess.”) I did get jealous and it caused a major misunderstanding between me and your Tita Mommy. We have not even acknowledged our feelings for each other then, but I got so jealous and said things I shouldn’t have said at all, and your Tita Mommy left because of that.

Nikki: Huh? When? And whom were you jealous of?

Richard: Christmas time 2012. You remember your Tita Mommy didn’t spend Christmas here?

Nikki: (Gasps) You were fiiiightiiiing then? That song she sang during our Christmas party with our barkada here at home was for you, Dad? I remember how she was fuming mad then, Daddy! Hahaha!

Richard: It was a misunderstanding that could have been solved had I not assumed too much and hurled hurtful words at her.

Nikki: What happened?

Richard: You remember the summit your Tita Mommy and I attended? You remember Capt. James Ventura?

Nikki: (Nods) Tito James? The pilot in our flight to San Nicolas?

Richard: Yes. Well, he was extra friendly with your Tita Mommy during the summit and I thought the worse… Let’s not get into details. Basta I got so jealous and said things that hurt your Tita Mommy.

Nikki: Aaah. (“Am I just like Daddy? Did I just assume the worse of Nicolo? Should I give him a chance to explain? I know I should. Next time he calls, I’ll answer the phone na and listen to what he’ll say.”) Kaya pala you suddenly went on tiger mode when Tita Mommy left. We were so scared of you kaya, Dad! Kaya pala we went to San Nicolas. We went all the way to Tita Mommy’s province to spend the best New Year ever so you could say, I mean SIIIING ‘Sorry, Pwede Ba?’ Hahaha, Daddy! All the while Kuya and I thought we went there so you could fulfill Abby’s wish!

Richard: I know.

Nikki: And did you start pursuing her then, Dad?

Richard: Not yet.

Nikki: Why?

Richard: I don’t know… But to be honest, I did miss her after she left and lived at Eman’s.

Nikki: Yes. We were all so sad when she left. You must have been so super sad din when she left.

Richard: Yes. Thank God for your prom, I had the perfect excuse to see her again. She was breathtakingly beautiful that night. By then, I knew. What we have, iba. Kasi gusto ko na pala siya.

Nikki: (Smiles. “When did I start seeing Nicolo differently? Was it after I met his bestfriend Aira and he declared he’ll court her? I guess it just happened. I suddenly had a crush on him na even if I didn’t like to have a crush on him at all. Daddy’s right pala when he said before na we can’t choose whom to love and when we fall in love. Love happens. In my case, crush happens! Haay!”)

Richard: What are you thinking, Niks?

Nikki: Ahhh. I’m thinking about you and Tita Mommy, Daddy. You’re oh so perfect for each other talaga. So did you start courting her after the prom?

Richard: I did. Our first date was something else. I had planned the perfect date sa cruise ship, but because we got there late we ended up feasting on balut and pork barbecue sa Baywalk.

Nikki: Ha? Really, Daddy?

Richard: But we had so much fun talking about anything and everything. Wherever we are, basta we’re together, we always enjoy naman.

Nikki: Kahit dito sa house pa lang naman before Dad, diba, you always enjoyed Tita Mommy’s company? You enjoy talking with each other. Kami din, we all liked talking with her, too.

Richard: Yes. She’s the best.

Nikki: And I am so glad, Daddy, that you guys never gave up on each other even if I did what I did before.

Richard: She’s always had faith in you, Niks. Remember that day when we talked and you left school to go to your Mom? When your Tita Mommy found out that we had a misunderstanding, she reminded me to cut you some slack cos you’re still young and can act impulsively.

Nikki: Awww! Oh my gee, Daddy! Tita Mommy is the best talaga. I’m glad she found her way into our lives. I sometimes think Mom has a hand in all this. She saw how sad we all were when she left and she must have prayed to God for a miracle during all those five years we were mourning her loss.

Richard: I guess so. You know your Mom well. She’s a selfless and loving woman, as well. She wants us to be happy. She wants only what’s best for us. You still miss her Niks?

Nikki: I still think about her but I don’t miss her na. I don’t want her to worry about us na kasi. She’s in heaven na and I want her to be happy watching us from afar. I don’t want her to be sad for us na. What about you, Daddy?

Richard: I will always love your Mom and will forever be grateful to her for giving me the most precious gifts– you, your Kuya Luke and Abby. We mourned her loss for a long time. I thought we would never recover. But as you said, things do happen for a reason. Maya eventually came and like magic made everything alright.

Nikki: Yes, Dad! Tita Mommy was the miracle we were blessed with. We’re so lucky, Daddy! And we are, Dad! We’re all HAPPY na.

Richard: I know.

Nikki: So, when did Tita Mommy finally say yes to your panliligaw?

Richard: Mothers’ Day. You remember I went out of town that day?

Nikki: (Nods and smiles)

Richard: I surprised her at work. It was her first day as a full-fledged flight attendant and I wanted to be in the same plane with her. She didn’t even know I was in that flight.

Nikki: Really?!? Oh my gee! Parang scene sa rom-com!

Richard: Yes, I hid my face from her the whole flight. I covered my head with a magazine, then with a blanket. I had to duck several times, too!

Nikki: You’re such a romantic din pala, Dad!

Richard: I guess I am. And there at the most romantic place in San Nicolas, your Tita Mommy and I officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Nikki: Awww!

Richard: And here am I now, Niks. Happily married to your Tita Mommy.

Nikki: And expecting twins! We’re so lucky to have you, Dad. We were lucky to have Mom, too. No matter how short we had Mom, she was the best Mom, too. We will always love her. And we’re lucky to have Tita Mommy now. The best Mommy, as well.

Richard: I’m glad you all opened your heart to her.

Nikki: She’s so easy to love, Dad. You think it’s alright if we all start calling her Mommy? Cos she is truly a Mommy to us, Dad! Matagal na. I guess even before you guys fell in love, she was a Mommy to us na.

Richard: Yes, she’s been a Mommy to all of you for the longest time, Are you sure about calling her Mommy, Niks? I’m sure she’ll love that.

Nikki: Of course, Daddy! I want us to call her the same way our twin siblings will call her. Mommy! Awww! I’m so sweet ‘no, Daddy?

Richard: You are, Niks. Kanino ka pa ba magmamana, diba?

Nikki: Of course, sa yo, Daddykins! I love you, Daddy!

Richard: I love you, too, Niks. I hope I helped you get your mind off whatever’s bothering you.

Nikki: You did way better than that, Dad! You answered all the questions that have been bugging me kanina pa.

Richard: I did? What questions did you have ba?

Nikki: (Turns red in embarrassment) Daddy!!!

Richard: (Chuckles) Okay! Okay! I’m just happy we had this talk.

Nikki: Girl talk, Dad?

Richard: Yes, I’m glad we had this “girl talk” and you’re okay na.

Nikki: (Hugs and kisses Richard) I am, Dad. All thanks to you. Good night, Daddykins!

Richard: (Hugs and kisses Nikki back) Good night, Niks. I love you.

Nikki: I love you, too, Daddykins! Nightie night na!

With satisfied smiles on their faces, Richard and his mini me retreat to the comfort of their respective rooms, happy to have kept each other company this lonely night. Before long, they finally fall in deep slumber and dream about the person they hold dear in their hearts.


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece here were taken from the TV series.


4 thoughts on “Richard and His Mini Me’s Version of “GIRL TALK”

  1. Hi Ms. Garie – I really like your stories, and of course the other authors too and have been enjoying reading all the stories in this fanfic over and over again. I was just wondering if other love teams such as the Kathryn-Daniel, Xian-Kim tandem have their own fanfic such as this one for RY & JSM, which seems to have catched on the wild imaginations of so many bright and creative minds. Hope you’ll find out!! Thanks!!

  2. ayyyiiiee!! Ang galing! Ang ganda! Sana dumating ung time na “Mommy” na ang itatawag nila Abby, Nikki & Luke! hehehe Thanks for this po!

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