Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Unmasked

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Rainbow

Author: banana08

A/N:After 3mos. nakapag-update na ko. At dahil galit na ang iba sa tagal kong mag-update, Soooorrrryyy pooo! 😛 I would like to thank those who keep on reminding me about the story, to those who are patiently waiting. Pero may isang natuwa ako kasi lagi syang nagcocomment pero di naman nampepressure. Thanks RMR61! lahat na yata ng post ko may comment ka! 🙂 thank you!

This is second to the last chapter. Unti unti nang masasagot ang mga katanungan. Kayo na ang bahala sa nakayanan ng utak ko. haha


Richard and Maya’s relationship is going smoothly ever since he formalized their engagement. They’re seeing each other almost every day and their late night texts and calls are also their way of saying “I just can’t get enough of you, Honey!”

It was one weekday afternoon when the kids got home from school and were shocked to find Richard and Maya seated in the sofa, cuddled together and laughing out loud. Their reactions were unreadable.

Luke: Dad, what’s happening here?
Nikki: Is there something going on that we don’t know about?
Abby: Dad are you and Tita Maya..

Richard was startled at the sight of his kids but more than that he was uneasy because the kids saw him and Maya in that state.

Richard: I know you guys have questions and I can explain. For the meantime, go upstairs, change your clothes and I’ll meet you guys in the veranda.

The kids nodded and followed what their father said. When the kids were upstairs, Richard looked at the woman beside him.

Richard: Are you okay?
Maya: Ah..yes. But… I..I’m afraid that they will not like me.
Richard: Don’t worry, they already love you.
Maya: But not as your girlfriend, your fiancée and as your wife. (she was in the verge of crying)
Richard: You worry too much. It’ll be fine.
Maya: But..

Richard instantly held both her hands in his and kissed her forehead.

Richard: Trust me okay? I trust the love of my kids. I will be with you all the way. (he smiled reassuringly)
Maya: Okay. But I guess it’s better for you to talk to them alone first. I want them to have freedom in anything they want to say.
Richard: I’m sure they’ll be okay.
Maya: Please? I also need time to gather every bit of confidence I have in me to face them as your girlfriend. I want them to accept me. I want them to like me.
Richard: Shhh.. that’s for sure. (he said as he pulled her into embrace)
Maya: I’ll better get going. They’ll be down any minute. No need to walk me outside. I’ll be fine.

She gave him a peck on the lips and turned her heels towards the door. But she was stopped on her tracks when she heard him speak.

Richard: I’ll call you later ‘munchkin’!
Maya: What did you just call me? (She said as she face him)
Richard: Munchkin! (he said with a grin on his face)
Maya: Munchkin?
Richard: Yes Munchkin. Well, obviously I can’t call you sweetheart or honey because that will mean World War 3, so I’m calling you Munchkin.
Maya: Where did you get that?
Richard: Why? You don’t like it?
Maya: Ahm.. Well, It sounds good to me so I can say I like it?
Richard: Stop pretending Maya. I know you love it Munchkin! (he tilt his head back laughing)
Maya: Fine. We better stop this cheesy moments ours. The kids will be down in awhile. I really need to go. You have to talk to the kids. Thank you for always making me feel better. (she said as she caressed his face.)

She turned her back to him and started walking. As she was about to step out of the door,

Maya: Bye Moochie! Call me okay? (she said with a big grin on her face and not looking at him.)
Richard: Haha…Okay Munchkin!

It’s been three hours but Richard hasn’t called yet. Maya was tossing and turning in her bed while she waited for his call but there’s none. Not even a text from him. She tried to call him and sent several text messages but there was no reply. She was starting to worry. She was having a hard time sleeping, her mind wanders. She was creating scenarios in her head on how his talk with his kids went, all with a bad ending. She was getting paranoid. Can you blame her?

After hours of thinking, tiredness finally came to her being that made her doze to sleep.

It was around 5:30 in the morning when she received a text from him. After reading it, she hurriedly ran out her door and drove to Richard’s house. When she arrived, she immediately alight her car and hit the doorbell. She just greeted the one who opened the gate without recognizing who it was and proceeded inside to look for Richard. She found Richard seated in the dining table having breakfast with his kids.

Maya: Moochie.. (she shouted worriedly.)
Richard: Munchkin?

Maya ran to Richard and engulfed him with a hug.

Richard: Munchkin, what’s wrong? Are you okay? (he uttered as he tightened the hug)
Maya: I should be the one asking that. Are you okay? (she distance herself to him to look at him in the face)
Richard: I’m perfectly fine especially that you’re here.
Maya: I am worried sick. I don’t know what happened to you. I was waiting for the call last night or even a text but there’s none. I barely had a sleep.

A smile crept to Richard’s face.

Maya: Why are you smiling?
Richard: Well, Munchkin, I can really see that you’re very much worried.
Maya: Of course I’m worried. Isn’t obvious?
Richard: It’s very obvious munchkin. (he move closer to her and caress her face.) Because you came all the way here in your pajama and silk robe.
Maya: Huh? (she look at herself and suddenly became self-conscious) Oh..My. This is embarrassing.
Richard: Don’t be Munchkin. (he smiled at her showing his bedimpled cheek)
Maya: Ahhh…What’s happening? Why did you text me to come over? I thought it’s an emergency.
Richard: Are you sure you read my text clearly?
Maya: Yes. You asked me to come over before office. I was really worried because you want me to come this early in the morning.
Richard: Do you have your phone with you? I said after office Munchkin. (he controlling his laugh. He found Maya too amusing)
Maya: What?

They were interrupted when Luke spoke.

Luke: Dad, why is Tita Maya here?
Nikki: Yeah Dad, I thought we talked to you about it last night?
Maya: Ah, I.. I’m sorry I was just worried about your Dad. Don’t worry I’ll leave immediately. I never meant to—
Richard: Maya, you totally got it wrong.
Maya: No Richard. I totally understand it. I know how difficult it is for them to—
Richard: No! It’s not like that.
Nikki: Ugghh!! This is so frustrating! Tita Maya, you’re not supposed to be here at this early! You’re supposed to be here dinner time. You ruined our plans! Our surprise for you! There! I said it.
Maya: Surprise? For me?
Nikki: Yes for you!
Maya: I thought, you don’t-
Richard: I told you not to worry right?
Luke: I guess we have no other choice but to show her the surprise. Baby, you know what to do!
Abby: Leave it to me kuya!

Abby then pulled Maya to her room to let her sibling do their last minute preparations. After couple of minutes they went to the veranda.

As soon as she’s in the veranda, she can’t help her eyes to get misty. She saw the banner that the kids made for her. It says, “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY TITA MAYA” with their doodles on the backgroud. Tears finally rolled down her face as when Luke gave her flowers that were obviously taken from the vase at the dining table.

Luke: We ordered bouquet of flowers for you but since you’re way too early, this will do for now. (he flashed his smile to her as he hand the flowers.)
Maya: Awww..
Nikki: It’s a good thing we finished the banner last night. At least there is something finished for our surprise for you.
Abby: Tita Maya, we’re supposed to surprise you but look, it turned out you’re the one who surprised us!

Everyone burst into laughter

Maya: Moochie, this is all your fault.
Richard: Hey I didn’t do anything Munchkin. ( he said smiling at her)
Maya: If you just texted me last night, I should have not worry too much and not went here this early with.. ah.. with these..(she looked at herself embarrassed) on.
Richard: Don’t worry you’re still cute on those Hello Kitty Pajamas and silk robe especially with your messy hair! (he throw his head back laughing)
Maya: I know that I’m cute! (she pouted her lips and turned to his kids) How about a group hug? I am super thankful to you guys for accepting me.
Nikki: You’re welcome Tita Maya! We know how happy Dad is when he’s with you.

That morning Richard drove Maya to her office.

Richard: Munchkin? (he glanced at her while driving)
Maya: Hmmm..
Richard: I was just thinking that now that the kids know and they’re okay with it, I guess it’s just proper for me to meet your parents?
Maya: Okay. When do you want to meet them?
Richard: If it’s okay, I want it as soon as possible because in a couple of months we will be already preparing for our wedding.
Maya: Okay. Let’s have dinner with them tonight. (she smiled at him)
Richard: What? Tonight? As in later tonight? Will that be okay? It’s such a short notice, Munchkin.
Maya: I thought you want to meet them as soon as possible?
Richard: Yeah but I guess I need to prepare myself before meeting them.
Maya: (she tried all her might to control her laughter over his nervousness) You don’t have to worry. You don’t need to prepare. They will like you.
Richard: But—
Maya: Uh uh! Just be yourself and I’m sure they will understand why I choose you.
Richard: Are you sure they’ll like me? I have kids already, I am older—

He was cut in the middle of his sentence when Maya put her index finger on his lips.

Maya: Shhhh…. You are worth it. You love your family very much, responsible, thoughtful, sweet, caring and most importantly you are so handsome. (she pinched his cheeks)
Richard: Ouch! Don’t tell me you just want me because of my good looks?
Maya: Haha. Sorta!
Richard: Hey I know what you’re doing!
Maya: What?
Richard: You’re making me feel better ( he glanced again to her, grabbed her hand and kissed it briefly)

Richard: How do I look? Are you sure they will like this Pancit Malabon and Lapid’s Chicharon? I should have bought some sweets to go with these.
Maya: Moochie, look at me. (she said calmly to him)

He looked at her with obvious nervousness.

Maya: You look great. In fact, you look very handsome every time. They will like that. Pancit Malabon is Nanay and Tatay’s favorite and the Chicharon is Mamang’s. Don’t worry about the sweets, Nanay made her special Leche Flan for this dinner. Okay?

He released the breath he was holding. He smiled to the girl who captured his heart. The love he was feeling for her just grows and grows every day. He can’t contain his feeling of happiness.

Richard: Oh okay.
Maya: Can I ask you something?
Richard: What is it?
Maya: Do you love me?
Richard: What kind of question is that? Of course!
Maya: Promise?
Richard: Yes! I really love you with all of me!
Maya: Then that’s enough!
Richard: What do you mean that’s enough?
Maya: That’s enough for them to like you! For them to understand why I chose to be with you.
Richard: Look who’s cheesy now? I love you Munchkin! (he said lovingly as he engulfed her in a hug.)
Maya: We better stop our over rated romance and go inside the house. They are waiting for us!
Richard: I’ll follow your lead!

Maya: Nay, Tay, Mang, Kute Cho? Andito na kami. (she said as soon as she entered the house)
Mamang: Maya! Apo!
Nanay Teresita: Oh Maya ‘Nak anjan na pala kayo!
Maya: Mano po, Nay, Tay, Mang! Ay Si Richard nga po pala.
Tatay Arturo: Ikaw ang boyfriend ni Maya diba?
Richard: Good Evening po sa inyo. Opo Boyfriend nga po ako ni Maya.
Mamang: Ah so nagkaayos nap ala kayo? Ibang iba ang itsura mo ngayon apo kaysa nung huli kang umuwi!
Maya: Mang! Nakaraan na po yun. Saka nakakahiya po.
Mamang: Bakit apo? Hindi pa ba alam ni Richard yung mga pag-eemote mo nun?
Richard: Ay hindi pa po. Ano po bang pinaggagawa ni Maya?
Maya: Richard?!
Richard: What? I was just asking if you were as miserable as me that time. (he laughs though he was stating a fact that he was miserable too that time.)
Maya: Whatever! (she rolled he eyes to him but with a smile on her face)
Tatay Arturo: Tama nay an at maghapunan na tayo.
Nanay Teresita: Mabuti pa nga! Tatawagin ko muna si Cristina Rose at Cho. Mauna na kayo sa lamesa.

The dinner was filled with the exchange banters of Cristina Rose and Maya. They were like kids. You can really see how close they are. They definitely missed each other. But they were interrupted when Tatay Arturo started to ask Richard.

TA: Ah Richard, ilang taon ka na?
Richard: 43 na po
TA: hmmm.. so 12 years pala ang age difference nyo ni Maya.
Richard: Ah opo.
TA:So anong trabaho mo?
Kute: Hala Maya, nagsisimula na sa interrogation si Tatay! (she nudged Maya and whispered to her ear.)
Richard: Ah head po ako ng Lim Aviation Services.
TA: So ikaw pala ang famous Richard Lim. Hmmm..
Richard: Ah hindi naman po ako famous.
TA: I thought you are married? Aren’t you?
Maya: Tay?
Richard: It’s okay Maya. Yes Sir I was. Alex died of cancer almost 6 years ago.
NT: I’m sorry to hear that.
Richard: It’s okay. Even before she died, we prepared ourselves for that day. She’s been sick for years .Me and the kids already moved on.
Cho: Tito Richard may anak na po kayo?
Kute: Cho, diba hindi sumasabat sa usapan ng matatanda?
Cho: Ay sorry po. Tito Richard sorry po.
Richard: Okay lang Cho. Yes I have three kids. 1 boy and 2 girls. My youngest is about your age. (he smiled to the boy)
TA: So ano naman ang nagustuhan mo kay Maya?

Richard smiled as he heard the question of her father. He doesn’t know how to answer his question but he felt that the answer was very easy.

Richard: Honestly, I really don’t know. For the past six years, I never dated anyone. I was just focused on my kids and work. Pero ang galing po kasi ni Maya manligaw e.
Maya: Richard! Wow ha!

Everyone laughed because of what he said. Their laughter ceased when Mamang interrupted.

Mamang: Arturo, tama na muna ang pagtatanong. Daig mo pa ang NBI e. Hindi na makakain si Richard sa’yo e.

Richard was really nervous in answering the questions but she followed the advice of Maya to just be himself. Maya was happy on how he answered the questions of her father. She reached for his hand and smiled to him lovingly. Richard smiled back to her and the feeling of relief invaded his being when he saw her beautiful smile.

Richard and Maya went to the veranda to have their coffee.

Maya: You really did a good job there.
Richard: I just followed your advice. I also want to be honest with your family. They deserve to know the truth.
Maya: Yes and I love you more because of that.
Richard: You just don’t know how happy I am right now.
Maya: I am too but I guess we better leave as it’s getting late. The kids might be waiting for you. I’ll just put these cups in the kitchen. I’ll meet you in the sitting area.
Richard: Okay.

Maya stood up and gathered the cups and went to the kitchen. She was startled when her mother spoke instantly like she was really waiting for her.

NT: Maya, sigurado ka bas a desisyon mo?
Maya: Nay! Nakakagulat ka naman. Desisyon po saan? (she asked though she knew what she meant.)
NT: Nak alam kong alam mo ang sinasabi ko. Sigurado ka ba?
Maya: Nay, kilala nyo naman po ako. Hindi ako basta basta nagdedesisyon ng hindi ko napag-isipan. Wag na po kayong mag-alala.
NT: Nak hindi sa hindi ko gusto si Richard para sa’yo pero kaya mo lang ba sya pinili dahil sa mga anak nya?
Maya: Nay, paano naman nasingit ang mga anak ni Richard?
NT: Maya alam na alam ko kung gaano mo kagusto magkaroon ng anak. Akala mo ba hindi ko alam ang tungkol sa findings ni Dra. Gacoba sa’yo?
Maya: Paano nyo po nalaman?
NT: Maya nakita ko ang mga resulta ng test na ginawa sayo.
Maya: Nay, sa susunod na lang po natin to pag-usapan. Gabi na po. Baka inaantay na po si Richard ng mga bata.
NT: Maya, gusto kong malaman. Oo o hindi lang Maya. Ang mga anak ba ni Richard ang dahilan kung bakit ka ba nakipagrelasyaon sa kanya?
Maya: Nay, sa susunod na lang po please?

Her mother can’t protest anymore as she reached for her hand and place it on her forehead. She said goodbye. She was about to go the sitting area but she was stopped in her tracks. She saw Richard standing in the hallway near the kitchen, staring blankly at her.

Maya: Richard???

A/N: Ang susunod po ay hindi ko pa din alam kung kailan mapopost. Pero hindi naman po aabutin ng 3mos. haha Pasensya na po at kailangan ko i-cut dito. thank you for reading!


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    • thank you! nakakamiss din kasi magsulat e. better follow my blog kasi sa susunod yung iba hindi ko na ipopost sa EB. yung uncut sa blog ko lang! 🙂

  1. FINALLY! may update naaa!!! xD this is one of my faves! super like title plang! ha ha.. it’s nice that everything’s going fine bet. Mr. Grumpy & Ms. Giddy kaya lng.. uh-oh,, may ‘secret revealed’ na nakaka-BITIIIINNNNN! hopefully, the next installment would be posted the soonest! and also, this chapter is NOT really the “second-to-the-last” as stated in the author’s note! 😦

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    • haha thank you the continuous support! haha nakaka bitin ba? may ipopost lang akong story sa blog ko tapos go na ko sa next nito. second to the last na talaga. basta depende. haha

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    • Aigoo! ang sad naman that the next chapter would be MR. GRUMPY & MS. GIDDY’s last na.. 😦 anyway, I truly loved how Maya bravely offered RL marriage! and their first moments together! kaka-ibang maya kc from the usual one! way to go ms. @banana08! pero sana LENGTHY and may EPILOGUE din if makakalusot!/makakahirit! ha ha 😀 thankee^^

    • haha. brave talaga si Maya sa proposal nya ibang iba talaga! thank you ha. try ko habaan yung last chapter. may mga flashbacks pa din kasi e. haha. I’m considering the epilogue. haha

    • Opo ala na po b kasunod yun unmasked ng ms giddy meets Mr grumpy? Sayang naman! Pls continue the story!

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