The Art of Letting Go – part 43

A/N: This is a continuation to The Art of Letting Go – part 42.

Author: princemackaroo


As his senses woke to a start, Richard felt some weight on his left arm. He felt a warm soft body where his right arm is draped, and felt a leg tangled with his. He nuzzled her hair and inhaled her sweet fragrant scent.  A smile spread across his face as waves of contentment, peace, serene swept through him. Everything is surreal. Everything is dream-like. Everything is simply perfect. And if everything indeed is a dream, then he refuses to wake up and face reality.

But he felt her move, he felt her stir, felt her warm breath against his skin.  Opening his eyes, Richard saw Maya sleeping peacefully in his arms. The sight of her face radiating the same sense of happiness and contentment that he feels melted his heart. Everything proved to be real and not some make believe or a sweet beautiful dream. She was really his. His very own Angel. His very own Maya.

He watched her sleep. Watched how a soft smile is pasted on her lips. Watched how her face reflected an afterglow. He smiled even more knowing fairly well what caused her smile, what caused her radiance, and what caused the afterglow that he is witnessing right now. He remembered how she submitted herself fully to him the night before. He remembered how she generously surrendered, how she sweetly offered everything she had, how she made him feel the deep depth of her love for him and her anchored trust in him.

Gently, he stroked her hair. With the lightest of touch, he caressed her face and took his time to study the contours of her face all the while letting the memories of yesterday play on his mind. Using his index finger, he traced her brows, the brows that used to furrow during their first encounters. He chuckled softly at the memory. He placed feather-like kisses on both her brows and whispered, “I won’t let them furrow because you’re mad or pissed with me. I promise to do everything and always pray to God to give me the wisdom and strength to only keep you happy.”

He moved her finger down her nose. He smiled as he recall how pleasantly cute she looks whenever she wrinkles her nose. How it wrinkles whenever she feels shy or unsure, whenever she tries to decline or refuse about something, and whenever she smell something unpleasant. He bent down once again and placed a feather-like kiss on it.

Moving past her nose, his finger landed on her lips. Her soft, red, and perfectly full lips. He traced it ever so carefully and remembered the very first day that it touched his, how it perfectly molded with his, and how perfectly sweet it tasted. It may have already been a couple of months back but the feel of her lips on his has always been the same. Her kisses always feel like his first kiss from her. It always electrifies him, always leaving him wanting for more, makes him lost and dizzy with sweet sweet sensations, and they always leave him breathless. Slowly, he bent down and submitted to his desire to have another taste of her lips. He closed his eyes and when his lips touched hers, he let it linger for a while and savoured the contact.

Pulling back, he continued to stare and watch her. “I love you so much Angel. I hope I can tell you and show you how much. And I will always be thankful to God for bringing you to me, for letting our paths cross. I promise to do everything to keep you happy and be everything that you need because you are my happiness. You are everything that I need.”


Maya woke to the soft feathery caress of fingers that trails down the contours of her spine. She’s been sleeping for God knows how long and checking on the time is the least of her priorities as of the moment. Everything besides the time was clear, though. She knew exactly where she was – the bright room with the big white bed, brilliant sunlight streaming through the open doors that leads to the terrace. The clouds of netting would soften the shine.

Maya didn’t open her eyes. She was too happy to change anything, no matter how small. The only sounds were the waves outside, their breathing, and their heartbeat.

She was comfortable. Lying across his chest, his arms around her, felt very easy and natural. She wondered idly what she’d been so panicky about last night. Her fears all seemed silly now and before she could even fight it, a smile spread across her face.

A soft chuckle emerged from Richard’s lips and Maya knew that her smile gave her away. He didn’t speak. His fingers continued to move up and down her back, barely touching it as he lightly traced patterns on her skin. She kept her eyes shut and tightened her arms around his neck, holding herself closer to him.

She would have been happy to lay there forever, to never disturb that moment, but her body had other ideas. She laughed at her impatient stomach. It seemed sort of prosaic to be hungry after all that had passed last night, like being brought back down to earth from some great height.

“What’s funny?” he murmured, still stroking her back. The sound of his voice, serious and husky, brought with it a deluge of memories from the night, and she felt blush color her face and neck.

To answer his question, her stomach growled. Maya laughed again.

“Tatakasan mo na naman ako.”

“Huh?” Maya opened her eyes and looked at Richard. He was looking down at her, pouting. Maya pinched his nose playfully. “Ang arte mo honey. At anong tatakasan? Kelan naman kita tinakasan?”

“Well, yesterday morning. When you woke up in the plane. I’m still savouring the feel of you in my arms but you chose to get up despite my plea.”

Maya giggled. “Honey, kasalanan ko ba kung nagugutom na ako? Ikaw kasi eh. Nagugutom tuloy ako ngayon.” Maya ignored the heat she felt flaring up on her cheeks as she tried to reason out with him.

“Ako?? Wala naman akong ginagawa ah! Ayaw nga kitang nagugutom eh. Besides, ikaw kaya itong pumagod sa akin kagabi.” Richard laughed as Maya immediately slapped his arm after hearing his defense.

“Oy ang kapal mo honey ha! Anong pinagod ka jan?? Ikaw kaya itong…” Maya trailed off. She was not able to muster up the courage to voice out everything that transpired the previous night.

Richard saw how Maya is struggling controlling her discomfort. A mischievous smile spread across Richard’s face. “Anong ako angel?”

Maya could not look at him in the eye. She was stammering trying to figure out of a good comeback. “Ano. I-Ikaw. Basta ikaw. Ah basta. Kasalanan mo kung bakit ako nagugutom ngayon at kung bakit ka napagod.” She turned her back on him and was about to get out of the bed when Richard grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back to bed. In one swift move, he already had Maya beneath him, holding both her arms securely on the sides of her head.

“Honey!” squealed Maya.

“What?” grinned Richard.

“Honey, kung ano man yang balak mo ha. At hindi ka pa ba nagugutom?”

“Well, I am hungry. But my hunger cannot be replenished by food.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Yeah right. Tapos magrereklamo ka na pinapagod kita –“

Richard cut her off by sealing her lips with his. He kissed her hungrily, invading her mouth with his tongue, tasting her, devouring her. It took Maya a second before she was able to respond to him and when she did, she kissed him back with the same hunger and intensity. They were both breathless and panting when Richard broke off and leaned his forehead against Maya’s. Pulling back a little, his eyes burned with desire while a playful smile reflected on her lips.

“Who says I’m complaining?” With a grin, Richard captured Maya’s mouth for a deep passionate kiss. And in the early morning light, they once more celebrated the love that they have for each and danced to the rhythm that their bodies are growing sensually accustomed to.


“Breakfast?” Richard murmurs softly in Maya’s ear. She was sprawled on his chest, sated from their passionate lovemaking.


“Is that a yes?”


“A no?”


Maya sensed his grin. “Mrs. Lim, are you incoherent?”

She grins. “Hmm.”

He laughs and hugs her tightly, kissing the top of her head. “Breakfast, it is then. I’ll just call for a room service.”

Sleepily Maya raised her head. “I don’t think I’m still hungry.”

He thrums his fingertips up and down her naked back, caressing her gently. “Are you sure? It’s past lunch time and we haven’t eaten anything since this morning.”

Resting her head back to his chest, “Ikaw kasi eh. Napagod ako kaya inaantok ulit ako.”

“I think we’re now even.”

Maya slapped her arm. “Ang sama mo talaga.”

Richard laughed. He caught her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss and gently stroked her hair.  “Ok hindi na. But are you sure you still do not want to eat?”

“Yes I’m sure. Dito muna tayo.”


Maya kissed his chest, a soft chaste kiss, and smiled up at him. Resuming her position, she closed her eyes to sleep.


Note: Some lines from Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn and E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Freed are used in this chapter.


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  1. Thank you so much for giving me permission to visit your site….You are really one of the best writers here and i enjoy reading your stories….thank you again!

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