Heart’s True Desire – part 1

Chapter – 1
Heaven, Get Lucky

It was a Friday night at a popular nightclub at BGC. As usual, the place was filled with young people whiling their time away; enjoying the night with friends and even lovers.

♪Get back, bunny

It’s getting cold in here little honey

We got a show to put on your dress

Take a minute for us and relax, relax

Cupid’s got me, oh with his bow & arrow, baby

He’ll hit you in the pants, hot pants

Get the people to dance and relax, relax♪

Maya dela Rosa’s hips swayed in tempo with the dance music reverberating in the air. The DJ was playing her favorite song; she considers it her theme song when she goes to clubs. She intermittently closed her eyes to savor every second as her head slightly bounced from left to right adding highlights to her shoulder length hair. The changing colors of the strobe lights added intensity of the beat she was feeling.

♪Oh, the lights dim while, we’re dancin’

Yeah, the floor is shakin’

In this disco heaven

(Oh, disco heaven)
D-Disco heaven♪

“Yeah, its heaven” She thought as she danced in her own space; her graceful movements emphasized her shapely body. It was the 3rd song but she remained in the dance floor with her best friend.

“Maya, don’t you want to sit down?” Her male partner asked while looking around as
if in search of somebody.

♪Throw your head back girly
Throw it like those girls in the movies
We got a show to put on your dress
Take a minute for us and relax, relax

The ball is turning 300 mirrors burning
Through the hearts of the crowd
In the back hips just banging the track
To the music the music♪

“Emman naman, I’m still enjoying this.” Maya responded. She threw her head back as she removed the thin capelet she was wearing to allow her better movement and gave it to Emman. She continued swaying to the music not minding that he had left her.

It didn’t matter that she was left alone because soon as after he was gone, another guy joined her and complemented her moves. She smiled at the guy. It was quite normal to be in that situation when one is in a club. You hook up with guys but for her, dancing was more important. Being in the club was like a home coming for her. She hasn’t been around the club scene for almost 6 months.


Amidst faceless crowd and bodies gyrating to the fast and loud music, he was enthralled by only one figure on the dance floor. Without looking at his shot glass, he gulped down its contents while wondering if he should make the move soon or wait a little longer. As he watched her sway her body sensually, he was unsure whether the stirring sensation emanating from his crotch area was caused by her or by the woman beside him whose hand was busy running her fingers up and down his thigh.

“Richard” the woman purred close to his ear, her hand moved to his waist tugging at his belt. “Should we get going on, honey?”

It took a moment before he turned to face the woman beside him. He looked at her with disinterest and said, “I’m sorry, Steph, not tonight. You can go ahead.” He left their table and settled at the bar where he had a closer view of the dance floor.

He is regular client of the club but he had never seen her in this place before. She looked so different compared to the other beautiful women around. She was in a figure hugging black mini dress; her shapely legs emphasized by her red stilettoes.

When she removed her capelet exposing her shoulders as she swayed, Richard’s eyes thinned and his brows furrowed. It was then he realized her dress was backless and therefore a great part of her skin was exposed that night.

“What the hell! Why is she wearing that?” He almost jumped out of his seat.

Richard finally made the decision and walked towards her. But, he stopped when another guy reached her first. He observed them. They moved gracefully and for some unknown reason, Richard’s emotions got agitated. He couldn’t just stand there and watch. He quickly moved towards her.

“Dance with me.” Richard demanded as he stood in front of her. He disregarded her partner. She was momentarily surprised as her eyes widened.

“Bro, she’s with me.” The guy she was dancing with found his voice and tried to brush Richard away. Richard glared at him and so they ended up trading dagger looks.

Maya quickly positioned herself between the two men to prevent the fight that was about to erupt. She whispered something to the other guy. Few seconds later, the guy left them.

Richard’s pursed lips soon changed into a devilish grin. She smirked as they held each other’s eyes. “Now, it’s your turn. You could have asked nicely, you know.” She said with a smile.

The DJ started another fast electro song.

♪Like the legend of the Phoenix,
All ends with beginnings.
What keeps the planets spinning,
The force from the beginning.

We’ve come too far

To give up who we are,

So let’s raise the bar

And our cups to the stars. ♪

She placed her arms on top of his broad shoulders. He pressed his hands on her waist, pulling her closer to him. They swayed to a slower rhythm different to the beat of the music.

Soon, their bodies were millimeters apart. She felt his breath on her face. His tempo changed as one of his legs was now in between her thighs. She followed his lead while she slowly leaned backwards such that his face was almost touching her cleavage. They were gazing at each other.

She straightened up and turned her back on him while swaying; her hips resuming its sensual move. His body was moving so close behind her.

♪She’s up all night till the sun,
I’m up all night to get some.
She’s up all night for good fun,

I’m up all night to get lucky.

We’re up all night till the sun,
We’re up all night to get some.
We’re up all night for good fun,
We’re up all night to get lucky. ♪

“Sexy moves.” He said in her ear. She felt a fleeting touch of his fingers on the skin of her back.

“You too.” She responded as she turned her head sideways to meet his eyes.

She could feel his warm hand moving from her waist to her stomach. His fingertips lightly caressing it thru the soft fabric she was wearing. She stepped forward to avoid his hand lingering there. However, his hands crept upwards and so she felt them on her upper side just below the base of her breasts. He pulled her again towards him; her back on his front while they continued swaying. She was very much aware of his hard masculine body touching her bare back.

♪ The present has no ribbon,
Your gift keeps on giving.
What is this I’m feeling?
If you want to leave, I’m with it. ♪

“You smell so nice too.” He whispered. He was almost nibbling her ear and it sent shivers down to her body. She turned around to face him if only to avert herself from responding to the sensation that he was evoking in her.

♪We’re up all night to get…

We’re up all night to get…
We’re up all night to get…

We’re up all night to get… ♪

Richard tiny slit eyes mirrored his desire for her; his hand never left her body. Their body movements were their own; with lots of physical overtones.

♪We’re up all night to get

We’re up all night (let’s get back again).

We’re up all night to get lucky.
We’re up all night to get lucky. ♪

“Will I get lucky tonight?” He whispered again in her ear.

A light bulb suddenly turned on in her head and that brought her back to her senses. He clearly stated what he wanted. She wasn’t that naïve not to understand what that question meant. When men talk about luck, they mean “lucky to get laid.”

“I’m sorry. I’m not into casual sex.” She shook her head and removed her hands on his shoulders. She was going to leave the dance floor but he quickly grabbed her arm.

“Why not? You like me too. So, we can both get lucky.” He tried to convince her. He was a playing a game with her and she thought she could play his game too.

She smiled at him coyly. “I’m sorry, I’m married.”

He grinned and replied. “So am I.” He raised his left hand to show his wedding ring.

“If you are married, why are you here?” She asked her brows raised and gave him a sly look.

“How about you, why are you here?” He countered.

“Maybe for the same reasons you are here.” She confidently responded.

His eyes brightened as his grin became wider. “Then, all the more you should go with me. We can share the night together.”

“Oh, I think I assumed incorrectly. I’m here just to enjoy with my friends.” She stated plainly.

His gaze shifted to her lips, which were slightly parted. A thought of his lips touching her lips flashed in his mind. He’s been tempted to do that since he spotted her on the dance floor. He succumbed to the temptation and kissed her. She tasted strawberry.

Maya was stunned by the suddenness of his kiss. When she froze, she practically allowed him access to her mouth. She felt his tongue trace her lips as he kissed her. Then, she realized that they were still at the dance floor. He was kissing her in public!

She pressed her hands on his chest to push him away. “Richard, stop! This game is over.”

Instead, Richard pulled her closer. “Give me a reason why I should stop, Maya.” He whispered; his heart thumping loudly.

“Because what you want is a deal breaker.” She walked out in temper.


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