Richard and Don Roberto Are Stressed

This piece is inspired by March 10’s BCWMH episode (and March 11 teaser) where we find Richard and Don Roberto clearly exasperated by the visit of Nikki and Abby’s admirers.

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Author: iamgarie


by iamgarie

Part 1

Nicolo and Lance, Nikki and Abby’s respective suitors, finally bid Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda goodbye. Unmindful of the stress they brought upon the household, both boys leave the mansion with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Donya Esmeralda (DE): Haay naku, Roberto! What a long day we’ve had! This is all new to us.

Don Roberto (DR): True. Who would have thought that at our age, we would experience this?

DE: Haha! We didn’t experience this at all with Ricky!

DR: But of course! Lalaki ang anak natin!

DE: Sometimes I wish we had a daughter, too. It would have been fun to have gone through this when we were younger with our very own daughter.

DR: (smirks and shakes his head)

Donya Esmeralda’s phone rings.

DE: (Looks at DR) It’s Ricky. Hello, Ricky? You’re Papa’s also here ha. I’ll put you on speaker phone.

Richard: Ma, Pa, tell us what’s happening. Maya’s here with me, too.

Maya: Hi, Ma, Pa!

Richard: Are Nicolo and that boy still there?

DE: Naku, son, they just left, and your Papa is so exasperated.

DR: Who wouldn’t? What gets to me is that little rascal boy! Sobra ang confidence. Talo pa etong Nicolo! He was ably dressed and even had flowers and chocoloates! And he simply wouldn’t budge even if I insisted it’s time for him to go home cos it’s past his bedtime! Kids these days!

Maya: Hihi!

DE: Haha! He actually reminds me of you, Ricky, when you were little. That little boy is so good looking and charming. He also has guts and confidence.

Maya: Talaga Ma? So may niligawan din po ba si Ricky nung bata siya?

Richard: Sweetheart!

DE: Naku yang si Ricky wala sa isip niyan ang girls nung bata yan. Puro school and toy airplanes ang interest. Nung ga-graduate na nga yan sa high school nagka-girlfriend, eh.

Maya: Si Elysse po?

DE: You know her?

Maya: Hindi po. Nakwento lang po niya dati na after ng prom naging sila at romantic daw yun…

Richard: Are you jealous, sweetheart?

Maya: Hindi, ‘no? Siya first girlfriend mo. Ako last, so winner ako! Haha!

Richard: You’re not just my last girlfriend, Mahal. You’re my wife, too!

Maya: Ahh, Mahal!

DE: Naku, kayong dalawa napaka-sweet talaga.

Maya: Siyempre po. Eh, Ma, bakit nyo po nasabi na parang si Ricky yung manliligaw ni Abby?

DE: Kasi, hija, napaka-cute na bata!

Maya: Talaga, Ma? Naku parang gusto kong makilala yang little rascal boy na yan. And, Ma, kamusta po yung mallows cheeks ni Nicolo? Miss ko na din yun.

Richard: Maya!!! So, Ma, what did Abby do?

DE: She told the boy straight to his face to stop what he’s doing. That they’re still kids.

DR: And that kid even had the guts to ask if bina-busted daw ba siya ng apo ko? I can’t believe he even knows what that word means. And he didn’t even want to give me his parents phone number. What is it with kids these days?

Maya: Talaga po?

Richard: Buti na lang po nandiyan kayong dalawa.

Maya: Oo nga po. Kasi kung hindi, baka lumipad po si Ricky diyan ng di oras. Haha.

Richard: What about Nikki and Nicolo? Did they talk, too?

DE: They did. But we don’t really know what they talked about. Luke and Aira were on the lookout while they talked.

Maya: Talaga? Andiyan po si Aira? Hihi.

DE: Apparently, she’s Nicolo’s bestfriend.

Maya: Opo, Ma. And friend na din ni Luke now. Hihi.

DE: You mean?

Maya: Magkwentuhan na lang tayo, Ma, pagbalik namin diyan.

Richard: Pati ba si Mama, ka-girl talk mo na?

DE: But of course, son!

Richard: How was Nikki after her talk with Nicolo?

DR: She seems okay, son. Maybe you can call your two girls tomorrow morning to check on them before they go to school.

Richard: Thanks, Pa. I’ll do that.

DE: Naku, Ricky, Maya, etong Papa nyo nanggigil pa din! Palibhasa, matanda na siya nung niligawan ako.

DR: Esmeralda! But of course! My two granddaughters are still too young to be entertaining suitors.

Richard: I agree with you, Pa.

DE: Hay naku. Kayo talaga ng Papa mo, nagkampi pa. I find the whole incident entertaining actually. I have two very beautiful granddaughters and those two boys are smart enough to notice them. O, diba?

Maya: Haha, Ma. Yan din po ang sabi ko kay Ricky. Isa lang ibig sabihin. Ang gaganda ng mga anak namin. Haha!

DE: True. Manang-mana lang sa ating dalawa, Maya.

Maya: Tama po kayo.

DR: I can’t believe you find this whole this incident amusing at all. Naku, I better go to sleep. Bye, Ricky and Maya.

Richard: Good night po, Pa.

Maya: Good night po.

DE: Okay kids. Good night. Bye.

Maya: Good night, Ma.

Richard: Good night, Ma.

Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda immediately fall asleep following their conversation with Richard and Maya.

Part 2

In San Nicolas, Richard is still in deep thought as Maya sits on his lap.

Maya: Mahal, tama na muna kakaisip. Matatalino at mababait na mga bata sina Nikki and Abby. Alam nila ang tama and marunong silang makinig sa atin.

Richard: You’re right. And I’m glad you’re with me now as I deal with all these. I often told Manang Fe before na pagdating kay Luke alam ko ang gagawin, pero kay Nikki and Abby, dun ako kinakabahan cos I don’t really know how I’ll deal with their concerns.

Maya: Andito na ko, diba? And basta tungkol sa mga bata, kapit-bisig parati tayo.

Richard: I know I don’t say it often, but thank you for coming into my life, sweetheart! I love you so much.

Maya: Ako din, Mahal. Mahal na mahal kita.

Richard holds Maya close and leans in for a brief kiss.

Maya: Mmm…

Richard: (smiles) Mahal, naisip ko lang. Hindi pa natin alam kung anong gender ng dalawa nating babies.

Maya: Pano kung parehong babae? Panigurado stressed ka na naman pag may nanliligaw na sa kanila.

Richard: Yes. At si Papa and Luke din. Pero seriously, I want a boy and a girl for our twins.

Maya: Alam mo, sweetheart, ako din. Perfect yun. May baby Richard and baby Maya na tayo.

Richard: And they’d be so cute for sure. Mana sa atin, siyempre.

Maya: Haha! True!

Richard: I love you, Mahal.

Maya: I love you, sweetheart! Halika na tulog na tayo.

Richard: Ang haba na nga ng tulog mo kanina. Tulog na naman nasa isip mo. Haay ang misis kong buntis talaga.

Maya: Ayaw mo? Sige mauna na ko. Diyan ka na lang matulog sa sala.

Richard: Tampo agad? Eto na. (scoops up Maya from his lap and carries her to their room)

Maya: Sweetheart, ibaba mo ko. Baka makita tayo nina Nanay, nakakahiya.

Richard: No. I want to carry you and if Nanay sees us, kikiligin pa yun for sure. Wag ka nang kumontra.

Maya: Okay.

As Richard enters their room with her in his arms, Maya leans in for a lingering kiss that leaves her and Richard breathless and craving for more… Finally! Maya is now wide awake and ready for Richard… *wink *wink


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece here were taken from the TV series.


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