BCWMH: Sir Chief Embraces Maya’s World

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by iamgarie

Richard to Maya: “Anything to make you happy.”

Like Richard we all know exactly what makes Maya happy. FAMILY. We have heard her say it before, “Pinakamahalaga po ang pamilya…” Although happily married to Richard and basking in the love and devotion of her Lim family, Maya remains equally devoted to the Dela Rosas, her biological family. We hear her tell Kute, “Di dahil may asawa na ako, eh kakalimutan ko na ang mga pangarap natin para sa pamilya…” Maya’s kapit-bisig philosophy reverberates… (If there is one thing admirable about Richard and Maya, it’s their love and devotion for family! It may very well be what brought them together.)


Amazing how Be Careful with My Heart surprises us all the time! Three weeks ago, I was among those who was a bit adamant about having Maya go home to San Nicolas in all her pregnant glory, afraid that another pregnancy problem might arise all over again. Now, I’m all for that long overdue vacation of Maya to San Nicolas as I witnessed in the past two weeks what I would say are other major highlights for this multi-awarded show–

1. Richard is finally in Maya’s world and how we love what we’ve all seen of him so far. (We’ve seen Maya in Richard’s world countless times over and how we love her in it!)

2.The Dela Rosa family is on its way to become happy and whole all over again, all thanks to Richard’s initial efforts to seek out Tatay Arturo, for the love of Maya. Even Richard knows why Maya wanted to come home to San Nicolas– to be with and to make new memories with her biological family, especially now that her Tatay is finally back after almost 15 years of absence. (We all witnessed not too long ago how Maya first came to the Lim mansion and tried her very best to bring back the love and laughter in Richard’s once unhappy home.)

3. Richard’s efforts to reach out to the Dela Rosa family has finally paid off. They no longer just see him as a CEO of a big company and Maya’s husband. They now find him amusing and funny and yes, even fallible. Kute is no longer uncomfortable calling him Richard. She can even make fun of what he’s wearing to the town fiesta and jokingly tell him something like “Baka gusto mong mag long sleeves para mas casual? The Dela Rosas can’t even stop raving about him just a couple of hours after he and Maya flew back to Manila! He is finally part of the family! (Of course, we already know that the Lims just love and can’t get enough of Maya!)

4. And when work suddenly beckons, Richard flies back to Manila without Maya. A couple of nights away from each other seem like an eternity for our lovebirds, with Richard asking Maya to keep him company on the phone through the night. Maya misses her husband terribly, too. We hear her tell him, “Punta ka na kasi dito.” And didn’t you just love it when Maya woke up the next day with a sleeping Richard beside her? What a lovely surprise Richard gave his sweetheart!

Abby’s Birthday and the San Nicolas Town Fiesta

Maya first gave Richard a taste of her world through Abby’s fiesta-themed birthday party. He readily agreed to and wholeheartedly supported all of Maya’s plans for his little girl’s 7th birthday. They were not even a couple then, but we all loved how he supported and trusted Maya with all the planning and preparations.

Now more than a year later, we witness Richard embrace Maya’s world completely. He joins her in San Nicolas for a vacation, blends beautifully with her family (the steps he took to bond with Tatay Arturo were heartwarming), allows himself a taste of provincial life and wholeheartedly involves himself in the workaday world of the Dela Rosas as well as immerses himself in the preparations for the town fiesta. Richard is as irresistible as ever and we can’t help but smile and laugh at Maya who has totally embraced her own reality as Richard’s wife. Maya stakes her claim on Richard and is seething with jealousy and is unrelenting when it comes to her husband’s slew of admirers. She proudly announces to one and all as she points to herself: “Asawa! Buntis!” Aww! She is utterly cute and funny!

On Arcs and Parallelisms

BCWMH, our brave and unconventional teleserye, I daresay again, is a show that is intelligently written. And we are once again about to see brilliance and magic unfold. It is not merely a show teeming with good vibes, love and laughter, but a show of multiple arcs, sub-plots and parallelisms. Indeed, it is a show unlike any other.

It looks like various arcs are about to open and unfold in BCWMH with the construction of a new house for the Lims both in Manila and San Nicolas, a tightening of bond between the Lims and Dela Rosas as they engage in a joint business venture in San Nicolas, possible romances for Joma & Liza and Luke & Aira and maybe even between Nanay Teresita & Tatay Arturo (of course, I’m still hoping to see Simon fall in love, too! Does he and Eds still stand a chance?), a possible friendship between Abby & Lance, Doris & Lance’s driver, Maya’s new adventures as FA assigned on the ground, Richard’s business going international, and so on…

I am once again amazed by the Creative Team, the gods and goddesses of Be Careful with My Heart as I noticed several parallelisms in the preparations for the town fiesta and Abby’s birthday actually show up–

1. In Richard’s world, Maya was so engrossed then in coming up with the best birthday ever for Abby (and for Nikki, just recently). Now in Maya’s world, we see Richard totally give his best efforts for the town fiesta.

2. During the preparations for both occasions, Maya and Richard hurt themselves and Richard gets angry. On Abby’s birthday, Maya hurts her hand hammering some nails as she gawks at the sight of Richard in a white tight-fitting tee. Richard gets angry at Maya for hurting herself and orders her to take care of the balloons instead. In another instance, when Abby shakes the ladder Maya is standing on, we see Richard rush to her to keep her from falling. On the day of the town fiesta, Richard hurts his hand grating coconut as he gawks at his beautiful wife while she takes his picture. Maya rushes to him and almost trips over. Richard gets angry and reminds her to be more careful. Once, Richard hurt his hand in his house and we all saw how Maya came to his rescue, as well!

3. Maya is hesitant to dance in front of an audience for Abby’s birthday. But she does, for the love of Abby. Richard is hesitant to join the games for the town fiesta. But he does, for the love of Maya and her family.

4. Habulan biik is now a shared experience for Maya and Richard. Maya is the one who catches “Liempo” when the piglet is accidentally let loose in the Lim mansion. In the actual “habulan biik” game in the town fiesta, barefoot Richard awkwardly catches the “biik” and wins the game for the Dela Rosas.

5. During Abby’s birthday party, Richard’s eyes, his thoughts are on Maya. Even Donya Esmeralda noticed how he talked about Maya with fondness and admiration thoughout the party. During the town fiesta, Maya’s eyes, her thoughts are on Richard. Kute notices this time. Richard and Maya lock gazes and blurt out the sweetest “I love you’s,” whenever, wherever, never mind if the whole town is watching.

6. After Abby’s birthday, Maya gamely poses with the Lim kids as Richard takes their photos. When Abby finally speaks after five years of silence, Maya was right there with Richard, Nikki and Luke to witness the touching moment. After the town fiesta, Richard and Maya pose for pictures with the Dela Rosa family. Maya sees Kute’s arm draped on their father’s waist and she calls Kute’s attention to it. Richard was right there to hear Kute tell Tatay Arturo, “Basta wala nang iwanan, Tay, ha!” Richard finally witnesses a memorable moment with the Dela Rosa family. And then they all dance to cap the night. Priceless!Both occasions are indeed poignant and heartwarming.

Lim kids with Lolo and Lola

Back in Manila, although Richard and Maya’s presence are sorely missed, life continues for the Lim kids with Lolo and Lola taking care of them. The writers give us a taste of the typical Filipino family: when Mommy and Daddy are not around, Lolo and Lola come to help take care of their grandkids. With the presence of Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda, Richard and Maya are somehow reassured that their kids are in very capable hands.

The Lim kids’ picnic at the park with their Lolo and Lola as they listened to them share stories about their Dad’s misadventures as a kid was an enjoyable treat. (It’s quite a treat to learn more about Richard’s past, his childhood . We’ve all been made aware of Maya’s pains as a child right from the start, but we hardly know much about Richard.) Lolo’s sternness when it was time to face his granddaughters’ suitors was quite a sight to see.

The kids are only too happy that though Daddy and Tita Mommy are far away, they remain their top priority as their phones have not stopped ringing with calls from their loving parents. One thing that can’t be denied is that the Lim kids are growing up fast and are about to deal with various concerns and issues– Nikki’s heartbreak and her theater production, Abby’s admirer, Luke’s growing fondness for Aira…

Ligawan, San Nicolas version

Totally gone is the tough, angry looking, smile and sleep-deprived CEO we all met when the show first started. Richard has been a changed man since then. Maya’s love for him & his children and his love for Maya have changed him completely.

In San Nicolas, we see Richard woo Maya, the love of his life, all over again as he happily engages himself in menial chores like going to the market, chopping wood, cooking, grating coconut, and so on. Richard is chopping wood and Maya is giddily watching him from the second floor window. Maya is cooking and Richard, the love of her life, suprises her with a hug from behind. Maya hands Richard his coffee and he makes her sit on his lap, kisses her, and they talk about parental concerns. Maya’s craving for crabs and we hear Tatay Arturo recount how Richard fights off the competition to buy the best catch! As an added treat, we even see him ride the tricycle, drive a jeep and walk wearing just a plain pair of slippers. He hates having his picture taken, but for Maya he has learned to pose even for selfies! Through all these, we watch Maya grow even more in awe of the man of her life and her dreams, the look of love in her eyes never once escaping her. Whether or not their happy moments were captured in the many photos taken of them, one thing is certain. The time Richard and Maya spent in San Nicolas is priceless and unforgettable, one they will remember for always.

Happier Wife, Happier Husband

Through all these, we are all happy to see Richard finally embrace Maya’s world and hold true to his mantra: “Anything to make you (Maya) happy.” Indeed, Maya is leaving San Nicolas happier than she’s ever been, with the knowledge that her biological family is happy and almost whole, that Kute and their Tatay are finally okay, that Cho is happy and excelling in school, that her Nanay and Tatay have a chance to rekindle their bittersweet romance, that Richard, her man, has taken that first step to grow his roots (via a business venture and the construction of a house) in the very place she will always call home.

Making his wife happy entailed reaching out to her family and falling in love with them in the process, and Richard has. All too unknowingly, the Dela Rosas have fallen in love with him, too! Richard is now every bit a Dela Rosa as Maya is a Lim! Everything is now all right in Richard and Maya’s world.

BCWMH, we’re all ready for your next surprise: the much awaited birth of Richard and Maya’s twins whose arrival we all await with bated breath!


Thank you, Creative Team, for this wonderful, amazing show. And thank you Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria for your heartfelt performances as Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa Lim. You play your roles so well. I can’t imagine anyone else ever playing Sir Chief and Maya, but you! Kudos to the cast and crew, too!

BCWMH, we love you! Philippine TV is never the same again because you came and made us all fall in love with everything that is BCWMH. Thank you for all the love, laughter and good vibes you continue to shower us with. We will always pray for your continued success! And yes, we’re absolutely excited to see what happens next to all the characters we have all learned to love and to embrace as family!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’ll remain a fan and a staunch supporter of this show no matter what. It’s simply the best show to ever grace Philippine television in years!


Best news ever: Be Careful with My Heart is extended. It will run until the end of 2014. http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2014/03/11/1299367/richard-be-careful-until-end-2014h


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