Heart’s True Desire – part 6

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 5.

Heart’s True Desire – 6

Emman was smiling while Maya was in a serious mood when they got inside the elevator. The lift will take them to the 18th floor of the hotel building where their rooms were. Maya was holding the flowers close to her chest while her two hands still carried her bags.

“Heyy, girl, bakit ang serious mo?” Emman asked. “Ang alam ko pagnaka receive nang flowers ang mga girls, happy sila but in your case, parang deadma lang.”

“Anong reaksyon ang gusto mo? Kiligin ako? Nag-iisip lang ako, may pa-flowers-flowers pa si Richard. Pwede naman mag-iwan ng note na lang or mag-text. Tapos may nakalagay pa na Mrs. Lim. Nakaka-asiwa naman.” She explained her side.

“Ahh so ‘yun pala ang dahilan kung bakit serious ka. Ha,ha,ha, Don’t put too much meaning to it.” It was Emman’s turn to tell her that. “Baka naman nakikipag-kaibigan lang sa’yo yung tao. Siempre, you are getting married, at least man lang maging friends kayo.” Emman told her friend as they exited the elevator.

Maya turned to look at him assessing what he just said. She went mum for a few seconds before she spoke again. “Hmmm, may point ka diyan Emman.” It made sense to her that he’d want them to be friends. “Anyway, you’ll join us for dinner.” She announced.

“Huh? Hindi na ‘no, istorbo lang ako.” Emman declined. He knew the invitation was just for Maya.

“Nope, Emman. You will go with me. Anyway, you are my best friend and you’ve seen each other during college pa so it shouldn’t be an issue.”

In the end, Emman agreed. In his thoughts, he would like to observe their behavior to each other.


At 7:30 p.m., Richard was seated at the lobby area waiting for Maya. He was casually dressed and looked good considering he just arrived from an almost 24 hours travel from Manila to Los Angeles. He couldn’t get a direct flight so he ended up going thru Narita, then to Minneapolis then to L.A.

Moments later, Maya joined him. She too was casually dressed; with little make-up on and her shoulder length hair tied in a bun.

Richard smiled as he watched her stride across the lobby. She looked lovely as usual; if only she would just smile more, he thought.

“Hi Richard.” She greeted him.

Maya thought they will just do the usual handshake when he extended his hand. But the moment she extended hers, he grasp it firmly and pulled her close to him to plant a kiss on her cheek. Maya was taken aback but quickly recovered.

“Hi Maya. You look lovely today.” He smiled and placed his hand on her elbow to guide her.

“Thank you. Ahh, Richard, sandali lang. We have to wait for Emman.” She stopped him by holding his arm. It was an automatic reaction to stop him as he took a step forward. It felt like he was going to usher her out to the revolving door of the hotel.

“Huh? You are with someone in this vacation?” His brows furrowed. He immediately assumed that she was with a man, possibly a boyfriend that he had forgotten to check.

“Oo, he is my best friend. I’m not sure if you still remember him but we were in the same school. Barkada kami since college pa.” She told him.

Richard tried to recall who could be the person she was referring to. Even before he could remember who it was, Emman arrived at the lobby.

“Richard, this is Emman, my best friend.” Maya introduced the two as soon as the latter stood beside her.

Emman shook Richard’s hand and uttered. “Hi Richard. So, ikaw pala ang fiancée ni Maya.” He smiled shyly at Richard.

Richard gave a genuine smile in return. He immediately concluded he was not her boyfriend because he is gay. “Yes, I remember you. Di ba you were in the same club as Maya. It’s good to meet you again and have you join us for dinner.” He responded to Emmnan.

“Ayy, thank you.” Emman looked at Richard and then Maya with smile still plastered on his face. The two looked together, he thought.

“Alright, so let’s go. There is a good Chinese restaurant close by. I’ll take you there.” Richard offered to which the two agreed.

“So, Richard you seem very familiar with this area?” Emman started the conversation with him as they all exited the hotel.

By the end of their dinner, Richard and Maya were more relaxed with each other. Emman chattered all evening, making them both comfortable as they shared stories and laughed together.

Later, they parted ways in a light mood. Richard accompanied Maya to her room and she didn’t protest.

“Goodnight, Maya. I enjoyed the dinner with you and Emman.” He spoke when they stopped in front of her room.

“Goodnight, ako din Richard.” She smiled warmly. She had such a good time at dinner that her defences were down.

Richard in turn smiled at her tenderly. “Has someone told you that you have a beautiful smile?” It was something that he had wanted to tell her since dinner time.

Maya chuckled. “Yes, Alam ko na ‘yan. May nakapagsabi na sa akin.”

“Ohh, huli na pala ako. Anyway, may I suggest that you do it more often para lalo kang gumanda?” He winked at her.

For some reason, Maya’s heart thud a little with the complement he gave her. But then, she remembered it was one of his ways with girls. She smirked in response. “Hayy, naku, pwede bawal ang mambola?”

“Ooops, hindi ako nambobola. I’m sure I am not the first one to say that you are beautiful”. He looked at her intently with his brows raised.

“Ayy, naku, Richard. You better go to your room. I still have to pack-up my things for our flight tomorrow.” She dismissed him.

Before leaving, he gave a quick peck on the cheek. “Goodnight.” Then, he left her without looking back. Maya stood outside her door for a few seconds more with her hand on her cheek thinking he was getting used to kissing her. But like Emman said, she shouldn’t think much about it. Richard was just being friendly.


The following day, everything seemed to be a whirlwind activities for Maya. They took the 1:00 p.m. flight to Las Vegas and arrived there in an hour. After checking in at the hotel, the two immediately went to the Clark County marriage bureau to secure their license.

Emman understood that the two needed to finalize their wedding plans so he volunteered not to tag along. Besides, he didn’t want to be the third wheel. In his mind, the two needed to bond as a couple.

After filing their application for marriage license, Richard and Maya proceeded to the chapel where they were going to wed. Richard’s friend suggested a place and it was the first one they visited among the 5 chapels in their list. He actually liked the chapel, as it was small, cozy for an intimate wedding. In Maya’s case, the chapel was acceptable to her. In her mind, it wasn’t a real wedding anyway. So, it was decided they would have their wedding at the Chapel of the Flowers.

Maya was cooperative throughout the process. Since Richard chose the chapel, she selected their wedding package. She was engrossed checking out the flowers that was in the list so she failed to check that she was getting a full package that included videos, photos, string quartet, dinner for 2 and 2 nights stay in a honeymoon villa. It was quite expensive. Richard had already settled the fees when she realized what they got.

“Richard, can we still change the package?” She asked him as soon as he came back from the office and joined her in the lobby area of the venue.

“Why? I’ve already settle everything. We just need to arrive at least an hour before tomorrow, so you can use their bride’s room to prepare.” He looked at her quizzically. She seemed worried. “Why?”

“Ehhh, tingnan mo ‘tong contract natin. We got all the works pala and we might not be able to use everything. Sayang naman.” She pointed out the fine details on the paper.

Richard read the paper and then turned to her. “Hmmm, I think we need them all.” He returned the document back to her.

“Richard, we don’t need a 2 night-stay at a honeymoon suite.” She pointed to him directly.

Richard suddenly grinned and decided to tease her. “Why not? We are getting married, therefore, shouldn’t there be a honeymoon?”

Maya blushed at his suggestion but she didn’t take the bait. “Excuse me, Mr. Lim, we have an agreement.”

He took a deep sigh. “Oh yes, Mrs. Lim. Thank you for reminding me. I hope the dinner for 2 will not be cancelled too?” He asked while he had a devilish grin.

“I’ll think the dinner option needs to go too.” She countered.

“Oh come on Maya. It’s just dinner. Anyway, there is an occasion; a celebration of our contract. We can have Emman join us, of course.” He tried to convince her.

In the end, she relented. They will have dinner together after the photo shoots are done.


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