Heart’s True Desire – part 9

This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 8.

Heart’s True Desire – 9


After dinner, the Richard and Maya went to the casino. It was Maya’s first time to go inside a casino and so the intention was just to explore the place but she got fascinated with the slot machines. Richard had to pull her out of the chair as she getting so engrossed with game.

“Maya, let’s go. You can get addicted to that.” He cautioned her.

“Ehh, teka lang, Richard. Malapit na lumabas ang cherries dito.” Her eyes remained on the screen.

Richard watched her in amusement and then decided to take her hand and pull her away from her seat. “Heyyy, Mrs. Lim. Don’t put a lot of investments here. Tara na. Let’s just watch the show at the club.”

She clocked out from the machine and stood up. “Sorry, aliw lang ako sa slot machine.”

“Diyan nga nag-uumpisa yang addiction sa slot machine. So, we better move.” He slung his arm on her shoulder and led her out of the casino area.

They walked around the hotel and resort area. When Maya spotted the gondola ride, she persuaded him to take the ride that he thought was a bit embarrassing. However, because she pleaded to him with puppy like cute eyes, he relented to her request. So, he got them a ticket for a 10 minutes ride. She enjoyed it but Richard felt it odd to be watched by other tourists who stood by the railings. The only consolation was that their tour guide sang beautifully. The man immediately guessed that they were newly weds and even teased them about their honeymoon.

After the ride, their next destination was the club. They had more cocktails while they watched the show. They occasionally stole glances at each other and then later held hands as they appreciated the performances of the artists. They returned to their hotel at half past two a.m. They ended the night like a happy couple and slightly drunk from the mixture of drinks they consumed.

Richard accompanied Maya to her room to ensure her safety. She kept on chattering about how fun it was to be in Las Vegas. It was very evident she enjoyed their night out. When they reached her room, Maya fumbled inside her bag for her key card.

“Finally, I found it. Salamat sa paghatid mo, Ricky.” She waved her card in front of him. It was a slip to call him by his nickname but it felt natural for her to say it. Only his family and few close friends call him by that name.

He smiled broadly. “You are welcome, Maya. And I like you calling me Ricky.”

Still with a smile on her face, “Then, I will call you Ricky from now on.”

She waited for him to leave but he remained standing in front of her. She added, “I enjoyed this evening.”

His eyes shone as he gazed at the beauty in front of him. “I enjoyed it too. I didn’t expect that this evening would turn out this well.” He admitted to her. He was dilly- dallying with his departure because he wanted to spend more time with her.

They stood outside her door for a few more seconds waiting for the other to say something but nothing came out. His eyes shifted to her lips and they looked so inviting. However, he didn’t know if he should make a move for fear he might destroy friendship that they have just established. He’d rather wait for a sign.

“So, I guess this is it Mrs. Lim. I have to go?” It was a question subtly asking her to invite him in. He eyed her carefully hoping for any positive sign that she’d ask him to stay.

“I think so Mr. Lim. Goodnight.” She let out a deep sigh and then her eyes looked over his shoulder. It was the end of their night; her heart sank a little.

Richard took the cue and decided to give her a goodnight kiss. He kissed her on her cheek, on the side very close to her lips. Then he whispered, “This is one memorable night for me, Mrs. Lim.”

Maya’s face slightly turned sideways to listen to his words. In so doing, her lips brushed on his lips. Her heart thumped loudly but she didn’t pull away. It must have been the alcohol or just the joy of being together that night that they felt the physical tension between them.

Richard instinctively pressed his lips against her lips. He closed his eyes and kissed her softly, sweetly, hoping she would respond. When she did, he lost control.

“Maya” He groaned. Richard’s one arm encircled Maya’s waist while his other hand took the card key from her left hand.

He deepened the kiss. Her hands held on to his arms. As their kiss lingered, her hands crawled to his neck while he swiped the card key to open her room. He then expertly steered them inside the room without breaking their kiss.

The room was dark with only faint glow of light coming through the thin white curtain drawn across the window. However, they were oblivious of their surrounding. They were engrossed with each other.

Maya couldn’t think straight. She knew she needed to fight her feelings that time. All she needed was to push back but she didn’t have strength to do it. She was responding to the intense feeling that he was evoking in her. She was threading an unfamiliar territory that was alien to her. It was a first time for her to feel that way towards a guy. Her heartbeats were fast and her knees were wobbling. She was breathless when they paused to catch their breath.

“Ricky, let’s stop. No… We shouldn’t…” She mustered some energy to decline him but it was a weak request.

Then, Richard phone rang. The ringing sound was so loud that it distracted them both. He had no choice but to answer the call since the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

“Hello. Who is this?” He snapped.

Richard’s tone changed when the caller introduced herself. “Sugar….I’m in the middle of something. Why are you calling?” He sat on the bed. He listened to his caller. “No, I am in the States right now. Let’s talk when I get back.” He was on the phone for a sometime, enough for Maya to regain her senses.

As he conversed with his caller, a realisation dawned on her. They broke their agreement. They enjoyed each other’s company too much that it went beyond the friendship that she wanted to establish with him. She knew she was also partly to blame because she allowed him. Then, she heard him refer to his caller sugar. So, it was a female caller, she thought. It might be the girl he was dating. He admitted to her once that he was seeing someone.

Shame crept through her body as she had a self-realization. She had been a staunch believer that a woman’s body must only be given to the person she loves and yet few minutes ago she almost surrendered everything to Richard.

When Richard finished the call, he turned to Maya. “Honey….” He touched her hand.

“Ricky, I’m sorry. Pwede bumalik ka na sa room mo?” She softly requested.

“Maya, don’t you want me to stay?” He asked tentatively. He knew she had a change of heart.

“We have an agreement di ba? Can we stick to that?” He heard her say it but since the room was dim, he couldn’t see her eyes to check if she really meant it.

“Do we have to?” He challenged her. He still wanted her. There was an unsatisfied need in his body.

“Yes. Everything is so fast and I want to think things through.”

“Alright. I’m not going to push you.”

Before he left her, he made one last move. “This is really goodnight, honey.” He kissed her forehead and quietly left her room.


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