Heart’s True Desire – part 11

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 10.

Heart’s True Desire – 11

“Kapag dumating na dito sa Pilipinas ang marriage contract ninyo, make sure that you get it registered dito sa atin? Okay? That way, your marriage is also recognized here in the Phils.” Dad Robert reminded them.

Richard and Maya looked at each other. They haven’t discussed about the registration of their marriage.

Then, Lolo Liwen made a new announcement. “Okay, since kasal na kayo sa Vegas, okay na rin. Pero, sa tingin ko dapat makasal pa rin kayo dito sa Pilipinas. That way, the rest of our relatives and friends will know about our formal tie-up as a family. So ang suggestion ko, ituloy pa rin natin ang plano ng kasal sa simbahan.”

Both the mothers nodded in agreement. “Tama!”

“Pero, Ma…” Maya was about to react when Richard pressed her hand tighter to signal her to prevent from saying anything.

“Ahhh, Dad, Mom, we can discuss that later, pwede? Since we are married, then we can do a better planning. Wala naman tayong hinahabol, di ba?” Richard attempted to negotiate with their parents.

Maya picked up the idea Richard was posing to their elders. “Since wedding naman po namin, pwedeng kami ang mag-set ng date and other details. Anyway, may mga bagay-bagay pong personal na gusto pa naming isa-ayos ni Ricky before we announce to the rest of the world about us.” She followed up the request.

By the facial expressions of their fathers, they seemed to be open to the idea.

Dad Robert answered. “Hmmm, sa akin, walang issue yang hiling n’yo. Anyway, you are already married. What is more important now is how you make your marriage work.” Papa Arturo seconded the thoughts of his counterpart.


It could have been due to the seesaw of emotions she experienced that day or could be the food she ate during lunch, but by late afternoon Maya already had a migraine. It was obvious that something was bothering her because her forehead had creases on it and Richard noticed it.

“Maya, are you okay?” He checked.

“Uhum. I’m having migraine headache.” She told him as she massaged her temple.

“Why don’t you take a medicine first. Then, you rest. We’ll be going after dinner anyway. Wala na tayong problem sa mga olds.” Richard sounded more concerned about her condition than the earlier issue they handled.

The new couple was at the lanai on their own. The rest of their families were in the living room several feet away from them. The men were playing cards although Richard’s elder brother had left them right after lunch. The women were on the other side of the room, watching TV.

Then, Dad Robert called out and asked a question. “Ricky, anong plano n’yo pala ni Maya? Where will you live?”

When Maya heard the question, Maya’s headache worsened. “Oh god, ano ba ito.” She said in a tiny voice. She felt like vomiting. Richard saw her pale facial expression and touched her forehead.

“Maya, you better take your medicine now. Ang lamig ng forehead mo.” He suggested. With his hand on her elbow, Richard assisted her as she stood up from sitting position. She was about to go to her room.

“Richard, saan ang punta mo?” Maya asked after noticing he was holding her elbow.

“Eh di ihahatid kita sa room mo.” He said in a low voice.

“Naku, hindi na. I can go there on my own.” Maya declined as she started moving towards the direction of her bedroom.

“Richard, yung tanong ko, saan ba kayo titira ni Maya?” Dad Robert asked again but noticed that Maya’s pale face as they passed by him. “Oh, what happened?”

“Wala po Dad,” She managed a smile. “I’m just having a migraine right now.”

“Pa, samahan ko lang muna si Maya sa room niya.” Richard’s tone sounded like he was asking permission from her father.

“O sige lang. Mabuti pa nga at magpahinga muna kayo sa kwarto. Merong migraine talaga yan si Maya from time to time. Ipapatawag na lang namin kayo pag handa na ang dinner.” Papa Arturo replied.

Maya didn’t want to make a scene if she protested so she didn’t argue anymore. But when their reached her room, she turned to him and said.

“I’m okay Ricky. Pwede ka ng bumalik kina Papa. You might want to join them in their game.”

“Nope, di ba sabi, we rest and then they will call us for dinner. Therefore, I’m going to stay with you.” He insisted in going inside her room. “Besides, may pag-uusapan pa tayo.”

Maya shrugged her shoulder. Richard quickly followed her when she entered the room. It was fortunate that she cleaned up earlier, she thought.

Before going to the bathroom for her medicine, she told him. “Upo ka muna. Ayun ang remote control ng TV.” She pointed at the table and chair beside the window.

Maya’s room was a typical woman’s room. There were frills here and there. The color combination was yellow and white. It was warm and cozy. He looked around the room and found two photo of her when she was young and one wherein she still had dental braces. He remembered Maya had those until her first semester in college.

Maya was surprised to find Richard on her bed, comfortably seated with his back against the headboard and his legs straight on the bed. He was already watching sports on the TV.

“So, are you feeling better?” He asked and noted that Maya seemed to have washed her face as it was devoid of any make-up. She looked unwell.

“Hmm, medyo. I just need to lie down for a while and close my eyes.” She responded. She was figuring out how she could lie down, when he was occupying her bed as if he owned it.

“Come over here. Itulog mo muna ‘yan. We can talk later.” He patted the empty space of the queen size bed.

Maya gave him a quizzical stare. “Ricky, paano naman ako makatulog niyan, andyan ka. Besides, ano pa ang pag-uusapan natin?” Her temples throbbed again. The medicine she took had not taken effect.

“Well, my dear wife, there are details to our arrangement that we haven’t discussed about. I know you have a headache so I am suggesting we discuss later. In the meantime, we can start thinking where we should live. I suggest that we use my condo unit in Makati. About the wedding, I think we can delay it. We can always say we are busy with work. In short, we can buy time. Then, we need to discuss about the work you will do for me.” Richard itemized his concerns.

“Arrggh. Sabi mo let’s discuss later, eh bakit pinag-iisip mo na ako?” She contradicted him. “Anyway, I really can’t sleep when you are here. I’m not used to having someone in my bed. So, if you don’t mind…”

“Okay, okay. I’m going out.” He cut her off. “I’ll let you sleep for a while.” He put on his shoes again and left her in her room.

As soon as he was gone, Maya laid down on the bed and closed her eyes.


Richard was standing beside Maya’s bed as he stared at her sleeping face. She looked like a sleeping angel. He was about to wake her up for dinner when he heard her make a tiny stirring sound. His eyes focused on her lips that were slightly open. He was very much tempted to kiss her.

Maya, in her dream, felt a gentle touch on her eyelids and warm breath on the side of her forehead. Then, that warm touch moved to her lips. It was as if someone was kissing her. The lips over hers were soft and warm; it felt it so real and so familiar. Richard’s face flashed. She was sure she was dreaming. She was having a lucid dream. The kiss felt so real such that she opened her eyes to awaken herself.

When her eyes opened, her eyes met Richard’s eyes. He was standing right beside her bed. “Ayyyy!!!” She exclaimed.

“Hi. Sorry to startle you. I was going to wake you up sleeping beauty.” Richard had that usual enigmatic smile as he sat on the bed.

Maya pulled the cover up to her neck instinctively. “Kanina ka pa dito?” Her headache was gone. However, at the back of her mind, she was unsure if she had a dream or he actually kissed her while she was asleep.

“Hmm, Yes, a few minutes ago. I just didn’t wake you up right away because you looked like you were having a dream. Naka ngiti ka eh.” He told her.

Maya blushed a little as she recalled her dream. She couldn’t tell him about her dream. It felt so real.

“Anyway, if you are okay, how about we now join them for dinner. My family will be leaving in an hour’s time. Dad and Mom have an early flight to China tomorrow so we will go home soon.”

“Sige, I’ll go after you. Let me freshen up first.” She responded. It was a cue for Richrd to leave her again.

Ear, when Maya was asleep, Richard took the opportunity to discuss with his father and father in-law about his plan for her work as well as the business review of La Esperanza. At the end of their conversation, they have agreed on a plan.


Dinner went fast for the extended Dela Rosa-Lim family. Maya felt much better physically and emotionally as she observed her new extended family really getting along. She found her new parents in-law very warm as if they really wanted her for their son and it wasn’t just about the business. Unknown to her, Richard had the same impression of her parents towards him. He felt so comfortable talking to her parents.

They were all the garage saying goodbyes to the Lims when Richard also bid his in-laws farewell. “Pa, Ma. Mauna na rin po ako.”

“Ha? Richard, saan ang punta mo? May lakad ka ba?” Mama Teresita asked.

“Po? Wala po. Pauwi na po ako sa bahay.” Richard told everyone.

“Ano? Bakit ka uuwi? Eh, si Maya maiiwan ba dito?” She further asked as she glanced at her daughter who seemed surprised by her question.

Richard was quick to respond. “Ahh, yes, Ma. She will be staying here for a few more days. There’s an on-going renovation in my condo unit right now. We agreed that I’ll just fetch her when it is done. It will be another 3 days.”

Maya’s eyes widened upon hearing his declaration. They haven’t discussed anything and yet he had declared that she will be living in his condo unit. However, she couldn’t openly protest because her parents were watching them.

Richard returned to Maya’s side as if realizing he hadn’t said goodbye to his new wife.

“Richard, kung may renovation pa sa bahay mo. Bakit hindi ka na lang dito muna sa bahay? That way, magkasama kayong mag-asawa?” Mama Teresita suggested.

He just smiled at his mother in-law. “Pwede naman po, Ma. Kaya lang, I also want to check on the work progress at my place.” He countered.

“Ohh, ganoon ba? Anyway, bahala na nga kayong dalawa sa arrangement nyo.” Mama Teresita gave up. She just thought it strange the newly weds wouldn’t want to be together.

Richard faced Maya and kissed her cheek. “Hon, I’ll just call you when I get home.”

She didn’t react until Richard gave her another kiss, the second one was a light kiss on her lips. Then, he whispered to her, “I’ll think of you tonight.” When he faced her again, he winked at her.

Maya gaped as she watched Richard got into his car and drove out of their driveway. After the kiss, she suddenly remembered her dream earlier and wondered whether it was a dream or he took advantage of her while she was asleep.


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