My Heart Says It’s You – Parts 1 & 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to heavenlyoceanic. This is a continuation to My Heart Says It’s You – Prologue.

Author: heavenlyoceanic


James a successful architect and businessman in London. Everyone knows him, but even he’s successful there’s something he can’t explain.

He used to paint when he can’t do anything and he paint whenever there’s a dream that it seems it is his past.

The picture of a girl that he always see in his dreams,always invading his thoughts.

Each time he sees the girl in his dreams, it is always blurry. Even her voice, he can’t hear it.


It makes him so incomplete. Even he already have a girlfriend that makes him happy.

He don’t know why he’s feeling this. It all started when he woke up in a white room.

Part 2

James always ask his family if they met a girl looks like his painting, they always say

“I’m sorry son, we don’t know her”

He can’t ask his friends because his new friends doesn’t know anything about his past. And he don’t know If he have a friend in the past.

He’s so frustated that he can’t remember anything. He tried to hit his head, but he ended up in the hospital.

He wants to go back to his home, which is Philippines but his parents always stop him because it is not safe for him to be alone.

Everyday, his parents ask him when will he marry his girlfriend because they already want a grandchild they can play with before the day they can’t already run and walk.

He just simply say:

“When I already know my past and the girl in my dreams. I don’t want to hurt some people in the past, please agree to me to come back home.” and walks out.


-2 years ago-

Richard decided to go out and buy a gift for his girlfriend for her birthday. And also it’s the day where he can finally introduce his girlfriend to his parents.

(His parents is on their way home in the Philippines.)

While he’s driving on his way to the shop, there’s an overspeeding truck and suddenly hit his car and Richard hit the post.

He was rushed in the hospital to save his life even it’s impossible to survive in his state.

The first time he woke up, he’s finding a girl but he doesn’t know her name….



even his name.

And two old people came to his side and he asked

“Who are you? Why are you crying?”

DA & DE : We’re your parents son. We’re just happy you’re awake after a year.

James: What?! A year? What happened to me? What’s my name? Why can’t I remember anything? Tell me!!!!

Parents: You met an accident, you were  driving and there’s an overspeeding truck. It bumped you and you hit a post. And you’re K…. ah James! Yes, your name is James. We talked to your doctor and he said that you. may suffer amnesia because your head hit really hard.

James: I’m finding a girl the first time I woke up. Do I have a girlfriend? or do you know a girl I’m always with?

Parents: We don’t know son. We’re sorry.

End of flashback*

To be continued :)


5 thoughts on “My Heart Says It’s You – Parts 1 & 2

  1. I’ve read your story up to chapt 12 in your blog.
    If you don’t mind my comment. It’s purely constructive. First, you have a good premise for a story but you need to clean up your storylines which tend to jump from one thing to the next.
    There are many loopholes in the story, so it would be a good idea to develop the story and it’s characters.
    I suggest making a bullet format of every chapter you want to write, then proceed with an outline or a first draft. This will make your story more cohesive and focused.
    Don’t post your first draft. After writing it, read it and edit it. Editing it may necessitate you to add more or subtract in order to enhance the flow of the story. This would be an opportunity to look at grammatical errors.
    Finally, I suggest you ask someone to read your final work to critique it. This will enable you to make final changes and have someone with a fresh eye look over your work. They may have suggestions for you, things you may have overlooked.

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