Heart’s True Desire – part 14

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 13

Heart’s True Desire – 14
“Sweet Dreams”

“Maya…” Richard called out her name from outside his bedroom.

When there was no response, he opened the door and found her seated on his bed, leaning on the headboard. She was sleeping. Forgetting the door behind him, he immediately went to her side to check.

“Maya…” He tried to wake her up but she only fell sideways landing on his pillows.

“Hon..” He shook her gently. Then, Richard heard his father’s voice coming from the entrance of his room.

“Ricky, tulog na ‘yang asawa mo. Don’t wake her up. She must be tried from all the travels she had been doing for the last few weeks. Mabuti pa, dito na kayo matulog at bukas na kayo umuwi.” Dad Robert suggested.

“Po? Dad, I think Maya would prefer to go home and sleep in our place.” Richard declined his father’s offer. He knew Maya would choose to go home rather than sleep with him in the same room.

“Richard, you better stay here. Besides, naka inom ka. It’s not safe to drive this late.” His father insisted.

“But Dad, it’s only 10:30 p.m. and I am not drunk.” Richard countered.

“Ayy naku Richard bahala ka na nga. Pero tingnan mo yang asawa mo, tulog na tulog na, gigisingin mo pa ba?” After that, Dad Robert closed their door and left.

Richard eyed Maya who was sleeping soundly even when her body was slightly bent. He wondered she didn’t remind him that they needed to go home. He didn’t really intend to have a meeting with his father earlier. But when she confirmed she was talking to James on the phone, he just needed to be away from her. He didn’t want to see and hear them talk.

Although hesitant, Richard decided to let her sleep. He thought he could use the guest room. So, he stepped out of his bedroom. On his way, he met his mother. She was carrying a glass of water.

“Richard, hindi ka pa tulog? Saan ang punta mo?” Mom Esmeralda asked her son who seemed surprised seeing her.

“Ahhh, sa kitchen Mom. I’m about to get water too.” Richard replied. It was a good alibi he thought.

“Tulog na ba si Maya?” his mother followed him as he went towards the refrigerator and took out a pitcher of water.

“She’s asleep Mom.”

“Buti naman at dito na kayo matutulog. Ikaw naman Richard, when you are at home, please stop doing work. Give attention to your wife. You’re newly married. You need to get to know each other more. Hindi puro trabaho ang ina-atupag ninyong dalawa.” Esmeralda advised her son.

“Thank you Mom. Sige na po, tulog na kayo.” He took out an empty glass from the cupboard.

Esmeralda was about to go when she remembered something else. “Ricky ‘nga pala. Yung exercise equipment mo like the stationary bike, mountain bike at treadmill, pinalipat ko muna sa guest room. Your dad is going to expand his home office and so we will take up some space doon sa mini-gym mo.”

“It’s okay mom.” Richard response masked the real reaction he had. At that point, he realized that his plan to be in guest room couldn’t materialize. He had no place and no choice but to sleep in his bedroom with Maya. He didn’t want his parents to find out their set-up. It would be more difficult to answer his parents queries if they discover that they are not sleeping together.

When he returned to his bedroom, Maya was still sleeping. She had shifted her position such that she was lying diagonally on the bed, hugging a pillow. Richard’s heart warmed as he looked at the angelic face of his wife.

“Wife” He murmured and smiled to himself. He then bent toward to fix her position so he would have a space beside her. A thought crossed his mind if he would change her clothes into a more comfortable one. She was wearing a blouse and jeggings. He argued with himself whether to undress her and let her wear his pajamas or get her night clothes from her luggage. In the end, he chose not to do anything because either way, he could get into trouble with her the following day.

After he positioned her properly in the bed, he kissed her forehead. “Good night and sweet dreams, honey.” He went to his walk-in closet and changed into a shirt and pajama.


After a few hours of working in his computer, Richard finally succumbed to the temptation of sleep. He wanted to stay awake the whole night so he didn’t have to join her in the bed. However, his tired body was giving in. In the end, he decided to take the space beside her. He hoped that she’d lay still so he wouldn’t fall off the bed as he chose to stay close to the end of it. He closed his eyes and took the much-needed rest.

He felt himself relax as soon as his back hit the bed; he missed the comfort of his old bed. Then, Maya suddenly turned around and snuggled close to him. It was a pleasant surprise. The sweet scent of Maya was so close to him that it was intoxicating.

“Maya, are you asleep?” He checked and she responded softly. “I miss you.” She snuggled closer.

Before he could react, he felt her hand move and started to caress him. She slowly explored his chest and began to give him tiny kisses on his neck.

He lied back on his bed and cuddled her as they slept. His left hand rested on her chest possessively.


Maya could feel the soft warm pillow that she hugged in her sleep. Her eyes were shut but knew she was already awake. She needed just some more minutes in bed.

She thought, “It’s so good to be back home. If there is one thing, I would make sure that I put in my report for the LBH upgrades would be the pillows we have in our hotel rooms. It must be like this, soft, warm. It would be as if you are hugging a loved one.”

“Would hugging Richard feel like this?” Her mind continued to wonder. “I’ve hugged him in Vegas but then again, it was different. It felt warm that time, but no…it was warmer. It felt like his skin was on fire.”

She giggled. “But then again, we almost made love.”

“Pero, why am I thinking about Richard? I shouldn’t be thinking about him. I don’t even see him a lot. I must think of James. James is sweet and caring. He’s been my friend for a long time. He kissed me once, it was so tender.” She was still having her inner conversation in her sleep.

Memory took over. “It was dark that time. He was going to say goodnight but for some reason I turned a little such that his lips landed into mine. When I felt his soft lips, my lips acted on their own volition. We kissed passionately. This pillow feels like Richard.”. She was having another lucid dream of him.

She hugged her pillow tighter and even crossed her right leg over it. Maya’s eyes suddenly opened wide.


Maya’s leg was over Richard’s lower body while his hand was on her chest when the two of them opened their eyes the following morning.

With their eyes wide open in shock, both of them uttered. “Maya” “Richard”. Their face was close to each other.

Richard quickly sat up and moved away from her. He was equally shocked. Then, their facial expression mirrored each other’s confusion.

“Exactly what happened?” They realized they dreamt of each other.


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