Heart’s True Desire – part 15

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 14.

Author: Hanah6181


Heart’s True Desire – 15

Maya’s screaming voice filled the whole room. “Ayyyyyyy!!!!!”

Richard quickly sat up and moved away from her. He finally came to his senses. When their eyes met and locked, their facial expression mirrored each other’s confusion.

They were both fully clothed. She was in her blouse and jeans while Richard was in a shirt and pajama. It was then they realized that everything was just a dream.

“Maya, don’t scream!” He tried to reach for her but she shrieked some more.

“Wahhhhhh!!” She let out another horrified scream that even Richard panicked. Maya covered herself with the blanket.

“How dare you, Richard! You took advantage of me.” She accused. She threw a pillow at him.

Richard blocked the pillow with his forearm. “What??? How did I take advantage of you? I was sleeping.” He glowered at her.

“Eh bakit ka nakahawak sa _____ ko?” She shouted at him. She pulled the blanket closer to her chest.

“Teka bakit ako lang ang may kasalanan dito? How about you? Your hand was on my…..” Richard wasn’t able to finish because Maya shriked again.

“Eiiieee!” She covered her ears not wanting to hear what he had to say. She was almost tearful.

“Ikaw Richard, sinabi ko na sa’yo, umuwi na tayo kagabi! Talagang pinatulog mo ako rito para maka take advantage ka.” She accused. She wasn’t sure if her claim was right but she did so because she was distressed.

“Anong sinabi mo umuwi? Why are you accusing me when you were the one who went to this room and slept?” He responded back in a raised voice.

“Nag-maang-maangan ka pa. Nag-text ako sa ‘yo!” She glared at him.

Richard eyed her carefully. Seeing that she was really distraught that morning, he quickly thought of a leaving her for a while so both of them can regain their composure. Their exchange of words was confusing him.

“Weh..weh…wait. Don’t go out. I will need to go the bathroom first.” Richard hurriedly left her.


Richard was leaning on the sink thinking of the scene earlier. He had never seen her go ballistic before. It was like college days all over again. She had the same reaction when he kissed her years ago.

A smile emerged from his face as he recalled his dream. It’s been ages since he had such a vivid dream. She had that effect on him. However, his gut feel also told him that it was more than physical. There was more to her that he liked that he just couldn’t identify yet.

Maya was left on the bed still with the blanket up to her neck. Waking up in a compromising position with Richard earlier, she couldn’t help but think that something happened during the night. She checked if something changed in her body. She found none. She was still wearing the clothes she wore the previous day; even her blouse was completely buttoned. But since she was wearing a sheer, soft lined bra, she could still feel the weight and warmth of Richard’s palm on her chest.


Richard came out of the bathroom minutes later. He purposely stayed there for several minutes to allow Maya to recover from her shock. He assumed she would be calm when he returned.

“Maya…” He said as he walked towards her.

“Eiieeee, ‘wag kang lalapit!” She moved towards the middle of the bed, away from him.

“Hey, hon, let’s be adults about this, okay? Wala namang nangyari sa atin. We just slept in the same bed. At whatever it was earlier, di naman natin sinadya, we were both asleep.” He rationalized as he sat on the bed and faced her.

Maya studied him carefully and noticed the calmness of his demeanor. He raised a good point. After a few seconds of silence, she relaxed.

“Alright.” Her tone was lower this time. “Pero, bakit hindi mo ako ginising kagabi? Sabi ko sa text ko sa’yo, uuwi tayo.” She gave him a questioning look.

“Well, I read your message last night but ang sabi mo, we can stay here.” He explained his side while he got his phone on top of the table. “Here, look at your message.” Richard showed her the message she sent.

Maya’s text message: “Sabi ni mom, dito daw tayo matulog. I said we can.”

After reading the message, Maya’s brows furrowed. “Bakit ganyan ang message? Ang sabi ko… we can NOT.” She emphasized the last word.

“Well, I don’t know.” Richard’s eyebrow arched. “Why don’t you check your phone and see what you really sent.”

Maya followed his suggestion and got her phone from her bag to check it. True enough, her messaged didn’t include the word not. She thought she must have sent out her message sooner than fingers completed typing her message.

After checking her phone, she sighed in frustration. “Okay! Tama nga yung nasa text message ko. Sorry, it’s my mistake. Pero, why did you sleep beside me? Di ba we have an agreement?”

“Yes, we have an agreement and it isn’t broken….yet.” He responded; his lips were starting to curve with a smile. He looked at her intently but Maya thought she caught a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“Richard….” She warned him.

“Heyyy, walang nangyari okay? I was supposed to sleep at the guest room actually but Mom saw me going there. I was told that the guest room is unusable because they moved some things there. Plano ko nga hindi matulog so I tried working but I was so tired. So, I decided to take the available space on the bed. Do you know that you tend to move a lot when you sleep?” His long explanation was followed by a question.

“Of course not. Ano ako bata? I don’t move around. Mahinhin kaya akong matulog!” She defended herself. His explanation was acceptable to her but his comment that she moves a lot when asleep wasn’t.

“Mahinhin nga.” Richard couldn’t help but chuckle. He opened the photo folder in his phone. “’Wag kang magalit ha, natuwa lang ako kagabi kaya ko kinunan. I expected that we’d have this discussion about how you sleep later on kaya may evidence ako.”

Richard showed several shots of Maya sleeping on his bed. The shots had her on diagonal, on her stomach, her arms wide open, in curled position, hugging a pillow. She indeed moved a lot.

“See…do you now believe?” Richard asked with an arched eyebrow.

Realizing that he was telling the truth, crimson color started to creep from her neck to her face. She thought that it was also possible that she was the one who moved over to his side of the bed, hence, they woke up in a cuddled position.

“Richard, erase those photos.” She commanded.

“Hmmm, I’ll think about it.” He stifled a laugh.

“Rickyy…please naman… puro na lang kahihiyan itong umaga ko.” She heaved a sigh of defeat. She could feel that her color had not returned to normal.

Maya’s reddish cheeks didn’t escape Richard’s attention. She blushed beautifully, he thought. Although there would be times that she was cold and distant to him, he liked her. It finally dawned on him, he really liked her.

While he gazed at her, he entertained the idea that they could possibly have a real relationship. Regardless of their arrangement, he could pursue her. After all, a lot in their verbal contract was in his favor and control.

Maya felt discomfort with his eyes so focused on her. So, she got worried. “Richard, what’s in your mind. Bakit ganyan ka makatingin.”

“Hmmm… Maya… I was thinking, shouldn’t we try to make this marriage work? I mean, we are already here di ba? Shouldn’t we at least make an effort?”

Maya’s heartbeats started to race for unknown reason. “Ricky, it isn’t as easy as you think. Para naman sinabi mong sige tulog na tayo tapos bukas tayo na. Hindi naman ganoon ‘yon. We are friends naman, di ba.”

“Of course, we are friends. But, what I really wanted to say is if you’d allow me to……” Richard was about to say more when they heard a knock on their door.

“Ricky… Maya..” It was his mother calling out.

Richard stood up and opened the room. “Yes, Mom. Good morning.”

“Good morning din hijo. Breakfast is almost ready. Nadinig ko kasing parang gising na kayo. If you want to join us, we’ll have it at the lanai.”

“Sige Mom, we’ll get ready and just join you later.” Richard smiled at his mother before he closed the door again. When he turned around, Maya was already in the bathroom.

Since Richard knew that the moment of talking her out their marriage arrangement was already lost, he made a decision. He will show and convince her thru action because he likes her. Therefore, he will start courting her and see whether they could have chance for permanent relationship.

Then, suddenly her head appeared from the bathroom door. “Ricky… pwede pakuha naman ng luggage ko sa car mo? Kailangan ko ng pampalit na damit after maligo. ” It was the first time she asked him a favor. He thought it was the start.

“Sure, honey. I’ll be back in a while.” He went out grinning.


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