Ang Kwentong Kweba Version 2.0

A/N: This is a continuation to Ang Kwentong Kweba, Baw!


Author: princemackaroo




Although Maya was initially haunted by the images of what she witnessed at the cave earlier, she drifted off to sleep without her realizing it minutes after her back touched the mattress. But a different story is to be told of Richard. Though the images of the strangers making out on the cave did not linger long in his memory, Maya’s curiousity bothered him terribly. Her questions about how and why the couple made out in the cave, not only reflected Maya’s innocence about such stuff, but on hindsight, it somehow showed that she is in a way open to such ideas. As he continued to give it further thought, not only did he find himself bothered psychologically but physically as well. He could’ve eagerly showed her what it’s like but he saw and knew that Maya already needed to rest.

Looking at her peaceful sleeping state, Richard kissed her on her hair and gave a pained smile. “Maya, Maya. The things that you do to me.” Richard chuckled at the thought. He carefully got out of bed and went to the bathroom aiming for having a really cold shower. The last thing he wanted to do is disturb his wife on her sleep and have her way on her.

As the cold torrent of water flowed freely down his body under the shower, he still can’t put his mind at rest. Their conversation still lingered in his mind. Indeed, Maya showed discomfort when he deflected her question back at her but the mere fact that she thought about it for some time, he cannot help but conclude that Maya really is interested about it. Though he never had done it before, Richard braved himself with the idea of showing it to Maya firsthand before she even thought of looking for answers elsewhere. If there’s one thing he so wanted to fulfill as a husband, that is to keep her satisfied in everything.

As he finished off with his shower, he immediately took his phone and dialed the front desk.


3:45AM the next day, Richard woke Maya up.

“Mahal. May pupuntahan ulit tayo ng ganito kaaga?” Maya asked groggily as she rubs her eyes.

“Yes Mahal. We’ll go back to Crocodile Island. I have another surprise for you.”

Maya got out of bed and went to the bathroom to change her clothes. As she got out of the bathroom, “Gising na ba sila? Yung mga bata?”

“It’ll only be the two of us.”

“Huh? Hindi natin sila isasama?” Maya asked looking all surprised and confused.

Richard just smiled at her. “No. We’ll go back to crocodile island ng tayo lang. I wanted to spend some alone time with you before we go back to Manila and I wanted to show you something.”

“Ano naman yun?”

“You’ll see soon.” Richard took his wife’s hand and entwined with his as they made their way out of the room and stealthily, they made their way out of the villa without anyone noticing them.


It was still dark when they reached Crocodile Island. Richard took a blanket from the bag he brought and rolled it over the sand. He also took a thermos-filled coffee, two cups, and sandwiches that he personally prepared beforehand.

“Talagang pinaghandaan mo ito mahal ah.” Maya said in amusement as she saw everything that Richard brought for the said trip.

Richard smiled at her. As he finished setting everything up, he reached for Maya’s hand and assisted her in sitting on the blanket. He sat beside her while covering them both with another blanket to keep them warm from the early morning cold breeze. They once again waited for the sun to rise from view while sipping coffee.

As the sun made its way up the horizon, Maya was still in awe of its beauty. She let out a sigh as she was completely in swept by everything she’s seeing. “Ang ganda talaga mahal.”

Richard once again gazed back at his wife. He was staring at her for a couple of seconds before finally answering back. “Yes mahal. Napakaganda talaga.”

Maya gazed back at her husband and saw his loving gaze on her. She offered him a warm smile in return. As they continued to stare at each other, Richard lifted his hand and started caressing Maya’s cheek. Maya held the hand that touches her face.

“I love you so much, Maya.”

“I love you too, Ricky.”

Richard slowly lowered his head to hers and dipped his mouth to hers for a soul-searing kiss. As they were continuously consumed by the fiery passion that they feel for one another, they completely lose all thought of where they were. And right then and there, as the sun started to shine, they once again succumbed to the fueling desire to consume their love for another.


After their momentous expression of love for one another, Richard lay under the blanket with Maya snuggled beside him, both naked and sated.

“Do you want to take a swim?” he asked.


“Let’s go swimming. Or should I say, let’s go skinny-dipping.”

Maya looked at him disbelievingly. “Sure ka mahal? Parang kahapon lang kung maka-oppose ka sa idea of skinny-dipping, ganun-ganon nalang.” She tried to stifle a laugh as she remembered how she and the kids made fun of him.

“Well, marami tayo kahapon. I can’t afford to simply show off my naked body to everyone. And since tayo lang naman ang tao dito ngayon, why not take the opportunity? Moreover, ayoko namang isipin mo na wala akong sense of adventure,” he said.

Maya grinned at him. “Talagang seryoso ka mahal ah.”

Richard smirked and without warning, he stood up and ran towards the water. Maya sat up and watched her husband take a plunge at the sea.

“Mahal come on! Come and join me! The water’s fun!” Richard shouted invitingly at his wife as he showed how much fun he was having at the moment.

Enticed by her husband, Maya followed him and took a swim at the beach as well. They swam, played around, cuddled and kissed each other until they got out of water, dried up and dressed.


“Anong ginagawa natin dito mahal?” Maya immediately asked as Richard brought her back to the cave where she had been to yesterday catching a couple who’s in the middle of a hot make-out session.

Richard hesitated for a couple of seconds. “Well I. Ahm. I was.” He let out a long sigh. “Well I was bothered by your series of questions last night. And I thought..”

Maya’s eyes widened after realizing what he’s trying to say. “Eh mahal, nagulat lang talaga ako sa mga nakita ko kahapon kaya ko natanong yung mga bagay na yun sa’yo. Wala naman akong ibang intensyon kaya tinanong ko sa’yo yung mga yun.”

“I know that mahal. But..”

“Pero ano mahal?”

“I don’t know. You were so full of curiousity and I saw how it bothered you.”

Maya offered a reassuring smile which easily made the mood between them lighter. “Mahal, syempre first time kong makakita ng ganun. Nagtanong ako sa’yo cause I wanted to understand. Sabi mo nga, you’ve never tried it before and ayoko rin naman na isipin mong gusting-gusto ko talagang gawin yun. Nagulat lang talaga ako sa mga nakita ko mahal.”

“I know,” smiled Richard.

“O alam mo naman pala mahal eh. Eh bakit pa tayo nagpunta dito?”

“Well I just thought you might want to give it a try,” he said, giving Maya a mischievous smile.

Maya felt her cheeks burn. “Mahal!” she exclaimed as she immediately covered her face.

Richard let out a hearty laugh seeing his wife’s discomfort. He instantly closed the gap between them and collected her in his arms.

“Nakakainis ka mahal!” she whined.

“You really are so amusing,” he commented.

“Amusing ka jan. Nakakahiya kaya.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. I want you to be as open as much as possible about those things.”

“Eh pero mahal, nakakahiya eh. Baka isipin mo na exhibitionistic akong tao,” she said.

Richard chuckled at her response. “I would never think of you that way. Besides, I’m your husband. I want you to be open with me at all times. I would want to be the one to guide you and make you understand things you’ve never done before. Even if those things are also new to me, it doesn’t mean that I’m closing my doors to them. I’ll be more than willing to explore them with you so long as it won’t cause any strain in our relationship.”

Maya smiled warmly at him. “Salamat mahal. Pero I never expected na naisip mo pa talaga ito. Naintindihan ko naman mahal eh. Sabi mo nga kagabi, kung minsan nafe-feel nalang nila basta yun kaya nadadala sila. Nawawala na sila sa sarili at hindi na nila naiisip pa kung nasaan sila. Mas nangingibabaw nalang sa kanila ang pagmamahal nila sa isa’t-isa.”

Richard smiled in return. “Ganun na nga mahal.”

Maya hugged him tight. “Thank you mahal. Salamat sa pag-unawa at willingness na gabayan ako.”

“As I’ve told you mahal, I’m your husband. It is my duty in a way to guide you any way I can. I love you too much to withhold you of that.”

Maya pushed herself a bit, creating a small space for her to look at him in the eyes. “Thank you mahal. I love you.”

Richard cupped her face. “I love you too.” Then he lowered a short kiss to her waiting lips. Only it became a lengthier kiss, eventually turning deep and passionate.

Still holding on to the last cord of his self-control, Richard unwillingly broke off the kiss and leaned his forehead to Maya’s, their breaths mingling with one another, as their breathing continued heavy and uneven.

“Ricky..” uttered Maya huskily, her eyes mirroring the same stark of desire that he’s feeling at the moment. And with that, Richard threw all trepidation out the window and resumed kissing her once again.


He slowly started to collapse afterward, so he slid his arms back around her to ease her to the floor with him.  And as he turned her to look into her eyes, he knew a second’s worth of fear – because making love like that, he figured, could be just the thing to make his wife, feel that awful regret she’d suffer.  Yet to his relief, her eyes were filled with nothing but joy.  “Still with me?” he asked.

Her grin said she knew exactly what he meant.  “All the way, mahal.”

He smiled in return, too exhausted to do or say more.




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