Heart’s True Desire – part 17

This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire part 16.

Author: Hanah6181

Heart’s True Desire – 17

The moment Maya came out of her bedroom the following day, she smelled food being cooked in their kitchen. The smell of adobo became stronger as she strode closer to the source of the smell. And when she opened the kitchen door, she found Richard busy in front of the stove. He was preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, honey.” He turned and smiled at her. He was still in his undershirt and pajama.

“Good morning, din.” She walked towards him and peeked at what he was cooking.

“Hmmm, smells good. Taste good naman kaya ‘yan?” She challenged him while her one hand was akimbo.

“Of course.” He got a spoon and dipped it into the spot to get a piece of meat and sauce. He blew air to it first to ensure it won’t be hot and then offered to her. “Here, tikman mo.”

She did as told. “Hmm, pwede na.” She commented with twinkle in her eyes.

“Pwede lang?” He pretended hurt by her feedback. From her reaction, he knew she liked it and she was kidding him. Adobo is the only dish he has perfected and takes pride in it.

“Sige na nga. Masarap. Excited na ako ang mag-breakfast.” She began to take out plates and glasses from the cabinet to set-up the dining table.

“Pero, Ricky, ano naman ang naiisipan mo at nag-luto ka sir? Di ba, office day today? You should be getting ready for work, ma-traffic kaya ngayon.” She reminded while she walked towards the dining area.

“Well, I heard you asked mom about the adobo recipe yesterday. So, I figured you liked adobo. Also, I wanted to cook for you.” He joined her as he placed the serving plate with his cooked dish on it. Then, he went back to the kitchen.

“Thank you. So, how do you want your coffee? Ipagtitimpla na kita.” She shouted. She was about to follow him when shortly he came out of it again.

“With cream, honey.” He came out with the plates of rice and fried eggs. “Let’s eat.”

For the first time since they got married, they sat on the table eating breakfast and talked about their respective families.


At the LHR head office, employees’ heads turned when Richard and Maya walked into the lobby. It was the first time that they had seen the two together and no one knew about their real relationship. Maya had only reported in the office three times. Since she was hired, most of her days were spent on business travel, visiting their other boutique hotels. So, she interacted only with her assistant and the other ladies in the operations department.

They looked good together and so some female employees sighed in envy as they observed Richard’s hand on Maya’s elbow as they entered his office. Maya was quick to notice the girls’ eyes on her.

“Ricky, do you really have to hold me when we are walking inside the office?” She asked as soon as they entered his room.

“Why not? You are my wife.” He answered as he placed down his computer bag on his table.

“Well, people were staring at us while we passed them by. Besides, they don’t know that I am your wife. And please don’t say we can announce it. I want to them to like me as I am and not because I am your wife.” Maya told him seriously.

“Hayyy, Maya. I don’t know what’s with you. Some women like to flaunt their husband. But in your case, you are the opposite. I’d like to think some women would be glad to have me.” He commented with a little pride.

“That’s precisely the point Mr. Lim. There are some women. Maraming babae and I don’t want to be part of them. This marriage is a temporary arrangement remember.” She responded as she took a seat in the round meeting table inside his office.

“Maya, it’s not true that there are many women in my life. I told you I was dating but I don’t know where you get your ideas about women and me. At yang temporary arrangement na ‘yan, we can always make it permanent.” He looked at her intently as he walked towards where she was seated.

“Ricky…let’s be serious.” Maya’s reply. She unsure whether they could make their relationship permanent without love in the equation. It has never been mentioned. What she is fully aware of is that Richard is attracted to her physically but when it wears off, she assumed she would just be like the other girls. She will be forgotten. She had seen it during college days.

“I am serious. I know things doesn’t seem to make sense to you but.” Maya cut him off.

“Ayyy, ang aga naman ng ganitong usapan. Let’s work, Mr. Lim.” She changed the subject matter. She pulled out her own computer to start their work related discussion.

Richard stared at Maya for a while. He realized that he really has to make his way thru her heart.


Five Days later

Maya was the end of her phone conversation with one of their operations manager when her assistant came in with a box of chocolates and three long stem red roses.

“Uyyyy, Ms. Maya, eto na naman s’ya.” Mica, her assistant, was smiling ear to ear. She placed the flowers and chocolate on top of Maya’s desk. “Ang sweet naman ng sender ng mga ito. Isang lingo na; very consistent!”

Maya just smiled at her assistant as she placed down the phone receiver.
“Nag-pa-pa-cute lang ‘yan.” She reached out for the flowers and checked the card that came along with it. But as usual, it was blank. She already knew it came from Richard. The only time he signed the card was on Monday, the first day he sent her flowers and chocolates. The following days were a like a silent acknowledgment.

“So, Ms. Maya is he your boyfriend or nanliligaw pa lang?” Mica curiously asked.

“Hmmm, I am not sure.” Then, Maya started to laugh. Somehow, the efforts of Richard in the last few days were taking effect on her. While he hasn’t told her directly, she felt he was wooing her. Everyday, they went and left the office in the same car. They always had dinner together. On two occasions, they watched movies at home like old couples do.

“Eiiiie! boyfriend mo pero nag-away kayo?” A very giddy Mica blurted.

“Hindi, ah! Anyway, take this Michaela. Baka magka diabetes na ako sa araw-araw na chocolates na padala sa akin.” She offered to her assistant the box, which the latter gladly accepted.

“Ms. Maya, hindi ko pa man ‘yan nakikilala ‘yang guy na yan botong-boto na ako sa kanya. Next week kaya meron uli? Ano sa palagay mo? Dapat iba naman kasi baka mag-mukhang flower shop na itong office mo.” Mica got carried with her comments as she started eating the chocolate.

“I don’t know.” Maya responded. “O sige na, hija, mag-trabaho na tayo.” She dismissed her very happy assistant.

Seconds later, Maya got an incoming message in her computer’s office communicator. It was from Richard.

Richard: Heard you already received them.
Maya: What?
Richard: What? flowers and chocolates, of course.

Since she was in good mood that afternoon, she played with him.

Maya: Galing pala sa’yo?
Richard: You know it came from me. Who else would they come from?
Maya: From one of guys in this office?

She was smiling when she typed her response. She recalled that during her tour around the office, a few male employees asked if she was still single or available.

Richard: They better not try, unless they want to get fired.
It took him 2 minutes before he responded to her. Then she teased him some more.

Maya: For what? Sending flowers and chocolates isn’t against rules and regulations.
Richard: Nope. But sending flowers and chocolates to a married woman is immoral.

Maya couldn’t help but laugh at the conversation she was having with Richard. She wondered what his facial expression was.

Maya: You’re not busy?
Richard: I am.
Maya: Then, we better stop exchanging messages and get back to work.
Richard: I am busy… busy thinking about you.

She didn’t respond because she suddenly felt giddy. She knew her face was becoming warm. She just stared at her computer screen.

Richard: Still there? He asked after 3 minutes had elapsed without a response from her.

Maya: Yes, now working. Already on the phone. It was excuse.

Richard: Alright. See you later, hon. We’ll leave at 6:30 p.m. Let’s have dinner out.

It was the first time that Richard didn’t ask her whether she wanted to go out or not. He just declared it. For some reason, she wasn’t averse to his plan. She was actually excited to go out with him.


Over dinner at an Italian restaurant in BGC, a live entertainment provided the romantic ambiance of the place. Most of the guests were couples and a few looked like business colleagues. The singer opened her second set with a love song requested by one of the guests. As the dedication was announced over the microphone, Richard and Maya saw how the one of female guests turned giddy at the mention of her name.

“Ang sweet naman nila ‘noh?” Maya was smiling as she made the comment to Richard.

He just smirked. “Hmmm, cheesy.”

“Di kaya no. The guy is just expressing his feelings for the girl.” She argued back. The smile remained on her face.

“Cheesy nga.” He insisted. She just made face at him and continued eating.

“You know what, I really like your smile.” Richard told her after gazing at her while she was eating.

A few seconds later, Richard excused himself saying he was going to the men’s room.

Maya waited for Richard to return. He has been away for almost ten minutes and she wondered what has happened to him. While waiting, she just listened to the singer as she completed her song.

Then, she saw Richard approach the pianist instead of going back to their table. Her heart jumped in anticipation of his next move. She thought he was going to request for a song until she saw the pianist gave his seat to Richard.

Maya’s heartbeats started to race fast and crimson color started to rise from her neck to her face especially when Richard looked at her direction and smiled. It dawned on her he was going to play the piano. However, there was more to her surprise when the microphone was set-up in front of him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please indulge me for a few minutes. This is the first time I am doing this and this is for my beautiful wife seated over there.” He pointed at Maya’s direction.

“Hon, for you..you take my breath away.” He started to play the piano and seconds later sang the song for her.

♪ You
I don’t know what to say
You take my breath away
You’re every song I sing
You’re the music that I play
And you take my breath away

You smile and it’s okay
You take my breath away
Like water from a stream
On a sizzling summer day
Oh, you take my breath away
There are words

For the magic of a sunrise
Only none of them will due
For You
You take my breath away
And I don’t know what to say
‘Cause you take my breath away

You take my breath away
And I don’t know what to say
‘Cause you take my breath away
You take my breath away
You take my breath away
You take my breath away
Oh, you take my breath away… ♪

Maya was very sure she was blushing from head to foot and probably including the ends of her hair as she listened to him sing. He has a good voice but it was his occasional glances at her that was killing her. Moreover, she felt the stares of the other guests of the restaurant. She had ambivalent emotions. She wanted the floor to open and swallow her whole and yet the greater part of her was celebrating. She didn’t realize that Richard could take that bold move.

When he was done singing, a loud applause was heard around the restaurant. Even the singer complemented his good singing voice.

“Sir, pwede kang maging singer.”

Richard just smiled and thanked her.

When he returned to his chair, Maya was staring at him with disbelief in her eyes.

“So, how was it?” His eyes were twinkling.

Maya just shook her head and with her lips curved in a smile. “Cheesy.” She quipped.

“Don’t I deserve an appreciation for that?” He moved his chair closer to her such that they were side by side. Then, he held her hand. She noticed it was cold. Her brows furrowed.

“Ang lamig ng kamay mo, ninerb’yos ka?” She asked.

“Oo naman. Ang tagal ko na kayang hindi kumanta in public.” Richard responded. The last time he sang was during his college days in the glee club.

Maya chuckled. It must have been his courage, the effort, or the song itself but in a spur of the moment, she gave him a light kiss on the lips. She even surprised herself that she did it.

Richard, after receiving the unexpected kiss, blurted out in joy. “Yes!!!”

A/N: Isang chapter na lang po at makakarating na tayo sa present time.


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