Home Sweet Home

A/N: This piece is inspired by the April 8, 2014 episode of BCWMH. Since I was out of town from April 9-11, 2014 and had bad wifi reception where we stayed, I did not have the chance to post this earlier. I have yet to see the April 9-11 episodes of BCWMH and have no idea how our favorite story has progressed. I’m hoping to watch the episodes I missed after I post this. I hope you’ll still enjoy this piece. Happy reading, everyone!

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Author: iamgarie


Written: April 9, 2014

by iamgarie

Part 1

With his hands full at work, as he balances his roles as Chief Engineer and Chief Executive Officer of Lim Aviation Services, Richard Lim couldn’t help but feel guilty about being away from home way longer than he should. Good thing he has a very understanding and loving wife who supports and believes him all the way.

Maya Lim, his very beautiful pregnant wife, inspires Richard like no other. Because of her, he has learned to venture out of his comfort zone, has since learned how to listen to her and the kids, and has since been open to adjustments, compromises, and dialogues as they both make decisions for their growing family.

Having Maya with him earlier as he presented his plans for LAS in front of the board of directors felt so right. Reminded of how exciting and wonderful life is with his beloved wife– his partner for life, he tried his best to convince the board about getting a partner to help in LAS’ expansion. He reasoned with the board so well and finally got everyone’s nod to his proposed plans much to the delight of his dear sweet Maya who was cheering him on the best she could.

Maya has since gone home after their little celebration at the office and Richard is still working til now. When he finally takes a break, he is surprised to see his secretary Minerva with dinner for him. “Pinahatid po ni Ma’am Maya, “ Minerva tells him. A sweet smile escapes his lips as he calls Maya on the cellphone to thank her for her thoughtfulness. After dinner, Richard is on a roll, hoping to finish up the job sooner than expected, so he could come home to his loving wife and cuddle up in bed with her.

Part 2

It is almost 4 AM when Richard finally arrives home and a feeling of nostalgia hits him. It is only a matter of time before he, Maya, and their children leave this place they call home forever. In the peace and quiet, he surveys every nook and cranny of his house as he recalls all the wonderful memories he has shared with the children and Maya (both pre and post wedding) in their home sweet home.

Richard recalls the day he carried Maya in his arms back inside the house as she fainted from overfatigue on the driveway. With Doris and Sabel on leave and Manang Fe at sick bay, his ever dutiful employee, Maya Dela Rosa, made no complaints about singlehandedly attending to his and his children’s needs during their first few days at the mansion. His respect and admiration for this woman whose integrity he doubted at the beginning grew in leaps and bounds.

Amazing how every single part of this home reminds him of his beloved Maya, the woman he is meant to spend the rest of his life with.

Richard enters the porch and is reminded of all the nights he and Maya would sit side by side each other as they talked about anything and everything for hours over cups of coffee. The porch held other special memories, of course. It was also where he and Maya sang their first ever duet, celebrated their first ever Valentine date, and where he nonchalantly told her about not being sorry for kissing her after the prom. He walks further and looks up at the starlit sky and thanks God for Maya.

As he looks down at the swimming pool, the garden and the basketball court, he recalls with fondness more memories he shared with Maya and his kids– his and Maya’s unforgettable monthsary date, camping, lighting the lantern, Maya, the kids and the rest of the household playing in the rain, Abby and Nikki’s birthday parties, Abby’s graduation party, Abby’s swimming lessons courtesy of Maya and Luke…

He heads back inside the dining area and is reminded of how much fun family meals have been since Maya came into their lives.

As he fetches a glass of water and something to snack on from the refrigerator, he is suddenly reminded of the night Maya candidly admitted having a huge crush on him. He also recalled how much he enjoyed watching her make coffee for him countless times over, and how Doris and Sabel told Maya once that no one can make the kind of coffee she makes for her Sir Chief cos “ikaw lang ang makakahalo ng kape ni Sir Richard ng may pagmamahal!”

He steps inside the principal’s office with his water and food to eat, and is reminded of the countless times he has called Maya in to reprimand her, to have her help him make plans for Abby’s birthday, to talk with her about the kids and his concerns. He also remembered that one time he coached her for a job interview. He chuckles as he recalled how agitated and how funny Maya seemed back then, and realized that his wife’s giddiness as he asked her various questions back then must have been caused by her huge crush on him. He finishes his meal before he leaves his office with his trademark lopsided grin.

As Richard re-enters the living room he is reminded of that fateful day when he finally admitted to his kids that he loves Maya and that she is his girlfriend. As he recalled the tension he and his two elder kids eperienced back then, he could not help but smile at how different things are now and how much his kids love Maya like their very own mother.

Before he climbs the flight of stairs, he locks the main door and collects the flowers and laptop bag he left on the table when he came in earlier. Once upstairs, he opens Abby’s former bedroom, now the twins’ nursery room, and he smiles. Various flashback scenes come rushing back to him as Abby’s room holds very precious memories of Maya– the night they both fell asleep in Abby’s room as they both waited for Abby to talk, the night he saw Maya kiss his picture on her cellphone, the day she made him laugh non-stop with her Giripit joke, and all the evenings he would check up on Abby and actually see Maya talking or laughing with her, or animatedly sharing the story of “The Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa” with her.

He enters Nikki and Abby’s room to check on them and he is suddenly reminded of that moment more than a year ago when Nikki didn’t open up her door for him because he didn’t allow her to go to the prom with Inigo as date. Thanks to Maya who tried her best to make Nikki understand Richard’s decision, Nikki finally opened her bedroom door for him and talked with him. Inside the room, Richard gazes lovingly at his two girls, amazed at how much they have grown and just how loving and sweet they are to him, Maya and everyone else. There is pride in his eyes as it hit him that he has raised them well.

He enters Luke’s room right after and could not believe how much his firstborn has grown. He remembers all those times he and Luke argued and fought, and could not help but thank Maya for coming into their lives and helping him fix his strained relationship with his son. There is also pride in his eyes as he gazes lovingly at him. The proud Dad is happy that Luke is following in his footsteps by taking up Engineering.

Richard passes by the entertainment area and recalls with fondness the time he, Maya and the kids played “ungguy-ungguyan.” How he enjoyed spending that evening with her and the kids!

Part 3

Still carrying his flowers for Maya and his laptop bag, Richard finally enters the masters bedroom to find his wife fast asleep. Sometimes he still could not believe that this amazing woman loves him and actually married him. Just how lucky and blessed can a man be in one lifetime? Then he looks at her tummy and could not help but marvel at the thought that twin babies are growing inside his beloved wife’s tummy. As Richard stares at his sweetheart with intense love and longing in his eyes, she suddenly stirs. He joins her in bed and hands her the flowers. Clearly missing each other, they hug and cuddle real tight.

Richard: Sweetheart, I miss you so much!

Maya: Ako din.

Richard: No more overtime for me starting next week.

Maya: Talaga? Good news yan ah.

Richard: I want to make it up sa inyo ng mga bata. Mag out of town tayo? Let’s go to Bohol or Cebu. Sama natin si Manang Fe para she can take care of the kids while we simply stay in bed and cuddle up to each other. Sama din natin sina Nanay, Tatay Arturo, Cristina Rose and Cho.

They cuddle up and talk with each other some more and get at least a couple of hours more sleep.

Part 4

By noontime, Richard and Maya surprise the kids by taking them to their new house much to the kids’ delight and happiness. With the construction still ongoing, it looks like the house might take longer to build. Nevertheless, everyone is excited to see and explore it.

Before leaving the house, Richard, Maya and the kids feast on the lunch Manang Fe and Joma brought for them.

Nikki: Wow! Daddy, Tita Mommy, it’s our first meal as a family in this house!

Maya: Oo nga, Nikki. O, kain lang kayo ng kain ha. Ang sarap ng inihanda ni Manang Fe.

Luke: Yes, Tita Mommy. And don’t worry, uubusin namin lahat ‘to.

Abby: Daddy, when can we transfer here po?

Richard: Baby, baka after baby kambal are born na. The architect says they might not be able to finish this house in two months, eh. It might take them longer pa.

Nikki: That’s okay, Dad! It would be nice for Baby B and Baby G to still experience living in our house now. Sabay-sabay na lang po tayo lumipat sa house.

Abby: Ate Nikki is right, Daddy. We will give the twins a tour of the house while we’re still there.

Luke: We will also share with the twins all the exciting things that happened to us there.

Nikki: Oh my gee! Now that I think about it, I will really miss our house. So dami na our memories there kaya.

Luke: Oo nga. Ang dami niyo ng memories ni Nicolo dun!

Nikki: Kuya! Daddy, o si Kuya! He’s making me asar again.

Richard: (smiles) That’s enough, Luke.

Maya: Tama kayo. Mami-miss natin lahat yung bahay. Ako na lang, ang dami-dami ko kayang hinding-hindi makakalimutan sa bahay.

Abby: Because of me, Tita Mommy?

Maya: Tama ka, baby.

Richard: And because of me, sweetheart?

Maya: Oo naman, sweetheart. At dahil din kay Luke and Nikki.

Nikki: Aww, Tita Mommy! We’ve had the most amazing girl talks in that house kaya.

Luke: Sobrang dami po talaga ng happy moments natin sa house. Medyo nakakalungkot din po na lilipat na tayo.

Richard: That’s true. That house will always be special for all of us. Pero we will also be building new memories here in this house, too.

Nikki: Truly, Daddykins! Oh my gee!

Luke: Ano na naman, Niks?

Nikki: Two months na lang kasi Kuya and we still haven’t decided on the names for baby kambal.

Luke: Oo nga po. So far po, we’re left with three choices.

Abby: I like Angelo and Angela.

Nikki: Me I like Robert Arthur and Emerald Therese.

Luke: Ang cool lang ng Sky and Sunshine kaya.

Nikki: What do you think Dad, Tita Mommy?

Richard: Well, since you, Luke and Abby all have two names, I think Robert Arthur and Emerald Therese would be perfect for baby kambal.

Maya: Tapos names pa siya in honor of mga Lolo and Lola niyo kaya okay din.

Luke: Robert Arthur sounds cool, too! Pwede po ba mag-suggest ng nickname? Let’s call him Robby!

Maya: Uy, maganda yan!

Abby: And for Emerald Therese, can we call her Emma po?

Maya: Wow, baby! Robby and Emma! Like na like ko yan!

Richard: Luke, Nikki, Abby, Robby and Emma Lim do sound right, I guess.

Nikki: But I do have another suggestion.

Luke: O, kokontrahin mo suggestion namin ni Abby?

Nikki: No, Kuya. Actually, Dad, naisip po namin nina Kuya that is if okay kang po kay Tita Mommy…

Maya: Ano yun, Nikki?

Nikki: Tita Mommy, diba once baby kambal are born, you’ll have them call you Mommy?

Maya: (smiles and nods)

Nikki: Okay lang po ba if Kuya, Abby and I also start calling you, Mommy?

Maya: (smiles) Talaga?

Luke: Yes po. Sa totoo lang, you’ve been a mommy to us for the longest time na.

Nikki: We already love you like a Mommy. Super tagal na.

Maya: Pero pano si Alex?

Luke: Of course, we love Mom and we will forever love her, pero that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to love you just the same and also call you, Mommy!

Nikki: We love Mom. We will always love her. But I’m sure she’ll understand why we want to call you, Mommy, too!

Maya: Naku, kayo talaga, papaiyakin nyo na naman ako.

Nikki: So is it settled na? Can we start calling you Mommy na? We don’t want baby kambal to ever wonder or think that they’re different from us. Okay na ba, Mommy?

Maya: (Teary eyed) Okay na okay sa kin siyempre, mga anak. Mahal na mahal ko kaya kayo.

Abby: Yes! I love you, Mommy!

Maya: I love you, too, baby!

Luke: I love you, Mommy!

Maya: I love you, too, Luke!

Nikki: I love you, Mommykins!

Maya: Aww! Nikki, I love you, too! Paakap nga sa inyong tatlo.

The three kids all hug Maya tightly. Richard then smiles and teases his kids.

Richard: And, what about me?

Maya: Naku naman, sweetheart! I love you, too!

Luke, Nikki and Abby: We love you, Dad!

And they all give them a hug, too, as Maya suddenly squeals.

Richard: Sweetheart?

Maya: (Smiles) Sweetheart! Sumipa sina Robby and Emma. Love ka din daw nila!

Nikki: Really, Mommy? Can we touch your tummy and feel them, too?

Maya: Sure!

One by one, Luke, Nikki and Abby take turns in touching their Mommy’s tummy as they excitedly tell the twins how much they love them and how they can no longer wait to see them.

All is well with the Lim kids, and Richard and Maya can’t help but thank the heavens for the gift of their kids and their wonderful family. After lunch, they all head back to their old house. On the drive back home, they all reminisce about everything they ever experienced in their home sweet home.

Part 5

Inside the masters bedroom, Richard and Maya cuddle up to each other, as they both get ready to sleep.

Maya: Alam mo, sweetheart? Sobrang mami-miss ko itong bahay natin.

Richard: Me too, sweetheart. You know what I did when I got home early this morning? I explored the whole house.

Maya: Talaga?

Richard: And I realized that we have special memories of each other in every nook and cranny of this place.

Maya: Aww! Oo nga, sweetheart! Sobrang dami na nating memories dito sa bahay na’to.

Richard: We will surely miss this place.

Maya: Oo naman. Pero diba ikaw na din nagsabi, we will also make new memories sa bago nating bahay. Tayo pa? We always have the best time basta sama-sama tayo ng mga bata, diba? Lilipat lang naman tayo ng bahay sweetheart, pero sama-sama pa rin naman tayong lahat. Kaya sure na sure ako, na yung bago nating bahay will be our home sweet home in no time.

Richard: You’re right, Mrs. Lim!

Maya: And may mga naisip na kong gawin habang naghihintay ako manganak.

Richard: Ano naman yun?

Maya: Basta madami, sweetheart. Iniisip ko na kung pano natin ide-decorate yung bago nating kwarto, ung kitchen, ung living room, etc. Pwede na tayong makipag-usap sa interior designer, diba? For sure, maging sina Nikki mae-excite yun. Pwede ko na rin i-supervise pagpa-pack ng mga bata at nina Manang Fe ng mga gamit na dadalhin natin sa bagong bahay. Tapos pwede akong tumulong kay Nikki at Abby sa business nila…

Richard: Maya, you also need to rest, okay? Use your maternity leave as an opportunity to rest, too.

Maya: Oo naman sweetheart. Ikaw talaga di mo pa ko pinatapos.

Richard: May gusto ka pang gawin?

Maya: Oo naman. Pwede rin bang sumama ako sa yo minsan sa LAS? Pwede kitang i-assist sa mga kelangan mo at ipagtimpla ng kape. Kahit once a week lang, sweetheart. Gusto ko iparamdam sa yo how much I appreciate lahat ng ginagawa mo para sa pamilya natin kasi. At tsaka siyempre basta gusto din kita makasama nang mas matagal kasi. Okay lang ba?

Richard: Sweetheart, that’s a brilliant idea! I’ve been meaning to ask you the same thing kasi. Naunahan mo lang ako. I was about to tell you that you’re free to come with me to work, twice or thrice a week while you’re on leave, so you can familiarize yourself with our company, too. It’s our company, after all.

Maya: Talaga, sweetheart? Pareho na naman tayo ng naisip pala. Talagang we’re birds of the same feather pala, kaya we fly together. Hihi!

Richard: Haha! I love you, Maya!

Maya: Ako din, sweetheart! I love you ng sobra sobra.

Richard and Maya share a lingering kiss and cuddle up to each other some more before they finally doze off to sleep in their home sweet home. 🙂


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece may were taken from the TV series.


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