Heart’s True Desire – part 23

A/N: This is a continuation of Heart’s True Desire – part 22

Author: Hanah6181


Richard saw Maya’s eyes turned teary, he calmed down. He suddenly felt guilt for almost scolding her. He sat on the bed beside her.

“Maya, I’m sorry. I was just concerned.” He looked at her directly in her eyes. There was tenderness in his tone.

She nodded. “Thank you sa concern mo.” Her pride was still hurt but she managed a weak smile.

As they spoke, their eyes were glued to each other. Slowly their expressions changed. As if there was a force that pulled them, their faces moved towards each other. Then, their lips touched as their eyes closed at the same time.

She felt his warm lips touched her lips tentatively as if waiting for her reproach. But nothing came out of her mouth. She pressed her lips closer to his and she felt him move away a bit. She opened her eyes and found him gazing at her.

“Maya?” He looked at her with question in his eyes.

She smelled the alcohol he consumed but she found it exciting. It was the moment she was waiting for. She instantly snaked her arms around his neck and pulled him back to her. There was no escape from her as she kissed him.

Richard’s lips opened when he realized she wanted the kiss. Although unsure where the two of them would lead to, he was drawn to her sweet lips. A second later, he took over and lead their kissing to become more passionate.

Then, they heard a loud knocking on their door. Their kissing stopped but their eyes mirrored each other’s need for each other. Then, another knock was heard and followed by a voice calling out Richard name.

“Richard…. Richard.” It was his father-in-law. Richard heaved a deep sigh of frustration as he sat up.

“Wait a while.” He touched her blushing cheek before leaving her on the bed.

When Richard opened the door, he found Papa Arturo outside. “O anak, matutulog ka na ba? O bakit basa ang T-shirt mo?” Papa Arturo noticed the water stains in Richard’s T-shirt.

“Ahh, sa sink lang ito Pa. Nabasa when I splashed water on my face. Anyway, bakit po n’yo naitanong kung matutulog na ako.” Richard quickly thought of an alibi so as not to unnecessarily make his in-law worry about Maya’s fall on the bathroom.

“Meron pa pala akong iko-konsulta sa’yo. Ehhh, tutal eh… hindi pa naman kayo tulog… wala naman pa siguro akong naistorbo sa inyo.” Papa Arturo seemed to have an urgent issue in his mind that he really wanted to share with his son-in-law.

Richard took a deep breath. He was tempted to tell latter that he actually interrupted them. In the end, he chose not to say anything.

“Ah ganoon po? Sige Pa, sandali po. Sabihan ko lang si Maya at magpapalit lang din ako ng Tshirt.” Richard closed the door and returned to the bed. Maya was still there and fully covered by the comforter.

“Bakit daw, Ricky?” She asked.

He kissed her on her forehead and then lovingly informed her. “Hon, may pag-uusapan pa daw kami ni Papa. I’ll join you later.”

She just nodded. “Sige. ‘Wag ka nang masyadong uminom ‘ha.” She reminded him.

He smiled at her and then turned to get a new t-shirt from the closet. He changed into a new one before leaving her in the room.


It was past midnight when Richard returned to their bedroom. When he came back, he found Maya sleeping soundly. He proceeded to the bathroom for a quick shower and minutes later he was out, ready to join her.

He stood on the side of the bed where Maya sleeping and gazed at her lovely face. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips as her angelic face tempted him.

“You’re such a beauty.” He whispered near her ear. She didn’t move. She was really asleep.

So, he turned off the lights leaving their room dimly lit with a faint light coming from window. It was full moon that evening. He laid down on the empty side of the bed. Lying beside her with his arms behind his head, he mind was in turmoil. After the kiss earlier, he thought he couldn’t just lay there beside her and do nothing. He turned on his side to face her. While her back was turned against him, he could smell her sweet scent. In the end, he succumbed to the temptation.

He shifted his position so he could be closer to her. With his legs touching the back of her legs, his chest pressed on her back, he caressed her hair.

He gently turned her so he could have access to her face. He uttered. “Maya… I love you.”

Maya stirred in her sleep. She felt his warm body pressed so close to her. “Honey… I love you.” This time, Maya seemed to have heard him.

Maya opened her eyes and saw Richard’s face close to her face. “Hmmm, Ricky you are here.”

“Yeah.” He nuzzled her hair. Maya hands started to move and hugged him. Then, she hesitated.

“Nananaginip ba ako?” She whispered as she felt Richard’s kisses were trailing from her earlobe to her cheek and then to her eyes.

“No, honey, you are not dreaming.” Richard’s voice was husky when he responded.

Maya’s heartbeats raced when she became fully aware that she was indeed not dreaming. Their bodies were so close to each other that she could hear the loud thudding of his heartbeats. And so, when Richard kissed her mouth, she was ready to receive him.

“I love you too, Richard.”

Richard and Maya woke up the following morning still in other’s arm. Her head was on his chest and an arm was over his hip. Richard’s arm on the other hand was around her waist keeping her comfortably close to his body.

When she opened her eyes, she realized that it was already morning as she saw the sun was already shining. It must have been late morning because the sunlight was no longer directly shining in her bed.

“Good morning, Ricky.” She reached up to him. She removed the hair covering her face as she planted a kiss on his lips.

“Good morning, honey.” He smiled at her as he received her kiss.

Then, they heard a voice outside the bedroom. “Richard, Richard… Maya.” The two heard knocks at the door.

“Sandali lang po, Mang.” Richard responded. He finally stood up and walked inside to gather all their clothes that were lying on the floor.

“Don’t leave the bed baby… I’m coming back.” He instructed and then gave Maya a wink.

Seconds later, Richard opened the door and found Mamang in the living room waiting for him.

“Richard, Good morning.” Mamang stood up from where she was seated and walked towards him.

“Mang, pasensya na po. We overslept.” Richard informed their grandmother.

“Ay hindi, okay lang matulog pa kayo. Kaya lang kasi, kanina pa itong phone mo na nag-ri-ring. Parang importante kasi kanina pa may tawag ng tawag. Pasensya na kayo at nagising ko yata kayong mag-asawa.” Mamang explained. She peeked thru the door and noted that Maya was still in bed covered up to her neck. She smiled secretly.

“Thank you po, Mang. Pagising na po kami ni Maya. May flight po kami pabalik sa Manila ng lunchtime. So, timely naman po ang pagkatok n’yo. We’ll just have breakfast before we go.” Richard informed Mamang. He didn’t realize he forgot his phone in the living room until that morning.

“Ano ‘ka mo? Lunchtime ang flight n’yo?” Mamang looked surprised.

“Opo, bakit po?”

“Eh naku apo, lunchtime na. Eleven thirty na. Mukhang napuyat kayong dalawa, ah.” Mamang facial expression brightened especially after seeing the guilty look in Richard face.

“Hindi naman po.” He let out a soft laugh. “Anyway, we’ll just have to take the afternoon flight then.” Richard hoped that the Sunday afternoon schedule was not fully booked. Although, he wanted to stay longer in San Nicolas, he had a morning appointment with the following day. So, needed to be in Manila by Monday.

“O s’ya sige. Maghanda na kayong mag-asawa at maya-maya lang ay mag lu-lunch na tayo.” Mamang left Richard to instruct their maids to prepare the dining table and check on the dishes.


Richard returned to bed and lied down beside Maya again. He pulled her body close to him so he could feel her whole body in his.

“So, what was that, Ricky.” She cuddled with him.

“Wala. It was just my phone.” He responded. He really loved the feeling of having her in his arms. “Hon, much as I am tempted to have you for my meal. We have to go out of this room, it already lunchtime.” He told her.

As soon as she was up, he wrapped his arms around her. “Love you. You want me to help you in the shower?” He whispered. Maya caught the twinkle in his eyes.

“Ricky…tantanan na ha. I thought you were sincere in your offer to help me.” She tried to disengage from his embrace. But, he kept her still and even hugged her tighter.

“Oo naman, sincere naman ako ah. Ikaw yata ang may iniisip na magada eh. Game ako dyan.” He smirked.

“Ewan ko sa’yo. Ang cute mo!” She gave him a smack on the lips and finally disengaged from his hold as she hurriedly went to the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, she heard him knock. She locked the door so he couldn’t get in. “Hon, be careful there. Baka madulas ka na naman. How about I accompany you?”

She replied from the other side of the door. “Thanks but no thanks. Mr. Lim. I need to take a shower alone. Tanghali na po.”


Richard and Maya were holding hands as both were sleeping on the plane on their way back to Manila. She was on the window seat but her head rested on his right arm. They were a picture of an intimate couple.

When the plane landed 1 and half hours later, it was Richard who woke her up.

“Maya, we’ve landed in Manila.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. “I slept throughout the flight.”

“Yeah, hon. I must have really exhausted you out last night.” He commented as he returned her smile.

She touched his face and gently turned it to another side. “Uumpisa ka na naman. Lets’ go, Mr. Lim. Pwede dinner out tayo tonight?” She requested.

“Sure, my dear wife. We need to celebrate. Let’s just drop by the house to leave our luggage and get my car.” He replied as they deplaned.

A/N: If you read this chapter and thought there were missing scenes, you are correct. This chapter has been edited to pass the general patronage rating. 🙂 🙂 The cut scenes will not affect the whole story.


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  2. I really love this story, anticipating for the next chapter, thank you for your time and effort and for writing this very good story. May I request for the unedited one of this chapter and the 24 also? thank you very much.

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