Before The Twins Are Born

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Author: iamgarie


Written: April 14, 2014

by iamgarie

Part 1

Maya’s 7th and 8th months of pregnancy passed by like a breeze as she spent her maternity leave either at home supervising the kids and all household needs OR at Lim Aviation Services attending to Richard’s needs and getting to know their business more. In between, Maya also attended the remainder of her Lamaze sessions with Richard, helped Nikki & Abby in their growing business, and supervised the designing and decorating of their new home which they can finally transfer to come November.

Maya is also in constant touch with her Dela Rosa family. She is happy to know that the house they’re having constructed in San Nicolas is finally built, that their karaoke business is doing well, and that Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo are doing okay since they got back in each others’ arms during the Lim-Dela Rosa Cebu trip, all thanks to Maya playing Cupid.

It is now the month of September and Maya is excited at the prospect of giving birth a week from now, never mind if it’s via Caesarian-section. She is one lucky pregnant wife as Richard has been giving her the very best care possible. Richard has also made arrangements with Liza about getting the whole week off next so he can take care of Maya and the twins. Luke, Nikki, and Abby, although busy with school, are just as excited as everyone else.

Over breakfast with Richard and the kids this happy Sunday morning, Maya makes a special request.

Maya: Sweetheart?

Richard: Yes, sweetheart?

Maya: Pwede ba after mass, bumisita tayo ng mga bata kay Alex?

Richard: (smiles) Okay. It’s been quite a while since we last visited her. Girl talk na naman kayo?

Nikki: Hihi! That’s a great idea, Tita Mommy. We haven’t visited Mom in a while.

Luke: Oo nga po, Dad. Tsaka we also want to tell Mom something.

Nikki: Yes, Daddy. There’s really something we want to tell Mom.

Richard: Ano naman yun?

Abby: It’s a secret muna po, Dad.

Richard: Okay.

Maya: O sige na, tapusin niyo na yung kinakain nyo, para makapagbihis na lahat tayo at hindi ma late sa mass.

Part 2

Inside Alex’s mausoleum, the kids are happily sharing stories with their Mom–

Luke: Hi, Mom! Guess what? Daddy and Tita Mommy gave me a really cool car for my by 18th birthday, and I’ve been driving myself to school since then. You don’t have to worry po. I’m a very careful driver.

Nikki: Buti pa po si Aira nakasakay na sa car ni Kuya, kami ni Abby hindi pa.

Luke: Nikki!

Nikki: What? I’m just saying.

Luke: Ahh, ganun ha? Mom, nakwento na po ba sa inyo ni Nikki si Nicolo?

Nikki: Kuya! You are so GRRR! Rawr!

Luke: What? I’m just saying!

Abby: Kuya, Ate, you’re both so funny! Hi, Mom!

Nikki: Guess what, Mom? I’m doing great in school. Westeatro has also been receiving a lot of praises as we continue to stage relevant and timely stories.

Abby: And yung weekend business po namin ni Ate is doing really good.

Nikki: And that’s all thanks to you, Mom! Thank you for teaching me how to bake the most delicious cookies and cupcakes ha. Business has been really good.

Abby: Pero don’t worry, Mom! School remains a priority for all of us.

Luke: Ahhh, Mom, there’s something we want to tell you. We are all excited cos Tita Mommy is giving birth na po next week.

Richard holds Maya’s hand as they both continue to listen in on the kids’ conversation with their Mom.

Nikki: And Dad and Tita Mommy are having twins, Mom! A boy and a girl po. We’re going to name them after our Lolos and Lolas– Robert Arthur and Emerald Therese.

Abby: I’m finally going to be an Ate na to baby Robby and baby Emma! Yehey! (Claps her hands)

Nikki: Mom, we’ve been thinking. Since our twin siblings will be born na next week, is it okay with you if we start calling Tita Mommy ‘Mommy’?

Maya: Nikki?

Nikki: Yes, Tita Mommy. Kuya, Abby and I have been talking about this with Mom na po for a long time. We really want to call you Mommy if that’s okay with you.

Luke: We don’t want baby kambal to be confused and to ever think they’re different from us.

Abby: And Tita Mommy is really a Mommy to all three of us po. Please don’t get mad po ha.

Nikki: Abby, Mom is a very kindhearted and loving Mom. I’m sure she’s not mad.

Luke: We are so sure she’s happy pa nga that Tita Mommy came into our lives.

Nikki: Kuya’s right, baby! I think Mom was even responsible for having Tita Mommy come into our lives. Mom only wants us to be happy.

Maya is in tears as she listens to Luke, Nikki and Abby, her three children whom she loves so much. Richard wipes away her tears and kisses her forehead.

Luke: And you know what, baby? Sure kami ni Ate Nikki na okay lang kay Mom, that we start calling Tita Mommy ‘Mommy’.

Abby: Really, Ate, Kuya?

Luke and Nikki nod.

Abby: (Looks at Maya) Is that okay with you, Tita Mommy?

Maya: Oo naman basta ikasasaya niyo, mga anak. Mahal na mahal ko kaya kayo!

Nikki: Then it’s settled. We will start calling you Mommy from now on!

Abby: Aren’t we lucky, Ate, Kuya? We have the best parents in the world and they’re not only 2! There are three of them! Mom, Mommy and Daddykins!

Luke: You’re right, Abby! We love you, Mom! We love you, Mommy! We love you, Dad!

Nikki: Mommy, Daddy, we’ll stay in the car muna po. We know you also want to talk to Mom.

Richard and Maya: Hi, Alex!

Richard: Well, I guess nakwento na ng kids lahat. Except for one thing. We’re transferring to a new house in a couple of months. And excited na lahat.

Maya: Mahirap ba manganak, Alex? Kinakabahan na ko. Hihi. Buti na lang, maalaga itong si Ricky… After ko manganak, promise. Bibisita kami agad dito para naman makilala mo sina baby kambal… Alex, salamat ha sa lahat-lahat. Alam mo na kung bakit. Wag kang mag-alala. Habang buhay kong mamahalin si Ricky at ang mga bata.

Richard: (smiles lovingly at Maya and kisses her forehead again) We will come visit you again soon, Alex.

Still holding each other’s hands, they both say a silent prayer to Alex.

Richard: Alex, thank you. I think the kids are right in assuming you had a hand in all this. You were the one who made sure that Maya will come into our lives and like magic, make everything all right. Always remember that I will always love you. Thank you for giving me three wonderful children. And thank you for Maya!

Maya: Alex, salamat ng marami. Pakiramdam ko tama ang mga bata nang sinabi nila na may kinalaman ka sa pagtatagpo naming lahat. Salamat! Maraming-maraming salamat. Mahal na mahal na mahal ko si Ricky at ang mga anak natin. Wala ka nang dapat ipag-alala. Mamahalin at aalagaan ko sila habang buhay.

Part 3

After dinner, Richard and Maya, head straight to bed after a fun and tiring day with the kids. As Richard and Maya lay in bed, with Maya’s head resting on Richard’s chest, Maya is in deep thought.

Maya: Sweetheart?

Richard: Yes, sweetheart?

Maya: Sana okay lang magtanong. Nagtataka lang kasi ako.

Richard: Ano yun?

Maya: Nasan ang pamilya ni Alex? Bakit parang ni minsan, wala pa akong nakikitang bumisita na kamag-anak ni Alex sa mga bata o kahit tumatawag man lang? Maging ang mga bata parang wala din namang kwento tungkol sa pamilya ni Alex.

Richard: Alex is an only child. She was born and raised in the US to a Chinese Dad and a Filipina Mom. When Alex was 10 years old, her Dad met a car accident and died on the spot. Her Mom singlehandedly raised her after that. Then when Alex was 17, her Mom fell in love and remarried. Alex was so happy for her Mom then.

Maya: Hmmm.

Richard: Kaya lang, Alex realized na no matter how hard she tried to be a dutiful stepdaughter, her stepdad still didn’t like her at all. He was mean to her and he made her feel she was not welcome to stay with them and her two stepsiblings. He was only nice to her everytime her Mom was around. By the time Alex was 18 and about to go to college, she made a decision to come home to the Philippines.

Maya: May mga kamag-anak siya dito?

Richard: Wala, actually. Her Mom was orphaned at a young age kasi. Pero yung bestfriend ng Mom nya was a teacher at PUS. Her Mom allowed her to come to the Philippines and study basta sa PUS siya mag-aaral para her Mom’s bestfriend can somehow look after her din.

Maya: Pano kayo nagkakilala?

Richard: There was a semester when one of my former professors asked me to give a series of seminars sa PUS. I was already working for Mr. Go then. Remember, si Mr. Go, yung dati kong boss and Ninong natin sa kasal?

Maya: (nods)

Richard: Alex was already in 4th year college then. She was among the participants dun sa seminar. We met and it was love at first sight.

Maya: Hahaha!

Richard: O, bakit?

Maya: Kayo ni Alex, love at first sight. Ako naman na love at first sight din sa yo. Pero ikaw, sabi mo nga, it took you awhile before you realized it… Na mahal mo na pala ako. Hahaha!

Richard: Tulog na nga tayo. Nagseselos ka na yata, eh.

Maya: O, joke lang, sweetheart. Alam ko namang mahal na mahal na mahal mo ako, eh. Tuloy mo na kwento.

Richard: Before the series of seminars was over, naging kami na.

Maya: Agad agad?

Richard: Oo. And we got engaged even before she graduated from college. A month after her graduation, we got married even if Papa and Mama were against it. Her Mom came to Manila for her graduation and stayed til our wedding.

Maya: Grabe ka, Mr. Lim! Ang bilis ah!

Richard: Eh ganun eh.

Maya: Sweetheart, na-meet ba ng mga bata yung Lola nila? Yung Mommy ni Alex?

Richard: Well, a couple of times lang. She came to the Philippines for a short visit. Luke was around 7 at that time and Nikki was 4 years old. Hindi na siya na-meet ni Abby kasi a year after her visit, she succumbed to cancer. Alex didn’t even know that her Mom was sick na pala when she came to visit then. She only knew about it when her Mom’s bestfriend finally told her about it. This was like three months before her Mom died. The moment she learned about her Mom’s illness, we all flew to the US together. The kids and I stayed no longer than one week cos Luke and Nikki had school, while Alex stayed there to take care of her dying mom for almost 3 months din.

Maya: (in tears) Ang lungkot naman.

Richard: Yes.

Maya: Buti na lang nagkatagpo kayo at nagmahalan. Ang lungkot-lungkot pala ng mga pinagdaanan niya.

Richard: Yes.

Maya: Pero, sweetheart, wala bang nakilala si Alex na kamag-anak from her father side?

Richard: Wala din, eh. Her Dad’s parents were against his marrying Alex’s Mom. Nothing personal. They simply didn’t like her Mom kasi Filipina siya and hindi Chinese like them. After her Mom and Dad got married, they decided to live in the US na lang.

Maya: Ahhh.

Richard: O, curiosity satisfied na ba?

Maya: Yes, sweetheart. Tulog na tayo.

Richard: Finally! Kanina pa ko inaantok, eh.

Maya: Haha! O eto na lang pambawi ko.

Maya raises her head, blows butterfly kisses all over her husband’s handsome face, and then cups his chin and leans in to him for a lingering kiss that totally blew him away.

Richard: Wow!

Maya: Ahaha! Yan lang pala gusto mo, eh.

Richard: Wow!

Maya: Haha! Sweetheart, okay ka lang?

Richard: Sweetheart, you think it’s okay to ask your OB kung pwede ka na manganak bukas?

Maya: At bakit masyado kang nagmamadali?

Richard: I miss you. I miss us spending hours in bed pleasuring each other…

Maya: Sweetheart!

Richard: Ikaw, eh! Bakit ayaw mo ba?

Maya: Siyempre, gusto din. Ahahaha!

Richard: Yun naman pala, eh.

Maya: I love you, sweetheart!

Richard: I love you more, sweetheart!

With satisfied smiles on their faces, Richard and Maya suddenly gaze at each other with passion, deep longing, and desire mirrored in each others’ eyes. Then their lips finally come together for a kiss neither of them didn’t want to end at all… 🙂


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece may were taken from the TV series.

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