Heart’s True Desire – part 29

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 28.


Maya was already on the bed in her pajamas when Richard entered the room. He walked towards the bed, squatted down in front of her. He touched her arm. However, Maya brushed his hand away.

“Wag mo akong hawakan. Kung saan na galing yang kamay mo!” The tone of her voice sent chills to his body.

“Hon, let me explain.” He attempted to speak to her but the moment he spoke, she covered her head with the pillow. He took a deep breath as he recognized that she wasn’t ready to talk to him.

Richard stood up and proceeded to take his pajamas from the closet. Then, he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When Maya felt Richard had left, she removed the pillow covering her head. She was still angry. She really didn’t like to share the room with him but she decided to open the door after Richard declared he would get the door torn down if she didn’t open it. She worried that they may cause a lot of disturbance once he carries out his plan. S

After seeing them together, Maya really believed that Richard was still in a relationship with Sugar. Her tears started to flow again. She hated him and hated herself for falling so deeply to him. She was crying silently and didn’t realize that Richard had finished his shower until she felt his weight back on their bed.

“Maya, I know you are still awake.” Richard once again attempted to speak to her. He felt her stifle her sobs.

“I don’t want us to let the night pass without you hearing me out.” Richard spoke in a conciliatory tone. He continued speaking hoping that by so doing, she might stop crying and start talking to him.

“Sugar wasn’t feeling well the whole day. So, she requested that we just meet in her room. If you notice, the door was left open. I purposely left it open so that my coming into her room wouldn’t be misinterpreted. Out of decency, I couldn’t be in a room with her alone. I am a married man. Kaya lang, few minutes after I arrived she felt dizzy and she almost fell on the floor. Nasalo ko lang siya. Yun ang naabutan mong eksena. I was holding her for support. That was all. Wala kaming ginagawa.” Richard completed his explanation but Maya didn’t move nor acknowledge him.

“Hon, what do you want me to do so you will believe me? I can have Sugar explain to you kaya lang sinampal mo na ‘yung tao, eh.” Richard inched closer to Maya. Still, there was no response from her.

“Maya …” His hand gently crawled to her tummy and settled there. He then caressed her. “Honey…Maya…”

Maya took a deep breath and finally responded. “Richard, alisin mo yang kamay mo sa t’yan ko. Nadinig kita but I doubt if Sugar will have the same story version as yours.”

“Maya, what are you saying?” Richard asked. He tried to turn her to face him but she wouldn’t budge.

“I saw what I saw, Ricky. Hindi naman ako bulag. Pero ang mas masakit, naniwala akong mahal mo ako, na ako lang. But today, I just realized how important she is to you and mas pina-niniwalaan mo yang si Grace kesa sa akin.” Maya removed Richard arm that was circling her middle.

“Honey…hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit nagkakaganyan ka. It was just a simple misunderstanding.” He tried to pacify her.

“Stop saying simple lang ang sitwasyon Ricky because it is not. You better return to your girlfriend. Don’t worry, hindi ko kayo guguluhin like what she did to us. As I said, mag-sama na kayo. At pag nagsalita ka pa kahit isang word, I swear Richard, I am going out of this room.” Those were the last words of Maya that silenced him.

For the next few hours, Richard lay on the bed staring at the ceiling thinking of the previous day’s events with Maya. He couldn’t put head and tail why she was very angry and wouldn’t listen to his explanation. He expected her to trust him but he didn’t feel that from her in the last 24 hours. It pained him knowing she didn’t trust him enough to even give him a chance to explain.

Maya didn’t realize she dozed off until she found herself alone in the bed few hours later. When her eyes turned to the window, it was already bright outside. Richard was no longer beside her.

She quickly got up and went to bathroom to prepare herself. She had reached a decision; she can’t stay another day with Richard in the same room. She was going back to Manila.


Richard just came back from the hotel’s beachfront where he spoke to their manager, Auldry, when he caught a glimpse of someone taking the hotel van. She looked like Maya from a distance. The woman boarded the hotel van at the reception area. He ran towards the hotel’s gate when he saw the van slowly exited their driveway.

He asked the first hotel staff he met. “Sinong yong umalis?” His brows furrowed and his heart beat fast after running a few meters.

“Sir, si ma’m Maya po. Nagmamadaling umalis kasi daw po may aayusin sa Manila.”

“What?? Who is driving the van?” Richard exclaimed.

“Ehhh, si Kuya Joma po. Sir, bakit po?” The staff curiously asked.

“Never mind, where is the other van? I need to follow them.” Richard made a quick decision.

“Ayy, teka po si Kuya Mar po, nagpapalit lang ng uniform.” The hotel staff left in a hurry to fetch the other driver.


Richard was on the van trying to call Maya but she wasn’t picking up the call. He then dialed the number of Joma to ask him to stop from driving but the driver also didn’t pick up the call.

“What the hell, bakit ayaw sagutin ni Jomarie ang telephone.” He uttered out loud.

His driver observed his frustration and responded. “Ehh, sir di ba ang policy natin bawal gumamit ng cellphone pag nag-da-drive?”

“Damn!!” Richard pounded the side of the van as he remembered their policy. However, he wasn’t’ concerned with the policy anymore. He was after his wife. He didn’t want her to leave the island. He wanted them to settle their problem before it gets worst.

Earlier, he had figured out the problem and what could have gone wrong. Maya’s mind was clouded with doubts and suspicion she had. It finally dawned on him that Sugar had a hand in it. He wanted to hit himself for being stupid and slow; for not listening to his wife. Exactly what Sugar has done to her, he would find out from Maya. He didn’t want to talk to Sugar, not yet.

Richard texted Joma. “Jomarie, if you’ve arrived the jetty port, siguraduhin mong hindi makasakay si Maya sa boat pa-Caticlan. Hintayin mo ako. Don’t tell her I am arriving.” He prayed that the driver reads the message before Maya get into a boat.

After fifteen agonizing minutes, Richard finally alighted from the van at the Cagban jetty port. He was met by Jomarie who looked very confused.

“Sir, buti dumating na po kayo. Nagagalit na po si m’am.” Jomarie told Richard. He pointed where Maya was seated. It was quite a distance from where they were. She was looking at the boats.

“Anong sinabi mo sa m’am mo?” Richard walked fast towards Maya’s location.

“Ang sabi ko po, walang pang available na seat sa mga bangka patawid dahil wala naman kaming reservation. Yung ating bangka para sa ating guests ay sira naman. Maghihintay pa kami noong ibang pabalik na pang walk-in transfers lang” Jomarie explained as he tried to keep up with Richard speed.

“Very Good. Ahhh, Joma yung bang Sunflower naka ready? Pwede na bang gamitin ngayon?” Richard was referring to a yacht, which was supposedly docked at the Cagban jetty port. He knew it arrived from Subic the previous day.

“Ehhh sir, ang alam ko po, andyan lang. Hindi pa complete yung stocks na food sa ref. and dapat maglalagay pa ng gasoline dahil kalahati lang yata ang nailagay doon.” Jomarie responded.

“Pwede na’yon. Hindi naman siguro mauubos yon, makakabalik na kami.” At that point Richard and Joma reached the spot where Maya was seated. The moment Maya saw Richard, her face turned sour.

“Bakit ka nandito?” She asked.

“Maya, you left the hotel without telling me. You weren’t answering my call. Why do you think I am here?” He responded calmly.

“Yun lang ba? Uuwi lang ako sa Manila. Na realize ko tapos na ang trabaho ko. Naka-settle ng mabuti ang mga guests ng hotel and today is their free day. I don’t have to send them off tomorrow para maka-uwi.” She replied without looking at Richard. She couldn’t afford to look in eyes because she might cry again.

Maya then turned to Jomarie who was a few steps away from them. “Kuya Jom, ano may nakuha ka ng ticket? Kanina pa tayo. At saka, kailangan ko ng mag-CR.” She told the driver to force him to get a boat ride for her.

Before Jomarie responded, he glanced at Richard who gave him a signal. Based on their conversation earlier, he already understood what his employer wanted him to say. “Ahhh, ehhh, Ma’m. May pwede tayong gamitin. May yate na available kung gusto n’yo.”

Richard spoke in desperation. “Hon, you can’t leave yet. We still have to talk. Please…”

Maya was adamant with her decision to leave the island. “Kuya Jom, sige pwede na yon. Ako na ang bahala sa bayad.”

She didn’t bother to ask more questions, as she really wanted to get away. She still had to secure an air ticket when she arrives at the airport.

“Sige po.” Joma ran towards the dock to locate the yacht.

“I’m going with you.” Richard declared.

“Hindi. You stay here. Samahan mo ang girlfriend. I’m out of here.” She hissed back.

“Honey, don’t do this. Let’s talk. Nagseselos ka lang but you shouldn’t be.” He pleaded to her. He sat beside her and placed an arm around her shoulder. Maya didn’t move nor respond to him.

They stayed like for a few minutes until Joma was back. “Ma’m, tara na po.” The driver took Maya’s luggage while she followed him. Richard also walked with her.

“Maya…” He pleaded once more. “Honey, I’m sorry na. I should have listened to you yesterday.”

She stopped walking when she heard his apology. There was a lot of pain and desperation in his tone. And when she turned to look at him, she thought she saw him teary eyed. For the first time in the last few hours, her anger abated and replaced by love. However, she stood firm on her decision. She was leaving the island. So, she walked towards the spot where Joma was and took his offer of hand assistance as she walked on the plank that lead her to board the yatch. She didn’t turn around but she heard Jomarie say goodbye to Richard.


Maya went to the bathroom and cried there. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw an awful looking woman staring back at her. Her eyes were red and puffy. She also had eye bags for lack of sleep in the last two days.

When she came out of the bathroom few minutes later, she knew the yacht was already at sea. She peeked thru the window and saw the waves gently pushing against the boat. She took a deep sigh. It was then she noticed the interior of the vessel.

It was a first time she was on a boat like this. It was well decorated and complete. There was a small dining table, kitchen, a sofa and on one side, a queen size bed. It even had closets and entertainment equipment. It seemed everything inside the boat was new.

She was going to the upper deck to check on Joma when her phone rang. The number that flashed on the phone’s screen was unregistered. She immediately thought it was Richard as he was the only who had been calling her relentlessly in the past few hours. So, she ignored it. However, it kept on ringing to the point that she decided to pick up the call.

“Ricky….” She said on the phone; her tone impatient.

“Hello, apo.” A man’s voice replied from the other line.

“Hello, po?” Maya wondered who was the caller. Obviously, it wasn’t Richard.

“Hello, Maya. Si Lolo Liwen Lim mo ito. Kumusta apo? Hindi pa tayo nagkikita uli simula ng bumalik kayo ni Richard mula sa Amerika.” Richard’s grandfather said.

“Good morning po, Lo. Pasens’ya po at hindi nakadalaw sa inyo at saka balita ko po from Dad, nasa Beijing daw po kayo.” Maya settled herself on the sofa. She was surprised to get a call from the Lim patriarch.

“Oo Maya. May inaasikaso akong properties dito. Ehhh, kaya pala ako napatawag dahil gusto kong maka-usap ang asawa mo. Hindi sumasagot ng phone. Kahapon ko pa tinatawagan. Nasaan ba yon?” The old man inquired.

Maya fell silent for a few seconds before finally responding. “Ahh, ehh nasa Boracay po. May mga guests po kasi ang hotel that he is personally attending to them. Kaya very busy po talaga ang apo n’yo.”

“Ganoon? I was under the impression na nagmamadali siyang ma-aprubahan ang proposal niya about La Esperanza. Anyway, paki-sabi mo na lang sa kanya na okay yung hinihingi niya. Approve na sa akin at ang papers ay pinirmahan ko na.”

“Sige po, Lolo. Sasabihin ko sa kanya pag nagkita kami.” She responded. If Maya thought that would be the end of their phone conversation, she was wrong.

“Eh, apo, kumusta naman kayo ni Ricky?” The senior Lim asked.

“Okay naman po kami.” She lied. She didn’t want to tell him that things weren’t good with the two of them.

“Mabuti naman. Tama talaga ang desisyon naming ipakasal kayo. Alam mo bang mahal na mahal ka ng apo ko. Noong isang araw tumawag sa akin ‘yan. Akala ko magpa-follow-up lang sa approval ng proposal. Ha,ha,ha. Yun pala mag-kukwento din tungkol sa inyo.” Liwen Lim started the story that caught her interest.

“Nag-kwento po si Ricky?” She checked her understanding.

“Oo, Maya. For the first time simula ng nag-binata yan nagkwento tungkol sa babae. Hindi kasi yan nag-ku-kwento about his girlfriends to me. Alam mo siguro na favorite apo ko ‘yan si Ricky pero pagdating sa girls, hindi yan ma-kwento. But when it came to you, he talked a lot about you. He told me that he was grateful that I insisted on your marriage. He realized that you are the only woman that he could see himself married to.”

As the old man kept on talking, Maya’s tears streamed down her face. The more his grandfather spoke of Richard’s love for her, the more her heart ached. She was overwhelmed with the information and she couldn’t deny that despite the issue with Sugar, she loves him as much as he had shared to his grandfather.

It dawned on that she should have fought for him differently. She may have seen them together but she should have given him a chance to explain. He pleaded to her but she had too narrow minded as she was consumed by too much jealousy, doubt and mistrust. If she was hurting at the moment, she also had a share in it.

“Maya… apo… umiiyak ka ba?” Liwen Lim heard Maya’s sob on the end.

She took a deep sigh. “Sorry, Lo. Na-iyak lang po sa tuwa sa kwento n’yo. Masaya lang po.” She assured him.

When the phone call ended, Maya had already a change of heart. She was going back to Boracay so she could talk to Richard. She decided to call him on the phone to tell him she was returning. However, she pressed his number, her phone went dead. Her phone’s battery was fully consumed.


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