Heart’s True Desire – part 30

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 29.

Author: Hanah6181


“Love Prevails”

Maya couldn’t recall how the phone call with Lolo Liwen ended. However one thing was sure after that conversation with him, Maya recognized she needed to go back to her husband. She would give him the chance to explain but more than that, she would need to fight for her own love. She couldn’t just let the other woman take him easily. Like what his grandfather said, he loves her and it was up to her to cherish it.

Unable to make a call since her phone’s battery was dead, she decided to just go to the upper deck so she could instruct Joma to change their course and return to Boracay’s jetty port. She hurriedly went up the stairway.

The moment she emerged at the upper deck, she got a surprise. She thought she imagined him especially after the wind blew her hair and covered her eyes. However, when she finally managed to tuck her hair behind her ears, she saw Richard at the cockpit area. He was at the helm of the yacht.

It was then Maya realized that they were moving slow. It was as if it was taking time to reach its destination and it wasn’t actually in the direction going to Caticlan. They were moving towards a different direction; they were out in the open sea.

She slowly walked towards him and could see his somber face like he was carrying a heavy load. The muscles on his back were flexed as he handled the wheel. Maya’s heart went out to the man she loves who didn’t seem to notice her arrival.

Taking a deep breath and overwhelmed with her love for him, she hugged him from behind. Carefully, she wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt his tensed muscles slowly eased up.

“Ricky, I love you.” She uttered as she sobbed quietly. Her head pressed on his back.

Richard took her hands into his and turned to face her. She buried her head in his chest as tears flowed from her eyes. With one free hand, he touched her chin and slowly tilted her head. Then, their eyes met and locked. His eyes were misty and there was a sad smile on his face.

“I love you more, honey.” He kissed her forehead while his other hand crept on her back and pulled her closer to him.

She snaked her hand to his neck and directed his face towards her so she could kiss him in the mouth. The moment their lips touched, they kissed tenderly. They hugged tighter. The kiss lasted for sometime until he paused.

“Ready to talk?” Love was all over his eyes. She nodded but she wanted to kiss him some more.

She moved her head forward to kiss him and he recognized her need. So, he reclaimed her lips. This time, it was bolder and more passionate.

“Honey… I was so afraid to lose you.” He whispered in her ear as he nibbled it.

“Ako rin, honey.” She responded in a breathless tone.

With desire evident in his eyes, he gently disengaged from her and intertwined their fingers. Then, he stopped the engine and took out the key of the yacht from its keyhole and placed it in his pant’s pocket. He led her towards the lower deck. As they went down, he assisted her ensuring her safety.

The moment they were at the lower deck, Richard locked the door. Then, he kissed Maya again with the same passion as he did at the upper deck.


Maya’s head was propped on Richard’s chest while his hands were wrapped around her body.

He kissed forehead when she looked up to him. She gave him a contented smile.

“So, honey, please tell me. Anong ginawa sa’yo nung isa?” Richard opened the conversation without even mentioning Sugar’s name. He was concerned that Maya would get upset again.

“She went to see me the other day sa hotel natin. She said she is not giving you up and that you are not giving her up too. She told me the time that I should come over to her hotel room so I can see the proof.” She disclosed to him.

“So, we both fell for her trick then, Maya.” He pressed her closed to him. Maya shifted her position so she could fully face him.

He touched her face gently. “Did she hit you?”

She nodded. “Yes, pero binalik ko na yung sampal niya. Dinagdagan ko na rin dahil sa sobrang galit ko sa kanya. If you didn’t drag me, baka nakalbo ko talaga yun.”

Richard chuckled. “I had to pull you because it looked like you were going to kill her. Anyway hon, ask me now any question. I have nothing to keep from you and I don’t intend to keep secrets from you.”

Maya smiled as she recognized the sincerity of her husband. “Why were you there? Kuha ko na yung explanation mo kung bakit naka bukas ang pinto pero why did you even go there that late night. Di ba sabi mo, may asawa ka na nga.” Her tone had turned to sad.

“Yes, that was stupid of me. She wanted to give me the document on the international accreditation of La Esperanza as a historic hotel. We were supposed to meet that afternoon but she said she was not feeling well. She was helping me on that aspect. Siya yung kasama ko sa Chicago months ago when I applied for it. She knew some people there.” He explained.

“Bakit s’ya nasa Boracay? She made it appear that you were together.” She continued.

“She said she is with some friends. It just so happened that we are here too. But now, I doubt it.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“She told me that you almost married her and that you almost had a baby with her last year but you lost the baby.” She shared more. Richard suddenly sat up when he heard that part of the story.

“What?” There were creases on is forehead and his eyes grew wide. “That’s absurd. It never happened. She lied to you.”

“Hmmp. Are you sure or how sure are you?” She gave him a serious look.

“Maya…I’m very sure. I’ve only planned on having children with my wife. If you remember when you first asked me if I had someone with me, I told you I was dating but have not found someone that I take seriously. We were dating on and off.” He assured her.

“So, wala akong ma-e-expect na kakatok sa bahay para mag-tanong kung nasaan ang daddy n’ya later on?” She gazed at him with narrow eyes pretending to be angry again.

“Ikaw talaga, wala.” He ruffled her hair with one hand.

“Honey, nag-breakfast ka ba?” He asked.

“Hindi eh. Nagmamadali kasi akong umalis so I skipped breakfast. But now, I am hungry. So, how about we just go back to the hotel? Mag-lu-lunch time na rin naman.” Maya attempted to stand up but Richard held her in place.

“Wait Mrs. Lim. We are not done talking yet.” He stood up went to the mini kitchen to get some fruits and water.

“Honey, kain ka muna ng fruits, ha. I’ll go to the upper deck to start the engine at mag-check kung may gasoline pa tayo.” He left her a bottled water, apple and oranges before finally leaving her.


Richard head was resting on Maya’s lap as they lounged at the upper deck. They were waiting for the LBH’s boat to come for them. As Richard risked taking the yacht with little gasoline, they ran out of it after thirty minutes of sailing. It was good that his phone still had two bars in his battery working so they were able to call for help. Otherwise, they’d have to wait for fishermen or other boats to pass by and get help.

However, Richard wasn’t worried about their situation. He was actually enjoying the long wait. He had requested for gasoline and more food. He intended to stay on the sea for the rest of the day with her.

“Hon, what changed your mind and decided na maki-pagbati ka na sa akin?” He was nibbling on Maya’s finger as he asked her the question.

“Well… tumawag ang Lolo mo kanina. Nagkwento s’ya that you told him that you thanked him for arranging our marriage.” She told her husband. “And by the way, approved na raw niya yung proposal mo. Pinirmahan na nya yung paper.”

“Yes!” Richard exclaimed. “Two birds in one stone pala ang tawag ni Popsie.” He had a very happy face.

“Hon, may sinabi ba si Lolo sa’yo other than the proposal?” Richard checked with her.

“Hmmm, wala. Meron pa ba?” Her brows furrowed. With Richard’s question, she wondered if she missed anything especially since she was crying for most of the later part of her conversation with their grandfather.

“Ahh..he kept his promise that I will be given the privilege to tell you the surprise gift.” He sat up and faced Maya.

“What surprise gift?” She asked.

“This yacht. He has given this to us as his wedding gift. He had this fixed and transported from Subic to here. Sabi ko kasi, I want this yacht based here. Akala ko nga hindi aabot ang dating nito while we are here. I’m so lucky kasi we are able to use it today.” The broad smile never left his face.

“Oh yeah, swerte ka nga. Otherwise, I would have taken the other boats. Siguro by now nasa Manila na ako.” She declared to him.

“Ha,ha,ha. Do you think I would let you leave Boracay?” He challenged her.

“Yes! Di ba mas importante sa’yo yung ibang tao?” She countered.

“What? Matapos kitang amu-amuin since last night, habul-habulin sa jetty port, I’ll just let you leave me? No way, Mrs. Lim. I would have figured out something. I might be actually in Manila with you for all you know.” He told her. Then, he placed an arm around her waist. “Hindi ka makakawala sa akin misis.”

She leaned on chest, feeling assured. Then it was her turn to apologize. “I’m sorry, hon.”

“For what?”

“For doubting you, for not trusting you.” She shifted position and nuzzled his neck.

“I’m sorry too honey. I should have listened and should have been sensitive to your feelings. Also, I was a fool not to see Sugar’s plan. I owe you an apology, big time.” He kissed her cheek. “So, hon, can I ask a permission? Can I talk to Sugar one last time. I’ll just have to tell her to stay away from us.”

Maya separated from him and stared at him. Then, she said. “Okay but not in her room again.” She had a stern look.

“I promise, Maya, never again.” He raised his right hand to express his commitment.

She smiled. “I believe you.” She took his hand and clasped with hers.


4 thoughts on “Heart’s True Desire – part 30

  1. bawing bawi ang chapter na ito sa earlier chapter.it only proves na talking will solve all misunderstandings….thank you for a beautiful and full of love chapter..

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