Heart’s True Desire – Finale

A/N: This is a continuation to Heart’s True Desire – part 30.


“Truly, madly in love”

Richard and Maya woke up to the sound of his telephone ringing. They were still at the yacht.

Groaning in frustration for being disturbed in their sleep, Richard picked up his pants to retrieve his mobile phone.

“Joma” He acknowledged the caller. His eyes were on his wife who also just woke up. She was beaming at him.

“Sir, malapit na po kami d’yan.” Jomarie informed his employer.

“Okay, Salamat.” Richard ended the call. He then turned to Maya. “Hon, bigyan mo pala ng increase ng salary si Jomarie, ha.”

“Ha, bakit? Di ba may annual increase naman tayo.” She asked curiously. She stood up and started to put on some clothes.

“Basta, honey. He deserves an increase. I want to make sure we keep him here. I can trust him and I want him to look after Sunflower.” Richard insisted as he too put on his clothes.

Maya smiled as she realized why her husband wanted to give him an increase. “Huuu, si Mr. Lim, gusto mo lang e-reward kasi tinulungan ka today ‘no? If I know grabe ang kuntsaba n’yong dalawa kaya nandito tayo ngayon sa gitna ng dagat. Ngayon napag-isip isip ko tuloy, ikaw siguro yung tawag-tawag sa phone niya kanina habang papunta kami sa jetty port.”

Richard chuckled and his reaction gave him away. In effect, he admitted his connivance with Jomarie that morning. “Bakit, ayaw mo akong kasama dito?” He walked towards her and enveloped her in his arms.

“Ayy, of course not. I’m actually enjoying every minute of it.” She responded in a jest.

“Good, because we are going to be here until tomorrow.” He declared to a very surprised Maya.

“Ano? Rickyyy, pwede ba ‘yon? Safe ba dito mag-overnight?” She curiously asked.

“Oo naman, honey. Ayaw mo ‘yon, it will just be the two of us, under the moonlight. This is our honeymoon week part 2.” He winked at her.

She cupped his face with her two hands. “Ikaw…ikaw…ikaw..puro kalokohan ang nasa isip mo. It’s our safety that’s my concern.” She reminded her amorous husband.

“Bumabawi lang po, Mrs. Lim. Sa dami ng luha na naubos mo recently, I want to make it up to you. Tell me, what you want. I want to be forgiven.” To some extent, he still felt bad for making her cry.

“Ricky, forgiven ka na. Naniwala naman na ako sa’yo, ah. Pero, ayokong mag-overnight dito sa dagat. Gusto ko doon tayo sa room natin mamaya.” She made her request so sweetly that Richard can only give in to her.


The last set of their guests, Richard’s friends, left by mid-morning the following day. As the previous day was a free day for the guests, they all went with their own plans with their respective partners. No one noticed that Richard and Maya were gone for the whole day.

The couple waved them goodbye and let out a sigh of relief after the busy days of entertaining their friends and attending to their personal issues. For the rest of the day, they planned on just lazing around their resort and taking Sunflower again for the sunset view out in the sea.

“Hon, let’s go swimming sa beach.” Richard invited Maya to which she readily agreed.

“Sige, gusto ko yan.” There was a look of excitement in her face. She had actually prepared for it by wearing her swimsuit earlier. She just put on a shorts and long shirt to cover herself as she knew they had to send-off people first.

“I’m going up to our room to change. Ikaw?” He asked her.

“Ready na ako, honey.” She replied. Richard thought that she would be wearing shorts and shirt on the beach so, he didn’t probe anymore. “Alright, see you in a while.”

“I’ll wait for you at the beachfront, Ricky.” She told him and went towards the area where the lounge chairs were located.

Maya took a seat in one of the chairs bringing with her a large beach towel. She was wearing a big dark sunglass to protect her eyes. She reclined on the chair appreciating the warm mid-morning breeze. She lay there for a few minutes watching people enjoy the water until she saw the figure of her most hated person.

Sugar emerged from the water like a model of a swimsuit brand. She was very sexy with the curves in the right places and Maya couldn’t help but appreciate her figure even if she loathed her. She thought, “hmmm, kaya naman pala naloko ang asawa ko…sexy ang bruha.”

Although a little perturbed if Richard sees Sugar like that, she assured herself that her husband loves her. She was confident that it was equally beautiful and Richard is madly in love with her.

She decided to close her eyes and rest while waiting for Richard. However, she was surprised when somebody came up to her.

“Hello, Maya.” It was Sugar standing at the foot of her chair.

Maya removed her shades. She arched her eyebrow. “Excuse me, you are in the wrong resort.”

“Of course not. This is going to be mine soon, as soon as you are out.” Sugar gave her a sly look.

Maya almost lost her temper but decided to keep it cool. They were in a public place and she could also play the game the other woman was playing. “Oh really, well… you have to talk to my husband about that.” She put on her glasses back with the intent to ignore Sugar.

“Yeah, I promise you, I’ll do that. We are supposed to be together this weekend you know.” Sugar flaunted.

Maya was unmoved; she wasn’t taking the bait. She continued ignoring the other woman. Then, she heard Sugar call out Richard’s name.

“Richard.” Sugar’s tone was completely different; it was sultry almost indecent.

Maya turned caught the stern expression of Richard. “Grace, what are you doing here?” He asked as he came near Maya. It was at that Maya attempted to stand and he immediately assisted her.

“Oh nothing Richard. I’m just trying to explain to Maya about the incident the other night.” Sugar played innocent again and Maya felt nauseous just by looking at her. She hated her so much.

“Please stop playing games with us. I made a mistake the other night to fall into your trap. It’s over…” Richard was cut-off by Sugar.

“But Richard, you don’t understand.” The other woman tried to explain.

Before he could respond, it was Maya who interjected this time. “Honey, you better talk to sense to this crazy lady. I’ll give you five minutes to cut it clean. If you don’t come to my side within five minutes, I’ll take it to mean that…” She paused for a while and looked into his eyes. She used her own sensual gaze. “I’m going swimming on my own.”

“Yes, hon.” He touched her face and smiled at her tenderly.

Maya left them without saying goodbye and looking back. She moved to the farthest end of rows of chairs and sat there.

Richard took a deep breath and turned to Sugar. “Grace, I’ve told you that I am keeping my marriage. I love Maya so, ‘wag ka nang manggulo sa amin.”

“Richard, hindi ko kayo ginugulo. I’m just fighting for what is mine. In the first place, she was the one who came in between us. You were just forced to marry her.” Sugar tried to convince him otherwise.

“Maya and I may have been forced to marry but this is a marriage that we’d like to keep. We are married and nothing can change that. We are staying together.” Richard emphasized the last statement.

“But Richard…I love you.” Sugar was almost teary eyed.

“Thank you Grace. But I don’t feel the same.” He told her point blankly. Then, he checked his watch and noticed that he was already over 5 minutes.

He automatically looked at the spot where Maya was. He saw her take off her outer clothes. His eyes grew wide when he saw his wife wearing a very revealing two piece swimsuit. It was something that he wouldn’t approve of if he saw it earlier. Then, he saw start walking towards the beach.

Sugar attempted to regain Richard’s attention. She made a last ditch effort.
She clung to his arm and pleaded to him. “Richard, I think I’ll die without you.”

Richard just looked at her with cold eyes. “I’ll also die without Maya. So, please stay away from us while I still ask nicely. At isa pa, you shouldn’t have hurt her because I don’t like people who disrespect my family.” He brushed her hand away and left a tearful Sugar.


Richard’s eyes were focused on his wife who was already in the water. He was about to reach her location when he noticed two men approach her. He saw her smile as she spoke to the two. Pangs of jealousy bit him.

He took off his shirt and decided to join her. The moment Maya saw him, she beamed in delight.

“Ricky…” She swam towards him and left the two guys whose admiration to Maya was quite evident to Richard.

“Mrs. Lim, you didn’t wait for me.” He said in a louder than normal voice enough for the two admirers to hear.

“I told you, I’ll give you only five minutes.” She replied and noted his eyes were tiny slits. She followed the direction he was staring at and noticed he was looking at the two guys who talked to her a while ago. She had a sense why he seemed serious.

“Honey” She wrapped her arms around his neck unmindful of the other people who could see them. “So, how was your conversation with your girlfriend? Naayos n’yo ba ang schedule n’yo this weekend?” She asked sarcastically; it was meant to distract him.

“Maya… I told her to stay away from us. Nadinig mo naman, di ba? You could have stayed and listened to the rest of the conversation.” He wrapped his arms around her waist under water.

“I heard you and I trust you. I wasn’t keen on staying there kasi gusto na naman manabunot. She brings out the worst in me.” She told him as she floated her lower body while still holding on to Richard’s forearm.

“Yeah, I noticed that so let’s not talk about her anymore. How about we go back to the hotel and just swim in our pool?” Richard made a suggestion.

“Huh? Nag-e-enjoy ako dito sa beach. Bakit tayo lilipat sa loob?” She gave him a quizzical look.

“Because, your swimsuit is very revealing. You are like adverting. I don’t like it when other men ogle on my wife. Katulad noong dalawang kausap mo.” Richard comment caused her to be a little upset.

“Richard, I am not advertising. And, I can handle men whom you say are ogling me.” She swam away from him.

Richard followed her and caught her in the hips. “Hon… galit ka? Sorry.” He apologized as he pulled her towards him.

She looked at him intently. “Hmmm, konti lang. Seloso ka kasi.” She pouted.

Richard found her cute with her pouting lips. “Hayyy, naku kung hindi lang tayo nasa public place, hinalikan na kita. Bumalik na lang kaya tayo sa room natin?” He caressed her waist.

“Hmmp, mag-uumpisa na naman ‘tong mister ko. Let’s go, doon na nga tayo sa pool.”


They were back at the Sunflower later that afternoon. As Richard wanted to have dinner at the yacht, Maya arranged with their chef a special seafood dinner for them.
They watched the sunset while they appreciated the tranquility of their surrounding.

“Hon, bakit Sunflower ang name nitong yate” It was a question that suddenly came to her mind while they were eating.

“Si Popsie ang nagpangalan nito. Ang sabi n’ya, it a represents beauty as well as happiness. He owned this for many years. He promised me before when I find the right girl, he’ll pass this on as a gift.” He smiled at her. “Di ba ang ganda ng name… it befits you and the way I feel for you.”

“Hmm, bola. Romantic pala ang Lolo mo.” She commented. She offered him a piece of food from her plate.

“Yes. I think so too. In fact, I guess may crush pa rin yon kay Mamang.” He took a bite from her fork.

“Ricky!! Grabe ang oldies na kaya nila?” Her eyes were twinkling as she was amused by his comment.

“Well, sabi ko nga hula ko lang. But you know their love story di ba? What if meron pa nga silang pagtingin sa isa’t-isa.” He proposed a theory.

“Oopps, intriga yan ha. Buhay pa ang lola mo. Ikaw wala ka ng maisip ano?” She slapped the arm of her husband.

“Wala na nga. Maybe I’m just so in love.” He laughed.

“Hon, ganyan ka ba talaga? Parang sobrang cheesy mo?” Her face was sour as if in disbelief of Richard’s behavior.

“Cheesy ba ako? Basta ang alam ko, naging ganito ako when I started courting you.”

“Ahh, so mga one month ka ng ganyan.” She concluded as she recalled what he had been doing for the past month.

“One month lang? Hindi ah. I started courting you the day I told I would marry you.” He disclosed.

“Ano? Eh bakit parang hindi ka naman nanligaw. Parang wala naman akong naramdaman.” Her brows furrowed.

“Paano mo nga mararamdam, kasi nakatingin ka pa sa iba.” He replied while he looked at her seriously. He was implying about James.

“Ayy, teka teka, baka kung saan mauwi itong usapan natin. I can smell jealousy here. Nagseselos ka naman..kanina rin sa beach.” She tried to put a stop to their discussion.

“Of course not, hindi ako nagseselos.” He defended himself. “Halika nga dito.” He took her hand and signaled her to sit on his lap.

Maya acceded to his request and sat comfortably in his lap. “Hindi nagseselos ha? Sige, if you say so.”

She ruffled his hair as she beamed at him. Deep inside she knew that Richard’s weakness is his being a jealous man but she also knew she could handle it.


4 thoughts on “Heart’s True Desire – Finale

  1. Thank you Ms. Hannah for this wonderful story. I truly enjoyed it. Puedeng movie vehicle ni Richard and Jodi. And looking forward to reading your next story, Phoenix.

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