It’s you From the Start – part 4

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to martinthebest. This is a continuation to It’s You From The Start – Part 3.

A/N: I am so sorry sa matagal na pag-update, mahirap lang po talaga pagsabayin ang aral at work at pag-aadik sa BCWMH. Hihihi. The least that I was able to do to fill up my thirst on BCWMH is to watch the episodes in iwantv. At ang pagdaan ko sa PEx is like a raindrop in a summer. So here na po, next chap, pagdamutan nyo na. J Enjoy reading! -martinthebest


Author: martinthebest




Chapter 4: It’s You from the Start

Liza went inside Richard’s office.

“Chard, you’re here already? You have a meeting with Ms. Belmonte, right?”

“Yes. But it’s just a short meeting. Let’s go, I still need to check some documents in the head office.”

Liza just followed him, wondering what happened. With his attitude, she’s sure that something is bothering him. Walking to the parking area, she just kept on glancing at him, who is deep in thought. They reached the LAS head office in silence.

Before he entered his office, he slightly glanced at her.

“Liza, no phone calls, please.”

Before Liza can answer, he’s already inside his office. Liza can only sigh at his behavior.

Liza is busily checking on some documents when her phone rang.

“Hello Liza! Busy ka ba?” a familiar female voice answered from the other line.

“Hi Maya! No, not really!” Liza smiled.

“uhm, Liza… papunta sana ko sa LAS office kanina after ng flight ko kaya lang nakita ko kayo ni Mr Lim na parang nagmamadali kaya hindi ko na kayo hinabol…” Maya paused and seemed trying to think of what to say.

“I am just wondering kung… uhmm, wala kasi akong flight this weekend and wala naman ako gagawin,,, I am just wondering if… pwede ko maipasyal si Abby, nag-promise kasi ako sa kanya, di ba?”

Liza laughed. “Yun lang ba? No problem, Maya!” “Mas okay kung isama mo din yung daddy nya!”Liza silently continued.

Maya sighed from the other line. “Thank you ha. Mukha kasing ang bait-bait ni Abby and gusto ko tuparin agad ang promise ko sa kanya”.

“Mabait talaga si Abby, I am sure matutuwa yun. Kinukulit nga nya ako kung nagtxt or tumawag ka na daw ba.”

“Teka pala, pwede ba ikaw na lang magsabi kay Mr Lim?”

“O sige, ako na magsasabi. I am sure he’ll be happy na maipasyal nyo si Abby” Liza grins just imagining the three enjoying the day like a family.

“Huh! Anong maipasyal namin? Will he go with us? Hindi ba pwedeng kami lang ni Abby?” Liza suppressed a laugh hearing Maya’s voice in panic.


“Liza, please don’t get me wrong, I know we barely knew each other, and it’s not easy to entrust Abby to just anyone… but if someone really needs to be with Abby on weekend, I am hoping na ikaw na lang.” Realizing how awkward and ridiculous the situation, Maya continued, “uhm, medyo awkward lang naman kasi I am planning to take Abby sa zoo, then you know, I just felt that it’s not a good idea for a CEO like Mr Lim to roam around zoo tagging along with us.”

Liza chuckled, “Ok Maya, I got your point. Don’t worry, if ever I will just be the one to accompany Abby or maybe si Joma na lang, para may driver kayo.”

“Thanks Liza, but I am thinking of bringing my car, so okay lang naman.”

“okay Maya, I’ll just call you for the details, for the meantime, I will tell Chard first.”

Liza ended the call giddily, not realizing what she said.

On the other line, Maya was left stunned. “Did I heard it right? Chard? First name basis?”

“Giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll” Maya snapped back to reality when Emman approached her.

“Anong ganap at nakatulaley ka dyan?”

She tried to give Emman a smile.

“Gutom na ako, kanina pa kita hinahanap, bigla ka na lang nag-disapper! Taralets!”


“Yun. Medyo nagtaka lang ako kasi what I know is Liza is his secretary pero kanina she referred him as Chard.”

Maya and Emman went to a coffee shop nearby and she narrated what transpired before Emman approached him a while ago.

“Jellyace ka naman!” Emman teasingly rolled his eyes on her.

“Of course not!” Maya countered defensively.

“Ay sus! Try to look yourself in the mirror, you’re like a blushing/jellyace GF!” Emman laughed.

“Emman, tigilan mo ako ha! Tara na nga!” Maya stood up and started walking away pulling her luggage.

“Shet! Am I that obvious??? Maya, Maya, Maya, stop it!” She muttered with Emman trailing behind her chuckling lightheartedly.


Liza giddily knocked on Richard’s office to relay Maya’s plan. He’s been acting weird when they left their office in the airport, but she’s sure that her news may change his mood. After few minutes that he did not respond, she slowly pushed the door open. She found Richard, standing with his back on her, silently staring outside and in deep thought.

Liza cleared his throat to get his attention, “Sir!”

He slowly turned around and stared at her for a few seconds before he speaks, “Liza… I saw her. I found her!”

Liza smiled thinking about Maya. But quickly knitted her brows when realized the “I found her” part. When she looked intently at him, it finally sinked in. “You found HER?”

He nodded. “Maya..”

“Maya??? Chard, enlighten me here..”

“Liza, I found HER. It’s Maya!”


“She’s a dela Rosa…, she’s Maya dela Rosa, the daughter of Atty. Arturo dela Rosa.”

Liza could only gape at Richard on what she heard, and totally forgot why she came to him.



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