Please Be My Legal Wife – part 13

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to AttyMayiVR. This is a continuation to Please Be My Legal Wife – part 12.

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Author: AttyMayiVR
PREVIOUSLY on Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 12
Maya:Ah…so o-okay ka na pala. Maya quickly snaps off.
Richard:For now, yes.
          With that declaration from Richard, Maya wondered why he was still holding her. She felt uneasy as she sensed that something was different. Everything felt different. Maya became apprehensive that their emotional intimacy might peak at something physical, and now that she is aware of their faces only inches away, she fears that Richard might get carried away with the moment. This realization caused her to panic inside. With a little push, Maya swiftly pulled away from him and walked towards the kitchen.
Richard:Maya! Wait! I st–    
          Without looking back, Maya answered Richard spontaneously.
Maya: Ahem…I need oxygen…
Richard:What?! Richard immediately grabbed Maya’s arm from behind and pulled her back. Maya was forced to face him. What did you say?
Maya:Huh? Ah…sabi ko po I need ano… ah…hydrogen 2 oxygen. Yun! Chemistry? H2O? Otherwise known as water? I’ll get you water, wait lang.
           Maya immediately turned around and proceeded to the kitchen. She felt the need to move away from Richard. She might have caused the Pandora’s Box to open, and she did not know how to handle the situation…she needed to breath to calm herself down…to regain control…at least of herself.
           Richard just released a sigh as he was left alone in the veranda. He frowned when he realized what just happened. “What was that all about, Richard?” he asked himself. He stepped back with hands on his waist and had a quick thoughthe still needed to talk to Maya. So, he followed her to the kitchen.
          Maya was doing deep-breathing exercises while walking away from the veranda. Her mind was in chaos with heart beating wild. “Maya, kalma…kalma!… grabe maka-moment ‘tong si chopsticks!… anyare dun?… naman kasi, pano ka naman kakalma nakakatunaw makatingin!… aaarrrrghh! over!… at jusmeeeeeeeeh, ang sarap nyang yumakaaaaap! Wait! Bakit ako kinikiliiiig ng sobra?! Waaaaah! Ang kisig at ang bango pa!… hinga Maya, hinga!…ano ba ‘to… parang may kakaiba kasi eh…kalma Mayaaaa!”
           To her surprise, Maya gulped down the water she has just poured in the water goblet.
Maya:Naman Sir Chief! Nakakagulat naman kayo oh! Bakit ba kayo sumunod? Di po ba sabi ko wait lang, I’ll get you water? Maya took another goblet then poured another glass of water for him. Quickly, she placed the goblet on the counter of the breakfast nook nearest Richard. Ayan po, tubig to replenish the bucket of tears you shed a while ago, he he…he he.
Richard:Thank you. Without moving his eyes from Maya, Richard drank the water then placed the goblet back on the counter. Akala ko hindi ka na babalik eh.
Maya:Ha? Eh bakit naman po? Sabi ko nga po ‘di ba, wait lang, I’ll get you water? Maya gets jittery and mumbled to herself. “Ang kulit ha.”
Richard:Eh kasi ang tagal mo. Uhm… I still need some company.
Maya: Ah…still need some company naman pala…hmm….my company? Maya tried to be calm and pointed to herself and Richard gave her a nod. She tried to buy time until she could think of something and said Ah…so, hindi ka na galit?
Richard:I was not mad. Did you think I was mad?
Maya:Hindi po ba? Kanina, you sounded so vehement when you said to me “I don’t want company. Leave me alone.”
          Richard frowned.
Richard: Did I say that? Well, my mind was in total turmoil kanina and I was losing control of my emotions! I didn’t want anybody to see me so vulnerable, e-especially you.
Maya:Ah, kaya ba may kasunod pang “I don’t want your coffee. Just go and stay away from me.”
          Richard felt so guilty and remorseful; he wanted to show how sorry he is. Spontaneously, he walked towards Maya while he delivers his apology.
Richard:I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to reject you and sound so offensive. I’m really so sorry, Ma–
          Anticipating another hug from Richard, Maya immediately raised her left hand and cuts him off just to prevent him from coming to her.
Maya:Okay na po Sir Chief! I believe you and I understand, really….okay na po yun…so…ah… you want that company with coffee?
           Maya casually asked with a big smile, trying her best to look calm and normal. With a big smile on his face, Richard answered immediately.
Richard:Yes, of course. Your company, with coffee please.
Maya:Okay po Sir Chief! Mauna ka na po sa veranda, susunod na po ako.
          Richard raised his eyebrows.
Maya:Onga po. Sir Chief, susunod po ako. I’ll just make us coffee. Promise, mamatay man mga kuko nyo sa paa!
          Richard chuckles.
Richard:Silly! It’s just that…well (feeling uneasy, Richard grimaces) … I’m just baffled that you’re back with po and Sir Chief. W-why so? (then he smiles teasingly) … Eh kanina lang I was Richard to you…and m-may hon –
          Embarrassed,Maya butts in right away before Richard could even finish the word honey.
Maya:Huh? Ah… eh…kasi…okay naman na kayo di ba? Kanina kasi, I felt that you were holding back and I thought, kasi nga boss kayo. Masakit kaya sa dibdib ang magpigil! Kaya…ano po, I shifted to a friend mode then called you by your first name, para po ano…para po hindi kayo ma-ilang. Eh nag work naman po di ba? You let go and cried like a boy.
Looking disappointed, Richard talks her into it in a frustrated tone.
Richard:Then dapat na pala akong ma-ilang, kasi boss-employee mode na pala uli tayo eh. But I need the company of a friend.
Maya:Fine! Sige na Ricky boy. Punta ka na sa veranda, susunod na ako.
          With a lopsided smile, Richard nods. He proceeded back to the veranda, feeling triumphant and enthusiastic.
          Richard patiently waited for Maya. He sat on the chair near the iron barrier, facing the sliding door leading back to the kitchen/dining hall. Alone, he had the chance to think things over. He made a quick flash back in his mind to recall what just happened minutes ago and tried to process what was going on. He grins as he entertained his thoughts “I don’t know what is going on but I really don’t care at all. All I know is that I’m happy with what is going about. I feel good with what I have with her now, and it feels so right being connected with her… mentally… emotionally… and ah, oh yeah, physically….”
          After about five minutes of reflection, Richard saw Maya emerge from the kitchen area holding a tray with a glass of water, two cups of coffee and a triple decker chicken salad sandwich with potato chips on the side.
Maya:Sir Chief, I know you’re hungry kasi malamang you haven’t eaten dinner. Kaya mag sandwich ka muna.
          Richard gets delighted with the kind of attention Maya is showering him. After all, it feels different from the kind of concern and care Manang Fe has been giving him throughout the years.
Richard:Ang galing mo namang tumancha. You’re right, nagutom na nga ako. Thank you, and it’s Richard, Maya.
Maya:Okay, whatever. Sige na kain na muna.
Richard:Mmmm. This is good!
Maya:Gutom ka nga talaga!
Richard:No, this is really good. Ngayon lang ata gumawa ng ganito sina Manang Fe.
Maya:Kami ni Abby ang gumawa nyan kaninang merienda. Dami nga nya nakain eh. You know what? She didn’t mind the lettuce! Basta she ate what I made for her.
Richard:That’s because of you. She follows you in a snap. Lakas ng impluwensha mo sa kanya.
          Maya sips from her cup of coffee as she watched Richard looking so relaxed munching on his food.   After several glances, Maya just stared at Richard, admiring every inch of his face. Silently, she thought “Haaay, ang gwapo mo pala talaga. Tama nga si Emman, incredible hunk ka nga!
           Richard noticed Maya staring at him and thought maybe he has something around his mouth again. So, he wiped his mouth clean then faced Maya.
Richard:You wanted to say something? You’re staring at me.
Maya:Ha?Ah…wala naman. Eh ano kasi, ang bilis mo kumain! Hahahaha! Ilang kagat lang yung sandwich? Apat lang ata eh! Hahaha!
          Both of them were laughing uncontrollably, with Maya close to tears and Richard’s face flushed.
Richard:Ang sarap kasi. I was just appreciating what you made. Hindi ba sabi mo ikaw may gawa nun?
Maya: Ganun? Thank you nasarapan ka sa gawa ko. Eh pero ang Frito Lay potato chips, natapon lang Sir Chief? Simot agad? Hahaha!
Richard: Hahaha! Maya ang kulit mo. Yeah hindi mo gawa yung chips but that was part of your preparation, right? Ineffort mo yun. So I should appreciate it just the same.
Maya: Okay, sobrang appreciative mo nga, di-nedma mo lang ako dito. Galit galit lang? Hahaha!
Richard:Fine! Nagutom nga ako. I admit, I was really starving on the way home. Traffic was really terrible with the rain and flood, then when I got home…
          Richard stopped and took a sip from his coffee cup.
Maya:Then when you got home…anu nga ba nangyari? Grabe ka rin umatake ng pagka bipolar eh. Tiger mode tapos best drama actor mode. Pero in fairness ha, ikaw pa lang ang lalaki na nakita kong umiyak na hindi masagwa. Kahit na humihikbi ka at lalong naningkit mga mata mo, gwapo ka pa rin hahaha!
Richard:Stop teasing!

Maya:Ha? I’m not teasing! Totoo, tinalo mo pa si Aga Mulach at Piolo Pascual sa pag iyak. Hanep! Project na project ang dating, without losing poise and good looks! Pati pagtulo ng luha, prim and proper ka pa rin. Hahaha!

Richard:Kaya nga ayoko makita nyo ako in that state. Now you’re making fun of me.

Maya:Hindi ah. Hindi ba nga, sabi ko nga sa kanta kanina, you poured your soul…didn’t lose your dignity…♪♪ it held you up… ♪♪ you have my sympathy.

          Hindi lang sympathy Sir Chief, sobrang napahanga ako kasi you were man enough to deal with your emotions out in the open. Sabi nila, ang tunay na lalaki, marunong AT kayang umiyak ng hindi nagtatago.


Maya:Really-ing really.
          Maya knew where he was coming from but she wanted to it hear from him, straight from his heart.
Maya: Eh anu ba nga talaga ang nangyari sa iyo? Kanina lang ang lisik mong makatingin, nakakatakot, parang galit na galit ka sa akin. Then just earlier, bigla ka na lang nangyakap at umiyak ng parang bata. Tapos ngayon yung ngiti nyo…mo, parang nakakaloko. Sir Chief, may lahi kayong baliw? Wahahahahaha!
          Maya laughs boisterously with her head sliding to her left, down to Richard’s right shoulder. Richard almost choked. He put the tray on the side after drinking water. Maya saw the sudden change in Richard’s face, from one with a silly grin to a heart-breaking facial expression.                                                                                
Maya:Peace, Sir Chief. Nagbibiro lang ako. Eh kasi naman grabe naman talaga ang mood swings mo eh.   Ayan oh, res ipsa loquitur!
           Without looking at Maya, Richard took another sip of coffee without saying anything.
Maya:Sir Chief?…Richard? Huuuuy, sorry na, nagbibiro lang ako.
           Still with a miserable face, Richard keeps mum. Maya didn’t know what to do next and thought “Lakas talaga ng sumpong nito! Krung krung! Dead-ma lang? Layasan ko kaya dito? Hmp! Kakapundi ng pasensha ha. Arrrrggh! Krung krung talaga! Hmp! Teka nga…”
          Maya moved closer to Richard. Looking at him in her most loving way, Maya starts to sing an APO song, “Kaibigan”….
Maya:Kaibigan….tila yata matamlay…ang iyong pakiramdam…At ang ulo mo sa kaiisip… ♪♪ Ay tila naguguluhan Kung ang problema o suliranin … ay lagi mong didibdibin ay tatanda kang bigla pag tumulo ang luha hahaba ang iyong mukha ♪♪ at ikaw ang siyang kawawa…
            Admitting that Maya has a special way of calming him, Richard finally looked at her, although with pursed lips. He was just amazed on her creativeness, being able to get through her point through a song.
Richard:Eh matanda naman na talaga ako eh.

Maya:Hasus! Richard, lalo kang tatanda sa haba ng face mo sa kaka emote mo. And you know my stand on that matter, hindi ka pa matanda, and you definitely don’t look like a man with 3 kids, with your first born nearly in college!   Para lang kayong mag kuya ni Luke eh. Promise!
            Hearing her say something about kids, Richard began to explain what happened earlier when he came home.
Richard:It was Nikki’s song. Y-you taught her that?

Maya:Sir Chief, I didn’t –
Richard:Maya, if you want this conversation to go on –

Maya:Okay, Richard, as I was saying, yes, I did teach her the song. I changed some of the lyrics to fit the story line of the school play. Nikki is going to audition for the theatre club and at the same time for the lead role.

Richard:Nikki was singing from the heart. You know where she’s coming from. It’s like she was singing to me.

Maya:It was not meant for you. As I have said, it was for the story line of the school play. Yung story daw kasi is about a young girl who is trying to reach out to his father who was still trying to cope up with the death of his wife who succumbed to cancer.

Richard:But it hit me. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen how we are as a family and you know where she’s coming from. I’m sure. In fact, you’ve made efforts to bridge the gap between me and the kids. And you were successful.   And tonight? You did it again effortlessly this time. As you always say, res ipsa loquitur. I rest my case.

Maya:Fine. I only realized that at the last part of the song, when there was a crack in her voice and then tears rolled down her cheeks. Sorry Sir Ch – sorry, I didn’t mean –

Richard:It is really okay, Maya. I know you only meant to help Nikki with her audition. I guess it’s something inevitable and it was fate. It’s for me to realize things. It was a blessing in d–

Maya:A blessing in the skies?!

Richard:Silly! But yes, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. Have you been
hanging out with Stephanie?

Maya:Hindi ah. I was just trying to lighten up kasi, nag mo-moment ka na naman eh. Mamaya ma-iyak ka uli. Papatawa lang ba. Naisip ko lang, kung si Stephanie ang kaharap mo, yan ang sasabihin sa iyo, blessing in the skies! O, hindi ba napangiti na uli kita?
           Richard kept his smile and looked lovingly at Maya.
Richard:You are the blessing from the skies…


Richard:You are Maya. You’re a blessing from the skies. You’re an angel sent by heaven.
          Feeling a little shy and awkward, Maya covers up and wittingly answered.
Maya:Ay alam ko na yan. Sinabi ko na yan kay Stephanie eh. Hindi ba nakwento ko yan sa ‘yo? Kaya sablay na ang punch line mo diyan kasi nga alam ko na yan.
 Richard:What are you talking about, Maya?
 Maya:Kasi nga nun sa office mo, sabi nya para raw siyang anghel na hulog ng langit. Eh sa kagaspangan ng ugali nya, d ba? nasabihan ko na hinulog siya ng langit kasi hindi siya nababagay duon. Yun.
Richard:Weren’t you listening? I didn’t say na hulog ka ng langit. You should relate what I’ve said. I said you are a blessing from the skies and I also said you’re an angel SENT by heaven.
          Richard suddenly got worried and frowns.
Richard: Maya? Y-you’re not leaving us anytime soon, right?

Maya:Huh? What are you talking about, Richard?

Richard:Parang ganyan yung 1990s TV series na Touched by An Angel eh. This lady will appear in someone’s life and after she helps that person fix his or her life, she disappears.

Maya:Hahaha! Now you’re silly! Seriously? Nakakatawa ka naman. Anu ba? I’m REAL! You have my resume/bio data. You can check every detail of it. I have a family, a house, friends…Atty. Ryan knows me!

Richard:Okay, okay. That was silly of me. Hahaha! Ikaw kasi, the things you do to me.
          Maya didn’t know what Richard meant so she changed the topic instead.
Maya:So, what are your plans now?


Maya:Plans. What do you plan to do with your realizations?

Richard:I don’t know. I just want to make them feel that I love them and that I am here for them. I want to reach out to them. Para hind na ako “outside the coverage area.”

Maya:Madali lang yan. Spend time with them. QuaLITY time ha. You can start tomorrow, at breakfast.

Richard:You talk like it’s that easy.
Maya:Madali lang talaga! You know, kahit 5 minutes lang yan basta you connect, super quality time na yun. Baka naman 2 hours spent with them nga pero nakalaptop ka naman tapos sila watching TV with you around lang. Poor connection yun!

          Bukas, sa breakfast, start the conversation. Ask them about their first day in school. Then everything will flow from there.

Richard:Just like that?

Maya:Yup! Just like that. Sa daldal ni Nikki? Sigurado yun, may reaction agad! Maybe you can ask Luke about basketball. Si Abby mas madali. Just praise her. Pansinin mo kung paano kumain, matutuwa na yon.
Richard:You sound like you know my kids better than I do. I guess you’ve spent so much quality time with them since you came into our family.

Maya:Hindi naman sa ganon, nagkataon lang na nabanggit ni Luke about trying out for varsity team. Pag meal time kasi with me lang, ang daldal nung dalawa. Si Nikki, you know we have something in common kaya ganun kaming dalawa.
Richard:Then I need you to back me up. You know, just in case…

Maya:Of course. Aalalayan kita. Promise.

Richard:Thank you for being an angel.

Maya:Haaaay,parang kelan lang yamot na yamot ka sa akin, now I’m an angel pala ha.

Richard:Maya –

Maya:Yeah, yeah I know. Tapos na yun. I’m just saying.
          Richard shakes his head smiling then took his coffee cup for a sip. He felt light because after a very long time, he did not shun away from his emotions and issues, but instead, braved them and has taken steps to deal with them. It was that moment of silence that Maya thought of asking him a question.
Maya:Pwede magtanong?
          Richard looked at her with raised eyebrows, signalling her to throw the question.
Maya:Bawal ba talaga mag ingay? I mean, bawal ba gumawa ng sound? Kasi sabi nila bawal mag gitara, mag piano, patugtog ng radio, pati magtawanan ng malakas bawal?
Richard:I never said na bawal yun. They just assumed.
Maya:Eh siguro kasi, palagi ka galit at panay ka sigaw everytime na may mga ganun?

Richard:No. Nagkataon lang yun.
Maya:Talaga? So, okay lang mag-ingay?

Richard:What do you mean mag-ingay?

Maya:Yung normal na buhay, yung matawa ng malakas pag sobrang nakakatawa. Yung, magpatugtog ng music or radio once in a while, yung mag jamming sa gitara or sa piano. Sayang naman ang baby grand piano, ang ganda ng tunog, nakaka pang gigil tugtugan.

Richard:That would be fine.



Maya:No…VIOLET reaction?

Richard:Hahaha! Yes, no violeNt reaction.

Maya:Yes! Wala ng bawian yan ha! Promise?
Richard: Promise.


Maya:Mamatay man mga ku–  

Richard:Kahit ilibing mo pa sila. Hahaha!

Maya:Eh talagang mamamatay nga mga yan. My gas Sir Chief! You’re still in shoes! Tignan mo oh? Hindi ka pa nagpapalit ng damit!   Ayan ka na naman, more than 12 hours mo na naman suot mga yan!
          The night’sevents sent Richard over the moon. While his smile and the sparkle in his eyes are more than enough to announce to the world the happiness in his heart, Richard felt that he could not contain his feelings to himself and wanted to shout it out, and at the same time had this uncontrollable urge of hugging someone.
            He is overjoyed and thrilled realizing that tonight, he opened up, exposed his vulnerability, and allowed himself to be emotionally intimate with someone. He felt very relaxed in Maya’s company.  Everything felt so right, making him still want to hang out with her but he knew he needed to calm himself down, this time, from the natural high that Maya created. Otherwise, he might just go physical, hug her and scare her away. So he immediately called the shots.
Richard: Okay, let’s hit the sack at gabi na. Richard stood up from his seat.
          Maya followed and started to clear the table. With a naughty smile, she dared to question what Richard will really do after their talk.
Maya:Weh?! Talaga? Matutulog ka na? If I know, mag wo-work ka pa rin sa room mo.
           Still with a full smile on his face, Richard responds to Maya spontaneously, almost sounding like he was flirting.
Richard:Haaaay Maya. Fine, because of you, I’m sure I’ll find it hard to sleep right away. So I’ll just check on the email Ryan sent me instead. Para naman hindi masayang ang effort nila ni Liza sa MOAs.
          Again, Maya didn’t know what he meant so this time, she calmly asked.
Maya: Seriously? Eh bakit ako na naman?

Richard:W-well, uhm…ikaw naman kasi ang proximate cause of everything that transpired tonight, hindi ba? As you admitted, you taught Nikki the song, and you made me cry. Emotions are still high Maya, pinaiyak at pinatawa mo ako diba? So it’s your fault.

Maya:Ako talaga? Okay, whatever you say Sir Chief. Sabi mo eh.
          After Richard locked the sliding door, the two walk side by side with silly grins. When they reached the baby grand piano, Maya pointed it and faced Richard excitedly.
Maya:Sir Chief wala ng bawian ha!

Richard:Babawiin ko pag hindi ka tumigil sa kaka Sir Chief mo.

Maya:Ha?! Eh pano pag working hours ko na, pag class hours na namin ni Abby.

Richard:It’s beyond your working hours Maya. You know I have agreed to that. It’s an exception.
           Trying to contain her joyful state, Maya made a controlled scream as she hugged Richard’s arm.
Maya:Weeeee! I’m sure matutuwa si Abby!
             Richard was grateful that Maya had Abby in mind.
Richard:Yes, I’m sure you’ll make her happy.
             Richard just gave in to his urge. He took advantage of Maya’s proximity and embraced her. He planted a kiss on Maya’s head and whispered, “Good night Maya, and thank you for always being so thoughtful of my kids.”
             Again, Maya shivers from Richard’s move and hoped he didn’t notice it this time. She was so relieved that her mobile phone was ringing. Instantly, Maya moved away from Richard without looking and answered the call.
Maya:Hello?! …Sir James?….
           Maya looked at Richard and motioned that she’ll take the call in her room. She waved and mouthed good night, then she turned her back and proceeded to her room.
Maya:…hindi naman, gising pa naman talaga ako…I’m fine. Ikaw?…talaga? may hearing ka na naman sa Taytay bukas?
          Richard could still hear her.  He felt that she’s smiling as she talks to James. With that, Richard’s face turned sour and is very very upset.

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