Restless – Chapter 16

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 15.

Author: Ricci 

Author’s note: Just a quick and short chapter for now. I’m tied up with a lot of stuff, so have to put my writing in the backseat first.  Thanks for your patience.  No worries, “the end” will come at the right time, and soon.


Chapter 16 – Awakening

Richard awakened slowly, puzzled at the elusive scent of a woman emanating from the pillow beside him. Still half asleep, he pressed his face into the fragrant linen as memories of last night came back to him.

Last night, she’d lain beside him, and unbelievably talk just about everything. It was a novel experience for him, sharing a bed with a woman without making love. It was pure torture to be physically close but not able to touch her intimately; and yet exhilarating to listen to her talk about her work, her adventures and some tidbits about the men in her life – James, Wilson, Emman.

She was also a good listener, letting him talk about his work, and his travels. At the middle of his tale, she was already yawning and her eyes were drifting to sleep. Careful not to disturb her, Richard slowly drew the blanket over them, and held her cradled in the crook of his arm. He watched her sleep for a long time, tracing his fingers on the lovely curve of her lips and cheeks while lazily debating with himself on stealing a kiss from her.

After awhile, he gave in, and kissed her tenderly on her lips. He lingered a bit until she stirred, and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him back with all the bursting love in her heart. She trailed kisses on his neck and ear; And soon after, curled herself comfortably against him in silence. “Goodnight, Richard.” She whispered, and went back to sleep again.

Richard rolled over onto his side facing her, his body fully awakened from the ardor she’d shown. He gazed at her sleeping form, while a low chuckle rumbled on his chest when he realized that sleep won’t be coming to him soon.

It was an incredibly interesting and peculiar night of his life. He can’t wait to wake up in the morning seeing her in his bed, and kissing her senseless. With that thought, he slept soundly almost at dawn with a smile on his lips.


With his eyes still close and a smile tugged on his lips, he remembered the last thought he had from last night. He rolled onto his stomach and wonderingly reaches for her across the bed when awareness hit him. He was alone in bed.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, and bolted upright. He wanted her back now. He wanted to hold her, and stay with her for the longest time. He wanted her to be the first person to see in the morning, and last one when he sleeps at night.

He wanted…

It had come to him gradually and yet intensely the need to be with her every day and night.   Every fiber of his being is quivering to be with her permanently – he couldn’t imagine a future without her.

Throwing aside the bed linens, Richard prowled around the room, and called out her name until he saw the pearl velvet case on the desk – it was the gift that he gave her.

Troubled by its implication, he frowned unhappily, and called the reception to connect him to Maya’s room, to which he was informed that the guest staying in the room already check out early in the morning. He was annoyed that she hadn’t awakened him instead of leaving him without even a note. It made him wonder if she respects him. He tried to trash the velvet case, but instead found himself holding unto it tightly as if he can hold unto her.

Perhaps, the best thing to do is to let her go… but that seemed to be an impossible choice for him now. As usual, his cynic mind is at work again with this line of thought. No, I won’t let this incident disheartened me to pursue her. He thought as he hurriedly took a shower and dressed, fiercely impatient to catch up with her. There’s so much to talk about. He wanted to come clean with her, to make her understand that he wanted her to have expectations from him; that he wanted her in his life on a permanent basis; that he…

He stopped from his tracks of going out from his room as the truth of where those thoughts are leading him bolted through him like lightning, like a cold dash of water on his face. Did he really truly mean that?

Yes. Oh God. He means it. He loves her.


When and how? She had awakened in him an emotion that was hidden behind his cynicism. In wanting her, he had schemed and pursued her in his bed not realizing that he had fallen for her – not in the shallowness of want, but of need to be one with her.

She’s exactly what he needs in his life. When he’s with her, he felt tenderness that made him vulnerable. She was natural, poise with artless sophistication – innocent, and strong to resist the pressure that he’s putting on her. He admired her courage, her stubbornness, and even her idealism. She had first known and accepted him on level ground stripped with the glitter and fame that surrounded him, not the famed Richard Lim, but himself as a man.

He took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. A smile twitched his lips as he reflected at the inconvenience of slow realization that he was in love with one woman who kept eluding him when other woman would have jumped at the opportunity to be with him, and worst, tie him down to matrimony.

He should have resented loving her like this…. And yet it was invigorating. He felt as if his soul was awakened, every part of him brimming with excitement to belong to her exclusively.


Maya was distracted as she sat beside James on their way to the airport. As per plan, they went out as early as 4 o’clock in the morning to travel back to Manila for their scheduled flight to Tokyo in the afternoon.

She felt guilty in leaving Richard without even saying goodbye. She’s not usually this cowardly, but the thought of waking him up to say goodbye was just too much for her to handle. Struggle rages through her – between her idealism and recklessness. She loves him, and yet she can’t bring herself into a relationship without expectations and commitment.

Admittedly, she can’t resist his charms, and soon her principles will be drowned out by his persistence. She will always be vulnerable when it comes to him, and the best thing to do is run as far away from him as possible.


[For your listening pleasure while reading this chapter, and waiting for the next one 🙂  – Unbelievable by Craig David –>]




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