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By iamgarie

Written: 30 April 2014

Be Careful with My Heart is blessed because it continues to be a blessing to millions of viewers here and the world over. In its 21-month run on television so far, it continues to reap awards and accolades, to reign supreme in the ratings game, and to gain a following like no other even from neighboring Asian countries.

It is a show that gives us countless reasons to smile, to laugh, and to feel good about ourselves. It is a show that allows us to forget our worries and concerns. It is a show that relieves us off our stress from everyday living. It is a show unlike any other– full of good vibes, love, “kilig”, laughter and positivity.

[*Last night, BCWMH won as Best TV Drama Series for KBP’s 22nd Golden Dove Awards. And just last week, BCWMH amassed five awards from the 45th Box Office Entertainment Awards — Most Popular Program Daytime Drama (BCWMH), Most Popular Love Team for Television (Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria), Most Promising Love Team for Television (Janella Salvador and Jerome Ponce), Most Popular Female Child Performer (Mutya Orquia) and Most Promising Female Star (Janella Salvador)].

BCWMH is a wonderful blessing for all of us, indeed. Thank you, ABS-CBN and BCWMH TEAM, for this amazing labor of love!

Labor Day

Richard to Maya: At least, ikaw you know when your fairytales become real. Ako, ang tagal. Like with you. It took a long time before I realized it. I was in love with you. (May 1, 2013)

Last year’s Labor Day episode was a monumental event for Be Careful with My Heart as Richard Lim finally confessed his unwavering love and devotion to Maya Dela Rosa. He took Maya on a date to the PUS Open Field, opened up his heart to her with admirable candor and finally admitted to her how much he truly loves and cares for her. How we all swooned as we listened to him speak his heart out. And how happy and giddy we all were for Maya whom we all know have been in love with him for the longest time.

So much has happened between last year’s Labor Day episode and this year’s upcoming Labor Day episode. Richard and Maya have since fallen in love, become boyfriend-girlfriend, gotten engaged, exchanged marriage vows and become pregnant with twins.

Come Labor Day, the most awaited birth of our favorite couple’s most beloved twins will finally happen and such a momentous event will most likely go on record as another milestone for BCWMH.

With the birth of the twins, a new chapter unfolds, and so the teaser goes…

After The Twins Are Born

BCWMH won’t be BCWMH if it won’t take us through a journey of Richard and Maya as parents to newborns. What an exciting adventure that will be not just for the couple, but also for us , avid viewers. I can already imagine seeing Richard and Maya spending many a sleepless night as they take care of the twins– by lulling them to sleep, changing their diapers, mixing formula (or breastfeeding for Maya), giving them a bath, making funny faces to make the twins laugh, engaging in baby talk, and so on.

To see how Luke, Nikki, Abby, Manang Fe & company, and the rest of the Dela Rosas and Lims welcome and take turns in looking after the twins is also something for us to look forward to.

Then there is also the twins’ baptism which will definitely be another memorable occasion for everyone. Will Kute, Rafi, Simon, Emman, Eds, Ryan, Liza, Doris, Sabel and Joma be among the godparents?

What’s next, BCWMH?

With roughly 8 months left before December 2014, the supposed end of Be Careful with My Heart, and with the birth of the twins this week, I can’t help but wonder how the remainder of the show will run from now til December. (Don’t get me wrong, though. Like all of you, it is still my fervent wish that the show will never ever end!!!).

Assuming that our favorite show’s dreaded end is this December, allow me to share with you some possible scenarios I would still love to see played out on the small screen before we finally bid our most beloved noontime habit goodbye.

Once the Lims transfer to their new home with their newborn twins and once the show has breezed us through their various baby milestones, I guess we can skip several months and move on to celebrate the twins’ first birthday. Knowing Maya’s penchant for coming up with the most festive celebrations, I can already imagine how much fun and memorable the twins’ first birthday party would be.

“Fast Forward”

Thing is, I do not want to see the show end with the twins still as babies. I would love to see the show end with them as cute and precocious 3 or 4 year olds happily engaging their Daddy, Mommy & their siblings in many funny, heartwarming, unforgettable and exciting activities only kids their age are capable of.

What characteristics of Richard and Maya have the twins inherited? How inquisitive and imaginative will they be? How will their Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki and Ate Abby fare once they start asking the most out of this world questions? What kind of Daddy will Richard be this time? What kind of Mommy will Maya be? Will Maya the Mermaid make a comeback? Will there be a sequel to Maya’s most-well loved bedtime story? Will there be numerous trips to the park where we will see Richard play Dr. Quack Quack again? Will there be countless trips to the zoo and amusement park, as well? Will they also take a trip back to Baguio for old time’s sake? Will Richard make paper airplanes for everyone all over again? He has yet to make one for Maya. Will the twins nudge their Daddy to fill up a slumbook, too? I wonder what Richard’s answers to the slumbook will be this time around. Will Richard conduct LAS meetings in his home office like before just so he can spend more time with Maya and the kids? When will the twins’ first ever plane ride be? Will we finally see our beloved family take a trip to HK Disneyland & Ocean Park or Singapore’s Universal Studios or Malaysia’s Legoland? What will the twins be like in playschool? The list can go on and on.

For all the above-mentioned scenarios to happen, we must welcome several “fast forward scenes”, I guess. The “fast forward scenes” will not only allow us to see how much all the characters have grown and evolved since the show started, but will also allow us to witness the scenes we have always hoped and dreamed of to happen. Could 3 or 4 years worth of the Lims’ lives be encapsulated in the remaining 8 months of the show? (Waaah! This show has been so much a part of my daily routine! I can’t really imagine bidding it goodbye at all!)

Richard – We all know how much Richard values family. How will he balance being husband, father, chief engineer and CEO? Will he be a strict boss to Luke if and when Luke decides to work for him after graduation? Will he still be overprotective of Nikki even if she is already in college? How will he bond with an 11-year old Abby? Will he still play and run with the little ones? How will he continue to level up the love and romance between him and Maya?

Maya – We all know how much Maya values family, as well. Will she opt to be a fulltime mom at least for the first few years of the twins’ lives? Will she also enrol in an open (online) university so she can finish her college degree while in the confines of their own home? Will she eventually go back to work at Time Airways or will she consider helping Richard run Lim Aviation Services? How will she continue to level up the love and romance between her and Richard?

Luke— We have heard Richard insinuate many times over that Luke will eventually take over the business. In 3 years’ time, Luke will finally be out of college and most probably an apprentice to his Dad. It would be a thrill to see father and son working at LAS together. Will Aira still be in the picture by then? From the looks of it, she just might be. Unlike with Joey, Luke seems to be taking things slow this time around. He does not seem in a hurry to get himself a girlfriend just yet and is simply happy to have Aira for a friend.

Nikki— We all know that Nikki promised her Dad she won’t entertain suitors until she is in college. Three years from now, Nikki will finally be in college at PUS. Will her Dad and Luke finally allow her to entertain suitors? Will Nicolo and Amiel still be around to woo her by then? Will her feelings for Nicolo still be as strong as her feelings for him now? What course will Nikki take in college?Will she continue to excel in college just like she did in high school?

Abby— What’s up with an eleven year old, Abby? Is she being the best Ate to the twins as she had hoped to be one even before the twins were even born? How is she bonding with Daddy, Mommy & the twins? Does she and her Ate Nikki still bake cookies and cupcakes? Is their business still around? Has Lance become her bestfriend? What does Daddy Richard have to say about that?

Of course, I am also excited to learn about what would most likely have happened to the other characters of the show in three years’ time. Who among them have gotten married and pregnant, put up a business, gone back to school, and so on…

The End?

BCWMH is a story of life and endless possibilities. I can already imagine how the show’s brilliant Creative Team will come up with the best storylines in the months to come and the most amazing ending come December 2014.

(Waaah! I wonder what will become of us when that day finally comes, though… Paging Star Cinema. Would you be willing to give us an update on the Lims every single year by producing a BCWMH movie every December starting 2015? … Paging ABS-CBN. Would you seriously consider producing a sequel to BCWMH, a weekly heartwarming family show slated on Sunday nights?)

We love you, BCWMH! Thank you for this amazing labor of love! We’ve all had an amazing journey so far!

Without a shadow of a doubt, BCWMH is the best show to ever grace Philippine television in years!


3 thoughts on “BCWMH: An Awesome Blessing

  1. Very well said Ms. Garie… I hope Star Cinema would make a movie out of it. And I also loved the idea of a weekly TV show afterwards… Madami pang pwede Silang paglaruang plot and story line… Yun para bang 7th heaven ng US.

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