Thank You, Richard Yap!

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Dear Sir Chief,

Seeing you again in person last Saturday, May 10, at Wangfu was such a special treat for me and my friends. We were all in high spirits as we initially watched you being interviewed from afar. And when we finally had the chance to go near you, we were beyond ourselves in excitement. All we could do was keep smiling and giggling like the high school girls we no longer were. Being near you felt so surreal, Sir Chief! Ha!

Thanks to my friend, she pointed me out to you right before you signed my personal copy of MY BCWMH ADDICTION, a similar copy of the one I gave you last November. Waaah! You turned to look at me smiling and all I could do was smile back at you. And then we talked and I was in complete awe of you. I can’t believe you even said, “We’ve met before, right?” Haha! Thank you for remembering! Then I tried my best to respond to your questions without appearing too giddy with excitement. Mahirap pala yon ha! Now I understand the reason for Maya’s giddiness! Haha!

Thank you for the heartwarming dedication, Sir Chief! I sometimes still can’t believe that you actually take time to read and actually comment on some of my pieces. To say I am truly grateful would be an understatement, I guess. I am truly, truly grateful! Thank you for the photo op, as well! Thank you for being so gracious and accommodating!

Now that I think about it, I would have wanted to talk with you longer. Cat got my tongue, I guess.

I would’ve have wanted to tell you that I have read countless articles about you and I am amazed by how intelligently you answer all the questions thrown at you, still with your trademark humor, candor and undeniable charm.

I would’ve wanted to tell you how I enjoy listening to your songs and that I can’t wait to watch you in concert soon! Should we expect one this year?

I would’ve wanted to tell you how much I admire your beautiful family. Your wife Melody is one of the nicest women I’ve met. She is always very genial and accommodating. I admire how she and the kids always support you in all your endeavors. They are indeed the wind beneath your wings! You truly paint a picture of a beautiful, loving family, something that is quite rare in showbusiness these days.

I would’ve wanted to tell you that you are way better than the Sir Chief we watch you portray on TV. He’s fiction. You’re real! If a real life Sir Chief really did exist, ikaw na siguro yun! You are a breath of fresh air in this business that cares too much about looks and appearances. You are beautiful inside and out. You always remind us that you are first and foremost a devoted & loyal husband to the charming Melody of your life, a loving and doting father to your children, Ashley and Dylan, and a faithful follower of God. And how we love that about you. With you, what we see is what we get! And how we are in total admiration of what we see. You are well admired for your straightforwardness, respectfulness, humility, candor, wit, and charm! Showbiz has not bitten you at all. You have actually given it some class and pizzazz! You deserve all the accolades and attention and support you are getting.

I would’ve wanted to thank you for your tweetbacks, retweets, DM’s, and the 3-day followback on Twitter back in September. Won’t you consider following me on Twitter permanently? My birthday is coming up soon. Birthday gift mo na lang yung followback sa kin, SC! Hehe. Thanks!

I would’ve wanted to thank you for your amazing portrayal of Richard “Sir Chief” Lim. I cannot imagine anyone else portraying that role convincingly as you do.

Oh well, maybe next time I’ll stay away from cats…

Advanced Happy Birthday, Sir Chief! May our dear Lord continue to shower you with His most wondrous blessings today and always! Thank you for being a blessing to all of us, for continually inspiring us and for making us smile! You’re simply the best!

Thank you, Sir Chief! My friends and I truly enjoyed that memorable moment with you at Wangfu last Saturday. We all went home not just with happy tummies, but with very happy hearts, as well! All thanks to you!

I hope to see you again soon.





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