Please Be My Legal Wife – part 14

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Author: AttyMayiVR
PREVIOUSLY on Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 13
           Richard just gave in to his urge.  He took advantage of Maya’s proximity and embraced her.  He planted a kiss on Maya’s head and  whispered, “Good night Maya, and thank you for always being so thoughtful of my kids.”
          Again, Maya shivers from Richard’s move  and hoped he didn’t notice it this time.  She was so relieved that her mobile phone was ringing.  Instantly, Maya moved away from Richard without looking and answered the call.
Maya: Hello?!  …Sir James?….
          Maya looked at Richard and motioned that she’ll take the call in her room.  She waved and mouthed good night, then she turned her back and proceeded to her room. 
Maya:…hindi naman, gising pa naman talaga ako…I’m fine.  Ikaw?…talaga? may hearing ka na naman sa Taytay bukas?
          Richard could hear her smiling as she walked towards her room talking to James.  With that, Richard’s face turned sour and is very very upset.
                                                                CHAPTER EIGHT
                                                              Roller Coaster Ride
          Richard stood still and waited until Maya entered her room and closed the door behind her.  He released a sigh of frustration while he went towards his home office.  True to his word, he checked the e-mail that Atty. Molina sent him.  When he was finished with the MOAs, he closed his laptop then flexed his back and neck to loosen up.  It was at this point that he realized that it was already past midnight. 
          When he was going up the stairs, he heard a faint sound emanating from Maya’s room.  He smiled upon remembering the time when he caught Maya coming out of her room while singing along Beyoncé’s upbeat song.  Richard later got curious if Maya was still talking to James.  So, he took out his phone, searched for Maya’s name, then pressed call without thinking.  The line was busy.   As expected, Richard became agitated.
          Upstairs in his room, Richard was in deep thought.  As emotions are still high, he felt wide awake lying on his back.  The moments that transpired earlier that kept playing in his mind didn’t help at all.  They just made him more euphoric, and up and about.  The outpouring joy in his heart is like new to him.  It has been so long and he felt liberated. 
          He couldn’t wait to see his children at breakfast to re-connect with them and be a family once again…with Maya.  Then, the image of Maya in his arms produced goose bumps on his nape and sent butterflies in his stomach, which he has never felt for a very long time.  Thinking of what they have shared late evening, he wondered what lies ahead for the two of them.
          Richard frowned and checked the time.  It was already 2:00 o’clock in the morning and he still couldn’t sleep.  He realized that just like what Maya said, re-connecting with his children is just an easy task.  What concerns him now is how to connect with Maya after becoming emotionally intimate with her earlier.  What they have now is definitely more than a simple employer-employee relationship.  What transpired earlier simply validated that they have established friendship based on trust and respect, and he is worried that this friendship might be compromised with one wrong move.  
          After pondering on the matter, Richard finally came up with a resolution. “I guess I just have to act normal when she is around, and take from how she will be.  Action-reaction.” He sat up, got his phone and started typing a message.
Richard’s Text: Are you still awake? I can’t sleep! L
          Richard stared at his message, feeling hesitant to send it to Maya.  He abruptly erased it and decided to call her instead.  “She’s still on the phone?!” Richard said aloud upon hearing a busy tone.
          Thinking that it might just be the network provider, he got up from the bed, reached for the wireless landline phone and dialled his own mobile number.  It was ringing.   Thereafter, he immediately dialled Maya’s mobile number using the same wireless phone.  Upon hearing the busy tone once more, he cursed in his mind.  “Damn it! She’s is still on the phone!  What could they be talking about at this hour?!”  With  the  thought that Maya is still on the phone with James, Richard went back to bed restless, now with full of frustration and paranoia.    
          But far from Richard’s assumption, Maya, at that very moment, is actually on the phone with Emman. 
          After talking to James earlier, Maya went to bed in deep thought as she recalled the night’s events.  Since emotions are still high, she felt wide awake lying on her back while hugging a pillow.  The moments that transpired earlier that kept playing in her mind didn’t help at all.  They just made her more ecstatic, and up and about.  The overwhelming feelings flooding her heart are very new to her and she felt confused realizing that she has never experienced them before. 
          It seems like she couldn’t wait to see him again at breakfast, when he will try to re-connect with his children and be a family once again…of which she is not a part of.  Unconsciously, Maya heaved a sigh of disappointment.  Then, the image of Richard holding her in his arms, kissing her hair and palm, produced goose bumps on her nape and sent butterflies in her stomach…something that she has never felt before…well at least not with a man. Not even with Richard as she recalled the many times that she was physically close to him before, when he found her limping along the road, when she demonstrated the mano with yummy kiss and bear hug, when she accidentally fell in his arms after arguing about her revealing summer dress and laughing at the ant and the elephant story, and other similar moments of closeness.  Thinking of what they have shared late evening, she wondered what lies ahead for the two of them.
          Maya opened her eyes and checked the time.  It was almost 2:00 o’clock in the morning and she still couldn’t sleep.  She realized that just like what she said earlier, it would be a very easy task for Richard to re-connect with his children. What concerns her, is how the two of them will connect now, especially after he became emotionally intimate with her earlier.  What they have now is definitely more than a simple employer-employee relationship.  What transpired earlier simply validated that their friendship has grown and moved up to a comfortable level because of trust and respect.  She is now worried that this friendship might be compromised with one wrong move.  
          After pondering on the matter, Maya finally came up with a resolution. “I guess I just have to act normal when he is around, and take from how he will be.  Action-reaction.” She sat up, got her phone and started typing a message.
 Maya’s Text: Gising ka pa ba?  I can’t sleep! L Please call me.
          Anxious to talk to a trusted friend, Maya calls Emman without waiting for his reply.
Emman: Naman Maya! Agad-agad? Kakatanggap ko nga lang ng text mo eh, ring ring na kasunod?!  Now-now lang ang mood? This can’t wait, ganun?
Maya: Emman sorry, hindi nga kasi ako makatulog eh.  Nastorbo ba kita?
Emman: Sa pagtulog? Hinding-hinde.  Pero sa ginagawa ko, korek na korek, naistorbo mo ako.  Nagbabalot kaya ako ng mga new books ko!  Bestie! getting ready na ako for law school! How about you?  Excited ka din kaya hindi ka pa makatulog?
Maya: Sa weekend pa ako bibili ng books and supplies eh.  Naku Emman, may dapat pa nga ako ayusin sa school eh.  Hindi ba may mga minor subjects pa ako naiwan dahil sa work before. Approved naman na ng school, yung schedule lang ang problema.  Shempre makikihalo ako sa ibang year level.
Emman: Kaya ka hindi makatulog? Naku Mayabelles!  Hindi kita masasamahan sa school this week kasi may last hirit na bakasyon ako before school starts! 
Maya: Okay lang yun, basta kausapin mo lang ako ngayon.
Emman: Aba, ano itich? Serious talk? 
Maya: Yes.  Anu kasi, si…si  S-sir Chief.
Emman: What about him? Were you fired? Anu na naman bang kakulitan ang ginawa mo at naging incredible hulk si incredible hunk?
Maya: No, I was not fired.  Iba, may nangyari.
Emman: Huwaaaaaat?!  Oh my pink jerbaks, may nangyari?!  Bumigay ka agad? As in, you gave your kyolating pangwakas?
Maya: Ano?!
Emman: Kyolating pangwakas! Rybalo! You know, that girl thingy down there that I will never have?!
Maya: Emman umayos ka nga. Walang ganung nangyari.
Emman: Ahh, so, ano, nag Lorna Tolentino lang kayo? 
Maya: Emman please, I can’t understand your language.
Emman: I mean, nag-lips to lips lang kayo? 
Maya: Emman wala ngang ganung nangyari. 
Emman: Eh anu ba nangyari at nagkaka ganyan ka? Anu? Pinagalitan ka ng bonggang bongga at napa-utot ka sa harap nya?
Maya: Emman!
Emman: Ano nga? Sinilipan ka? O Ikaw nanilip sa kanya at nahuli ka? Oh my gee, bilis kwento in details, go!
          Maya started narrating the events of the day and night.  Blow by blow, she recounted everything that happened from the time that she drove Abby to his office until he accompanied them to the LAS building parking lot, then from the time he entered the mansion just after the brown out until they parted ways when she received the phone call, leaving out the caller and details pertaining to the moments with the children and the Lim household.
Maya: Para kasing may naiba Emman eh.  May kaka-iba kaninang gabi. It felt like, parang ano, parang iba yung tingin nya, yung hawak nya. Basta iba, iba yung kinilos nya kanina. 
Emman: And?
Maya: And on my part, dati naman, I just find him good looking, admiring him for who he is.  I was even vocal about it, kahit sa kanya.  Pero ngayon parang may kilig na kasama. As in Emman, hindi ako makahinga sa kilig kanina nung nag moment sha.  Dati naman wala akong ganung pakiramdam.  It felt weird and wonderful at the same time.   Ano yun?
          Kasi kaninang morning, okay naman eh, lahat ng ganap wala lang, walang malisya.  Pinunasan ko pa ang bibig kasi may natuyong catsup. Tapos nung lunch sa Pancake House sinubuan ko pa kasi ayaw tikman yung tacos.  Pero wala lang, hindi nakaka conscious.  Then kanina sa veranda, parang bigla ako na-conscious after nyang mag moment. Sobra akong kinikilig kanina Emman.
Emman: Kinilig ka as in like twitter patted, like that?
Maya: Yes!
Emman: Tapos?
Maya: Tapos hindi ko matiis.  Grabe ang sumpong, lakas ng topak!  Krung krung Emman!  Nag iinarte, nakaka irita! Pero kahit inis na inis na ako, hindi ko matiis suyuin kahit wala naman akong kasalanan. Nakakaloka! 
Emman: Okay lang yan, may sumpong at topak sha, makulit at lukaret ka naman.  Si krung krung at prem prem, nagkatagpuan. Bagay na bagay kayo.
Maya: Emman naman eh, sa dami ng sinabi ko, that is your response?
Emman: Yes, kasi simple lang ang equation, 1+1 =2.  Like ka na nya more than tutor ni Abby at like mo na rin sha higit sa isang boss.  Lumevel up na kayo. Yun lang yun.   Krung krung and prem prem LIKE each other.
Maya: Like?  As in?  So you are saying you agree with my theory na crush ko na nga sha?  
Emman: Korek!  Dalaga ka na Bestie! So ano plano mo?
Maya: For now, wala dapat maka alam.  Sagwa Emman, we live under one roof tapos boss ko sha.  Pangit.  So I plan to just act normal, parang walang nangyari kanina.  From there kakapain ko na depende on how he is. I don’t want to assume. Baka naman feeling lang ako because nadala ako ng moment, tapos wrong assumption pala.
Emman: Tama, kasi nga naman Katipunera ka at hindi Assumptionista dba! Hahaha!  Basta i-carry mo ha. Mamya diyan aligaga ka when he is around.
Maya: Yan, yan pa ang isang dahilan why I can’t sleep.  Pano nga kung hindi ko kayanin at mahalata ako?Magugulo ang lahat.  Haaaaaaaay!     
Emman: Maya, anu bei? What have we learned ba in law school?  Once you take sides, fight for it with conviction.  Kung sa pula ka, ang puti palabasin mong pula. Kung sa puti ka, kahit pula paniwalain mo ang lahat na puti ito. So, panindigan mo na hindi mo crush kahit crush mo!
          In short, shudi pa olark lang na crush mo sha. Wag ipahalata na crush mo na sha.   Isipin mo na walang nangyari and the same pa rin just like before. Then, panindigan mo.  Act normal, with conviction and poise!
Maya: Oh my gulay Emman! Pano kami sa concert ni Vice Ganda sa Thursday?        
Emman: Anung pano? Didn’t you just hear what I said? Act normal with conviction.  Parang dati lang.  Girl, dalaga ka na kahit late bloomer pa.  So,  anu man yan, i-enjoy mo na lang. 
Maya: Okay, sabi ko nga, act normal with conviction and poise.  Anu na nga yun? Shudi na olark na crush ko na sha!
Emman: Tama! 
Maya: Action-reaction lang, I’ll take it from how he will be.  Kakapain ko na nga lang muna.
Emman: Tama uli! Pero Bestie ha, baka ibang kapaan mangyari tapos mamya when you call me, you’ll tell me na lucky home partner na kayo ha?
Maya: Did you just mean live-in? Emman crush pa lang to, hindi pa tayo sigurado, live-in agad? 
Emman: I’m just saying.  So, siguro naman,  pwede ka na mag sleeping beauty?
Maya: Salamat Emman ha.  You are really the best bestie in the world!  Good night!
Emman: Nighty nite! 
          Maya was already seated, stirring her coffee when Richard came down the stairs and approached the dining table for breakfast.  He smiled upon seeing Maya so quiet while waiting for them. He was toying with the idea of giving her a kiss on the forehead with good morning greetings when Maya suddenly looked up.
Richard: Good morning!
          Maya saw Richard’s dimpled face smiling at her.  She smiled back and noticed the lines under his eyes, indicating that he slept late.
Maya: Good morning Sir Chief!  Coffee?
Richard: Ipagtitimpla mo uli ako?
Maya: Why not? Ayaw nyo po?
Richard:  Nakakahiya lang kasi. That’s not part of your job.
Maya: Seriously Sir Chief? Nakakahiya po ba yun? I’ve made coffee for you several times already.  Besides, akala ko SUPERfriends na po tayo kasi, iniyakan nyo na nga po ako kagabi eh, mahihi –
Richard: Fine. Coffee please.
          Maya stood up and went to the breakfast nook, leaving Richard behind whose pursed lips caused his dimple to appear. 
Richard: Napaka alaskador mo talaga, Maya. Can we not talk about that crying thing please.
Maya: Sir Chief, hindi po ako nang aalaska. I was just saying.  And besides, wala naman pong ibang  tao dito eh.
Richard: Where is everybody? 
Maya: Pababa na rin po yung mga bata.  Si Abby sarap pa ng tulog.
          Maya came back holding the cup of coffee which she placed on the table.  “Here’s your coffee.”
          “Thank you.”  Richard said while smiling at her.  Before Maya could sit down, Abby rushed to her side and engulfed Maya’s waist in an embrace.
Maya:  Abby! Ang aga mo namang nagising baby!  Ah…kasi you selpt early last night nga pala.  Kiss mo na si Daddy tapos kain ka na.
          Abby obliged.  After he kissed Richard, she sat on the chair on the right of Maya, whose already busy putting food on Abby’s plate.  Richard’s eyes remained focus on Maya, noting how she takes care of Abby like a mother.  He did not miss the dark area beneath Maya’s eyes.  As Maya felt that Richard is watching her, she became conscious and struggled to act normal when she caught Richard staring at her.
Maya: W-why po?  May dumi po ba yung face ko? 
Richard: No, wala.  Yung mga mata mo kasi. They look tired.
          Richard sips his coffee and looks at Maya again.  “You must really be a coffee drinker to be able to come up with coffee this good. It’s perfect! Masarap talaga siya.  What do you put in it?” 
          Maya gave him a playful smile.  She answered while putting food on her plate, glancing at Richard every now and then.
Maya: Anu mang oras, anu mang araw, hilig ko ang mag coffee.  But NOT just any coffee. Gusto nyo malaman kung ano ang secret ko in making my coffee perfect? Krem Top!  For me, Krem Top is the only coffee creamer that makes my coffee taste richer…creamier!  Aroma pa lang, hhmmm…siguradong panalo! Bawat sandali talagang sumasarap! Lasapin ang sarap –
Richard: TV commercial yan dba? Memorize mo?!
          Richard looks at Maya with amusement while laughing. 
Maya: Hahaha, favorite TV Ad ko yun.  Ang gwapo ng actor, credible looking pa.  His character is so surreal.  
Richard: You’re really funny! You’re a natural comic, I must say!
Maya: What?  I’m not a comedy! I’m a lawyer to be!
          Richard laughs harder to the pleasure of Maya. She has not seen him in this mood especially in the morning.  Abby was also delighted as she watched her Dad and Maya.
Richard: Haaay Maya, I almost choked on my coffee kakatawa dito.
Maya: At least my answer has been prayed! Ay mail! Take 2… At least my prayer has been answered!  Hindi na kayo nakasimangot at the start of the day.  Nakangiti na, tumatawa pa! Nakakabata po yan ha, nakakatanggal pa ng pagod sa puyat.
Richard: Yeah, they say that laughter is the best medicine.
Maya: Pero hinay po sa tawa Sir Chief ha.  Laughter is the best medicine…but if you laugh for no reason…you will need medicine! 
          Richard’s face was flushed after laughing continuously.  He calmed down only after he was close to tears.
Richard: There is really no dull moment with you, Maya.
          Maya just smiled at him in response.  Richard noticed the dark area beneath her eyes again.  This time, he had to ask to satisfy his curiousity.   
Richard: Mukhang nagtelebabad ka kagabi ah. Inabot ka siguro ng madaling araw sa telepono. Kita sa mga mata mo eh, napuyat ka.
Maya: Huh? Ah…eh … kayo nga Sir Chief ang puyat oh!  Ang lalim kaya ng mga mata nyo.  Ayan o, dalawa linya ng eye bags nyo.  You worked last night noh? Kaya kayo napuyat. 
Richard: Ikaw kasi.
Maya: Ako po talaga?
Richard: Yes!  Didn’t  I tell you last night, mahihirapan akong makatulog ng dahil sa iyo.
Maya: Okay, at least po natapos nyo yung trabaho.  At least nabawasan ang work load nyo for today so, maaga kayo makaka uwi.  Chance yun to have bonding time with the kids!  
Richard: Yeah, you’re right.  Ang tagal naman nila Luke and Nikki, the food will get cold.
          When Richard stood up and tried to reach for the rice bowl, Maya immediately offered help.
Maya: Ay ako na lang po Sir Chief.  Ang layo po nung rice bowl eh, dami kasi nila hinain na pagkain oh.  Over, parang fiesta lang.
Richard: Okay, thank you Maya.
          Overwhelmed, Richard bit his lower lip as he tried to control his smile.  Maya scooped some rice and placed them on the plate of Richard,who got overwhelmed with Maya’s gestures.  “Ulam Sir Chief, what do you want?  Baka hindi mo rin maabot yung serving plate eh. Omelette? 
Richard: Sige, and sausages please.
           Richard’s weary eyes were surpassed by the smile on his face as he watched Maya attend to his breakfast, just like how a wife would do.  Highly twitter patted with the moment just like a teen ager talking to his crush, Richard  simply relished every second of it, just as his former nanny, who came in the kitchen minutes ago, was very pleased and touched with what she has just witnessed. She smiled and said a short prayer in her mind.
          Doris, who came with Manang Fe, couldn’t help but swoon over the interaction between her boss and Maya.
Doris: Jusme!  Manang Fe, nakaka kiliiiiiiiig!  Manang, tignan mo si Sir Richard oh. Ang mga mata, dati ang lungkot. Tignan mo ngayon, kahit halata mong pagod ang mata sa puyat,  kitang kita mo ang saya sa mukha nya. 
          Ang ngiti naman ni Sir oh, wagas!  At ang mga titig nya kay Ms. Maya, ang lagkeeet! Tignan mo silang tatlo, parang holy family!
Manang Fe: Bakit holy family?
Doris: Parang buo na po yung pamilya! May tatay, baby, at may nanay na rin!
Manang Fe: Whole ang family…wag ka na nga mag ingles hindi tayo magkaintindihan.
Doris:  Ow-my-G!  Kinikilig si Sir Richard!  Hindi nya maitago ang kilig nya kay Ms. Maya!    Waaaaaah! Sabi ko na eh, ka-abang abang na love story ito!
Manang Fe: Hayaan natin sila Doris.  Huwag natin pangunahan.  Masaya na ako na makita si Ricardo na masaya muli.  Napaka tagal na panahon ang lumipas.  Ngayon ko lamang uli nakitang ganyan kasaya ang mukha ni Ricardo. Kahit si Abigail! Sana magtuloy tuloy na itong saya nila.
          Napaka swerte natin kay Maya.  Natural na natural kasi sa kanya ang maging maalaga.  Sa mga bata, kay Ricardo at pati na sa atin. 
Doris: Mabuti na lang dumating sa mga Lim si Ms. Maya.  Ang saya saya na ng bahay na ito.
Manang Fe: Salamat sa Diyos.
          Richard continuously smiles while eating, glancing at Maya every now and then.  As usual, Maya kept their conversation going.
Maya: Mmmmmm….Sir Chief masarap yung baked beans.  Sarap siya i-pair sa sausages.  Try nyo po. 
Richard: Huwag na lang, pork and beans lang yan eh.
Maya: No, baked beans siya Sir Chief. Mas masarap po. Sige na try nyo na.
Richard: I don’t like.
Maya: Oh well,  I forgot, you refuse to go out of the box nga po pala. You don’t like to try – 
Richard: Fine. Pahingi na ng konti. You are such a bully!
Maya: I am not!  And if I am, I could not possibly bully a Richard Lim. 
Richard: Maya, you just don’t know what you do to m – .
          Maya cuts him off upon seeing the kids approach the table.  “Sir Chief ayan na mga bata!”   She slightly leans forward and whispered to Richard.  Start the conversation with them, and don’t forget to wish Nikki good luck.  It’s her audition day.”
          Luke and Nikki got excited to see their Dad at breakfast especially after what happened last night when he arrived.  To their surprise and delight, Richard looked behind and greeted his kids right away. 
Richard: Good morning Luke, Nikki!
Luke/Nikki: Good morning Dad!
Richard: What took you so long to get down here?  Baka ma-late kayo nyan sa school.
          Luke and Nikki glanced at Maya who winked at them, giving the signal to speak.
Luke: Hindi naman po Dad.  Na-calculate na po namin ni Kuya Joma kahapon yung travel time.  May allowance pa po sa time.
Nikki: Yes Dad.  Hindi pa po kami aabutan ng traffic.
Richard: You look prettier today, Nikki.  Ngayon yung auditions mo, right?
Nikki: Oh thank you Dad!  Uhm, yes po, mamaya po during lunch time yung auditions.  If I’m not called for my turn sa lunch, auditions will continue after class.  Kaya baka po ma-late po kami ng kaunti sa pag-uwi.
Richard: But how will you eat lunch then?
Nikki: Oh, Tita Maya got that covered Dad.  She’ll be sending sandwich para I can eat while waiting for my turn.
Maya: Ay, nandun na sa counter top sa kitchen oh.  May extra cookies din para may makutkot sa hapon, just in case.
Richard: Thank you, Maya. That is really so sweet of you.  Hindi ka na nakatulog ng maayos, napuyat na then ang aga mo pa gumusing.
Maya: Welcome.  Good luck Nikki ah.  Don’t forget yung piano piece.
Richard: Well, with how she sang last night, I don’t think she even needs a good luck.  But just the same, good luck Nikki.  I’m sure you will impress them.
Nikki: Aaaawwww, thank you Dad!  Thanks Tita Maya!
Richard: Uhm…Luke, siguro it would be better if you have driving lessons aready.
Luke: Really Dad?! 
Richard: Yes, you’ll be in college soon and there will be a time that you will have to drive the car yourself.
Luke: Wow!  Hindi ko po tatanggihan yan, Dad!  Thaaaaaank you po!
          Richard remembered what Maya said about Abby, so he called their attention to her. “Wow look at Abby eat!”  Everyone looked at Abby.  “Abby, you’re eating well.  Keep it up baby so you’ll grow fast.” Abby nodded with a big smile on her face to the satisfaction of Richard.  But what warmed his heart is what happened next.  Abby hugged Maya’s right arm and caressed her cheeks against it, just like a cat would cuddle.  Then, using her left hand, Maya cupped Abby’s face that was resting on her arm then kissed Abby’s head.
          Richard felt happy that he had conversation with his kids.  He noticed that Maya was just listening, ready to give in her share when needed.  He felt relieved that it went well, more than what he expected and hoped for.  He looked at Maya.  He smiled and gave her a nod, as if telling her thank you. Maya acknowledged him with the same gestures. Realizing that they understand each other even with just an eye contact, Richard took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of gratitude and satisfaction.
          Richard reached LAS in a very good mood.  He appreciated the fact that he had breakfast with his kids, and yet still made it on time.  What he needed after all, was time management, something that he always practised in the office, but overlooked to apply at home.
Liza: Good morning, Sir!
Richard: Good morning! Kindly check your e-mail.  I sent you the final MOAs for signing later.  Just make sure you print at least two extra sets for our files.
Liza: Okay, I’ll do that now.
          As expected, Liza noticed the good mood of his boss and guessed that someone might be the reason.  She has just opened her email account when the phone beside her started to ring.
Liza: Lim Aviation Services, good morning!
Maya: Hello Liza! Quiet ka lang please, this is Maya.
Liza: Hey!  I was just thinking of you…
Maya: Huh? Bakit? Ay teka, dumating na ba si SC?
Liza: SC? Ah si Sir Chief mo.  Yeah, nandito na si Chief.   Dumating kani-kanina lang.
Maya: Haaay, that’s good to hear.  Hindi kasi naka alis ng maaga, sumabay mag breakfast sa amin ng mga bata. I was worried na ma-late. Baka ako sisihin,  you know…Hahaha!
Liza: Ahhh…is that so?  Kaya pala.  Sabi ko na eh.  You’re the reason why ang ganda ng mood ni Chief, pasipol sipol na naman.
Maya: Ay Liza, ang saya sa breakfast kanina! Si Sir Chief ha, tawa ng tawa. Tapos sarap ng kwentuhan nila ng mga bata. 
Liza: Oh I’m sure, may kinalaman ka dun.
Maya: Hindi naman, I just gave him a little push para mag loosen up sa mga bata.  Actually, that is the reason why I called you nga pala.  Pwede ka ba namin i-kutchaba ng mga bata?
Liza:  Of course!  Just make sure na hindi ako masesesante ha. Anu ba yun?
Maya: Oh I’m sure, hindi ka kayang sisantehen ni Sir Chief!  Hahaha!
          Anyway, eh kasi diba you’re a very trusted friend and employee ni Sir Chief. Parang si Atty. Ryan!  So, maniniwala yun sa ‘yo. Ma-convince mo lang siya that he has a meeting with someone, like a possible client, maybe a CEO of an airline?  Basta yung hindi nya matatanggihan.  Bahala ka na.  Kayang-kaya mo na yun, pero ang challenge sa iyo, is to make him go to that business meeting this Sunday mga 4 or 5 in the afternoon!
Liza: What? Why Sunday? For sure magrereklamo si Sir!
Maya: It’s father’s day dba?  Okay sana i-surprise para hindi na maka kontra yun.  Kami na bahala sa reservation kung saang resto.
Liza: Naku, baka mahirapan ka na nyan. I’m sure fully book na most ng restaurants in Metro Manila kasi nga Father’s Day.  You want ako na rin gumawa nun?  I’ll tap my network.
Maya: Really? Oh my gas Liza! Super thank you!  Sige, bahala ka na, anyway mas kabisado mo naman yang kaibigan mo eh.
Liza: Hahaha! I really don’t mine Maya!  I’m just so glad, mukhang mapapadalas na maganda mood ni Chief.  Dati, ang serious at sungit lagi, bilis talaga unimit ng ulo nya.  Lately, kalma!  Pasipol sipol pa kanina.
Maya: You know what, if matuloy yung Sunday, baka magtuloy tuloy na yang good moods ni Sir Chief.  Kulang lang ng bonding moments with the kids.  Kaya sana magawan mo ng way. Pleeease?
Liza: Of course!
Maya: Talaga ha. Sige na, I won’t hold you for long.  Thanks Liza, text text na lang.
Liza: Okay, bye!
Richard: Liza…

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