Please Be My Legal Wife – part 15

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Author : AttyMayiVR
PREVIOUSLY on Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 14
Maya: Talaga ha. Sige na, I won’t hold you for long.  Thanks Liza, text text na lang.
Liza: Okay, bye!
Richard: Liza…
Liza: Sir?!  Kanina pa kayo diyan?
Richard: No. Why do you sound so surprise?
Liza: Kasi baka kanina pa pala kayo diyan at hindi ko kayo naririnig. You needed something, Sir?
Richard: It’s okay Liza.  I’m just letting you know that I need to be somewhere on Thursday afternoon, and I’ll be leaving early.  So, please make sure everything is covered for Thursday afternoon.  Cancel if there is a need to make it free.
          Surprised with another change in his boss, Liza just nodded with raised eyebrows and a meaningful smile.
Richard: What?
Liza: Nothing, Sir.  It’s just that you’ve never gone “somewhere” na hindi nyo pinadaan sa akin so I can log the details in my schedule book.  Even yung PTA sa school ng mga bata,  dental appointments, pati na mga business meeting slash dinner or lunch date with women kasali. At ako lahat ang nag aasikaso. THAT activity on Thursday is NOT in my schedule book.  And you have not given any details too. It’s a diversion from your usual.
Richard: So?
          Liza leaned a little to whisper.
Liza: It means you are up to something momentous and significant!  Chief, are you finally going on a special date?
          Richard smiled upon hearing Liza say “date” then shook his head because of why and how he ended up going out with Maya on Thursday. Emman couldn’t make it as originally planned. 
Richard:  It’s not a date. Well… technically…what I mean is…never mind!
Liza: Okay na Chief! I’ll just keep your Thursday afternoon free!
Richard: Thanks Liza!
          Liza saw the opportunity to drop the topic of a business meeting for Maya and the kids.  So she wasted no time.
Liza: Wait, Sir! That’s this Thursday, right?
Richard:  Yes. May problem ba?
Liza: Well, I received a call just a while ago, someone from Hongkong Air.  I think they wanted to set a meeting with you this Thursday for possible contract of service.
Richard:  Really?  That’s good! Who did you say is the caller from HKA?
Liza: Ay, naputol yung call eh, I’m still waiting for them to call again.
Richard:  Okay then, just don’t set the meeting this Thursday.
Liza: Of course, Sir!
          Richard went back to his office and continued with the signing of documents piled on his table.  He came across a voucher for payment to a company named Sunflower Inc. for laundry services of the white overalls used by the engineers and technical staff of LAS.  He remembered Maya with the thought of the yellow sunflowers.  So, he stood up and hurriedly went back to Liza’s work station.
Richard:  Liza.
Liza: Sir?
Richard:  Uhm…ah…I need you to do something for me.  Can you please order some sunflowers for Thursday.
          Liza’s jaw dropped but her face revealed clearly how delighted and excited she was.
Liza: Woah! Chief, akala ko ba it’s not a date?!
          Richard did not say more but pursed his lips to control his smile, causing his dimple to show.
Richard:  Make it a dozen please.
Liza: Awww, that is so sweet! Ay, sorry Chief. Kinikilig lang ako, idea pa lang. 
          Haay, I’m sure she’s not Stephanie. I just hope she’s not Catherine or Atty. Ghie, or anyone of those women you’ve da – I mean, you’ve gone out with in the past, business or otherwise. Lalo na yung Marissa!  Nuknukan ng sama ng ugali, pinatulan yung inaanak ko!  Mabuti na lang matapang si Nikki!
Richard:  Don’t worry Liza, she’s not. 
Liza:  Good!
Richard:  And for the record, I did not date anyone of them.  As far as I’m concerened those were purely business related.
Liza:  Whatever Chief!  As far as THEY are concerned, business meeting slash dinner date is the same as having gone out with you.
Richard: Then let them think that way.  It doesn’t matter to me.  Please make sure that the flowers are here by 12:00 noon Thursday.
Liza: Certainly! Uhmm…what about dinner?  Do you have reservations already? Would you like me to book you for dinner “somewhere”?
Richard:  Ahhh…I really don’t know our schedule …so… well what I’m sure of is that we’ll be in the area of CCP.  
Liza: CCP as in Cultural Center of the Philippines?
Richard:  Yes, so maybe you can check out the nearby establishments.
Liza: Okay… going “somewhere” on short notice … cancel out appointments … sunflowers … CCP… hmmm…so unconventional of you … significant Thursday must be really something else…
          While Liza was thinking aloud, busy absorbing everything, Richard remembered that Maya accuses him of refusing to get out of the box.  So, he thought of showing her that he can do unconventional things too.
Richard: I have an idea, maybe you can inquire from Sofitel until what time they serve sa Sunset Bar, and if it’s necessary to make reservations, bahala ka na.  Most likely late dinner na at around 9:00.
Liza: Sunset Bar?  That’s in the pool side, buffet in open space.
Richard: Yes, that’s the one.
Liza: Are you sure you don’t want it in Spiral instead?  Or somewhere more cozy?
Richard: No.  That would be typical me.  I want another diviation from the usual and try something unexpected of me.
Liza: Sure, Sir! Leave it to me!
Richard: Thanks again, Liza. 
          Richard worked as usual but this time, with a beaming face.  He felt complete and contended, looking forward to the days ahead.  He was reviewing the hard copy of the MOAs when Liza called his attention.
Liza: Sir! Minerva said your lunch is ready.  Atty. Ryan just arrived and will be joining you in a while. MOA signing is at 2:30.
Richard: Okay, thanks Liza.
          Richard fished out his phone from his pocket and called Maya but she was not picking up.  So, he called the mansion instead.
Richard: Manang Fe, kamusta po diyan?
Manang Fe: Okay naman, Ricardo.  Naka pananghali na kami. Maagang nagutom si Abby eh.
Richard: Ang gana po nya kumain kanina sa breakfast.   
Manang Fe: Oo, basta kasabay si Maya, magana kumain ang batang yun.  Nakabuntot na naman kay Maya.  Nandun sila sa labas.
Richard: Sa labas, Manang?
Manang Fe: Dumaan kasi si Atty. James, pero nagmamadali, nadinig ko may bista pa daw sa Taytay. Sumaglit lang daw dito at on the way naman.
Richard: Sige po, Manang. Bahala na kayo diyan.   
          Richard ended the call bothered, thinking what could be James’ real intention for Maya.  He is now conscious that James may be visiting Maya every now and then when he goes to the Taytay Court for as long as the trial of the case he is handling is ongoing. 
          It became a working lunch for Richard and Ryan as they discussed the details of the MOAs that will be signed later in the afternoon. After lunch, Ryan asked to be excused so he can rest and freshen up in time for the MOA signing.  He went to his office, one that was specially designated only for him, and which he uses everytime he is in LAS.  It was almost 2:00 in the afternoon and Richard received a text message.
Maya’s text:  Sir Chief, I wasn’t able to answer your call kanina.  Bakit po?   I’ll go out in a while to buy my law books and school supplies. Abby is now taking a nap.
Richard’s text:  K.
Maya:  Huh?  K lang ang sagot?  Sungit sigurado nito ngayon. Umatake na naman pagka krung krung! Teka nga.
          Richard’s phone made an alert tone, so he  swiped the screen and checked the incoming message.  It was at this time that Liza came in to get the hard copy of the MOA which Richard and Ryan reviewed over lunch. 
          Richard was irked by the message and unconsciously smacked down his mobile phone on the table.
Liza:  Is there any problem, Sir?
Richard:  Nothing. 
Liza:  Okay, ready in about 30 minutes?
Richard:  Yes.  Uhm…Liza?
Liza:  Yes, Sir?
Richard:  How do you read a text message that is just letter? All caps? 
Liza:  What do you mean? Like K?
Richard:  Yes. 
Liza:  Well if it’s separated by a space, you usually read it in Filipino.  Like K would be ka, B would be ba. If magkadikit yung KB it would be kaba.  On the other hand if its other letters not like BC, yo read it as is to sound as busy.
          Would you mind if I see the message?
          Richard felt hesistant at first but felt helpless so he showed the message to Liza, who immediately smiled with controlled giggle upon seeing the message.
Liza:  Eh kasi naman Chief, sinimulan mo sa text na K.  You sounded like you’re annoyed when you sent the text. Kaya ayan ang sagot.  Cute talaga ni Maya!
Richard:  I sounded annoyed? 
Liza:  Well yes.  Anyway, just read the letters just how you’ll read Filipino alphabet, so B is ba K is ka W is wa etc.
          Richard went back to the message and read it.
Maya’s text:  Bored? B  K  W  L  K  M  G  W,  P  R  M  S  Y  K,  T  W  K.  H  H  H!  T  W  K  P.   H  H  H!   O,  T  M  N,  P  R  K  N  T  NG! Weeeeeee. J
Richard’s text:  Okay Maya, ingat ka sa pag drive.
Maya’s text:  Ayan, hindi na masungit.  Thank you! J
Richard’s text:  You’re welcome, Maya. J
          It was already a little past 3:00 in the afternoon when the MOA signing ended.  Back in his office, Richard thought about what Ryan said earlier at lunch, that classes in law school usually end in the evening.  
          If that is the situation, then it means Maya might not be eating dinner with them, and he’ll have less time with her.  He suddenly felt the urge of going home, so he can take advantage of the opportunity and secretly enjoy the time that she is in his house.  He pressed the intercom and called for Liza.  In a few seconds, she came in.
Richard: Liza, I only had about 3 hours of sleep last night and I’m really tired.  I’ll go home early.  Just send me the periodic reports, sa bahay ko na aralin.
Liza: Then why don’t you just go home and rest? Chief, you are the President and CEO of LAS of which you own.  Nobody would question if you go home early, eh nagwo-work ka rin naman hangang bahay.    Well…magtataka lang siguro mga tao kasi hindi lang sila sanay. Pero for sure they’ll be happy about it kasi wala ring overtime for some of them, and that includes me!
Richard: Okay, I’ll leave now, but I still want to bring home the periodic reports with me. 
Liza: Okay, as I said, you’re the boss!  So, do you want the periodic reports of all the departments?
Richard: Yes, please. Ikaw rin, umuwi ka na. Bilinan mo na lang mga tao mo to stay until 5:00 p.m. and just make sure Minerva can call you anytime if needed.
Liza: Wow! I like that Chief!  Daming bago sa ‘yo ha.  I wonder who this significant Thursday is. I need to thank her for what she has done to you.  Matanong nga inaanak ko.
Richard: No. Huwag mo na idamay si Nikki.  You’ll find out later anyway.  We’ve known each other for so long, para na tayong magkapatid. Wala naman akong maitago sa iyo eh.  You’re just like Tito Ramon.  I really miss your Dad, Liza.  He was like a father to me. 
Liza: Okay, fine.  I’ll just wait until I discover.
          When Richard got home, he noticed Maya’s car parked at the far end of the garage.  Anxious to see his kids and Maya, Richard hurriedly went inside the mansion where he was greeted by Manang Fe, Doris and Abby.
Richard: Hi Abby! 
          Abby rushed to her Daddy and gave him a hug.  Richard hugged her back and kissed her forehead.
Doris: Naku Sir, malagkit ang mukha ni Abby. Kumakain po kasi ng turon na niluto ni Ma’am Maya para sa kanya eh.
Richard: It’s okay, Doris.  Sige na baby, finish your snack first.  I’ll join you after I change my clothes.
Manang Fe: Maaga ka ata ngayon, Ricardo. 
Richard: We’re done with the most important event of the day so I decided to go home. Mabigat na po yung mga mata ko eh, halos tatlong oras lang ang tulog ko kagabi at ang dami pang binasa sa office kanina.
Manang Fe: Mag pahinga ka na muna. Mamaya mo na lang samahan si Abby. 
Richard: Sige po.  San po sina Luke?
Manang Fe: Parating na mga yun maya-maya.  Sinundo na ni Joma.
          Richard assumed that Maya was in her room resting.  After all, he knew that she barely slept herself because she was still on the phone at 2:00 in the morning and was already at the dining table before 6:00 a.m.  So, he followed what Manang Fe told him.  He changed his clothes and took a nap.
          By the time he woke up, it was already past 7:00 in the evening.  He immediately went out of his room and saw Manang Fe coming from the hallway. 
Manang Fe: Ang sarap ng tulog mo, hindi na kita ginising.  Nauna na kumain mga bata.  Nakatulog na rin si Abby.  Sina Nikki at Luke nandiyan na sa mga kwarto nila gumagawa ng mga assignments.  Halika na sa baba para kumain.
Richard: Sige po Manang, mauna na kayo, silipin ko lang po mga bata.
Manang Fe: Sha sige.
          Richard noticed that the table was set for only one person when he reached the dining table. 
Richard: Ako na lang po ba ang hindi kumakain?
Manang Fe: Oo eh. Dito na lang muna ako sa mesa para may kasama ka.
          Richard starts eating his dinner.  He didn’t want to be obvious that he’s looking for Maya, so he deferred asking about her. 
Richard: May budget pa po ba?
Manang Fe: Oo naman Ricardo.  May pera pa sa akin.  May gusto ka ipabibili?
Richard: Gusto ko po sana ipa-linis at ipa-pintura yung basketball court para kay Luke.  Tawag na lang kayo ng gagawa.
Manang Fe: Bakit pa, nandiyan naman si Joma.  Kaya na nya yun.  Mga gamit na lang ang bilhin. 
Richard: Sige po, kayo na bahala, mag-iwan na lang ako pambili ng pintura.
Manang Fe: Sige, kausapin ko lang sandali si Joma.
          When Manang Fe came back, Richard was almost finished with his dinner.
Richard: Ano pong sabi ni Joma?
Manang Fe: Ito, gumawa ng listahan ng mga kakailanganin.  Estimate lang ang presyo na nilagay nya, pero tignan daw nya sa hardware bukas. 
Richard: Okay po.  Sabihan nyo lang ako para ma-ibigay ko sa inyo ang pera.   Ah, Manang, si Maya po ba kanina pa nagpapahinga?
Manang Fe: Wala pa nga eh.
Richard: What?! Where is she? Lumabas ba uli?  I saw her car parked outside when I came home.
Manang Fe: Paalis na kanina ng bigla tumawag si Atty. James sa kanya.  Wala pang ilang minuto, dumating siya at sinamahan si Maya sa bookstore, kaya hindi na nagdala ng sasakyan si Maya.
Richard: Eh bakit daw wala pa siya?
Manang Fe: Hindi pa nga natawag mula kanina eh.   Tumawag si Nikki sa kanya kaninang mga ala singko, ang dinig ko, nasa Cubao pa sila ni Atty. James. Baka naman padating na rin yun.
          Richard was very disappointed with the turn of events.  All the while he thought Maya was home resting.  He was not happy with the information that Maya was with James all along since early afternoon.   He excused himself to bury himself with work.
Richard: Sa office po muna ako, may mga dapat po akong araling papeles.
Manang Fe: Sige, dalhan kita ng kape.
Richard: Salamat po.
          Inside his home office, Richard was looking at the periodic reports of LAS but his mind was actually not into it.   He kept checking his phone while impatiently waiting for any text message or phone call from Maya.   As his wrath worsened, he carelessly put back his phone on the table surprising Manang Fe who entered the room with a cup of coffee.
Manang Fe: Ricardo! Bakit bigla ang init ng ulo mo?
Richard: Wala po.
Manang Fe: Ipagpatuloy mo na lang ang pahinga sa taas kung ganyan na rin lang na iinit ang ulo mo sa mga papeles na iyan.
Richard: Pasensha na po.  Sige na po, magpahinga na kayo.
Manang Fe: Sige, wala pa kasi si Maya eh.
Richard: Wala pa rin tawag o text? Tinanong nyo na po ba sina Doris at Sabel?
Manang Fe: Wala rin text sa kanila, kahit kina Nikki. Baka maya-maya nandiyan na. Mag a-alas otso pa lang naman.  Baka kumain na muna bago bumalik dito.
          Careful not to sound disrespectful, Richard dismissed Manang Fe with a frowning face.
Richard: Sige na po, magpahinga na kayo at ako na po bahala.
Manang Fe: Ricardo, huwag mong pagagalitan si Maya at hintayin mo ang paliwanang baka may dahilan.  Huwag mo dadaainin sa init ng ulo. Huwag kang padalos-dalos sa salita.
          It has only been about 10 minutes since Manang Fe left him, but for Richard’s patience, which has worn off, it’s like it he has been waiting for  hours. Consequently, when his phone rang, he immediately answered.
Richard: Maya! Where are you and bakit ngayon ka lang tumawag?  Ni text man lang wala! What time are you coming home, anyway?
Raffi: Naman, pati sa akin ang sungit mo!  I was the one who called last time, so it’s your turn to call me, but you reneged on that.  Ikaw ang nakalimot tumawag Richard Lim!
Richard: Raffi! Sorry ‘bout that. How are you?
Raffi: I’m okay.  Ikaw itong mukhang hindi.  Bakit ba ang init ng ulo mo?
Richard: Yung tutor kasi ni Abby, she went out and has not come back.  Kani –
Raffi: Wait!  Abby already has a new tutor?
Richard: Yes! She started last May.
Raffi: And you did not tell me about it? Ang sama mo!  
Richard: Sorry!  You remember the time I heard Abby talk? 
Raffi: Aha. She said something about a bird, right? 
Richard: Actually Abby was not referring to a bird when she repeatedly said Maya.
Raffi: Oh yeah! Maya nga pala yung sinasabi nya. So, what about it?
Richard: Well, Maya is a person.  She’s actually the FA who calmed Abby down and took care of the kids when they flew to Hongkong as unaccompanied minors.  She’s the same Maya who is Abby’s tutor now.
Raffi: What?! My goodness Chard, I’m having goose bumps!  Nakaka kilabot naman yan.  Are you sure?  You’re serious, right?
Richard: I had the same reaction when I came up with that realization.  She was one of the applicants for Abby’s tutor then.  Raffi, you should have seen how she interacted with Abby during her interview sa LAS.
          And you know, since she started and moved in with us last May, Abby gets better everyday.
Raffi: Eh yun naman pala eh, why did you sound so upset earlier?  If she’s your help with Abby, then bakit mo sinisigawan?  Baka layasan ka nyan.
Richard: But just like the others, she is still bound by house rules.  Umalis, hindi pa bumabalik up to now.
Raffi: Nag paalam ba?
Richard: She just texted na lalabas siya.  Then I realized that she didn’t actually ask permission after all.  She was just informing me na lalabas siya.  Hindi niya rin sinabi that she’s going out on a date.
Raffi: And that’s what you are upset about?
Richard: Yes!  I mean, no! Gabi na kasi at hindi pa bumabalik, hindi mo makontak at ni text wala. Tsk…so inconsiderate of her. Kanina pa hinahanap ni Abby. 
Raffi: Baka naman low batt yung phone or something. And Chard, don’t you think it’s still early?  It’s only a little past 8:00  there.
Richard: This is not the first time that this has happened and we’ve talked about it already.  Kahit ma low batt pa, may land line phone naman everywhere. She should make efforts to inform us where she is, para hindi nag aalala mga tao dito. 
          Matigas lang talaga ang ulo.  She is annoyingly loud, a well-honed alaskador and a seasoned bully! Sometimes she even gets exaggeratedly too positive about everything.  She is  infuriatingly stubborn, and extremely importunate – nuknukan ng kulit! 
Raffi: In other words, she’s like a nuisance that you wouldn’t like to deal with but would rather abate immediately instead?
Richard: Yes! 
Raffi: So you don’t like her? 
Richard: Of course I like her, kaya nga she was the one I hired.  She might be my only hope for Abby.  As I have said, Abby has been doing well since Maya came.
Raffi: But she reached the end of the line, right? Are you firing her?  Chard, don’t you think you are being unreasonable?
Richard: Raffi, I didn’t say anything about firing her.  Nakaka init lang talaga siya ng ulo.  Nakaka pikon na kasi minsan yung kakulitan at pagiging spontaneous nya. But you know that’s the irony of it.  Kahit sobrang kulit, when she goes home on weekends, everybody seems to miss her.
          Raffi suddenly got curious and so she asked.
Raffi: Everybody?
Richard: Yes!
          With that declaration, she makes further inquiry.
Raffi: Including you?
          Richard evades the question and made another declaration instead. 
Richard: Lalo na si Nikki and Abby.  Suprisingly, she gets along well with Nikki.
          The evasion did not escape Raffi’s attention so, she leads him into the conversation that she wanted.
Raffi: Well she must be really really nice and lovable for Nikki to like her and for EVERYBODY to miss her when she’s not around!
Richard: Oh yes she can be really adorable.  Sometimes she gets irresistibly charming.  Hindi ka maka-hindi.  At dadaanin ka pa sa pagpapatawa.  She is naturally funny!  What’s more, despite the connections of her family, she is righteous and grounded.  Maya is unquestionably smart and witty –
Raffi: … and she’s probably very beautiful too –
Richard: Yes Raffi, inside and out.  I must admit Raffi, she is an amazing woman because she is undeniably selfless, innately caring and sweet. Ang lakas pa ng fighting spirit! She is positively assiduous and contagiously energetic. Pati si Manang Fe,  nahahawa sa kaniya. Did I mention that she is uniquely cariñosa? She can calm me – …
Raffi:…and… possibly sexy too?
Richard: Well, she probably has the best pair of legs I have seen so far.
Raffi: Whoooa!  How did you know? Chard, you are such a gentleman, nagbago ka na ba?
Richard: Silly!  As I’ve said she is so spontaneous. On her first night here, bigla na lang nagtanggal ng dress at tumalon sa pool just wearing her nude color undies!  Kaya ko nakita.
Raffi: Ahhh….so I get it. 
Richard: What?
Raffi: You don’t just like her.  You LIKE her.  As in LIKE her?
Richard: Are you insinuating that I have a crush on her? I must admit, we have established friendship beyond employment, and I am quite pleased about it.  But even so, I could never do something against policies, even the unwritten ones. You know me. 
Raffi: Exactly!  I know you so well Richard Robert Tan Lim! And if I could just see you right now, I could even say that you are falling in love with Abby’s tutor!  And it’s perfectly alright.  Some things change Chard.  People change.  Kaya ka nagkakaganyan.  Nagseselos ka lang kasi she went out on a date pala.
Richard: That’s ridiculous!
Raffi: And why so?  It’s normal to be jealous when you like someone.  Lalo ka na.  You’re the jealous type!  Hahaha! 
Richard: Stop it Raffi!
Raffi: Chard, tanung lang kita, would you be feeling that way, I mean iinit pa rin ba ulo mo if kunwari, she informed you that she was going out on a date and she called or texted every now and then to inform you where she is and what time she’ll be coming home?
Richard: What is your point?
Raffi: You said mainit ulo mo, you’re upset kasi umalis kanina pa at hindi pa bumabalik, ni text or tawag wala.  So, if the opposite happened, meaning nagsabi nga, then nag text at tumawag to inform nga her whereabouts and the time she’ll be home,  do you think magagalit ka ng ganyan?  If your answer is yes, then nagseselos ka lang nga, kaya ka upset. 
Richard: No!
Raffi: Yeah right!   Haay Chard, you’re the only one who  knows what’s in your heart.  Sige, DND for now. I understand.  When you’re ready to talk about it, call me.  Ako ang tumawag ngayon, so clearly, it’s your turn to call me again. Okay?    
Richard: DND?  What do you mean by that?
Raffi: Hahaha!  I’ll tell you next time pag tumawag ka.
Richard: Raffi!
Raffi: Oh, Charlie’s here!  I have to go Chard,  sige DND lang muna!  Mwah!  Kisses to the kids too!
          Richard felt a little relieved that Raffi called.  He was somehow pacified and as his conversation with Raffi diverted his anger that was almost at its highest peak. 
          Immediately after Raffi ended the call, Richard stood up and went to the front door, looked through the glass panel to see if any car is passing by.  He paced back and forth from the front door to the entrance of his office, trying to calm himself down as he thought about what Raffi said.  Then he saw bright lights flashed at the gate followed by the sound of a car engine.  So, he went back to his office and watched from his window.  There he saw the service gate open and saw Maya walked inside carrying a package.  She was followed by James who was carrying a big eco-bag filled with brown paper bags.  
Maya: Sir James, diyan na lang yan, ako na bahala, I’ll ask help inside. 
James: Are you sure?  I can carry these inside for you. 
Maya: Yes, I’ll manage.  Sige na, malayo ka pa.  Gagabihin ka na. Thank you uli sa pag-sama ha.  Ginawa kitang driver at kargador! Nakakahiya, na-abala ka pa tuloy.
James: No, I should thank you.  At least nakalabas tayo and we were able to catch up.  
Maya: Onga noh? Dami nga natin napagkwentuhan eh.  Maiingit si Emman nyan.
James: Then let’s go out again.  Isama natin si Emman.  Kaya lang simula na ng klase, I know you’ll be very busy. 
Maya: Malay natin, matuloy pa rin ang teaching job mo sa school. So we’ll see each other more often.
James: Yeah, nothing is final yet. Okay, I’ll go ahead. Good night!
          With the fresh and impudent attitude of James, as well as his Spanish ancestries,  Richard knew that James will give Maya a hug and the traditional meso-beso.  He felt peeved just the thought of it, as jealousy already consumed him without even realizing it.
          So without waiting for that moment, he returned to his seat and went back to the periodic reports, while exerting so much effort to concentrate and contain his rising temper.   As expected, Maya came a few moments later, clutching on to her bag and a brown package.  As she passed by the home office, she saw Richard reading and at once, she acknowleged him with full gusto.
Maya: Good evening Sir Chief!
          Without moving his head, Richard took a deep breath then looked at Maya.  His flushed face and wrathful eyes gave away his enraged state, causing Maya’s enthusiasm and sincere smile to fade away.   This time, it was Maya who took a deep breath and felt pain deep inside.  She bowed down and braced herself for all possibilities, then spoke once more.
Maya: Sige po, mauna na po ako.Excuse me po.
When Maya turned and started to walk away, Richard lost his control.  He stood up and bellowed at Maya. 
Richard: So, that’s it? You act as if it’s nothing? You seem so nonchalant! How dare you Maya!
          Maya stopped and faced Richard.



12 thoughts on “Please Be My Legal Wife – part 15

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