Restless – Chapter 17

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 16.

Author: Ricci 

Author’s Note: No excuse for taking so long to post this…  just that the busyness of work has a way of making me stay away from my writing.  Cheers 😀


Chapter 17 – Pearl Earring

They arrived in Tokyo last night, and today was her day off. If not for her grumbling stomach, she wouldn’t have bothered to get up, but then realized she doesn’t want to waste a perfectly good day.

She headed at the reception floor lobby with a plan to get a quick late lunch, after which lounge at the pool area, and explore later. She never gets tired of Tokyo even though she’d been here several times.

“Maya Dela Rosa san, Ohayo gozaimasu. There’s a package for you here.” She heard the hotel staff greeted and called on her when she came out of the lift, Monday afternoon.

She went to the reception, and thanked the staff in nihonggo with a usual polite bow. By now, the hotel staffs are now familiar with them as guest for they usually stay in this same hotel during their scheduled flight.

Maya looked at the pretty paper bag with her name on it but without any information of the sender. She slowly opened the package, and saw a sort of jewelry box inside. “I wonder who sent this?” She muttered as she opened the box.

Maya drew a deep breath; her eyes widened for nothing prepared her for what she saw. In the box sits the other half of her pearl earring. She was stunned, and amazed that after a year, her lost earring found its way home.

She hurriedly took the folded note that was tucked away inside the box, and quietly read it.

“It was harder than I thought to pretend that I didn’t know you a year ago. – Richard”

Oh my God! How is it possible?” She whispered, breathing too fast as she lurched in a spasm of astonishment, and wondered if fate was playing a game with her. There’s only one Richard that she knows of, and she left him in Baguio yesterday.

She could not breathe, couldn’t move – a threat of tear stung the back of her eyes as a lump of emotion surge in her heart for the man she fell deeply in love, but couldn’t have.

Somehow, Maya knows that he’s here. She let her eyes drift past the crowd in the lobby, looking from side to side with wildly searching gaze while the throb of her own heartbeat muffled the crowd’s noise…until…her heart gave a leap, missed a beat as her gaze touched a pair of penetrating eyes looking straight into hers. Richard… in the crowd, his left hand shoved into his pants pocket. He stood there patiently, his gaze intent, ensnaring her with a steady gaze.

Paralyzed, she saw a glimmer of emotion in his eyes looking at her in a way he had never looked at her before as if he was humbly offering himself to her, as if he loves her… It can’t be.

Dragging air into her constricted lungs, she lowered her eyes from him. He’s indeed here. He followed her all the way from Baguio, she thought wildly. The same man who found her earring was, impossibly, “Richard”, the man who had held and kissed her yesterday.

“Richard –“ Her heart screamed out, a mere whisper, and yet it seemed to resound across the crowd as if beckoning him to come to her.

Richard couldn’t bring himself to stay far away from her any longer. He strolled towards her, and felt that the distance of going to her seems so far as he wend his way amidst crowd in the lobby until he was standing only an inch across her.

“I’m crazy about you.”

The shattering emotion of the words sent a jolting tremor up Maya’s spine. She swayed a little, her knees locked and shaking. She scarcely recognized his voice; it was raw with emotion, a yearning whisper.

Richard waited as seconds ticked by, and made no move to touch her. He saw her stiffened, and for one moment, feared that she’ll flung back his declaration to his face but then she took an imperceptible step forward, and very lightly, leaned her bent head on his chest. His breath froze at the exquisite pleasure of her body close to him. He placed his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him.

Maya lifted her hands and spread her fingers over his pounding heart and stood quietly in his embrace as if being in his arms was the only place in the world she wished to be.

Richard took an unsteady breath, and drew back slightly to look at her. Her head bent, eyes lowered, hidden from him, until he tipped her chin up to face him. Finally, he saw her eyes lifted to his, and the raw emotion in their melting depths nearly buckled his knees. He wanted to drown himself into her eyes, to carry her somewhere private, and kiss her senseless. Even with the unspoken words, he knew – she loves him.

With a joyous sigh of relief, he tightened his hold on her, possessively molding her body into his and placed a kiss on the side of her neck. He would have done more if they’re not in a public place, and so with much reluctance, he released her, and instead took her hand, and interlaced his fingers with hers.

“Richard –“ Maya finally found her voice, her upturned face overwhelmed and at the same time, mirroring puzzlement. “The package … how did you happen to have my earring from a year ago?”

“Maya. –“ He began with mischief sparkled in his eyes. “Later… in private. I just came in all the way from Baguio, and haven’t had a decent sleep. Would you mind if we take a nap first, and talk later.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea – you might take advantage.” Maya told him with a glint in her eyes

“Don’t you trust me yet? I was a good boy the last time we slept together.”

Maya can’t help but smile. “You stole a kiss while I was asleep.”

“I can’t help myself when I’m with you. And besides, you took advantage too by kissing me back.”

“Then you sleep in your room, and I’ll wait for you here while you have your nap.”

“Not a chance. I’m not letting you out of my sight. You’ve already broken the world record of running away and eluding me.” Richard informed her, and rallied. “I’ll behave. Just let me hold you while I sleep.”

Maya arched her eyebrow, suspicious at the lazy smile that touched his lips.

“Please. It’s been one crazy day for me, and seriously, I‘m exhausted from the long distance travel.

True to his word, Richard did sleep but not after ravishing her with his kisses the moment they step into his suite. He slept with his arms behind her shoulders, holding her close to his chest that every time she shifted in her position, he tightened his hold on her as if even in his dreams, he doesn’t want to let go.




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