I Heart You 2, BCWMH!

Written: July 9, 2014


by iamgarie


First off, Happy 2nd Anniversary, Be Careful with My Heart! Thank you for 2 amazing years of unforgettable happiness, kilig, love, laughter, tears (happy or otherwise) and good vibes! To Richard Yap, Jodi Sta. Maria, and the entire cast & crew, thank you for all those long days of hardwork and numerous sleepless nights to give us the best show ever. Thank you!

The Big Change

The Big Change has finally happened. 1 and 1/2 years have passed in the lives of our most beloved Richard, Maya and their beautiful family, and here we all are still hooked to this show we love and adore like no other. Isn’t it amazing how this show continues to keep us glued to the boob tube even after 2 wonderful years on air? We simply can’t get enough of BCWMH as it never fails to surprise us with its never ending heartwarming moments and brilliant, unconventional storytelling. There is never any room for lengthened bad vibes or prolonged fights or conflicts in this wonderful show that always leaves us feeling good about ourselves and happy, and hopeful & excited about life.

Fast Forward

The fast forward that came about was truly a welcome development for the show as we are now all the more excited to find out how our favorite Lim family, their extended families and their friends are. The Big Change led us through several fast forward scenes that showcased several milestones for the family– 2 Christmases, 2 New Year’s Eve celebrations, several of the twins’ firsts including their first birthday, Nikki’s high school graduation, Sabel’s wedding, and so on… Just like in the episode One Month After last December 2013, things start “in medias res” and we are all the more curious than ever to find out not just what’s up with our favorite Lim family at present, but what we have somehow missed out on in their workaday world in the past one and one-half years because of the fast forward. What an exciting new development for a two year old show that feels and looks brand new!

Here’s what we know so far since the fast forward that occurred.

Richard, though he is excelling as CEO of Lim Aviation Services with his company amassing awards left and right, remains the sweetest husband and the most loving Dad.

Maya, the homemaker who now knows how to bake pandesal and confidently run the household, is still the best wife to her Ricky and the best Mom to all 5 Lim children.

(Of course, we are totally loving the new look of our beloved couple. Richard, with his slimmer figure, new Swissflex frames and brand new shirts and polos that make him look younger and handsomer than ever, and Maya, with her new addition to her wardrobe: sexy nighties and what looks like a never ending supply of shorts which highlight her very beautiful legs.)

Luke is in 4th year college and has an OJT to busy himself with, a girl intern to argue with and his very own condo to come home to, Nikki is having a hard time adjusting to college life as she remains friendless (to top that off, her Nicolo is at present courting Georgina), and 11- year old Abby is bothered by the reality that she is the shortest in class and has become a butt of jokes among her obnoxious boy classmates. The twins, Sky and Sunshine, remain everyone’s stress tabs as they continue to bring joy and elicit love and laughter from their loving family with every little thing they do.

As for other developments, here goes: Kute is back in school, Tay Arturo and Nay Teresita are back in each other’s arms, Sabel is now a married woman, Joma is a Daddy to a cute little boy, and Doris is finally done with make up school (and oh, in case you did not notice, she’s done with her bangs, too! Ha!)

Savoring and Embracing Change

Change is inevitable and we are amazed at how our favorite Lim family has learned to savor and embrace all the changes that have come their way. With a beautiful, astonishing and massive new home sweet home, exciting new challenges and adventures for every member of the Lim household, and a promise of even better, brighter things to come, I cannot help but still wish that this show stays on forever, as I still have endless questions that need answers and endless scenarios that need to be played out—

When do we get to finally see the entirety of the beautiful new home of the Lims? Will we finally see Richard take a dip in the pool with Maya and the kids? Hehe.

Now that Richard is hell-bent on spending more time at home with the kids, what exciting new adventures will he and the kids get into? How will he handle the twins? Will he take them to the park and to the zoo? Will he teach them to make toy airplanes as well?

Aside from pandesal, what else has Maya learned to bake (and to cook) for her family during her 2-year hiatus from work?

Has Maya built a small vacation house in San Nicolas yet? The one she intends to build for her family so they have a place to come home to every time they visit San Nicolas?

What exciting new adventures will Maya have as an international FA? What conflicts/ problems will she encounter at work? Will her unpredictable schedule eventually pose a problem for her family? (While their family was having dinner at Luke’s condo, the kids already made Maya promise that she has to be present in all the important occasions of their lives.)

How long can Luke keep his secret from his fellow on the job trainees? Who will eventually make a major slip of revealing his true identity? Will it be Liza, Minerva, Sonny, Engr. Yamaguchi or Ms. Madrigal? How will Joni find out? Is Aira still in the picture? Are she and Luke still as close as ever? Who will Luke eventually end up with? I think Team Aira pa rin ako. Haha!

What new adventures will Luke get himself into now that he’s living on his own? Despite their endless banter, Luke and his little sister Nikki are so close. Will Nikki be Luke’s constant visitor in his crib?

As it seems, Nikki is still in love with Nicolo, and Nicolo is still obviously not over Nikki yet as we see him constantly accompany her everywhere in school every chance he gets. BUT… What prompted Nicolo to court Georgina? Why did he waver? Why did he not wait for Nikki to grow up?

When will Nikki open that “ugly” jar and read the last note Nicolo put in? Could that last note be a profession of his love?

How will Nicolo finally find his way back to Nikki? Would an introduction of a new suitor for Nikki be the only means for him to finally confront his true feelings for her?

What other adventures will Abby get herself into in her pursuit of becoming taller? And why has she suddenly become a know it all who corrects Nikki every time the latter speaks Taglish? Her Ate Nikki used to be her idol in everything. What happened? And, where is her bestfriend, Lance?

I have a feeling that Simon is the suitor Eds is talking about. I’m hoping I’m right! 🙂 ‘Can’t wait to witness their budding romance unfold.

Have Rafi and Charlie tied the knot yet? Did the Lims attend the wedding? It would be exciting to have Rafi visit the mansion while she is heavy with child.

How is Jeff? Has he come home for a visit in the last 1 & 1/2 years? Has he finally met Kute and Cho’s Tatay Arturo? How are things with him and Kute?

Is Kute destined to find love in school as Maya insinuated? Is she going to fall for a girl? How will Cho and everyone react to this if it happens?

How will LAS manage with less of Richard and more of Ms. Madrigal, the current COO?

When will Doris find the man of her dreams? ‘Hope the love story the show spins for her is just as exciting and kilig as Sabel’s.

When will Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda visit Ricky and Maya in their new home?

Shouldn’t Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary soon given that Sir Chief would be celebrating his 49th bday in the show anytime? (It is already June 2016 in the world of BCWMH now.) Waah! It would be interesting to have Richard and Maya surprise the elderly Lims with a simple yet elegant and memorable wedding ceremony and reception to celebrate fifty years of their love and togetherness. Truly, a kapit bisig moment for the Lim family!

When will Richard and the Lim kids board a plane with Maya as FA and Capt. James Ventura as the pilot? ‘Would still love to see Capt. James in the show one more time. ‘Would want to know if he has found himself a girl to love as well.

When will the Lim family take an out of town or out of the country trip again? Their Baguio adventure in 2012 is unforgettable. ‘Would love to see them in a similar adventure again.

This may sound a bit lame for some already, but I still would want to know some more about Alex’s family and why none of them have ever checked up on Luke, Nikki and Abby. Tsk, tsk!

My list can go on and on and on…

Cheers to Family

We love the Lims because they represent the family we all aspire to have: a loving, caring family who will forever remain our support system (kapit-bisig!) as we all embark in our individual journeys to become the persons we are meant to be.

Richard is a fine example of a husband and dad who is selfless. He understands that “a person who reaches for his dreams is a person that’s fulfilled and is able to give more love.” Hence, we see him encourage Maya to go back to work as an FA as he knows this will make her truly happy and fulfilled. He has also allowed Luke to leave the family nest to find himself and learn to be on his own. He knows that leaving home will be good for him. I was also initially in shock that he allowed Nicolo to drive Nikki to school on her first day in college. I didn’t realize then that it was also a statement of sorts. He wants Nikki to know that now that she is more mature, he will start to trust her with the decisions she will make in life. Richard is an almost perfect husband and dad. Haaay!

Their story also reminds us that we should all continue to remain hopeful and positive even if major setbacks come our way. When the show started, we all felt Richard’s pain of losing a wife. We all saw how he and his three kids struggled to exist back then as they were each devoid of life, hope and love. Thankfully, Maya eventually came into their lives and like magic, made everything alright.

Friendships Formed

I am not surprised that beautiful friendships have been formed among the cast and crew of BCWMH in the past two years as we all have witnessed and enjoyed their constant banter on Twitter & Instagram and interviews on TV.

What is surprising though is the fact that friendships have also been formed among the very loyal viewers of the show. Isn’t this show truly amazing?


RY and JSM, The Best Reel Couple!

BCWMH did not only give us the best love story ever, it also gave us a love team unlike any other. Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria are perfect in their roles as Sir Chief and Maya. Their chemistry is undeniable! They register so well on a screen as a happy couple who are so in love with each other! Waaah! How we love them! Let me say it again. I cannot imagine anyone else essaying the roles of Sir Chief and Maya with conviction as much as RY and JSM!

I hope their partnership, their love team, will not end when the show ends. I would surely love to see RY and JSM on the big screen, as they figure out in various love stories to remember for all time. I’m sure that their love team will make a killing at the box office once they start making movies! Paging Star Cinema! ‘Would love to see RY and JSM on the big screen come Valentine’s Day next year. I do believe that their partnership deserves several movies! 🙂 (I don’t know if ABS-CBN and the show is aware of this, but there are various blogs on the net devoted to writing fan fiction about Richard Lim and Maya Dela Rosa. And wow! The stories that have been written about them always leave the readers giddy with love and excitement, as well. For starters, visit Excess Baggage.)


Happy Lang, Walang Ending

If the show is truly ending this December 2014 (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t just yet!), would another fast forward be too much to ask for? I would sure love to see Luke graduate from college and work at LAS for real. I would also love to see Nikki celebrate her debut. It would also be exciting to see the 3 year old twins finally start preschool and bond with their Mommy and Daddy, Simon and Eds getting married, and Maya getting pregnant again (There’s an overload of sweetness between her and Richard these days. Then there’s even that promise of you and me time. Tsk, tsk. She’s bound to get pregnant again one way or the other. Haha!) Like I said before, BCWMH is a story of life and endless possibilities. I hope it never ends para happy lang lahat kasi walang ending!

Truth be told, I HEART YOU 2, BCWMH! You are truly unforgettable!


Maya to Richard: The only thing constant is you and me time.

For us avid viewers of the show, the only thing we want to remain constant is to see BCWMH on TV for the rest of our lives. Ha!

Thank you, BCWMH, for coming into our lives exactly two years ago today, for touching our hearts and souls, for giving us hope, for always relieving us off our stress, for inspiring us to become the best that we can possibly be and for constantly giving us an insurmountable amount of happiness, kilig, love, laughter and good vibes. You are simply the best!

Congratulations, Team BCWMH, Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria for all the awards you have reaped, endorsements you have made, world tours and Kapamilya caravans you have performed in, countless magazine covers you have graced, DVD’s and music CD’s you have sold, high TV ratings you have consistently gotten and all the other worthy achievements you have gained since the show started. For sure, there will be more to come!

Here’s one to look forward to. ARANETA, here they come!


For the nth time, let me say it again, I’ll remain a fan and a staunch supporter of this show no matter what. It’s simply the best show to ever grace Philippine television in years!


2 thoughts on “I Heart You 2, BCWMH!

  1. Reblogged this on mschief05 and commented:
    i agree hope all the casts and staff can read this! this is what almost every viewers want to say, Thank you BCWMH for coming into our lives.

    Maya to Richard: The only thing constant is you and me time.

    For us avid viewers of the show, the only thing we want to remain constant is to see BCWMH on TV for the rest of our lives. Ha!

    • Hello po…I am wishing the same din po,,,na SNA wla ng end ang pinakama Mahal nating teleserye(bcwmh)….
      But…we all know that,it would be imposible kc po wether we like it or not,,
      mgttapos at mgttpos din po ang show..
      Kya now pa lng e,iprepare na lng ntin ang ating klooban…we have to face reality na wlang permanent na bgay sa mundo…..I love bcwmh so much and it brings sadness in my heart thinking di ko na ito mppnood in the years to come….but its reality,we need to accept…

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