BCWMH: Preoccupied Minds, Restless Hearts

Written: August 6, 2014

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A/N: This piece is inspired by the events that transpired in BCWMH from July 31, August 1, 4 & 5, 2014. Allow me to enter the preoccupied minds and restless hearts of Richard, Maya and Nikki Lim as they struggle to fix the predicament they’ve gotten themselves into.

20140806-111937.jpg CTO: BY MOMMAMEE

20140806-111609.jpg CTO: BY MOMMAMEE


Chapter 1

There is trouble brewing inside the Lim mansion between Richard and Maya, all thanks to their daughter, Nikki Grace Lim, who somehow started it all.


Oh my gee! What have I done? What have I done? I know I saw Mom kiss Dad before she left for work, but why do I feel they’re still not okay… The kiss Mom gave Dad was just for show to make us think they’re okay. Pero… oh no! They’re totally not okay and it’s all because of me. Mom and Dad look so lonely and miserable! I feel so guilty!!! This is all my faaaauuuult!

I shouldn’t have gone to the tenement with Tisay at all! I’m so so sorry, Dad!

I know what I did was wrong, pero I still did what Dad didn’t want me to do. He has every right to get mad at me talaga! He forgave me na nga for not telling him about the cell phone snatching incident that happened the first time I went to the tenement, tapos I didn’t make sunod pa what he wanted. I should have just stuck it out with Tisay sa HYC Cafe! What is wrong with me? Why did I have to disobey his orders? He trusted me na nga again by allowing me to meet up with Tisay tapos I did this pa. Hay naku, Nikki Grace Lim, you better get this fixed!

Maybe I should approach Dad and say sorry talaga. I know I’m the one at fault here, after all. He trusted me na nga again after I lied and what did I do? I disobeyed him big time! He and Mom made away pa all because of me! They’re such a sweet, loving couple! I can’t believe I caused trouble between them! Sana lang they will patch things up soon. Because I did what I did, they had to argue pa about me and because of meeee! Haaay! Okay na, I’ve learned my lesson. I have no right to question why Dad is angry. Mom is right. He probably got so angry because he got so worried and feared for my safety. I have to say sorry to Dad talaga and tell him that Mom’s not making me kampi at all. She simply helped me understand the reason behind his actions.

And I owe Kuya an apology, too. Because of me, pati si Dad nagalit sa kanya! Shape up, Nikki Grace Lim! You have got the best family! Don’t be the cause of it’s downfall!



Trabaho naman pupuntahan ko ah! Bakit kelangan magalit agad siya? Eh siya nga mismo ginawa din niya yun sa pagpunta sa Clark! Tapos ngayon kung makasumbat siya, wagas. Pa-text text pa siya na mag-usap kami at ayusin problema, tapos pagdating niya una kong maririnig panunumbat? YOU’RE WORKING?!? ON A SUNDAY NIGHT? Naku Ricky ha, nakakagigil ka! Bakit kasi kelangang tiger mode agad? Hindi ba pwedeng mag-usap ng mahinahon? Bakit galit agad?

Tapos yung issue kay Nikki, di naman kelangang palakihin ng sobra kung kinausap lang niya ng mahinahon yung bata agad. Bakit kelangan ipagpabukas pa? Hmph! Ay, oo nga pala. Sabi nga pala niya, he’s known Nikki all her life. Kelangan ba talagang ipagdiinan yun, Ricky, ha? Ang sakit nun ha. Tagos sa dibdib! Ricky naman, bakit kelangan mong ipamukha pa sa kin na hindi ako ang tunay niyang ina?

Naku Ricky! Di pa nga niya alam na sobrang excited ako umuwi kaninang umaga para makita siya at makapag-sorry ako tapos wala pala akong dadatnan dito? Nakakagalit yun ha. Ako na nga ulit magpapakumbaba kasi sabi ko nga kay Emman, pati yung tiger mode niya and pagiging sobrang bossy niya eh parte yun sa minahal ko sa kanya. Maghapon akong naghintay sa pag-uwi niya tapos siya pa magagalit? Eh siya nga yung wala kanina pang umaga! Di ko naman gusto na magtrabaho ngayong Linggo pero napasubo na ko dahil kinonsensya ako ni Des. Oo, alam ko may usapan kami na walang work dapat pag Sunday. Eh, ako lang ba sumuway nun? Siya din naman ah!

Haay, nakakagigil ka Ricky! Kung di lang talaga kita mahal talaga! Oo na! Pag-uwi ko mamaya mag-uusap tayo at aayusin natin ‘to. Alam ko may mga mali din akong nagawa, pero ang ikinaiinis ko lang eh… Basta! Nanggigil talaga ako.

Sabi ni Manang Fe, wag ko daw pabayaang pagsimulan ng away ang isang maliit na bagay, pero ang hirap kasi nakakagigil mga pangyayari!

Maya, tama na muna emote! Work mode muna. Wag painitin ulo ng mga pasahero dahil sa init ng ulo mo! Smile kahit di mo feel. Smile! Good vibes lang, okay? Okay na? Di pa rin? Naku, Lord, help me po. Eto na magsa-smile na!



I went home this early Sunday evening with high hopes of fixing things with my dear Maya. I miss her terribly. I bought flowers and wrote her a note. Nothing too mushy, but direct to the point: I’M SORRY. LET’S STOP FIGHTING. I LOVE YOU!

I still don’t get why she reacted the way she did. Don’t I have a right to ask if she’s indeed working on a Sunday night? Why does she have to over react and avoid me like the plague? And why can’t she just call Time Airways and have someone else sub for her? Didn’t we agree before that none of us is supposed to work on a Sunday? And we have a problem na hindi pa nare-resolve tapos ngayon aalis siya on a Sunday? I want us to resolve things muna before things get out of hand. Gumaganti ba siya kaya in-accept niya mag sub?

Okay, I may have done something wrong as well by working on a Sunday and not even texting or calling her about it, but I had to handle an emergency that no one else can handle. Shouldn’t that be reason enough for me to leave on a Sunday?

Pagod ako sa trabaho, tapos pag-uwi ko ganun pa? Lahat na lang sasabihin ko minamasama niya! Akala ko nagkasundo na kami na mag-uusap tapos when I got home, I found her wearing her uniform. I know Manang Fe is right. I’m at fault, too! But I just want Maya and I to talk so that we can settle all our issues.

Was I too harsh with her like Manang somehow implied? I know I hurt her when I said I know Nikki more than she does. I shouldn’t have said that all! That was totally off! I know how badly I hurt her with those words. I did wrong, I know! I should not have shouted at her at all. I want to make it up to her, but I also want her to realize how I feel about the way she handled Nikki…

Maya is still young and has still much to learn when it comes to disciplining our children. We have to really talk some more about how to discipline the kids and make sure we’re on the same page. Hindi pwedeng yung isa kakampi, tapos yung isa kaaway.

Maya won’t even be with us tonight while we watch Backpacker’s Expo’s feature on San Nicolas Dampa. I just hope the kids won’t notice that something is still wrong. I don’t want them worrying about us.

I love Maya. I don’t want us to keep fighting! This is all too much for me! If I have to make the first move, I’ll do it. I miss her terribly!

Chapter 2


Delayed daw ang fllight at pwede ako manood ng Backpackers Expo. Matawagan nga si Sweetheart… Ay, di pa nga pala kami okay. Si Nanay na nga lang.

Kung alam mo lang Ricky, miss na miss na kita! Ngayon lang ako lilipad na may matindi tayong pinagdadaanan. Pag-uwi ko, promise. Aayusin natin ‘to. Makikinig na ko sa mga sasabihin mo, pero sana pakinggan mo rin mga saloobin ko. Mahal na mahal kita, Ricky!



Here am I in the living room sitting with the kids, Manang Fe and the rest of the household. Even the Dela Rosas are watching with us via Skype. Let me call Sweetheart and tell her that the show’s about to start.

I suddenly hear Nanay’s voice via Skype. “Mga apo, eto Mommy niyo. Delayed yung flight niya. Nanonood din daw siya.”

Maya must really be so angry with me to call me and talk…


Now, that’s a word that aptly describes the state I’m in at this very moment. I’m indeed self-pityingly and tearfully sentimental. The tears want to fall, but I won’t let them. I don’t want the kids to worry anymore than they should. I love Maya. I’m aching for her presence now more than ever. I want to envelop her in my arms right here right now and have her know we’ll be okay. We will have a long talk, come to an understanding, and we will never have to live through this same ordeal ever again. I miss my her. I feel so miserable without my wife.

The show ends and I congratulate and bid the Dela Rosas goodbye. I retreat to my room only to feel even more empty because Maya is not there with me.



Dad is obviously soooo affected by what’s happening between him and mom. He tried his best to show us that he’s okay while we were all watching Backpacker’s Expo, but I felt it. Kuya, Abby and I felt it. Manang Fe confirmed it pa. I am soooo to blame for all this! Why do I have to be so pasaway? I belong to the best family pa naman who loves me and cares so much for me!

If I have to beg just so maging okay na sila, gagawin ko! Kung kelangan lumuhod, then so be it! I don’t want things to get out of hand between Mom and Dad. They’re the sweetest, most loving couple I know! I’ll never forgive myself if they never patch things up… Oh no, I can’t sleep… Maybe I’ll start by texting Dad muna. I don’t want to text Mom and tell her I know that she and Dad are still not okay! Ayoko mag worry siya for us while she’s working.

Text to Daddy:
Daddy, I’m so so so sorry! I know what I did was wrong. You trusted me na nga again tapos I disobeyed you pa. I really didn’t mean to, Daddy. It was a spur of the moment decision lang po. I’ll no longer argue. I’m fine with the consequences that you want to impose. I love you so much, Daddy! I know you and Mom got into an argument because of me. I also know you’re still not okay. I hope and pray po talaga that you’ll be okay na. I love you and Mom so much, Dad! Promise, I won’t disobey you ever again.


While I am preoccupied with thoughts about Maya, I receive a text message from Nikki. I smile as I realize my firstborn daughter has learned much from all this. I am also saddened because she did notice that her mom and I are still not okay.


Chapter 3


Naku, pano ba ‘to? Sabi ni Ms. Calandra zero visibility daw sa Tacloban at mag-eemergency landing kami! Naku naman po, Lord, sana walang masamang mangyari. Di pa kami nagkakaayos ni Ricky tapos mangyayari pa po ito?

Mahal na mahal ko po si Ricky at ang mga anak namin. Wag niyo pong pahintulutan na may mangyaring masama sa aming lahat na sakay sa eroplanong ito.

Mag-uusap pa kami ni Ricky. Magso-sorry pa ako sa kanya. Aayusin pa namin ang problema namin. Wag po, Lord! Iligtas mo po kami sa kapahamakan.



Restless and awake for the past two hours, I couldn’t stop thinking about Maya. I am both angry and in pain.


I stare at the text message I just composed for Maya. I’m tempted to send it to her, but Manang Fe’s wise words stop me from doing so, “Minsan Ricardo ang magandang intensyon, nasasapawan nang masamang pagsasalita… Ingat sa pagsasalita. Pag nasabi na isang bagay, di na mababawi.”

I erase the text message, give Time Airways a call, stand up from our bed, and head for the bathroom. I get dressed. I’m fetching Maya at the airport and we’ll settle things between us.

Inside my car, I stare at the flowers I bought for Maya. I crumple the message I wrote earlier and compose a new one for my dear sweetheart. I write from the heart. I smile at the message I just composed. I know Maya will totally love it and this note will most likely end up in her scrapbook. This note will remain as our constant reminder to never let a simple argument go on for days without talking.

When did you become so mushy, Richard Lim? It’s so uncharacteristic of you. You’ve always been direct and straight to the point. You don’t like mincing words. You don’t like sugarcoating. I can only think of one reason. Maya is responsible for this change in me. Her happiness means the world to me.

I learned to become mushy the day I fell in love with this beautiful woman who possesses the most beautiful doe-shaped eyes and the most loving and most caring heart. She loves me. She has learned to embrace everything about me. I’ll definitely do anything and everything to make you happy, Sweetheart!

I smile as I think about my dear Maya, love of my life, my reason for being!

I’m coming, Maya. I’ll fetch you from work. We’ll fix things between us. I love you, sweetheart! I love you so much.



Waah! What exactly will happen next in today’s episode? I’d like to think that nothing too life shattering will happen. I’d like to believe that the writers will be very careful with our hearts and won’t have us go through something our hearts and minds can’t take.

I’d like to believe that the emergency landing will indeed take place, but there’ll be no dreaded plane crash. The passengers and crew will incur minor injuries from the impact of the landing, but will immediately be taken to nearby hospitals and attended to.

And Richard and Maya will be back in each other’s loving arms in no time, each with a solemn promise to never let a day pass without settling their issues ever again. Sure, the much needed long talk will happen because that’s the only way to settle their issues, but they will truly listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings. They will both talk to Nikki as well and make her understand the gravity of her actions. And everything will be all right in their world. Communication is key, after all!

What happens from here on in, we’re all excited to find out, I’m sure!

Thank you, dear writers, for giving us the suspense of our lives and for tackling all these parental and marital concerns in the show. Having all these issues come to the fore make the show even more authentic. BCWMH has indeed become a reflection of real life and how we love it!

My forum friends and I have been having a blast in Viber since last week as we engaged ourselves in lengthy discussions about who’s in the right and so on. We have so much to discuss all over again! Thank you for a truly amazing life experience, BCWMH!


Congratulations, RICHARD YAP!

You’ve surely come a long as an actor! As you kept the hurt you were feeling all bottled up inside regarding your current predicament with Maya, the pained expression in your eyes spoke volumes! Ang galing galing! That was non-acting at its finest. Your emotions were so real, so heartfelt! You’re one amazing actor to reckon with! Can’t wait to watch more of you in other projects and witness your brilliance as an actor unfold every single time!


Whatcha think?

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