BCWMH: A Cut Above the Rest

Written: August 13, 2014

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There are many reasons why many of us viewers still continue to watch Be Careful with My Heart. Our most beloved noontime habit is most definitely unlike any teleserye we’ve ever seen before making it such a worthwhile and enjoyable watch.

At a time when the average lifespan of a teleserye has been cut short to 3-6 months, BCWMH has gone beyond the norm. It is now two years old and still counting. Unconventional, phenomenal, magical, brilliant, irresistable, incomparable and most definitely, well-loved! That’s what BCWMH is and more!

We watch BCWMH every single day and we all find ourselves giddy with excitement & love, teeming with so much happiness, hopefulness & good vibes, and in love not just with Richard, Maya and their family, but with the beauty of life, as well.

Faith in humanity restored

While most teleseryes thrive on revenge, violence, helplessness, hopelessness, infidelity, and kidnappings every single day, our favorite noontime habit trod on a different path and focused on showing its viewers the innate goodness of human beings in this feel good teleserye. Each of the characters we have met so far, whether likeable or unlikeable at the beginning, has a story to tell. Remarkably so, the show does not allow us to hate any one character for long. We watch each character face his/her daily workaday world and we eventually learn to accept them for the persons that they are. Each character in the show, although not devoid of a flaw or an imperfection, has a goodness and a kindness and a redeeming quality about them that eventually wins our admiration, praise, respect and love. (We wonder now. What is so good about the backstabbing FA named Des? We all want to personally hand Emman his pair of pink scissors and… ! Haha!) Interestingly, we’ve all learned to embrace, to care, and to love every single character in the show as FAMILY. Because of BCWMH, our faith in humanity has not faltered nor waned at all, but has increased infinitely so. Because of the show, we’ve learned to become even more forgiving, understanding and accepting of the people around us.

Most admired beloved couple

BCWMH allowed us to meet Maya Dela Rosa, who in spite of life’s hardships and her family’s poverty, has learned to embrace life with a smile, with so much hope, love and positivity in her heart. We all fell in love with her at an instant. How we all admired and continue to admire her love and devotion to her family.

The show also allowed us to meet Richard “Sir Chief” Lim, who at the beginning may have been devoid of life, love and hope because he was mourning the loss of his wife Alex, but was a very good employer and such a caring Dad to his kids, most especially to his little girl Abby. In spite of his coldness, his silence and his seeming indifference, we all loved him even then as we all tried to understand his pain. We all loved him when we saw him finally soften up to and fall in love with Maya. And we all love Richard even more now seeing how great a father he is to Luke, Nikki, Abby, Sky and Sunshine and how wonderful and loving a husband he is to Maya. Maya’s Sir Chief has indeed become every woman’s peg for the best husband ever!

Kilig Overdose

As it is, BCWMH’s Creative Team seems to have a neverending supply of kilig scenes for its avid viewers and we’re not about to complain.

Just last week, we all found ourselves giddy with excitement as we all looked forward to the most romantic reconciliation between Richard and Maya. How we all swooned when we saw Richard step out of a chopper he rented all the way from Manila to be with his beloved wife who has just experienced her first ever emergency landing at work! Didn’t we also love the flowers and love letter he gave his beloved wife then?

Then there are Luke and Joni who are obviously developing mutual feelings of admiration for each other. And there are Nikki and Nicolo who are on their way to falling in love all over again (Question is, did they even really stop loving each other? George has finally opted to stay away because she now knows what we’ve known all along– that the girl whom Nicolo holds dear in his heart is not her but Nikki!) After the fast forward, we were all surprised to learn that Nicolo is actually pursuing George instead of Nikki, and we all wondered why. We look forward to a possible disclosure of the reason behind his pursuit of George instead of Nikki soon. Whew! Even our dear Manang Fe, the show’s voice of reason, is well on her way to rekindling her friendship (and “almost” romance) with Mang Anastacio, her The One! Waaah! Manang Fe, our wise speaking guru of life and love, is suddenly giddy with excitement and we are soooooo happy for her! We hope and pray that Manang Fe and Mang Anastacio will meet each other again soon!

Then there’s #SerChiefAndMayas100thKiss happening in today’s episode, and we’re all in pins and needles as we look forward to their best kiss ever. (Something to think about. Is there any show other than BCWMH that keeps tabs of the number of kisses the lead stars share? Waah! Only in BCWMH!) We’ve been told to look forward to this 100th kiss as Richard’s kiss, according to @vaughnic’s tweet, is supposed to make Maya feel that she’s the only girl in the world! This is absolute Limsanity! Haha!

Parental & Marital Concerns and Intrigues at Work

Thank you, dear writers, for tackling all those parental and marital concerns in the show last week. Having those issues come to the fore make the show even more authentic. BCWMH has indeed become a reflection of real life and how we love it!

My forum friends and I have been having a blast in Viber since last week as we engaged ourselves in lengthy discussions about who’s in the right and so on. And this week we have found ourselves engaged in conversation once again as we try our very best to understand why Maya won’t even retaliate to Des’s uncalled for remarks! Like Emman, we all think she should. Like Sir Chief, we all want Maya to forget about what Des and the others think, and simply say yes to the promotion because that has always been her lifelong dream! My friends and I have so much to discuss all over again! Thank you for a truly amazing life experience, BCWMH!

Lessons And Realizations

Be Careful with My Heart has taught me to embrace life despite difficulties and trials. It has taught me to remain positive at all times… to love, smile and simply be happy, and to have faith that God will see me through the hardships I will encounter in life. BCWMH is indeed a show that has helped so many people. It’s a show that has given happiness to so many people.

No Goodbyes

Be Careful with My Heart is truly a cut above the rest! It has most definitely made a mark in the hearts of millions of its viewers all over the world! I have already stressed over and over again in my past articles the unparalleled feat BCWMH has achieved and continues to achieve all these years. Two years and still counting, and we still have so much to look forward to in the show. BCWMH is indeed a work of genius!

Although we know that Be Careful with My Heart will eventually end and that a goodbye is inevitable, to fathom such a reality now is unthinkable! Why? I can only think of these reasons. It’s never easy to say goodbye to something that makes one happy, smile, laugh, and feel good about oneself. It is never easy to bid farewell to something that encourages one to remain positive, hopeful, grateful and loved at all times. It is not easy to bid goodbye to Richard, Maya and their beautiful family. It is not easy to say farewell to a family whom one loves and cares for way too much! Saying goodbye to something or someone unexceptional and truly unforgettable is the hardest thing to do! And these, I guess, are the very reasons why all of us avid viewers find it difficult to bid BCWMH an adieu.

Please stay on, BCWMH! We love you! We love you so much!


The Undeniable Chemistry of RY and JSM

Another obvious reason why we can’t let go, I guess, is because we have learned to love the reel partnership of RY and JSM. They blend so beautifully on screen because of their undeniable chemistry; we simply can’t get enough of them. We are scared that bidding the show farewell might mean saying goodbye to their most well-loved team up, and we do not want that to happen at all. We do not want to say goodbye to this wonderful loveteam who has given us many a reason to have our hearts go a flutter!

For sentimental reasons, we were all somehow hoping that RY’s first ever movie would be with JSM as we all somehow feel that their movie team up will be a blockbuster hit. And though that wish will no longer materialize as JSM and RY are currently working on different movies (which I’m sure we will all support, as well), we know that someday soon they will both work again together. When that day finally comes, we will all happily troop to the cinemas and watch their magical, exceptional and unforgettable love team in their first ever movie together over and over and over again. And once the showing of that movie is finally over, we will surely clamor for more to come!



You’ve surely come a long as an actor! Last week, as you kept the hurt you were feeling all bottled up inside regarding your predicament with Maya, the pained expression in your eyes spoke volumes! Ang galing galing! That was non-acting at its finest. Your emotions were so real, so heartfelt! You’re one amazing actor to reckon with! I can’t wait to watch more of you in other projects and witness your brilliance as an actor unfold every single time!



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