ANNOUNCEMENT About Love and Heartaches

First I want to thank all the readers of my stories here in EB, I really do appreciate all your likes and comments. Second, I want to apologize if I haven’t got the time to continue “Love and Heartaches” though I really want too it’s just that I’m too busy. Whenever I tried editing/typing the chapter 15 after 5 minutes Im already dozing off. And because of this me and my 2 other good friends another fanfic writer Kris Mackaroo and Charmtaz decided that Kris will continue the story.

It will still follow the original plot, she (Kris) will just edit the first 14 chapters (e.g. correct the grammar, tenses and add some characters) to further improve the story. For some who are worrying that the story may stray from the original plot, do not, for the idea will still be coming straight from my brain cells. 😉

I will post here in EB the newly improved first 5 chapters of L and H soon.

So to everyone na gustong makichika, maki uzi sa lovestory ni Tikoyman at Maya kindly visit for the updates.

Thanks and To God be the glory.



16 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT About Love and Heartaches

    • Hi cizziel! A different author wrote and created restless. Ricci is the penname she’s using here on EB. Am actually waiting for the continuation of that story as well. And as for the hope of me continuing that story as well, I would also like to hope that I possess half the talent she has to create such stories. Haha! But seriously, I don’t think I can step up to the challenge of finishing such masterpiece. (No offense to Tin by the way as she herself proved to be such a brilliant creative writer as well.😄)

    • Restless is written by an amazing writer named ricci po.

      Ouchie Mackie…I felt offensing, you’re hurted my feelings. :-p

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