After The Wedding Part 5

After The Wedding Part 5

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Author: Kateydreamer

“Mahal, I’m home!” Richard yelled as soon as he stepped inside their house. It is quiet and it was dark inside. He checked his watch only to find out that it was already 3 in the morning. He swayed as he tried to walk further. He is a little bit of tipsy and tired for a day’s work.

The meeting went on for hours with their possible partner. This is a huge project although it is certain that they’ll get the deal, Richard couldn’t still say no to the offer of the big boss of the other company. Although he wants to go home after the meeting, he still went out to unwind with them.

The people around the table are busy talking, laughing at some things, mostly are about business issues that they found amusing. Well, most of them are sobber so that explains why.

Richard managed himself not to take too much alcohol. When offered a drink, he will quickly take it but take few sips from the glass, so it will take him quite some time before he could finish a glass. So basically, he is cheating. But he just can’t drink too much. He doesn’t want Maya to see him sobber. But he remembered that he managed to text his wife so that she won’t get worried.

His text composed of:

“Mahal, I’m still with my business partners. Sorry I will be home late. I love you.”

He sent it and waited for his wife’s reply, but to no avail. He just thought that she might be sleeping that time and she haven’t read his message.

Trying to be normal, he tightens his grip on the rails of the stairway as he slowly goes up the stairs.

“Dad??” Luke recognized his father as he was his way downstairs.

Richard stood straight. “Uh.. Son, why are you still awake?”

“Nagising lang po ako dad, nauuhaw kasi ako kaya bababa ako.” He studied his father’s appearance and ask again. “Uh dad, kakauwi nyo lang po??”

“Well, yes. Goodmorning. I’m stucked kanina sa mga business partners ko and I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh. Kaya po pala parang mugto yung mata ni tita mommy kanina. Ayaw po ba niya kayong payagan?” He asked again while walking closer to his father.

“Wha–?” He recalled that he did told Maya about him going home late, so was she upset that’s why she didn’t replied and cried instead?

“Um.. Dad?” Luke scratched his head as his eyes studies his dad’s face that must have been in deep thought.

“Ah.. Yes son, I will just talk to her tomorrow. You go back to sleep after, it’s still early.”

“Yes dad.” Luke nodded and went pass his father.

The door slowly opened as Richard pushed it, too careful not to make a sound that would awake his wife.

He found Maya sleeping soundly on the side of her bed. He quickly went inside the bathroom for a quick shower before he take his side of the bed. Before he could drift off to sleep, he kissed Maya’s tummy and whispered, “Goodnight buddy, daddy loves you.” After that, he stared at Maya’s face and kissed her on her forehead. “I love you.”

It was late in the morning. The kids are already in the school while Richard is still sound asleep. His phone kept on ringing but still, Richard didn’t wake up. He is in deep slumber that nothing could ever disturb his sleep.

Maya was still upset with her husband. Whenever she sees him, she can’t help herself but to get mad at him. It may be unfair to Richard, because she didn’t clear things to him yet, but she just can’t help herself. She is too jealous of what she saw.

She went up in their room after the kids went to school. She will wake Richard up because it is already late for his office.

“Richard! Bumangon ka na, late na.” She is tapping and shaking him at the same time but still, he doesn’t want to wake up.

He is not like this before. When it comes to work, he will wake up earlier than the alarm. He must have been really tired. He slept late. She wondered what time did he got home.

“Ricky! Ano ba? Anong oras ka ba nakauwi at inaantok ka pa dyan?” She is now annoyed. The thoughts of yesterday came up in her mind again. What if they are together the whole night and it is not true that he’s with his clients?

“Mahal…” He murmured. “I’m still sleepy. I will just call Iya that I will not go to the office today.”

As she heard Iya’s name, her mood totally got worse. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t like that girl. Kalma, Maya. Baka maging kamukha ni baby! “Hindi na. Ako na lang ang tatawag at magsasabi.”

Richard just answered with a groan.

Reaching Richard’s phone on the bedside table, she was surprised to see 27 missed calls all from the same contact. Add to her annoyance, it’s Iya. She is reminding herself that it is normal since she’s Richard’s secretary but her mind keeps on telling her otherwise.

Without second thoughts, she quickly dialed Iya’s number.

It didn’t take any longer for her to pick up the phone.

“Sir! Finally, I was calling you for quite some time..” Maya could sense that she was excited that Richard called. Her brows furrowed in annoyance. And why is she trying to call him up?

She cleared her throat before speaking to her in the calmest manner possible at that moment. “Good morning, this is Mrs. Lim. Pinapasabi lang ni Richard na hindi siya makakapasok.” She waited for the response of Richard’s secretary.

Maya heard her sigh. “Uhm.. Sige po ma’am. Pakisabi na lang din po na I will just cancel some of her meetings today. Bye.” Was what she got from her and immediately hung up.

She could only roll her eyes.

Her eyes darted back to the sleeping man on the bed. He is so at peace. Himbing ng tulog! Akala mo walang kasalanan! Hmp. Teka, meron nga ba, Maya? She talked to her innerself as wild thoughts continue to bug her mind.

What if Richard is really having an affair?
What would she do? Will she give him up?

He stretches his arms up in the air as he blinks a couple of times. He was surprised when he check his phone to find out that it was already 11 in the morning. His head is pounding lightly. He heaved a sigh as he remembers going home early in the morning. He is acting like a teenager! Maya must be really upset because of that.

Slowly, he stood up to look for his wife, but she is not in their room.

He went downstairs. To the kitchen, pool area, still, she is not in there. “Maya!” He shouted, but no one answered. He almost run upstairs again to search every room and there, she found his wife in the entertainment room, quietly watching something. And when he went near her, he saw her watching their wedding video. The video is now in their wedding vows, with him reciting his vow.

Maya is watching intently, as if it’s a new released movie. He smiled upon seeing her.

He is standing behind her as she is sitting with her eyes fixed on the tv. Richard embraced her from behind and nuzzled her neck. “Hmm”

“Gising ka na pala.” She moved to disengage from his hug. And that’s when Richard noticed that she’s crying.

He sat beside her and wipe her tears away. “Hey. What’s wrong?”

Maya shook her head and sobs. Richard couldn’t be able to believe how much upset she was with him, going home late. “I’m sorry mahal if it’s because inumaga na ako ng uwi. Ayaw talaga ako pauwiin ng clients and we were engaged in a talk, hindi ko din namalayan yung oras. Sorry if you’re upset with that, I promise it won’t happen again, just please don’t cry.” He ensured her and held her tight.

He felt Maya shook her head again, so he pushed her away from his hold in order to read her face “You are not upset na late ako umuwi?”

She shook her head again in response.

“Then what is it?” He asked. “Please tell me what’s bugging you, Maya” he is now really concerned on his wife’s behavior.

“Ri..Ricky..” She murmured in between sobs.

He stared at her, with his eyes telling her to continue.

“I love you.” She blurted out and hugged him tighter. She cried harder this time. He is now totally confused on what’s happening.

“I love you, too. So much.” He whispered to her ear as his hand runs over his back “what is wrong, Maya? I’m so worried.”

She leaned back and cups his face. “Hindi mo naman ako iiwanan di ba?”

“Of course not. We will grow old together.” Even though he is confused on her actions, still, he gave her what she wanted at that moment- assurance. He doesn’t know why Maya wanted to be assured of his love to her.

“I know you’ll say that. I’m better now.” She smiled as she wipes her tears away. “Gutom ka na ba? Tara na sa baba, mahal.” She was about to stand up but Richard stopped her from doing so. He stared at her eyes, studying it.

He doesn’t know why she’s acting like this, but all that she have to do is to make her loved. Slowly, he cupped her face and lean forward to touch her lips with his lips. He kissed her lightly at first, Until their kisses got hungrier, he pulled her really close and squeezed her tight as she gave in to the intensity of the kisses that they both shared. Their tongues played with each other, like big waves in their own little ocean. “Ri..cky..” She groaned. “I love you..” He said between kisses.

All of her thoughts about him having an affair were all gone, as she felt the intensity of Richard’s love for her. Maybe it was an instinct for every human to slide with the flow of what was happening. No words were spoken now, only heartbeats that drummed as one.

His hands were on her hips now, as he slowly lifted up his white shirt that he is wearing. “Wait.” Maya managed to get back to her senses. They are not in their room. They are in the living room. Her cheeks blushed with the thought that someone might see them in such scene. Good thing, the kids are in school.

“Wha-at?” He asked huskily.

“Mahal, pwede wag dito?” Her cheeks reddened much more upon saying that. Richard chuckled.

“Alright, then. Let’s go back to our room.” He kissed her again before standing up.

“Pero, ano kasi… ” She bit her lips thinking if she should say it or not. Richard’s eyebrows shoot up asking her what’s up. “Ano.. Baka kasi.. Maipit si baby. Tapos masaktan.. Kaya, siguro.. Ano na lang.. Kumain ka na muna ng brunch.” She shyly told him. He nodded and grinned like a fool.

“Okay, sabi ko nga. Let’s go downstairs then. Gutom na talaga ako!” He winked. And they both headed down the kitchen to enjoy eating together.

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After The Wedding Part 4

After the Wedding Part 4

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Author: Kateydreamer


After the Wedding part 4

It echoed through the room like an ancient unknown language chant. She was asking it, her eyes shooting daggers.

He was shocked at her question. For it sounded as a statement rather as a question. He was acused of something that never did crossed his mind.

For a moment, he kept mum, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. But deep inside, mixed emotions are bubbling up inside him. He is puzzled on how on earth did she even asked that and mad on why did she acused him already.

He recalled things that might make her think of such but his memory is failing him. Damn! He cannot recall all of the things that happened days ago. He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

He is now angry. Yet he knew too well that he should take note of his wife’s situation. She is pregnant and he should not give her stress. Lifting his head up, meeting her gaze, he tried to smile at his wife. Maybe it’s her hormones that is upsetting her in things too easily.

“At anong nginingiti ngiti mo?!” She raised her voice.

“Shhhh…” He hushed her and calm her down by trying to caress her shoulder but she removed his hand.

“Sagutin mo yung tanong ko!” She crossed her arms

“Are you jealous, mahal ko?” He teased

“Oo! At kapag hindi ka nagsabi ng totoo, pagsisisihan mo.” She admitted to him. She is so damn jealous.

He smiled at the admission of his wife which earned a frown from Maya. “Okay, fine. I don’t know where did you get that stupid idea. But please, don’t stress yourself too much thinking about things that are not real. Sige ka, baka nakakunot mukha ng baby natin paglabas.” He quipped but Maya remained shooting daggers at him. Heck. He doesn’t know what to do to pacify her.

“I already said the truth, Maya.” He paused. Gathering right words to say. “Come on, saan ba kasi nanggaling yun?” He asked, with eyebrows furrowed. He wanted to know why did that question even popped up in her pretty head.

She bit her lip and kept mum for a while. He took it as an opportunity to reach to her and hug her tight.


“So–sorry.” She stuttered. He is right. She shouldn’t feel alarmed. She is so secured. Her husband is a one woman man and no matter how good-looking his new secretary is, she knows that Richard will never be seduced.

And besides, why would she be affected of a simple 8 missed calls that she saw one night on Richard’s phone from his secretary. That is just normal, right? Iya is indeed his secretary and whatever her reason of trying to call her husband on the middle of the night, is surely pure business. Why would she react such way? When before, Liza would do that, too. ‘Must be the hormones’ that made her ask him if there’s another one, she thought.

“It’s alright. Just please, trust me okay?”

She nodded and hug him back. He embraced her tightly somehow making her feel more secured and loved. Their right and left foot stepping sideways, dancing in a music that only the two of them could hear.

“Now, tell me what made you think of that?” He asked, still on the dance.

“Ewan ko nga din mahal ko. Sorry, kasi naman nung natutulog tayo, naalimpungatan ako dun sa tawag ng tawag sa phone mo. Eh ang himbing siguro ng tulog mo kaya hindi mo narinig.”

He smiled, her calling him with their term of endearment is a sign that the war is over. “And then?”

“Ayun, babae yung tumatawag. Ang daming missed calls.”


“Yung secretary mo.”

His eyebrow raised. “Maybe she’s updating me with a certain meeting. Baka nakalimutan sabihin or what.” He reasoned

“Siguro.” She replied to end the topic. Richard kissed her now and she kissed him back. For Richard, everything is okay now but to Maya, there is something that she feels that she wanted to confirm. For her sanity, she badly wanted to know the answers.


“Goodmorning Liza!” She happily greeted her as they saw each other, although Maya was a bit surprised not to see Richard’s secretary on her table.

“Oh! Maya, good to see you. Kamusta ka?”

“Ito, medyo tumataba.”

“Nako, okay lang yan. Maganda ka pa din. Anyway, si Sir Richard ba? May meeting lang saglit pero matatapos na siguro yun.”

“Ah ganun? O sige, pwede ko ba sya hintayin sa office nya?”

“Oo naman. Go ahead.”

It was almost an hour before the door of Richard’s door flew open. Richard and his secretary came in, and what Maya did not like about it is when she saw the two of them laughing at something, she hates how the girl stares at her husband. They only stopped when Richard’s eyes saw her.

“Oh, mahal. Why are you here?” Maya saw the surprised look on his face.

“Oh, bakit parang nagulat ka? Hindi ba nasabi sa’yo ni Liza?” She asked

“Well, no. She’s not outside. Baka may nilakad na papers. Kumain ka na ba?” He asked her as he steps in. Iya, the secretary stayed behind Richard which annoyed Maya even more. She doesn’t know if it was only her or if Iya really did looked at her again from head to toe and smirked.

“Uh.. Hindi pa. Pero hindi naman ako gutom, mahal” that was a lie. She is really hungry especially that she waited for an hour. She is craving for vanilla ice cream. But when she saw the look on Iya’s face, she lied.

“Are you sure?” Richard sat across his wife and touched her tummy. “Our baby might be hungry.”

“Hindi talaga”

He nodded. “Uhm, Iya, could you please order a pasta for my wife?” Richard shifted to look at Iya and smiled.

Maya hates how Richard smiles at his secretary. As far as she can remember, Richard never smiles at Liza when he instructs her before, or so she thought. Add to that, Richard’s secretary would smile as well to her husband. Oh! And she remembered that he didn’t get her welcome kiss yet! He never fails to give her that!

“Right away, sir. Ikaw sir do you want anything?”

“No. I’m okay.”

And with that, Iya left the room. Maya rolled her eyes and pouted. Maya stood up and sat on the couch of Richard’s office and started reading magazines.

“Mahal, okay ka lang ba diyan? I will just finish my paperworks, okay?”

Maya nods. Richard sat on his swivel chair and continued to work on his laptop.

Richard sits beside Maya on the couch as Maya eats the pasta that he ordered. She’s spooning every second, munching as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Oh, dahan-dahan… Akala ko ba hindi ka gutom?” Maya heard Richard chuckled.

She stops eating and realized how big she had been, and it’s because that even after she just ate, she easily gets hungry. And whenever she sees food, she couldn’t control herself. She wants to eat.

“Oh, why? Busog ka na?” He asked

“Hindi. Kasi… Tumataba na ako.” Tears starts to roll down her face.

Richard was surprised upon seeing his wife cry again. He collects her in his arms, running his hand at her back trying to pacify her. “Mahal, stop. It’s alright, atleast we’re sure na healthy si baby bunso.” He teased but that made Maya to cry louder

“Shh.. Sorry, sorry. Stop please.. Di ba sinabi ko na naman sa’yo before that I don’t care if you get fat or not? I still love you.”

“Tse! You still love me ka dyan!” She pulled away while wiping her tears.

“Oh, bakit na naman?” He tried to embrace her again but Maya slapped his shoulder

“Kanina nga nagulat ka nung nakita mo ako! Tapos wala pa akong kiss!” She sobs.

Richard couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

“Sige tumawa ka pa!”

“Haha. I’m sorry, mahal. Nagulat lang talaga ako na nandito ka. And, about the kiss sorry na.. How many kisses do you want?” He teased her.

“Hindi na! Ayoko na!” She pouted

He smiled at his wife. She is so cute. He cupped her face and started kissing the tip of her nose, her forehead and her lips. “I love you.” He whispered, and when she saw Maya smiled, he kissed her again.

“Roomieee! Ano bang ginagawa natin dito? Para na naman tayong spy niyan eh!” Emman whispered as they are hiding behind a post outside a restaurant.

“Wag kang magulo!”

“Roomie, sa laki mo-” Emman got a cold stare by Maya that made him to chuckle and to change his sentence. “What I meant was, sa laki natin and ng tummy mo, hindi rin naman tayo matatago nitong poste na ‘to! At bakit ba tayo nandito?”

“Eh kasi nga, may meeting daw si Ricky dito.”

“Oh, eh si sir chief Ricky naman pala, gorabels na tayo sa loob!” She took a step forward but Maya grabs his arm.

“Oh? Bakit ba Roomie?”

“Dito lang tayo, magmamatyag.”

“Magmamatyag? Kay Sir Chief Ricky??” He asked Maya with raise eyebrows.


“At bakit naman?” Emman probed, his arms crossed demanding for an answer

“Eh kasi, basta! Yung secretary niya kasi nakakainis. Titignan lang naman natin kung sweet ba sila or what…”

“HA? Saan naman nanggaling yan? So, pinagdududahan mo si Sir Chief Ricky?” He gaped

“Hindi naman sa ganon, kasi, ano e… Basta. Feeling ko kasi.. Hay nako! Hirap i-explain.” She scratches her head.

“Nako Roomie, hindi naman magagawa ni Sir Chief Ricky na lokohin ka. So, let’s go home!”

“Eh.. Kasi, sandali lang, okay? 10 minutes!” She pleads.

“Fine, 10 minutes.”

Maya then saw Richard’s table near the restaurant’s window. Richard is seated beside Iya. They are currently waiting for the people that they’ll be meeting.

A waiter arrived and served their food. What made Maya tears flow was when the girl serves Ricky food on his plate and Richard didn’t seem to mind. She even saw him smile at the girl.

“Emman, tara na.” She turned around and walks away

“Uy Roomie, bakit ka umiiyak? Wala lang naman yun e.”

“Hindi naman gawain ng secretary yun!” She raised her voice as she sobs

“Eh, yung girl lang naman yun e.”

“Parang natutuwa naman si Ricky!”

“Roomie, hindi naman ganun.” He’s trying not to overthink things, because he knows that Richard loves Maya so much. And that Maya’s reaction is just because of her condition. She’s so emotional these days.

“Kinakampihan mo pa!” He was startled when Maya half shouted.

But he can’t allow her to be stressed. He believes that she’s acting this way because she’s pregnant. “Okay, umuwi na tayo. Pero please, bawal mastress! Wag ka na umiyak, okay?”

Emman hailed a taxi, Maya kept mum the whole ride as she stares outside the window.

After The Wedding Part 3

Note: This is a continuation to After The Wedding Part 2

Author: Kateydreamer

Author’s note: hi guise! Naeexcite na ako sa wedding nila kaya nagupdate ako nyaha. sorry if may errors or whatsoever. Enjoy reading!



The newlyweds became closer and sweeter than ever after their honeymoon for two weeks. The two alighted from the taxi as they agreed to surprise the household of their arrival. Though, their flight back had been stressful because of the delay, it has been moved for a few hours which led them to go home really late at night. They intended to go back at 8 in the evening but the flight back didn’t go along well in their plan.

It was almost 12 in the morning when they reach their house. Tired and exhausted after their flight, Maya wanted to go upstairs and rest.

As soon as she opened the main door, Richard stepped in with their luggages at hand.

“Finally, we’re home.” He exclaimed placing their bags on the side of the living room.

“Oo nga, sayang tulog na silang lahat. Excited pa naman ako umuwi.” She pouted as she walks towards the sofa and sat on it, her legs stretched on the length of the sofa.

Richard slowly lifted her legs, sat on the sofa and placed Maya’s legs on top of his thigh. “Tired?”

Leaning her head on the arm of the sofa, she answered “Oo. Sobra. Nakakapagod kasi yung byahe.”

“I know” he stretched his arm in the air “but, I’m not yet that tired, you know.” He winked at her

She blushes.

“Ikaw ha!” She sat up and looks at him “hindi ka pa ba pagod?”

“Hindi pa nga, mrs. Lim” they both laughed

As the laughter died down, Richard stretched out on the sofa bringing Maya with him by gripping her under his arms. She squealed, only to get silenced by a quick lingering kiss from Richard. “Ricky! Ikaw talaga ha.” She smiled down at him while she is still on top of him. He can feel the length of their bodies pressing against them.

Hugging her tightly, he responded “I told you I wasn’t tired yet.”

“Okay, fine. Pero pwede bang mamaya na? Nakaramdam kasi ako ng gutom eh. At tsaka, pwede wag dito sa sala? Ano ka ba!” She laughed

“Who told you na dito? I was just teasing you… And if you agree, I will carry you up in the master’s bedroom.” He said in a soothing voice

She smiled and stood up, fixing herself. “Ricky, mamaya na okay? Nagugutom na talaga ako.”

“Eh di ba nga we will eat?”

“Ricky!!” She almost shouted

“What? Kakain naman tayo di ba? I mean, I will check if there’s still food left. I will preheat it.” Amused by her he added, “oh. Now, what’s running in that pretty head of yours huh?”

Blushing, she laughed and slapped his arm.


“Mrs. Lim, I think there are no more food left for us to eat.” Richard shouted from the kitchen while Maya is lying on the sofa.

“Ricky! Gutom na talaga ako. Magluto ka na lang please.” She shouted back not too loud to disturb others in rhe house

“What? Me? What will I cook?”

“Ah basta! Bahala ka. Kailangan masarap at ikaw dapat ang magluto, kung hindi, matutulog na lang tayo mamaya pag-akyat!” She shouted which made Richard to rush towards where she was.

“What? Maya naman!” He pleaded. Oh how he looks so cute.

She tried not to be affected by this. She just smiled at him before she closes her eyes and took a nap on the sofa.


He’s been opening all of their cabinets in the kitchen and even scanning all of the contents of the refrigerator thinking of something that he could cook.

After a few minutes, he realized that he doesn’t know how to cook, he heaved a sigh as he shook his head.

He went back to the cabinet on top of the sink and took the instant noodles. “At least this is easier to cook.” He said to himself, reading the instructions at the back, he started cooking.


“Ito na yon?” She complained to him as he served a bowl of noodles

“Yan lang kasi yung nakita ko eh.” He explained

“Mr. Lim, di ba every week bumibili sa grocery sila Sabel? At hindi naman nauubos ang laman ng ref ha.” Reminded Maya

“Fine! Yan lang ang kaya kong lutuin na masasarapan ka eh.” He shrugged

Maya bursted into laughter “ang daya mo! Eh papakuluan mo lang naman ‘to! May seasoning na nga din ito. Wala ka man lang kahirap-hirap magtimpla. Daya.” She teased before she spoons the noodles. “Nasobrahan sa pagpapakulo yung noodles Ricky.”

“Sorry. Pero okay naman di ba?” He queried while seating across her

“Hmmm… Pwede na.”

“Yes!” He almost shouted with his fist held up high. Maya could only laugh at her husband’s action

“At bakit ka tuwang-tuwa Mr. Lim?” She teased

“Well, I’m sure you know why.”

“Aaah. Oo nga.” Finishing the bowl of noodles, Maya stood up. “Okay. Sige maghugas ka na ha. Akyat na ako.” She quipped

Left with no choice, Richard hurriedly washed the dishes while humming his favorite song.


The bathroom door was left open. She was inside, washing her face when he suddenly grabbed her by the waist, making her turn around. He was standing right in front of her as she placed both her arms in his shoulders. He kissed her on her lips and kissed her more as his lips made its way down her neck.

“This will be our first night here in our bedroom.” He said as he cuts the kiss

She smiled and teased him again with kisses all over his face.

He lifted her and laid her on their bed.

And they did it again. And again.

She is still in deep slumber when the sun lights slid through the window. He is holding her hand, playing with her fingers while looking intently at her wedding ring. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes groggily and lifted her head to gaze lovingly at her man.

“Good morning!” She greeted him

“Good morning.”

“Alam mo, hindi ko akalain na pwede pala sumaya ng ganito.”

“Same here.” He kissed her forehead

“Hmm.. Kain na tayo ng breakfast?”

“Pwede ba mamaya na lang? Para kasing… Ayoko pa. Tsaka maaga pa naman Maya.” He teased.

“Ayan ka na naman ha!” She laughed at her man’s naughtiness “okay, sige. Pero pwede ba na ibaba natin yung curtains para medyo madilim?” She requested seductively

He smiled. “Whatever you wish, your highness.” He winked


Months later. She was already months pregnant when she visited Richard in his office out of boredom in the mansion. When Richard found out that Maya is already pregnant, he requested her to take her maternal leave as soon as possible for he was very concerned about his wife and baby’s health. Good thing, Maya didn’t even try to argue as she herself had thought of that. She wanted her baby to be safe.

It was already lunch break when she reached the LAS. She brought food with her for Richard.

When she was few more steps away to Richard’s office, someone stopped her from her tracks.

“Excuse me ma’am, do you need anything? I’m sorry but you cannot enter inside.” A tall, gorgeous and sexy woman approached her. It is the first time that Maya saw the woman.

“Ah.. Sorry, gusto ko lang sana puntahan si Richard.”

“May appointment po ba kayo? Kasi hindi pwede eh.”

She is new, she thought. Maya was about to say something when Liza hurriedly approached them.

“Hi Maya!” She happily greeted her

“Hi Liza! May dala lang akong food for Ricky.” She raised the paper bag of food for her to see.

“Oh. Nako, sorry ha. Bago lang kasi siya dito.” She apologizes as she glances at the woman beside her. “She’s Iya, Sir Richard’s new secretary.” Maya could only raise her eyebrows upon the new information.

Sensing that Maya isn’t aware, Liza decided to explain.

“Since I was promoted, medyo natagalan bago naisipan kumuha ng bagong secretary since kaya ko din naman yung trabaho. Eh these past few days medyo ang dami ng trabaho so nag-hire na kami ng papalit sa’kin… So, Iya, this is Maya dela Rosa-Lim. Our boss’ wife.”

Iya looked at Maya from head to toe. “Oh. Hi ma’am. Sorry, hindi ko kasi alam.” She said

She managed to smile at her as she replied. “Okay lang. Nice to meet you… Ah, Liza, pwede ba ako pumasok?”

“Sure. Nandiyan si Sir sa loob.”


The room was dark when he entered their bedroom. He knows that there is someone inside for he can hear a noise coming from their walk in closet.

As he approached the walk in closet, he saw Maya’s clothes scattered all over the floor. He saw her taking out the little black dress that he once gave her from the closet, holding it up to her body and staring at herself on the mirror, somewhat studying if it still fits her. Unfortunately, almost all of her favorite clothes doesn’t fit her now, especially that she is five months pregnant.

She heaved a sigh stomping her foot in annoyance as she threw the little black dress on her side making Richard to catch it.

He placed it down as he walks closer to his wife. “Hey, what is wrong?” He asked concerned written on his face. Of course he is aware that Maya shouldn’t be stressed in her given situation.

Before Richard could hug her, she raised her left hand to stop him from doing so. “Wag! Diyan ka lang!” She almost shouted and then she cried like a baby.

Shocked by his wife’s sudden emotion, he doesn’t know what to do. He is thinking of things that he might have done that upsets her. Well, they are okay earlier that day as she brought him lunch. Maybe she was upset that he asked her to go home to rest and not to wait for him because he still has a lot of things to attend to, he thought.

“Maya.. Please.. Tell me what’s wrong.” He reached her hand and pulled her for a hug

“I hate you!!” She screamed as she sobs.

Pulling her closer and rubbing her back, he still doesn’t know what is wrong. “Okay, I love you, too. Now tell me what is wrong.”

“Sabi ko I hate you!” She said while moving away from him. Her palms covering her face.

“I heard it. Now tell me why.”

“Ikaw kasi eh!”

Reminding himself to stay calm, he answered. “Okay, ako na. Bakit ka ba kasi nagagalit?” He hugged her from behind

“Eh hindi na nga magkasya mga damit ko!! Nakakainis ka!” She cried even louder

Richard’s eyes grew bigger as he tried to suppress his laughter not wanting to add fuel to the fire. “So? Eh di bibili na lang tayo ng bago.” He whispered trying to calm her down

Removing his arms encircled on her, she faces him “You don’t get it don’t you?” She crossed her arms.

He could only raise his eyebrows

“Ang taba ko na! Ikaw kasi eh!”

“Oh. Why is it my fault? And what’s wrong if tumaba ka? It doesn’t matter to me.” He smiled

“Yes it is your fault!” She pouted

“Enlighten me”

“Eh kasi you did this to me.” She said pointing to her baby bump “ayoko na tuloy tumigil kakakain.” She sobbed

Now, he couldn’t contain his laughter.

“Natatawa ka pa!”

Embracing her, he said “oh, eh di parehas pala tayo ang may sala.”

“Hindi. Ikaw lang! Ikaw yung laging nangungulit na ano e.”

“Na ano Mrs. Lim?” He teased

“Basta!” She blushed

A laugh. “Okay, okay, ako na ang may kasalanan and hindi ako papayag na iba ang may kasalanan niyan.”

She slapped his arm “Sira!”

He laughs “Eh ikaw eh… Tama na ha? We will just buy you new clothes, okay? At bakit mo ba kasi naisip yan? I don’t care if tumaba ka ng sobra. I will forever love you no matter what”

She smiled. “Eh kasi, hindi mo sinabi na may bago kang secretary.”

“Sorry, it slipped my mind. Pero teka, anong kinalaman nun?” He planted a kiss on her forehead

“Kasi nga, ang sexy niya tapos maganda.. Basta!”

He kissed her once more upon realization. “Stop it. Don’t you trust me?”

“I do.”

“Oh, eh yun naman pala eh. Do you want me to fire her?”

“Uy! Wag. Wala naman siyang ginagawang mali eh. Ako lang naman yung naiinis ng di ko alam kung bakit.”

“Okay. So case closed. Let’s just eat. You and our baby might be hungry.”

As the argument ended, they both made their way to the dining with hands interlocked.


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After the Wedding Part 2

Note: This is a continuation to After the Wedding Part 1

Author: Kateydreamer

Author’s Note: Hi guys. Sorry if this is kinda overdue. Sorry if there are some errors whatsoever. Enjoy 🙂


After the Wedding Part 2

“How about tonight?” He is teasing her when he heard Maya went out of the bathroom. She smells so good. Her hair is still dripping wet.

“Anong tonight? Hindi pwede! Maaga pa tayo bukas.” She chuckled but deep inside she can once again feel her body tremble in fear and another feeling deep within her. Is that excitement?

“Eh. I just woke up, you know. I still have a lot of energy.” He winked

Oh how she loves the seductive side of him. “Pero, ako kasi pagod na.” She hurriedly lays down on her side of the bed closing her eyes..

But Richard can’t be stopped. He is a man with a mission.

The next thing Maya knew, Richard is nuzzling her neck. She can feel the unfamiliar feeling that it creates in her whole body. The warmth is spreading like a wild fire. Eyes still closed, she braced herself on what’s bound to happen.

“Goodnight. Tomorrow it is.” Richard whispered to her ear before giving it a nip and lying on his side of the bed. He wants her so bad. But he loves her way too much to push her into something that she is not ready, yet. Waiting for tomorrow wouldn’t hurt, anyway.

Maya was disappointed, her side of being a woman is overpowering her fear. She likes what he is doing a while ago. And just a mere thought about it makes her feel warm all over her body.

“Pero kasi..paano ba yon? Ano ba dapat? Teka. Ano ba naman yan!” She asks herself. She doesn’t know how to do it and she is not sure whether Richard would really want to be with her. She doesn’t have any experience about it which might turn him off.


It is a wonderful day to tour around the city. The newly weds walked hand in hand enjoying the view around them. They are enjoying this day together. Maya would take pictures using her polaroid cam. Pictures of them together, him kissing her on the cheek, even their hands intertwined are captured. Every wonderful moments are captured by Maya.

On the vacant table outside the coffee shop is where they stopped for a while to rest and to have a cup of coffee. Richard is busy reading e-mails on his laptop, making sure that everything is fine back in LAS while Maya is writing down captions in every photo that she took.

After reading his e-mails, Richard excused himself to go to the comfort room. Maya took that chance to call Emman way back in the Philippines to ask him about her predicament. She thought that she will not be bugged by that today because she will be occupied with their adventure for the day. But when Richard would stare and steal kisses from her, she will be reminded about her promised to him. That thing about tonight.

“Hello Emman!”

“Oh myyy Roomieee!! Natouch naman ako sa roaming call mo na ‘to!!” He shrieked on the other line when he found out that it was Maya who is calling him.

“Ha ha. Ikaw talaga.”

“Oh, bakit ka napatawag? Kamusta naman? Kamusta ang first day sa US? Or should I ask how was your first night together? Ayiieee” he teased which made Maya blush.

“Eh, ayun na nga ang itinawag ko eh.” She replied somewhat bothered

“Hala, don’t tell me kekwentuhan mo pa ako ha! Wag na girl. Maiinggit pa ako. Kainis ka.” He giggled

This statement made Maya blush even more. “Ano ka ba naman! Hindi yun.”

“Eh ano?”

“Kasi…wala naman.”

Puzzled, he asked again “ano? Anong wala?”

“Walang ano. First night na iniisip mo.”

“Ha? Bakit?”

“Eh kasi.. Emman, natatakot ako. Paano ba yun?” She asked

Hiding his amusement “Girl, ako pa tinanong mo. Wala akong alam kung ano ang sinasabi mo. Ang maiaadvice ko lang, let him lead the way!” He answered.

“Ano ka ba naman. Di kita maintindihan!”

“Ewan ko girl. Basta wag mo siya paghintayin ng matagal. Wala naman masama dun ah. Mag-asawa naman kayo. Kung natatakot ka dahil hindi mo alam kung paano, hindi naman ituturo kung ano ang gagawin no! Feeling ko out of love na lang lahat.  At saka remember, gusto na ulit magkaapo ni Nanay Teresita! Di ka ba naeexcite makakita ng mini you and him? Di ba gurl. Exciting!! Kaya go lang ng go.” He animatedly answered, giggling.

Maya chuckled upon hearing Emman’s comments. He could really make her laugh. When she noticed that Richard is already on his way back to their table, she immediately bid goodbye. But before she can hung up the phone, Emman quipped “Mamaya pa maghanap ng iba yan!!” She laughed at his joke before turning her heels back to Richard.


The sky burned ruby, and it was time for them to go back.  As they reached their hotel room, Richard is grinning. Maya noticed this. She knew the reason why.

“Ah. Ricky, nakausap mo na ba yung mga bata?” He is sitting on their bed when she asked him.

“Yes. Kanina.”

“Oh, kamusta naman daw sila?”

“They’re okay.”

“Kumain na ba sila?” She asked as she gets her night clothes.

“Yes. They just finished eating their breakfast.” He is still grinning at her

“Eh–” she wanted to ask some more but her question is interrupted by Richard “Mrs. Lim, please stop. They told me that we shouldn’t get worried about them and that we should enjoy each other’s company.” He stood up and pulled her close to him.

“So… About…” He started to kiss her forehead and then her nose. “Ah. Eh. Ricky, maliligo muna ako.” She tried to escape from his hold.

“Mamaya na..” He rain kisses again all over her face.

“Ricky! Pagod na kasi ako, maliligo na muna ako.” She half shouted which startled him. He moved away from her and she stormed her way to the bathroom.

She calmed herself inside the bathroom. Hands on her chest. Her heart is beating fast. Breathe in, breathe out. She was also shocked on how she reacted earlier. Deep inside her also wanted to happen what Richard wants. But another part of her is still not sure if she’s ready. She had to ready herself because such is inevitable.

Richard is upset. Of course, he respects her but isn’t all the time that he gave her enough? He sighed once again in disappointment and focused himself on his laptop ready for a night’s work.

Her scent can be smelled all over the room when she went out of the bathroom. Richard pretended that he is not affected by this. Well, so what if he is affected? Will it matter? Will she let him do what he wanted to do?

As soon as her right foot stepped out of the bathroom, she immediately saw him busy with his laptop. She knows that he is upset and after an hour of bath, she decided that she should do it now with him. Now the joke of Emman earlier is running in her head. She is so sure that he won’t do that but this 2 weeks with him should be well spent. After all, he will be very busy after their honeymoon.

Slowly, she made her way to the table near their bed where he is busy with his laptop. Without any knowledge on how to start, she reluctantly placed her hands on his shoulder as she reached his back and started massaging it. “Ricky, di ka pa matutulog?” She asked sweetly

“I have to finish something.” He answered coldly but deep inside, he is affected by her touch.

Now she is sure that he is really upset. She tried to kiss him on his cheek and hooks her arm around his neck, placing her chin on top of his right shoulder.


Crap! What now? Is she seducing me?, he asked himself. He pretended that he doesn’t care. He remained seated and tried to focus on his work.

Maya is not sure what to do next. So, she kissed him once more on his cheek, then on his neck and then she claimed his lips. At first, he didn’t respond to her kiss but after a few, he responded.

Their kiss deepened. Richard stood up from his seat as he leads her to the bed. But half way to their bed, Richard exclaimed “Ouch!”

“Hala! Bakit Ricky? Naku Sorry!!” She is worried when she saw his lips bleeding. She didn’t intend to bite his lips while they are kissing. It just happened.

“It’s alright. I’m fine.”

“Eh pero kasi nagdudugo. Gamutin na muna natin yan.” She placed her thumb on top of his lips

He shook his head “wag na.” He tried to kiss her again when Maya shifted her head.

“Ah basta. Gamutin na muna natin.”

“Fine. But I do know how.”

“Oh? Paano?”

“This is how”  He winked at her before claiming her lips once again and carrying her to their bed.

“Bakit ang dami mo namang suot?” He commented as he laid her on the bed

“Eh ang lamig kaya!” She managed to answer, blushing even more. “Teka, eh. Ano. Start na ba tayo?” She innocently asked which made Richard burst into laughter

“Ano ka ba!! Hindi ko na nga alam kung paano sisimulan o kung paano gagawin tawa ka pa ng tawa diyan!”

Trying to stop himself from laughing, he said “okay, sorry. Nakakatuwa ka kasi.”

She just stared back at him “okay. Tumawa ka na lang, matulog na tayo!”

“Wha-? NO!” He quickly responded.

“Eh ikaw eh!”

“Fine. Let’s start with this.” And so, he kissed her once more pulling the covers on top of them. For few seconds, or even minutes, who knows how long. They shared a passionate kiss pure of love for each other which lead to a one loving night.

She realized that Emman is right. Even though she doesn’t know how to do it, her love for him is over flowing. She just made things out of pure love.


The sun is hiding behind the clouds making it colder than was usual. They are running so fast, hands intertwined. Up the stairs they go.

“Ikaw kasi Ricky eh!”

“Oh. Anong ako? Ikaw kaya yung late nagising.”

They entered inside a Catholic church near the city to catch the on going mass. They quietly sat on the vacant seat on the back.

“Ah basta! Di mo kasi ako ginising agad eh.” She whispered at him. The priest is already delivering his sermon when they came in.

His lips close to her ear, he responded. “Eh parang sobrang antok ka pa kasi eh. And I know you are tired last night.” He teased.

She blushed profusely upon remembering the things that happened last night.

Nudging him, she whispered back “Ricky! Nasa simbahan tayo ano ka ba.”

Amused by her, he replied “I’m sure He understands why we’re late. Sobra mo lang kasi akong minahal kagabi.”

Eyes growing wide, she almost shouted “Ricky!” Which earned them a couple of looks from the people around them. Richard stifled a laugh while Maya made a peace sign and buries her face on Richard’s arm.


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Second Part 9

Author: Kateydreamer


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Second Part 9

Standing unobtrusively against his car door, undeniably handsome with his blue long sleeves and slacks, he could really melt every girl’s heart who sees him. His pair of chinky eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. He is simply, gorgeous.

Maya, seeing him like that made her heart flipped. He never fail to make her feel giddy even without doing anything.
As soon as Richard saw her, his lips crept up for a smile. He immediately approached her and kissed her on her cheek before opening the car door.
Silence followed not long after. Richard’s eyes were focused on the road while Maya quietly sat beside him, eyes fixed outside the window.
“Saan tayo pupunta?” She asked when she could no longer hold the silence.

“It’s a surprise. You’ll find out later.” He casted a glance at her before turning to the left of the road where their destination is.

“Wow.” She murmured completely in awe of the place as their car pulled in Sumida park.
More than the beautiful sight that the park has to offer, he is just so happy to be able to see Maya’s face with so much joy. “Mas maganda daw dito pag gabi, lights are lit up.” He informed her as he slowly went beside her holding her hand.

Maya didn’t bother to look at Richard, she is completely enjoying the place. The cherry blossom gives her so much joy, like a kid who first saw something pretty amazing. Lost in her own world, Maya walked in the park, enjoying the nature. The park stretches for a few hundred meters along both sides of Sumida River with views of the Tokyo Sky Tree. With few steps, she is so sure that she will enjoy the day.

For her, the place is as romantic as her mother and father’s romantic place. Well what makes it different for her is the cherry blossom and a number of people strolling. The place is really magical for her and maybe, it is because of her company. Yes, it sure is.
Every now and then, Maya would stop by and would look at the food stands all over the place with Richard following her and spoiling her with anything. She’s like a little kid who is so curious with everything which amused Richard. Oh how he loves this woman.
They are now enjoying the Cherry blossom viewing from boats cruising the river. How Richard wanted so bad to pull Maya to a corner and to have a talk with her, but seeing her face light up, her eyes glistening with joy, he decided to just do that later and would let her enjoy a little longer before having their serious talk. For all he wanted is for his Maya to be happy.
The sun is slowly dipping, allowing the darkness to take over. They sat quietly beside each other still in awe with the beauty of the place.

Neither of them talk. They are both lost with words to say. He missed her terribly, while she missed this time with him and yet, it reminds herself that this is just a fairy tale and will end soon. She knows well that she can never have his whole heart and she finds it unfair, so unfair that her whole heart is his and yet, she can only have a piece of his heart in return.
“Maya-” he started. It’s now or never, he thought
Slowly, she shifted her gaze to the man beside her. She knew that this is inevitable no matter how long she tried to avoid it.
“I went to Emman’s condo whenever I get a chance because I-” his voice faltered and her heart ached for him.
“Hindi mo na kailangan pa sabihin. Di ko din naman gusto malaman.” She cut him off not wanting to hear what she knows. He kept on asking Emman her whereabouts for the past few days she’s happy that he did, though she doesn’t want to hear it coming from him because the wall that she just build between them might collapse.
“Maya… Please. I miss you a lot. You know how much I love you, right?”
A pause. She was not contemplating, she knows that he does really love her but a part of her wanted more time, or maybe, she’s just tired of everything.
So then she thought that this opening up was everything she’d wanted but why did she still feel like her heart was barely breathing?
“Hindi lang siguro talaga sapat yung mahal natin yung isa’t isa. Ako talaga siguro yung may mali sa ngayon. Kahit ako, hindi ko maintindihan yung sarili ko eh.” She glanced at him trying to read his reaction. “Gusto ko muna ng time.”

Face scrunched up, he answered trying to control his temper. “Are you breaking up on me? Hindi pa ba sapat yung time na nagkalayo tayo? You just don’t know how hard it is for me. I don’t know where you are, I don’t know how you’re doing!” He can no longer hide the pain that he is feeling as his voice rises an octave higher.

“Please. Wag muna ngayon.” She almost pleaded. How she wanted so bad to hug him right now and to tell him that everything’s okay. But she knows herself, and she is not herself when she is with him. She can no longer give that selfless love and she wanted her own self back. Maya would like to fix herself and make sure that she’ll be able to accept the consequences of loving him with open arms.
A deafening silence ensued between them. The darkness now covering the whole park and the trees are now glowing as the trees are lighted.
It would really be a romantic place for the two people who are in love, but not for them. As they could both feel the tension rising in the air together with the cold breeze that lashes on their faces.
“Don’t you take it as a sign? I don’t know where you are, I was supposed to just have a meeting here but then we saw each other.” Maya remained quiet. Yes, indeed, she as well is taking it as a sign.
Receiving no response, Richard could only sob. All of those days without hearing her voice, ending with sleepless nights without seeing her, he almost lose his sanity! And just when he thought that they will be back together, that everything will be fine. That love will prevail. But then, reality strikes, love is really not enough, sometimes. So, is this goodbye?
Reaching for both of her hands, he was shaking as he tried to control his sobs. “Before, I was brave, really brave enough to face everyday knowing that I was sharing with you the same agony of waiting for days to pass just for us to see each other again, but this past few days, I was so scared because I don’t know if you are also feeling what I am feeling. Once again, I feel so alone…”
She had to admit there was hurt bubbling up inside of her because it was clear just how much he was hurting. He never saw him cry like that. She never saw such sadness in his eyes, well, the last time was when she saw him looking at Alex’s photo. That really hurts.

His head bowed down, he stood up and took few steps away from her. His feet are heavy as he continued to walk away. He is somehow waiting for her to stop him from walking away, but that did not happen. And his heart crushed into pieces yet, again.

“Maya?” The voice on the other line said.
“Oh, bakit Eds?” She replied trying to control her sobs. No matter how she tried not to be affected with what transpired earlier, she as well, is deeply wounded.
“Eh kasi, we are here sa isang bar, you know naman the boy FAs…”
“Ah. Oo nga daw, inaaya nga nila ako. Kaso wala kasi ako sa mood eh.”

“Yes, and I think I just know why.”

The cab pulled in a not so enormous bar about 30 minutes away from their hotel. People are going in and out of it with some people drunk. As she walks in, she quickly scanned the place. A number of people are having fun. Dancing with the roar of music while some are seated, drinking.

“Maya!” Eds tapped her shoulder when she saw her. Leaning in, almost shouting near her ear to over power the sounds. “Andun! Let’s go.” Eds pointed in a corner and lead her the way.
It was dark and noisy inside the bar but her eyes quickly recognize the man seated with empty bottles on top of the table and a not-so-empty bottle of beer at hand. From a far, you’ll be able to say that he is indeed, inebriated.
How her heart twinge in pain. She never wanted him to be like that. Never.
Without hesitation, Maya, with the help of Eds and a boy FA, easily lead Richard inside the cab. The smell of the alcohol is spreading inside the taxi. Richard is leaning on Maya’s shoulder in the backseat murmuring words that can’t be understood.

She’d looked into his eyes, had run her fingers across the harsh lines of his face, and knew how much he needed her. She is so guilty right now. She had cause this hurt in him.
Maya tried to unbutton his polo just to lessen the warmth that is spreading all over his body. This is the first time that she saw him like that. His gorgeous face is burning red because of alcohol.
She is trying to unbutton the first one when his two hands took a grip on her wrists.
“Ddo–n’t.” He stammered, eyes still closed.
“Para lang mapreskuhan ka ng konti. Tatanggalin ko lang kahit tatlong butones.” She calmly explained to him.

“No. Ma-ya will ge-t ma-d. I al-re-ady ha-ve a girlf-rieeeend.” He murmured, his grip is starting to loosen as sleep slowly catches him.

She was surprised to hear that from him. Her heart doubled up its beating. She is now accustomed to his smell as she leans in and kisses his forehead.

“I love you. Sorry.” It wasn’t what she planned to say, but she couldn’t hide from the truth of it.

The sun was streaming into the windows as they held each other. He stirred and slowly opened his left eye. Blinking several times, he was astounded to see her beside him. All of the pain that he felt yesterday suddenly disappeared.
He moved closer, caressed her cheek with one of his hands.
Maya’s eyes flew open. She smiled at him ever lovingly, like all of those things that bugged her for days, all of those issues that she felt were thrown away.
His bright smile practically jumping through his lips. “Good morning!”

“Good morning. Sorry ha, dito na kita dinala sa room namin ni Eds. Di ko kasi alam kung saan yung hotel na pinagiistayan mo eh.” She said.

“Thank you. I love you.” Was all that he could say. Heck, how good it feels to be waking up beside your love.
“Hindi ba masakit yung ulo mo?” She asked, smile still plastered on her lips.

Oh how his head throbbed in pain, but he didn’t notice it right away. The love that flows in his heart is the most noticeable feeling to him right now. “Uhm.. Just a little.”

“Hangover yan, ikaw kasi ang dami mong ininom kagabi. Tara, baba tayo para makapagkape ka. Cr lang muna ako ha? Tulog pa naman si Eds.”
“Wait.” He pulled her making her fell on the bed again. “Please..let’s stay a few more minutes.” He pleaded. He doesn’t want this to end, not yet. No. Never.
“If this is just a dream, I don’t want to wake up. Not just yet. Let’s sleep some more please?”
Maya nodded and laid beside him again. Why did she ever wanted more? More time from him, more love from him? When you can never really measure someone’s love for you? She can never doubt his love for her, anyway. She knows too well that she is loved by this man.

“Sorry.” Her eyes fixed on her own food as she started to talk.
Richard paused for a while as he wipes his mouth with a table napkin before answering her.
“For what?”
“Sa lahat.” She pouted.
“For not talking to me these past few days? For not telling me where you are? For not answering my calls, for-”
“Oo na! Lahat na nga eh.” She pouted once more which made Richard laugh.
He reached for her hand “It’s okay. Just please, don’t do this again. You just don’t know how hard it had been. I’m trying to keep myself busy but every time that my watch ticks, I am missing you more and ended up thinking of you.”
She nodded. How she thought that he’s not hurting the way that she is but again, she was wrong.
“Promise.” She raised her right hand in the air as a sign of a promise that she will definitely keep.

“And, uhm. By the way, I’ve arranged everything so that we can go back home together.” He added as he continued eating

“Ha? Teka, pero.. Kailan? Aalis na tayo?”

“I have a lot of things to do kasi pagbalik kaya we have to go back tomorrow.”
She almost choked. Tomorrow? Together? And then everything will go back to normal, he will be busy with work. But work is part of him that she should get used to and that she should love as well. Not just him, alone.
But she wanted to stay some more. Anyway, he will be busy for quite sometime and he couldn’t spend much of his time for her so she wanted to disagree. “Pero, since magiging busy ka, kasi nga di ba sabi mo, madami kang gagawin. Eh di tatapusin ko na muna yung flights ko. Kasi di ba, di din naman tayo makakapagspend ng time kagaya nito. Di ba mas okay na tapusin muna natin yung mga trabaho natin?” She explained lenghtly.
“Who said that I’ll be busy for work?”

“Ha? Eh kakasabi mo lang kaya!”
He grinned. “Nope. I can’t remember that I did. All I remember is that I said that madami akong gagawin.”

“Oh, yun nga! You’ll be busy.”

“But not with work.”
“Teka, eh saan naman?” She asked, confused.

“Sa’yo.” He smiled widely.
Her heart somersaulted. How this man knows how to melt her heart. She is now blushing profusely which made Richard chuckle. “Naman Sir Chief eh!”
“What? I am telling the truth here. Pagbalik natin, we’ll be busy. We’ll be telling the kids about us.”
“Ha?” She doesn’t saw it coming. Not just now. She is fearing that day.
Sensing her discomfort and fear, she calmly talked to her “Look at me, it will be okay. As long as we’re together. Walang iwanan okay? We need to tell them because not long after we should let them now our plans of getting married.”
“Ha? OUR plan?” She answered in shock
“Yes. Di ba I told you na magiging busy ako? After what happened. After you, totally ignoring me and all, I cannot let you go. Not again!” He smiled, proud with his whole idea.
“So, ganun na lang yun? Wala man lang proposal?”
“Is that necessary?”
“Oo naman no! How sure are you na gusto kitang pakasalan?” She crossed her arms, a serious look on her face
Now, Richard’s face had lost its color. He is hurt. Will she say no? “Why? A-ayaw mo ba akong pakasalan?”

Oh how she wanted to laugh at his reaction! She knows that this is what she wanted for a long time. For her heart never to doubt, she surely wanted this. But of course, every girl would love to have a romantic marriage proposal. She really hates how guys could sometimes be unromantic.

“Hahaha. I’ll save my answer sa marriage proposal mo. Basta ang gusto ko, maganda. Dapat mapa-Oo mo ako.” She stuck out her tongue at him which made the latter chuckle.

“I’ll make sure that you’ll say yes Mrs. Maya Lim!” He winked.