Though the show is over, you are still welcome here…

They show may have ended, but the stories remain. Come in, find a seat, pick a story and let your imagination soar…

A little background…
Be Careful with My Heart was a daytime series seen on ABS-CBN which gained quite a following due to its charismatic actors and feel good story, amongst many other things. Its popularity was evident in the daily high ratings, recognition by award giving bodies, its constant appearance as a trending topic in various social media sites, as well as the past paced discussions in various viewer forums. If that’s not enough proof of its popularity, the show – top billed by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap – was extended time and time again, lasting two years.

Excess Baggage was launched on November 25, 2012, shortly after the series began. It became a home to numerous creative works (the largest collection online!) by show fanatics around the world, inspired by the story of Maya, Sir Chief and their families. Stories on EB served as appetizers while waiting for 11:45AM, dessert after the show ended and the snack you couldn’t stop binging on during all hours.

Why? Because it’s fun to dream. It’s nice to read a good story. There are many benefits to using your imagination. And, Vitamin K (for “kilig”) is very good for you.

I would like to take this time to commend, recognize, thank and bow down to the writers on the actual show. It is because of their excellent storytelling and solid development of characters that amateur/fanatic writers, such as myself, are able to put together these fan fiction.

So enough from me. Read on. Smile.

Stay sharp,
sharpie21 😉

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Housekeeping Notes:

  • All stories posted on this site have been submitted – aka we have been given authorization. Please do not copy/repost without the author’s permission. (And certainly do not take credit for their work. No, no, no.) If you want to spread the love, link back to the post.
  • Don’t know where to start reading? How about from the beginning? (Yes, shameless plug.) Seriously, easily find new stories by viewing The Latest section off to the right side panel – or visit our Story Guide – by Author page for a full listing of what’s in the library.

610 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi guys! Natapos na ang show pero the story still lives on! Miss ko pa rin ang Lim at Dela Rosa family. Maraming magagandang palabas pero hindi pa rin nito mapantayan ang good vibes ng BCWMH. Para sa akin ito pa rin ang the BEST TELESERYE that ever grace the Philippine Television. Sila pa lang may consistent good vibes, Filipino values at walang kontrabidang naghihiganti,, walang patayan/kidnapan na plot. Well aside from Dream Dad (na team din nila ang gumawa) pero ibang level pa rin ang kilig ni Sir Chief at Maya. 🙂

    • So true. I agree with your sentiments. Even Nathaniel doesn’t live up to the good vibes of BCWMH. We just keep on re-reading the blogs to somehow remind us of Richard and Maya’s tandem. Nobody beats their chemistry!

  2. Hi. I wish the author of “Restless” will finish the story. I know it’s more than a year now but I’m still hoping and I’m sure the others too.

    Thank you so much.

  3. I recently started to watch the new Pangako ko sa iyo, my husband’s comment about this show is” I don’t see that “blooming/happy/charmed/in love smile that radiates on your whole face’ like when you watch BCWMH… and “you still does it when you watch the videos” ohhhh how I miss the De la Rosa/Lim Family

  4. would love to read the next chapters of RESTLESS WRITTEN BY MS. RICCI;it’s a pity that such a very nice story is left hanging; I still keep on visiting her website or keep on looking for it here just in case there is a continuation; am sure that the rest of the readers of this site feel the same.Is there a way to notify Ms. Ricci to finish such a beautiful story?

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