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Email Address (for contributions and general inquiries):
Twitter: @calmworld2012 (Admin sharpie)

Site admin:
T: @calmworld2012

EBU Admin Team:

Please be advised that while we do a  lot of the admin work on this site, there are many authors involved in making this library. Whoever posts the story is typically the writer (unless it’s otherwise noted in the article). Please give them the due credit.

Want to contribute?

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this blog is more than welcome to do. Please send an email to and let’s talk. 🙂 (It’s probably a better idea to bug us on Twitter though…)
The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Please attach your story either as a word doc or copied into the email. Word document is preferred.
  • Please ensure that the story has already been edited/formatted. We review only for content – correct structure, grammar etc. is up to you.
  • Please provide a pen name.
  • Please do not be too vulgar in your writing. We have a wide range of readers…
  • Please do not write about the actors/actresses having personal relationships.
  • Please ensure that the story is solely yours – or that the proper references have been cited. We do not condone plagiarism.
  • Please have patience as the story may not get posted right away.

Above all else…

  • Please respect the site, the readers, other contributors and admin team.

Disclaimer: Please note that we, the authors, do not claim to own any characters from the show Be Careful with My Heart. Simpleng katuwaan lang po ang rason para sa mga stories na ito. The stories on this site were written for enjoyment purposes. Thank you ABS-CBN, and the creative team for BCWMH for inspiring us so.

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36 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello again !! Another story that caught me really was Two Words Nine Letters would there be any continuation of this story by miss_gerd I’m just wondering I’ve read almost all the story posted this site and just go back o. Some of them especially pag nagustuhan ko yung story and this got my attention I may not be happy that SC that another woman here and on top of that engaged to her I’m just hoping yung continuation eh he would realized that Maya is the one that he TRULY love for all this time and they would be able to give themselves a chance to be together because they were meant to be naman TOGETHER….. I hope whoever the writter of this story would be able to read my comment and pleading that my susunod pang chapter…….thank so much Good Luck to all the writter !!!!!

  2. One story that really caught my attention was entitled Palusot. However according to the story it is not yet finished but it has been at least 2 months and there are still no updates. Are they going to finish it?

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