The Guardian Angel – part 3

A/N: This is a continuation to The Guardian Angel – part 2.


Author: princemackaroo




Richard brought Maya to his condo unit as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. While confined, he closely monitored her progress alongside with his bestfriend Ryan, who has a background in psychiatry. Though Maya did not really sustain any physical injuries, both Richard and Ryan suspected that she might have experienced trauma that caused for her brain to shut off her memories, effectively giving her amnesia.

Ryan had initially offered shelter for Maya, reasoned that he can take better care of her and regularly check on her development but Richard refused. Though he knows that Ryan has nothing but Maya’s best interest in mind, he simply can’t let himself trust her just to anyone else, not even to his closest and most trusted friend. If indeed Maya was the very same guardian angel he had back when he was still a child, then by all means, he needed to know what exactly happened to her.

Richard had just helped Maya to bed, willing her to rest. “Dito ka muna hangga’t hindi pa bumabalik ang memories mo. You still can’t remember anything don’t you?” Maya, bowing down, simply shook her head. Richard smiled sympathetically at her and held her hand. “It’s okay. Things like these usually take time. One day, maaalala mo rin ang lahat. But for now, magandang magpahinga ka muna.”

Maya nodded her head. She looked up and saw the sincerity in his eyes. “Thank you,” she muttered and after a few seconds, smiled.

Snippets of memories he had with her before flashed before his eyes. And before he could even control himself, he moved closer to her, pulled her in his arms and hugged her tight. “I’m so glad you came back for me. I knew you were real. I always believed.” He closed his eyes, relieved that the angel he knew he had when he was a kid was real, that she wasn’t something conjured up by his imagination. “I missed you Maya. I missed you so much.” His yearning came out spontaneously that he had no time to process everything he does and says.


Her voice filled with much uncertainty pulled him out of his stupor. He immediately pulled back and offered an apologetic smile. “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. . .”

“I understand,” she replied in a less-sympathetic manner. “Gusto ko lang munang magpahinga.”

‘O – of course. Of course.” He tried his best to sound casual and shrug off the sense of awkwardness that starts to invade them. “I’ll just be outside if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to approach me.” She simply gave him a nod. “Right.” He gave her another smile before getting up on his feet and walking out of the bedroom.

As Richard closed the door behind him, he cannot help but smile. He walked towards his own bedroom and lay down on his bed. With his hands at the back of his head, he started blankly into space and remembered snippets of the moments that he and Maya shared together. He may no longer remember everything they shared together but one thing is for sure, she was someone that he has never forgotten. At a very young age, he had come to learn what it is like to fall in love. Maybe it wasn’t love after all, maybe it was only infatuation. But seeing her again after all these years, he’s never been more certain. She always had a special place in his heart that no one else has ever gone close.

He reminisced every single moment that his mind remembers until it went back to the last day he ever saw her.

His tears could not stop from flowing as Maya had just told him that she already had to leave for good. “But I will never see you again, right?”

She nodded her head in confirmation. “You may never see me again, but I will always be here.” She lifted her hand and placed it on his left chest, to where his heart is.

With his small little hand, he placed it on her left chest. “Will I always be here as well?”


He never really understood what she meant. All along he thought that having her in his heart was already enough, but he was wrong. As days went by, he started to grow weary and in constant yearning for her presence and company. He starts to miss her so badly that he usually cries himself to sleep at night and call out her name.

His parents tried to comfort him until they grew tired of it all. They had him be checked by a psychologist and that’s when they started instilling in his mind that everything that happened isn’t real but are just things made up by his imagination. He tried to fight it off at first and stick to what he believed in until later on, he found himself getting confused and no longer knows what to believe in anymore. He eventually let himself believe whatever truth they wanted him to believe.

As he grew older, he became better and lived a normal life. He graduated from college, pursued a medical degree, dated a couple of women until he met Alex. Meeting Alex reminded him of someone in his past. A past that he wasn’t even sure ever existed. He loved Alex until the cheating happened. And when he thought that everything is going to crumble down, his savior came. His Maya came back.

Seeing her once again, proved everything he held on dearly to be true. The sight of her made his heart ache that nobody ever did. And that’s when everything had been clear, everything she said that night, she indeed, will always be in his heart.




It was already dinner time but Maya still hadn’t gotten out of her room. Making sure that the table is already set, Richard walked back to her bedroom. “Maya?” He tried knocking on the door but when no response is heard, he decided to open the door.

“Maya?” He peeked through the small gap and noticed that no light had been opened yet. He tried to call her again but when no response was made, he let himself in. As he was walking towards her bed, he noticed Maya slightly tossing on her bed, moaning and slightly restless. He immediately approached her, deducing that she was having a dream. “Maya! Maya!” He tried to shake her to wake her up.

She stopped in her movements and opened her eyes, looking blankly into space. It took her a couple of seconds to register where she was and when she looked on her right, she saw Richard, worriedly staring at her. “Richard?”

“Yes it’s me.” He took her hand and gently caressed her face. “Are you alright?”

“Yes. May napanaginipan lang ako,” she said in a soft voice.

“Do you still remember it? Your dream?”

Maya nodded her head. “There’s. . There’s a boy,” she started and played the dream inside of her head. “I was in his bedroom.. Putting him to sleep.”

“Do you know his name?” he asked, curious to know the details of her dream.

“No. But. . I felt a certain kind of connection with him. I don’t know. I just can’t explain it.” She started staring into space once more. “Para kasing. . I know him at malapit talaga siya sa akin.”

Richard felt his chest tighten. Though he doesn’t know who exactly she dreamt about, he cannot help but be jealous over the fact that Maya felt a certain kind of connection for the boy she just dreamt.

“Tingin mo ba may kinalaman siya sa nakaraan ko?” she asked, looking closely at Richard.

“It’s really hard to tell. Is this the first time you’ve had this kind of dream?”

She thought back. “Yes.”

Richard nodded his head and starts to give her the possibilities. “That boy could’ve been someone from your past or it could also just be a random dream,” he said. Though he wanted Maya to regain her memories back, he was also hoping that whatever it is she dreamt is just something random. “We can discuss it with Ryan tomorrow. He might be able to interpret it better for you.”

Maya gave him a nod and smiled.

“I’ve made dinner for us. Tara sa labas para makakain na tayo.”

Together they went out of the bedroom and walked towards the dining room. Richard assisted Maya in her seat and settled himself beside her. He led a prayer of thanks before placing portions of food onto Maya’s plate.

“Okay lang if hindi ka nasasarapan sa luto ko. I have fruits in the fridge if –“

“No it’s okay. Masarap naman siya eh,” she said truthfully.

“Ang tahimik mo lang kasi. I was already getting worried that you don’t like what I cooked,” he reasoned with a smile.

Maya smiled back. “Ikaw lang ba mag-isa ang nakatira dito?”

Richard nodded his head. “My parents are living in China. Mas gusto kasi ni Papa na mag-settle doon. But I prefer staying here. Dito kasi ako lumaki sa Philippines.”

“Hindi ba sila magagalit pag nalaman nilang nagpapatira ka ng taong hindi mo naman kakilala?”

Richard let out a chuckle. “I’m sure they won’t. Besides, I’m already old enough to make decisions for myself.” He wanted to stress out that he really knows her but forced himself not to, worrying that it may make things awkward again.

“Ikaw?” she asked. “I know you’ve already told me that you knew me from before, pero sabi mo nga bata ka pa noon? How can you be so sure na ako nga yun?”

Richard contemplated for an answer. “I just know. I can never be mistaken.”

“But how is that even possible?” she asked in an incredulous manner. “For sure marami nang nagbago lalo na sa physical appearance ko. But how can you be so sure na ako nga yung nakilala mo ng mga bata pa tayo?”

“Because you never changed.”

“I didn’t what?”

Richard took a deep breath. “I’ve known you all my childhood life. I guess ever since I was born you were already there for me.” He looked at Maya and said, “You were my guardian angel Maya.”

Maya simply looked curiously at him, unable to immediately process his words.

“It may seem hard to believe. Kahit nga ang parents ko hindi naniwala sa akin.” He bowed his head down and smirked. “After you left, I was so lonely, especially after everyone told me that you are not real, na imahinasyon lang kita. And I believed them. As time went by, I let myself believe them.” And with a sigh, “I just accepted the fact that you were just something made up by my imagination.”

He turned and looked at Maya once more. “But after seeing you again. . .” he said and smiled. “I knew then that those memories are not made up. That you are not made up. That you are real.”

Maya still had no words to say. Richard took her hand and held it firmly with both of his and looked deeply in her eyes. “You were my guardian angel Maya. You were the first girl that I loved. And we made a promise to each other that we will never forget each other.”

Maya pulled her hand away and starts to look at him warily and with a sense of panic. “Just stop. Please, just stop.” She averted her gaze and looked away.

“Maya.” He watched her closely and noticed her anxiousness. “I’m telling you the truth.”

“This is a mistake Richard. Hindi mo ako dapat dinala dito sa bahay mo.”

“But you have nowhere else to go.”

“I know there’s some place I can stay aside from here,” she said. “This is wrong. This is all wrong.” Her heart raced at the possibility that Richard is losing his sanity. “Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyari sa’yo noon o kung ano ang binabalak mo. Pero imposible ang sinasabi mo Richard. Hindi ako isang anghel.”

“But you are! You are Maya. You may not remember it now but I assure you. You are the guardian angel that I used to have.”

“Richard please,” she pleaded. “This is insane. I may have lost my memory but I haven’t lost my mind! Hindi ako isang anghel!” she pointed out.

“But –“

“Richard please!”

Richard fell silent. He could only stare at her, stunned with her reaction and obey her request. Sadness starts to fill him as he realized that she cannot only remember him but she also thinks like everyone else who did not believe him. “I – I’m sorry.”

A moment of silence ensued as not one of them dared to speak up first. Then Maya took a deep breath and spoke. “Kailangan kong maghanap ng ibang matitirhan. I clearly cannot live here.”

Panic started to strike him. “No. Hindi mo kailangang lumipat pa. I told you, you can stay here.”

“I clearly can’t.” She faced him and looked in his eyes. “You are a doctor Richard. Ikaw ang mas nakakaalam kung ano ang makakabuti para sa iyo.”

“But I’m fine. I’m okay,” he said. “You’re the one who needs to be helped and looked at and I can do those.” He tried to reach for her once more. “I can help you and I can look after you.”

“This won’t work Richard.”

“It will. Trust me, it will.”

“I don’t think I can trust you in that matter,” she said flatly.

Richard’s heart sank. If she cannot trust him, then there’s nothing more left for him to try. He bowed his head down and closed his eyes. “I understand.” He looked at her with sadness but still managed to give her a reassuring smile. “I’ll. . I’ll arrange something for you then. I’ll talk to Ryan and see if his offer’s still up.”

Maya heaved out a sigh. The idea that she will only be transferred to one of his friends does not appeal to her much but she also knows that she doesn’t have much of a choice. She then realized that being with his friend is better than being around him. “Okay then. Thank you.”




The Guardian Angel – part 2

A/N: This is a continuation to The Guardian Angel – part 1.


Author: princemackaroo




Richard drove around the city wanting to free his heart from the hurt and betrayal he was experiencing, but it was to no avail. His mind kept going back to the scene he had witnessed in his very own bedroom. His fiancée in the arms of not just another man, but one of his best pals, James Ventura. His grip on the steering wheel tightened further at the thought of their betrayal.

As he was driving, he spotted a bar that had just opened up for the day. He pulled his car over and drove to the parking lot. Within minutes, he was already settled inside and ordering himself a bottle of scotch.

Maya could only watch him from afar. She had already meddled too much and stayed longer around than she should. The rules are clear. She can only look after the child she was assigned to and once time is already up, she needs to go back home to report and possibly accept her new assignment. But seeing Richard again made her lose any sense of order or responsibility. She was too caught up in the moment that the only thing she wanted to do is watch him and know that he’ll eventually be okay.

For years, she had tried to get over him. And just as when she thought she really had, the unexpected turn of seeing him again proved only one thing, she has never really forgotten him. Funny how a single boy stood out from the thousands of children she had looked after over the centuries. But Richard had been special. From the moment she laid her eyes on him, she knew he was different.

“You made me a fool Alex. You made me a fool.” Richard nursed the glass in his hand. He raised it and watched the amber liquid swirl inside it. He tipped it on his lips and swallowed its content in one go. He grabbed the bottle and started pouring himself another half-full.

“Of all people. Kailangan pa talaga sa mismong kaibigan ko.” He let out a smirk before drinking his scotch. The routine went on and on until his bottle is almost empty.

“I yilly thought. .hik. .you were like my gajan a – angel. Hik. .” He shook his head and had another gulp of his drink. “Shino ba naman kashing may shabe na tso-tsoo ang gajan angel? Tsanga ka tsalaga Richard. And you even call yourshelf a doctor! Pathetic!”

He tipped and emptied his bottle on his glass. He finished everything in one gulp and when he tried to pour himself some more, nothing came out from the bottle. He peeked through the hole and slammed it on the countertop after being convinced that it indeed is already empty. He started calling for the bartender and demanded for another bottle but deeming his drunken state, the bartender refused to give him another. Richard persisted some more but the bartender stood his ground. In the end, Richard gave up altogether and decided to take his leave.

Maya watched him as he swayed towards his car. He opened the door and fought hard to lock his seatbelt in place. A few more seconds had passed and the sound of his car’s engine roared. He stepped on the accelerator and made his way out to the highway.

Maya settled on the passenger’s seat. She looked at Richard with concern and worry in her eyes. She watched him closely as he try his best to focus his hazy alcohol filled eyes. She knows she can’t do anything for him at the moment so she just helplessly watched him on the side. A couple of minutes more and she saw tears welling up his eyes.

“Richard. . .”

He tried wiping off the tears. He lifted one of his hands from the steering wheel and recklessly rubbed his eyes but it only clouded his vision further. He rubbed them insistently and closed his eyes longer. The next moment he knew, loud honking sound is heard upfront. Instinct took over him. He maneuvered his car and took a full turn of his steering wheel to the right. He tried to decelerate but it’s already too late. He lost control of his car until it slammed onto the side concrete barrier of a bridge. His car flew over the edge and dove into the river. The airbag burst open slamming his face onto it that left him unconscious. Blood started to gush out from his nose while water starts to seep inside his vehicle.

“Richard!” Seeing him unconscious had Maya in frenzy. She tried to fight off the urge to help him and follow their policies but the thought that he may not wake up in time, troubled her greatly. Images of her time with him when he was still a child flashed before her. Their happy and sweet memories together that can never be forgotten.

“Shino ba naman kashing may shabe na tso-tsoo ang gajan angel? Tsanga ka tsalaga Richard. And you even call yourshelf a doctor! Pathetic!”

She remembered him muttering those words earlier. Throwing all sense of rationality aside, she let her impulse take over and helped Richard out of the vehicle. She swam him back to shore where she tried waking him up.

His head throbbed in pain and his mind swirled restlessly. He slowly opened his eyes and hazily stared at the figure looming over him. Her bambi eyes struck him the way they did the very first time he laid eyes on them. “Maya?” He saw a glimpse of her smile before he drifted back to unconsciousness.




“Where have you been? You should’ve been back hours ago to report.” The senior angel Zenaida asked Maya as soon as she went back to heaven.

“I’m sorry. I had some place else to go,” she admitted sheepishly, unable to look at her superior’s eyes.

“You know the rules Maya. We can’t simply neglect the duties assigned to us without asking permission from Father,” Zenaida reminded kindly. She let out a sigh and informed Maya that she was being summoned. “Father wanted to speak with you.”

Maya could only close her eyes. She already saw it coming and had already tried to brace herself for the things to come. She nodded her head and made her way to the garden where Father was. Feeling contrite for her actions, she bowed her head down as she approached him.



“Why do I feel your deep sense of fear?” he asked.

“I’m sorry Father! I’m sorry!!” She started to sob as she recalled how she defied heaven’s rules and orders. “I acted on impulse again and meddled with the affairs of a man.”

Father simply looked at her kindly and smiled. “Did you now? In what way did you meddle with him?”

“I. .” She took a deep breath to calm herself down. “First, I tried to stop him from hurting anyone. And the next thing I knew, I was already helping him out of his car so he would not be left to die. I’m sorry Father! I really am!” sobbed Maya.

“Are you sorry for helping him?” Father prodded on.

“No,” she answered softly. “But I am sorry for defying your wishes.”

“What is it that you know about what I wish?” Father watched her and waited for an answer but she gave none. “I wished to be obeyed and trusted Maya. I only want my children to trust me with all their hearts and minds. Believe that I know what is best for them and that I will only give them what’s best for them.”

His words struck her to the recesses of her heart. As an angel, she should have known better than to act on impulse. Instead, she acted on her own accord without praying and asking for guidance from her Father. “I’m sorry.”

“No sin can be left unforgiven especially if you seek forgiveness with a remorseful and humble heart,” he said. “But every action has its own consequences.”

Maya closed her eyes and humbly accepted whatever consequence is found fit for her actions.




A week had already passed since the accident. Richard was still in the hospital though he only incurred minor concussion on his head and a twisted ankle. Thanks to the seatbelt strapped securely around him and the safety features his car had, he did not suffer any major injuries.

He was deep in his thoughts when the door opened and in came Alex with a basket of fruits at hand. “Hi babe!” she greeted enthusiastically.

“What are you doing here?” he asked sternly.

“I’m here to visit you. Look I brought some fruits for you.”

Richard closed his eyes and took some calming breaths to control any sudden outburst of emotion. “Alex look, I’ve already made it clear the last time. It’s already over between us.”

Alex looked at him with alarm. “Babe, you’ve got to understand. You’ve just been through something traumatic. I know this is not easy for you and –“

“Seeing my fiancée having sex with one of my best friends can really be very traumatic, don’t you think?” he asked sarcastically.

“Babe I already told you, hindi namin sinadya ang mga nangyari.” She walked towards him and tried to hold his hand but Richard simply yanked it away. “Wala kaming relasyon ni James. Things just got out of hand and before we know it. . .” she paused as her eyes started to get watery. “It just happened Richard but we never meant any of it!” Her tears started to fall down her face as she regrets every single thing that happened.

“Things don’t just happen Alex. It would never have started if either one of you went against it,” he said. Alex could only answer him with her cries. He heaved out a sigh and continued on. “Please Alex. For both our sakes, just leave.”

“Pero Richard –“

“Please,” he insisted. “If you still have some self-respect, just leave.”

Alex straightened up but still the tears won’t stop. “I’ll leave Richard. But I won’t give up on you. I won’t stop until you forgive me.” With much hesitation, she turned her back on him and went out of the room.

Richard sighed in relief and not for long, found himself pre-occupied by another being. He reached out for his crutches and went to the room next door. He approached the bed where an unconscious woman was lying. He sat on the edge and held her hand. All his worries and troubles suddenly forgotten and a smile appeared on his lips. He watched the woman sleep when all of a sudden, her eyes started fluttering and her lids slowly opened. She looked around, trying to register everything around her.

“Maya? Finally you’re awake!” Richard beamed at her and waited for her to respond.

“Nasaan ako?”

Richard’s heart brimmed with gladness as he started to hear the same exact voice he had etched on his mind. “You’re in a hospital,” he said. “You came back. You actually came back!”

She trained her eyes on him and looked at him curiously. Her brows started to furrow as she tries to recognize the man in front of her. “Sino ka?”

Richard grinned proudly at her. “It’s me, Richard! I’m the one you looked after when I was still a kid.” He waited until she recalls and recognizes who he was but it never came. She just continued to look at him blankly. “Hindi mo na ba ako naaalala? Ako yung batang inalagaan mo Twenty-five years ago!”

“Hindi. . . Hindi kita naaalala. Wala akong naaalala.” She looked around some more and tried to think a couple of things that she can remember, but she can’t remember even a single thing. “Wala akong maalala.”

Richard frowned and worriedly looked at her.

“Si – sino ba ako? A – ano ba ang pangalan ko?” she finally asked.



When I Met You, Maya…

Written: August 24, 2014

Inspired by last week’s episodes (August 18-22, 2014), here goes another scenario in my mind. Some lines were lifted from the BCWMH concert, I Heart You 2.



It’s Sunday evening and Richard and Maya are having a nightcap at the veranda, while the rest of the household was fast asleep. Maya takes a sip of her coffee as she stares lovingly at her husband who is deep in thought. She knows exactly what he’s thinking. She chuckles and Richard doesn’t notice. She clasps his right hand with her left, and brings his hand to her lips for a kiss, and her husband finally looks at her and smiles.

Richard: What was that for?

Maya: (Smiles) Sweetheart, kanina ka pa tulala. Nakita kita kanina. Affected ka na textmates na si Luke at Joni!

Richard: You know why, sweetheart.

Maya: Alam ko naman yun. Pero sweetheart, pwede bang time out muna sa pag-aalala? Pabayaan na muna natin na magkakilala ng lubos si Luke at si Joni. Sa totoo lang, pakiramdam ko talaga okay si Joni, eh.

Richard: I surely hope so.

Maya: Nakita mo naman pati sina Sky and Sunshine tuwang-tuwa sa kanya. Parang si Abby lang dati. Diba tuwang-tuwa din siya sa kin simula pa lang? And ikaw dati, you kept looking at me with contemptuous eyes. Haha!

Richard: I did? (Laughs)

Maya: Oo kaya. And nakita ko kung paano mo tingnan si Joni kahapon ha. Mukhang natakot siya sa yo.

Richard: You do know that I don’t want to see Luke get hurt. I want him to be cautious when it comes to dealing with Joni. I still can’t help but think that she might be up to no good, given her very competitive nature. She’s so driven! And everyone knows that she’s really hoping to work for Lim Aviation Services in the future.

Maya: Diba the best sa aviation idustry ang LAS? Siyempre sweetheart, marami mag-aaspire na makapagtrabaho sa LAS. Pwede si Joni lang ang very vocal sa desire niya na makapagtrabaho sa kompanya natin, pero for sure lahat sila pinapangarap yun.

Richard: You’ve got a point there, sweetheart. But this is our son we’re talking about. You know how protective I am when it comes to you and our children.

Maya: I know! Hmm. (Laughs)

Richard: O, anong nakakatawa?

Maya: Eh kasi, ako nga pala dati, pinag-isipan mo nang masama. Pakiramdam mo may masama akong balak sa inyong lahat!

Richard: Sweetheart!

Maya: Sweetheart, bakit kaya di mo na lang pa-imbestiga si Joni tulad ng ginawa mo sa kin dati? O kaya pakuhanin mo ng NBI Clearance. O di kaya–

Richard: Sweetheart! I already explained to you countless times why I did that.

Maya: Ang sa kin lang, sweetheart, bigyan mo ng chance si Joni. Wag mo sana siya pag-isipan ng masama. Okay andun na ko. Competitive siya at driven, pero hindi ibig sabihin gagawa na agad siya nang masama.

Richard: Fine! Okay, sweetheart. Your wish is my command. For you and for Luke, I’ll try to keep an open mind about Joni… I really hope you are right about her.

Maya: (Suddenly giggles)

Richard: O, bakit na naman?

Maya: Pwede mag-flashback? Naalala mo dati nung sa airport? Muntik na kong makulong dahil sa yo. Tapos nung nagsimula akong magtrabaho sa yo, lahat na yatang kasamaan sa mundo parang gusto mong isipin na kaya kong gawin o gusto mong isisi sa kin.

Richard: (Rolls his eyes) Sweetheart!

Maya: I love you, sweetheart! Naaaliw lang ako mag flashback. Pagbigyan mo na ko.

Richard: Okay. But do you want to know why I had apprehensions about you when I met you then?

Maya: Bakit nga ba?

Richard: You were too good to be true. Parang wala kang pinoproblema o kung meron man, may solusyon ka kaagad sa mga bagay. Then I saw how you were with Abby and I wondered how someone like you who hardly knew my little girl would love her completely.

Maya: O, anong masama dun?

Richard: Wala naman. But I have never met anyone like you. So it was easier for me to question your motives and to doubt you, than to trust you completely. But then you kept surprising me. Not only did I see how much you cared for Abby. You made an effort for Luke. You also reached out to Nikki. And even if I made things so difficult for you, you never gave up on me.

Maya: Sinong mag-aakala na mai-in love ka sa kin at magkakatuluyan tayo, ‘no? Eh dati wagas ang inis mo sa kin! At wala kang ginawa kundi pagsabihan ako, pangaralan at pagalitan. Naalala mo nung first time na magkasama tayo sa kotse?

Richard: I do! (Laughs) Ang kulit at ang daldal mo, Maya! Wala kang preno! Non-stop ka kung magkwento! And you can’t even take a hint. I turned on the radio to drown out your voice pero wala pa rin. Yung boses mo ang sakit sa tenga.

Maya: Ah ganun ha! Eh bakit ka na in love sa kin?

Richard: Hindi ko nga rin alam, eh!

Maya: Ricky!!!

Richard: Sweetheart, magtatagal tayo dito kung gusto mong isa-isahin ko why I fell in love with you… You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Maya! You’re amazing! You’re beautiful inside and out. You make me smile. When you came, my dark world suddenly lit up. You made me hopeful, happy and whole again. You brought out all those feelings I have already buried a long time ago. You also–

Maya: Aww, sweetheart! Okay na. Pinapakilig mo na naman ako!

Richard: Sanay sa sanay na ko na kinikilig ka sa kin. (They both laugh.)

Maya: Pero sweetheart, seryoso ako. Wag ka nang masyadong mag-alala. Kilala natin si Luke. Hindi impulsive ang anak natin. Pinag-iisipan niya nang mabuti ang mga bagay-bagay. Sa kanya tayo magtiwala.

Richard: (Nods) I guess you’re right. Let’s just hope and pray that this Joni girl is not bad news for our son.

Maya: Oo, sweetheart. Palagay ko hindi siya katulad ng co-intern mo dati. At uulitin ko. Feeling ko okay naman si Joni. Sa mga kwento nina Luke at Nikki, mukhang mabait siyang anak at kapatid. Tapos sobrang sipag pa niya at may pangarap sa buhay.

Richard: Parang ikaw lang, sweetheart?

Maya: Oo naman. (Then sips her coffee)

Richard: Iyakin din kaya siya?

Maya: Ewan ko. Bakit?

Richard: Naalala ko lang. Do you still remember when we picked up Luke at Nicolo’s? Nung na-snatch yung cellphone nya?

Maya: Oo. Bakit?

Richard: Nung pauwi na tayo, diba Luke and I talked? I’ll never forget how you were crying dun sa backseat. Nakakatuwa ka.

Maya: Sobra lang talaga ako na-touch talaga nun! Nakakatuwa ba talaga o nakakatawa?

Richard: Actually, pareho. I appreciated how you already cared so much about my kids, then.

Maya: Yung kids lang? Hindi mo na-feel na nagke-care na rin ako sa yo nun? Di mo na feel na crush na kita?

Richard: Hindi.

Maya: Hay naku, sweetheart. Tama talaga si Rafi. Dense ka talaga!

Richard: Truth is, I think I was starting to like you as a person then. We may have started off on the wrong foot. But you know what? You’re so easy to like! Best of all, you’re so easy to love, too!

Maya: Aww, sweetheart!

Richard: Speaking of flashback, it’s been almost four years since you started stalking me.

Maya: Stalking you?!? Excuse me, Mr. Lim!

Richard: Oh, come on! Eh ikaw na nga nagsabi mismo na crush mo na ko nun pa. Dine-deny mo pa! Diba parati kitang nahuhuli?

Maya: (Rolls her eyes) A-ha?

Richard: Pa sulyap-sulyap. Minsan paamoy-amoy!

Maya: O sige. Okay. Aaminin ko. Eh kasi ang bango mo naman talaga. Eh ikaw nga lagi mo ko pinapakilig. Kakaiba ka!

Richard: (Smiles as he takes a final sip of his coffee) Eh lagi ka naman kinikilig!

Maya: Ha, nagsalita! Eh ikaw nga diyan, eh. Kung titigan mo ko wagas! Kung akapin mo ko parang walang bukas! At tuwing hahalikan mo ko, feeling mo parati yun na yung ating last kiss.

Richard: (Smiles) That’s because I love you so much, Maya! Thank you for coming into my life, sweetheart!

Maya: Ako din, sweetheart. Thank you for being the best husband in the whole world. I love you nang sobra sobra so–

Richard suddenly made a lunge for Maya’s lips, catching her off guard. All Maya could do was respond to his mind-blowing kisses. She loved the feel of his sweet lips on hers. When they finally end their kiss and gasp for air, all Richard and Maya could do was smile knowingly and gaze lovingly at each other. Holding each other close, they retreat to their room both with an intent to love, to trust, to respect and to make each other happy for the rest of their lives.


BCWMH: A Cut Above the Rest

Written: August 13, 2014

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20140813-084107.jpg CTO



There are many reasons why many of us viewers still continue to watch Be Careful with My Heart. Our most beloved noontime habit is most definitely unlike any teleserye we’ve ever seen before making it such a worthwhile and enjoyable watch.

At a time when the average lifespan of a teleserye has been cut short to 3-6 months, BCWMH has gone beyond the norm. It is now two years old and still counting. Unconventional, phenomenal, magical, brilliant, irresistable, incomparable and most definitely, well-loved! That’s what BCWMH is and more!

We watch BCWMH every single day and we all find ourselves giddy with excitement & love, teeming with so much happiness, hopefulness & good vibes, and in love not just with Richard, Maya and their family, but with the beauty of life, as well.

Faith in humanity restored

While most teleseryes thrive on revenge, violence, helplessness, hopelessness, infidelity, and kidnappings every single day, our favorite noontime habit trod on a different path and focused on showing its viewers the innate goodness of human beings in this feel good teleserye. Each of the characters we have met so far, whether likeable or unlikeable at the beginning, has a story to tell. Remarkably so, the show does not allow us to hate any one character for long. We watch each character face his/her daily workaday world and we eventually learn to accept them for the persons that they are. Each character in the show, although not devoid of a flaw or an imperfection, has a goodness and a kindness and a redeeming quality about them that eventually wins our admiration, praise, respect and love. (We wonder now. What is so good about the backstabbing FA named Des? We all want to personally hand Emman his pair of pink scissors and… ! Haha!) Interestingly, we’ve all learned to embrace, to care, and to love every single character in the show as FAMILY. Because of BCWMH, our faith in humanity has not faltered nor waned at all, but has increased infinitely so. Because of the show, we’ve learned to become even more forgiving, understanding and accepting of the people around us.

Most admired beloved couple

BCWMH allowed us to meet Maya Dela Rosa, who in spite of life’s hardships and her family’s poverty, has learned to embrace life with a smile, with so much hope, love and positivity in her heart. We all fell in love with her at an instant. How we all admired and continue to admire her love and devotion to her family.

The show also allowed us to meet Richard “Sir Chief” Lim, who at the beginning may have been devoid of life, love and hope because he was mourning the loss of his wife Alex, but was a very good employer and such a caring Dad to his kids, most especially to his little girl Abby. In spite of his coldness, his silence and his seeming indifference, we all loved him even then as we all tried to understand his pain. We all loved him when we saw him finally soften up to and fall in love with Maya. And we all love Richard even more now seeing how great a father he is to Luke, Nikki, Abby, Sky and Sunshine and how wonderful and loving a husband he is to Maya. Maya’s Sir Chief has indeed become every woman’s peg for the best husband ever!

Kilig Overdose

As it is, BCWMH’s Creative Team seems to have a neverending supply of kilig scenes for its avid viewers and we’re not about to complain.

Just last week, we all found ourselves giddy with excitement as we all looked forward to the most romantic reconciliation between Richard and Maya. How we all swooned when we saw Richard step out of a chopper he rented all the way from Manila to be with his beloved wife who has just experienced her first ever emergency landing at work! Didn’t we also love the flowers and love letter he gave his beloved wife then?

Then there are Luke and Joni who are obviously developing mutual feelings of admiration for each other. And there are Nikki and Nicolo who are on their way to falling in love all over again (Question is, did they even really stop loving each other? George has finally opted to stay away because she now knows what we’ve known all along– that the girl whom Nicolo holds dear in his heart is not her but Nikki!) After the fast forward, we were all surprised to learn that Nicolo is actually pursuing George instead of Nikki, and we all wondered why. We look forward to a possible disclosure of the reason behind his pursuit of George instead of Nikki soon. Whew! Even our dear Manang Fe, the show’s voice of reason, is well on her way to rekindling her friendship (and “almost” romance) with Mang Anastacio, her The One! Waaah! Manang Fe, our wise speaking guru of life and love, is suddenly giddy with excitement and we are soooooo happy for her! We hope and pray that Manang Fe and Mang Anastacio will meet each other again soon!

Then there’s #SerChiefAndMayas100thKiss happening in today’s episode, and we’re all in pins and needles as we look forward to their best kiss ever. (Something to think about. Is there any show other than BCWMH that keeps tabs of the number of kisses the lead stars share? Waah! Only in BCWMH!) We’ve been told to look forward to this 100th kiss as Richard’s kiss, according to @vaughnic’s tweet, is supposed to make Maya feel that she’s the only girl in the world! This is absolute Limsanity! Haha!

Parental & Marital Concerns and Intrigues at Work

Thank you, dear writers, for tackling all those parental and marital concerns in the show last week. Having those issues come to the fore make the show even more authentic. BCWMH has indeed become a reflection of real life and how we love it!

My forum friends and I have been having a blast in Viber since last week as we engaged ourselves in lengthy discussions about who’s in the right and so on. And this week we have found ourselves engaged in conversation once again as we try our very best to understand why Maya won’t even retaliate to Des’s uncalled for remarks! Like Emman, we all think she should. Like Sir Chief, we all want Maya to forget about what Des and the others think, and simply say yes to the promotion because that has always been her lifelong dream! My friends and I have so much to discuss all over again! Thank you for a truly amazing life experience, BCWMH!

Lessons And Realizations

Be Careful with My Heart has taught me to embrace life despite difficulties and trials. It has taught me to remain positive at all times… to love, smile and simply be happy, and to have faith that God will see me through the hardships I will encounter in life. BCWMH is indeed a show that has helped so many people. It’s a show that has given happiness to so many people.

No Goodbyes

Be Careful with My Heart is truly a cut above the rest! It has most definitely made a mark in the hearts of millions of its viewers all over the world! I have already stressed over and over again in my past articles the unparalleled feat BCWMH has achieved and continues to achieve all these years. Two years and still counting, and we still have so much to look forward to in the show. BCWMH is indeed a work of genius!

Although we know that Be Careful with My Heart will eventually end and that a goodbye is inevitable, to fathom such a reality now is unthinkable! Why? I can only think of these reasons. It’s never easy to say goodbye to something that makes one happy, smile, laugh, and feel good about oneself. It is never easy to bid farewell to something that encourages one to remain positive, hopeful, grateful and loved at all times. It is not easy to bid goodbye to Richard, Maya and their beautiful family. It is not easy to say farewell to a family whom one loves and cares for way too much! Saying goodbye to something or someone unexceptional and truly unforgettable is the hardest thing to do! And these, I guess, are the very reasons why all of us avid viewers find it difficult to bid BCWMH an adieu.

Please stay on, BCWMH! We love you! We love you so much!


The Undeniable Chemistry of RY and JSM

Another obvious reason why we can’t let go, I guess, is because we have learned to love the reel partnership of RY and JSM. They blend so beautifully on screen because of their undeniable chemistry; we simply can’t get enough of them. We are scared that bidding the show farewell might mean saying goodbye to their most well-loved team up, and we do not want that to happen at all. We do not want to say goodbye to this wonderful loveteam who has given us many a reason to have our hearts go a flutter!

For sentimental reasons, we were all somehow hoping that RY’s first ever movie would be with JSM as we all somehow feel that their movie team up will be a blockbuster hit. And though that wish will no longer materialize as JSM and RY are currently working on different movies (which I’m sure we will all support, as well), we know that someday soon they will both work again together. When that day finally comes, we will all happily troop to the cinemas and watch their magical, exceptional and unforgettable love team in their first ever movie together over and over and over again. And once the showing of that movie is finally over, we will surely clamor for more to come!



You’ve surely come a long as an actor! Last week, as you kept the hurt you were feeling all bottled up inside regarding your predicament with Maya, the pained expression in your eyes spoke volumes! Ang galing galing! That was non-acting at its finest. Your emotions were so real, so heartfelt! You’re one amazing actor to reckon with! I can’t wait to watch more of you in other projects and witness your brilliance as an actor unfold every single time!



Written: August 6, 2014

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A/N: Because I am so inspired by Be Careful with My Heart these days, I simply can’t stop myself from writing another scenario in my mind. This piece is inspired by the August 6 episode of #BCWMH. I have also quoted verbatim the love letter Richard wrote for Maya.

Chapter 1

Maya awakens from deep slumber and is surprised to see herself enveloped in Richard’s warm embrace. The happenings from a couple of hours ago come rushing back to her. She still can’t believe Richard flew all the way to Catarman to be with her. She recalls with fondness the drama that transpired the moment she left her hotel room to welcome the visitor that was waiting for her outside.

Maya: (in tears the moment she sees Richard) Sweetheart! Huhuhu. Andito ka? Hindi ka na galit sa kin?

Richard: (gives Maya a kiss and hugs her tightly) Shhh. I’m sorry, Maya. I love you! Thank God, you’re okay. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself had something bad happened to you.

Maya: Huhuhu. Miss na miss kita, Sweetheart! Sorry na. I love you.

Richard: Shhh, stop crying. Everything will be okay. The important thing is we’re together now. I love you so much, Maya.

Richard: (gently lays a hand on her forehead) Does this hurt? Has a doctor seen this yet?

Maya: (smiles ever so sweetly) Sweetheart, okay ako. Wag ka nang mag-alala. Okay na okay na ko lalo na andito ka na.

Richard: You look tired. Let’s go to our room.

Maya: Teka muna. Kunin ko lang gamit ko and magpapaalam muna ako kay Ms. Calandra.

Chapter 2

Inside their hotel room

Richard: Have you had some sleep yet?

Maya: Hindi ako makatulog, Sweetheart. Sobra kitang iniisip. Ang lungkot lungkot ko nang malaman kong wala ka na naman sa bahay. Tapos nag-alala din ako kasi sabi ni Kute bigla na lang daw naputol pag-uusap nyo. Natakot din ako na baka may nangyari sa yo. Tapos naisip ko baka galit ka pa din sa kin kaya di ka man lang nag-text. Lahat sila sa bahay at San Nicolas nag-text na para kamustahin ako tapos ikaw lang walang text.

Richard: (look of worry crosses his face) Alam nila na may nangyari?

Maya: Oo, sweetheart. Nasa news daw. Pero wag ka nang mag-alala. Nakausap ko na silang lahat. Sa yo na lang sila nag-alala kasi di nila alam kung san ka nagpunta.

Richard: Don’t worry, Sweetheart. It’s almost 1 AM now. I’ll call up Manang Fe in a few of hours to let her know we’re together and she and the kids have nothing to worry about.

Maya: Pero sweetheart, san ka nga ba talaga nagpunta?

Richard: Sweetheart, di ko kayang magtagal sa kwarto natin kasi wala ka dun. So I left and drove myself to the airport para hintayin kita at sunduin. I slept in the car while waiting for you. Tapos Cris called and asked where your flight was. She sounded so worried. Di na natapos pag-uusap namin kasi my phone suddenly went dead. Empty battery na pala. I rushed inside the airport and went to the Time Airways office. I found out everything from Ms. Pacheco. I was so worried when she told me na you were the FA who got hurt.

Maya: (smiles and kisses him) Sweetheart, wag ka nang mag-alala. Okay ako. Habang nasa flight nakapag-isip isip din ako. Na-realize ko may mga mali din akong nagawa. Naisip ko marami pa rin akong dapat malaman at matutunan sa pagdidisiplina ng mga anak natin at sa buhay may asawa. Kaya ready na ko makipag-usap sa yo para maayos natin lahat lahat.

Richard: Sweetheart, we’re both tired and sleepy. Don’t worry. Okay na tayo. Let’s talk about this tomorrow.

Maya: Okay, sweetheart. I love you!

Richard: I love you, too… Oh, before I forget, flowers for you.

Maya: Hihi! Thank you, sweetheart. Pero san ka pa nakabili ng bulaklak sa oras na ‘to?

Richard: Maya, kanina ko pa yan dala nung pag-uwi ko sa bahay from Clark.

Maya: Ay, sorry di ko napansin. Ikaw naman kasi. Nakita mo lang na papasok ako sa trabaho, tiger mode ka na agad. Nainis tuloy ako.

Richard: I know and I’m sorry about that. Pero let’s talk about that tomorrow.

Maya: (finds a folded piece of paper from the flowers he gave her) Sweetheart, ano ‘to?

Richard: (smiles) Love letter. I’ve been trying to call you ever since I got to the airport, but my calls couldn’t get through. Kaya yan, I decided to write you a love letter na lang.

Maya: (smiles) Sweetheart! Pinapakilig mo na naman ako. Pwede bang basahin ko muna bago tayo matulog?

Richard: Okay. And while you do that, I’ll freshen up muna.

Maya: Okay, sweetheart. I love you.

Richard: I love you, too!

Maya smiles as she carefully unfolds Richard’s letter.








Maya clutches Richard’s letter to her heart and her tears simply kept flowing. Richard sees her and rushes to her side.

Richard: Sweetheart, what happened?!?

Maya: (giggles in spite of her tears) Hihi! Sweetheart, na touch lang ako sa sinulat mo. Thank you. I love you! Ang sweet mo talaga!

Richard: (smiles) Oh! I love you, sweetheart! Let’s go to bed na.

Maya: Pero sweetheart, nawala na yung pagod at antok ko.

Richard: (his eyes twinkle) So, what do you want to do?

Maya: (giggles) Ikaw? Ano ba gusto mo? Hihi!

Richard: (winks) Ok! Madali ako kausap. Let’s head to our bed then. The blanket is waiting!

Maya: Sweeheart! Hihi!!! Okay…

They stare right into each other’s eyes with the look of love in their smiling faces and share a lingering kiss. And then the inevitable happens. *wink *wink

Chapter 3


Ang gwapo-gwapo talaga ng asawa ko kahit tulog. Hihi! Hmmm. At ang bango-bango talaga! At kung makayakap naman! Sobrang higpit! Haaay, sweetheart, hindi obvious na sobra mo akong na-miss. Tulog ka na nga’t lahat, eh kung makaakap ka eh wagas! Parang wala kang balak yata na pakawalan ako ngayong magdamag! Ayiiieee! Kinikilig na naman ako! Paano pa ko makakatulog ulit nito?

Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala! Talagang nag-hire pa siya ng chopper para lang makalipad agad dito at makasama ako. Patampo-tampo pa ko kanina at naiinis kung bakit ni isang text message wala akong natanggap na galing sa kanya. Tapos heto na. At talagang ako na ang may pinakamahabang hair! Haha!

Sino ba naman ang di kikiligin sa mga ginawa mo, sweetheart? Lumipad ka papunta dito para lang makasama ako. Tapos may bitbit ka pang flowers na may sobrang nakakakilig na love letter na kalakip! Ikaw na talaga, sweetheart! Ikaw na talaga ang superman ng buhay ko.

Hihi! Mahal na mahal kita, sweetheart! Sobra sobra sobra. Pa-kiss nga muna.


Richard stirs from his sleep and is awakened by Maya’s kisses. He kisses her back with all the love and passion he is feeling.

Maya: Ay, sweetheart, sorry nagising pala kita. Ang aga pa. 6 AM pa lang. Tulog muna tayo ulit.

Richard: It’s okay, Maya. I need to call Manang Fe, too!

He reaches for his cell phone and gives Manang Fe a call. After the call, he stares right back into his wife’s beautiful doe shaped eyes and gives her a wink.

Maya: Sweetheart?

Richard: (his eyes twinkle all over again) You woke ME up, Maya!

Maya: Hindi, ah! Gusto lang kita i-kiss kaya.

Richard: Well, now I’m awake. (leans in to give her a kiss)

Maya: Sweetheart! Ahahaha! Ang aga ha!

Richard: Well, you started it!

Maya: Hihi! Okay. Madali naman ako kausap. Pero paano yung flight natin?

Richard: Mamaya pa yun. Yung blanket naghihintay na!

Maya: Hihihi!

They laugh and kiss and then kiss each other some more, and make love all over again! *wink *wink

Chapter 4

Richard awakens to the loud snoring of his beloved wife and he smiles to himself. He kisses her forehead and stares contentedly at her. Then he sits up, reaches for a pen and paper and writes her a love note all over again.







He kisses Maya and stands up from his side of the bed. He then lays his letter for Maya beside her cellphone, before he heads for the bathroom and gets himself ready for the day ahead.

Everything is all right in his world. Richard is with the woman he wishes to spend the rest of his life with. Communication is indeed the key. Sure, they will have that much awaited long talk to settle their concerns and differences, but he knows they will both open their hearts and listen intently to each other.

And before long, all will be well in their world because Richard and Maya both trust, respect and love each other dearly.