After The Wedding Part 5

After The Wedding Part 5

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Author: Kateydreamer

“Mahal, I’m home!” Richard yelled as soon as he stepped inside their house. It is quiet and it was dark inside. He checked his watch only to find out that it was already 3 in the morning. He swayed as he tried to walk further. He is a little bit of tipsy and tired for a day’s work.

The meeting went on for hours with their possible partner. This is a huge project although it is certain that they’ll get the deal, Richard couldn’t still say no to the offer of the big boss of the other company. Although he wants to go home after the meeting, he still went out to unwind with them.

The people around the table are busy talking, laughing at some things, mostly are about business issues that they found amusing. Well, most of them are sobber so that explains why.

Richard managed himself not to take too much alcohol. When offered a drink, he will quickly take it but take few sips from the glass, so it will take him quite some time before he could finish a glass. So basically, he is cheating. But he just can’t drink too much. He doesn’t want Maya to see him sobber. But he remembered that he managed to text his wife so that she won’t get worried.

His text composed of:

“Mahal, I’m still with my business partners. Sorry I will be home late. I love you.”

He sent it and waited for his wife’s reply, but to no avail. He just thought that she might be sleeping that time and she haven’t read his message.

Trying to be normal, he tightens his grip on the rails of the stairway as he slowly goes up the stairs.

“Dad??” Luke recognized his father as he was his way downstairs.

Richard stood straight. “Uh.. Son, why are you still awake?”

“Nagising lang po ako dad, nauuhaw kasi ako kaya bababa ako.” He studied his father’s appearance and ask again. “Uh dad, kakauwi nyo lang po??”

“Well, yes. Goodmorning. I’m stucked kanina sa mga business partners ko and I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh. Kaya po pala parang mugto yung mata ni tita mommy kanina. Ayaw po ba niya kayong payagan?” He asked again while walking closer to his father.

“Wha–?” He recalled that he did told Maya about him going home late, so was she upset that’s why she didn’t replied and cried instead?

“Um.. Dad?” Luke scratched his head as his eyes studies his dad’s face that must have been in deep thought.

“Ah.. Yes son, I will just talk to her tomorrow. You go back to sleep after, it’s still early.”

“Yes dad.” Luke nodded and went pass his father.

The door slowly opened as Richard pushed it, too careful not to make a sound that would awake his wife.

He found Maya sleeping soundly on the side of her bed. He quickly went inside the bathroom for a quick shower before he take his side of the bed. Before he could drift off to sleep, he kissed Maya’s tummy and whispered, “Goodnight buddy, daddy loves you.” After that, he stared at Maya’s face and kissed her on her forehead. “I love you.”

It was late in the morning. The kids are already in the school while Richard is still sound asleep. His phone kept on ringing but still, Richard didn’t wake up. He is in deep slumber that nothing could ever disturb his sleep.

Maya was still upset with her husband. Whenever she sees him, she can’t help herself but to get mad at him. It may be unfair to Richard, because she didn’t clear things to him yet, but she just can’t help herself. She is too jealous of what she saw.

She went up in their room after the kids went to school. She will wake Richard up because it is already late for his office.

“Richard! Bumangon ka na, late na.” She is tapping and shaking him at the same time but still, he doesn’t want to wake up.

He is not like this before. When it comes to work, he will wake up earlier than the alarm. He must have been really tired. He slept late. She wondered what time did he got home.

“Ricky! Ano ba? Anong oras ka ba nakauwi at inaantok ka pa dyan?” She is now annoyed. The thoughts of yesterday came up in her mind again. What if they are together the whole night and it is not true that he’s with his clients?

“Mahal…” He murmured. “I’m still sleepy. I will just call Iya that I will not go to the office today.”

As she heard Iya’s name, her mood totally got worse. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t like that girl. Kalma, Maya. Baka maging kamukha ni baby! “Hindi na. Ako na lang ang tatawag at magsasabi.”

Richard just answered with a groan.

Reaching Richard’s phone on the bedside table, she was surprised to see 27 missed calls all from the same contact. Add to her annoyance, it’s Iya. She is reminding herself that it is normal since she’s Richard’s secretary but her mind keeps on telling her otherwise.

Without second thoughts, she quickly dialed Iya’s number.

It didn’t take any longer for her to pick up the phone.

“Sir! Finally, I was calling you for quite some time..” Maya could sense that she was excited that Richard called. Her brows furrowed in annoyance. And why is she trying to call him up?

She cleared her throat before speaking to her in the calmest manner possible at that moment. “Good morning, this is Mrs. Lim. Pinapasabi lang ni Richard na hindi siya makakapasok.” She waited for the response of Richard’s secretary.

Maya heard her sigh. “Uhm.. Sige po ma’am. Pakisabi na lang din po na I will just cancel some of her meetings today. Bye.” Was what she got from her and immediately hung up.

She could only roll her eyes.

Her eyes darted back to the sleeping man on the bed. He is so at peace. Himbing ng tulog! Akala mo walang kasalanan! Hmp. Teka, meron nga ba, Maya? She talked to her innerself as wild thoughts continue to bug her mind.

What if Richard is really having an affair?
What would she do? Will she give him up?

He stretches his arms up in the air as he blinks a couple of times. He was surprised when he check his phone to find out that it was already 11 in the morning. His head is pounding lightly. He heaved a sigh as he remembers going home early in the morning. He is acting like a teenager! Maya must be really upset because of that.

Slowly, he stood up to look for his wife, but she is not in their room.

He went downstairs. To the kitchen, pool area, still, she is not in there. “Maya!” He shouted, but no one answered. He almost run upstairs again to search every room and there, she found his wife in the entertainment room, quietly watching something. And when he went near her, he saw her watching their wedding video. The video is now in their wedding vows, with him reciting his vow.

Maya is watching intently, as if it’s a new released movie. He smiled upon seeing her.

He is standing behind her as she is sitting with her eyes fixed on the tv. Richard embraced her from behind and nuzzled her neck. “Hmm”

“Gising ka na pala.” She moved to disengage from his hug. And that’s when Richard noticed that she’s crying.

He sat beside her and wipe her tears away. “Hey. What’s wrong?”

Maya shook her head and sobs. Richard couldn’t be able to believe how much upset she was with him, going home late. “I’m sorry mahal if it’s because inumaga na ako ng uwi. Ayaw talaga ako pauwiin ng clients and we were engaged in a talk, hindi ko din namalayan yung oras. Sorry if you’re upset with that, I promise it won’t happen again, just please don’t cry.” He ensured her and held her tight.

He felt Maya shook her head again, so he pushed her away from his hold in order to read her face “You are not upset na late ako umuwi?”

She shook her head again in response.

“Then what is it?” He asked. “Please tell me what’s bugging you, Maya” he is now really concerned on his wife’s behavior.

“Ri..Ricky..” She murmured in between sobs.

He stared at her, with his eyes telling her to continue.

“I love you.” She blurted out and hugged him tighter. She cried harder this time. He is now totally confused on what’s happening.

“I love you, too. So much.” He whispered to her ear as his hand runs over his back “what is wrong, Maya? I’m so worried.”

She leaned back and cups his face. “Hindi mo naman ako iiwanan di ba?”

“Of course not. We will grow old together.” Even though he is confused on her actions, still, he gave her what she wanted at that moment- assurance. He doesn’t know why Maya wanted to be assured of his love to her.

“I know you’ll say that. I’m better now.” She smiled as she wipes her tears away. “Gutom ka na ba? Tara na sa baba, mahal.” She was about to stand up but Richard stopped her from doing so. He stared at her eyes, studying it.

He doesn’t know why she’s acting like this, but all that she have to do is to make her loved. Slowly, he cupped her face and lean forward to touch her lips with his lips. He kissed her lightly at first, Until their kisses got hungrier, he pulled her really close and squeezed her tight as she gave in to the intensity of the kisses that they both shared. Their tongues played with each other, like big waves in their own little ocean. “Ri..cky..” She groaned. “I love you..” He said between kisses.

All of her thoughts about him having an affair were all gone, as she felt the intensity of Richard’s love for her. Maybe it was an instinct for every human to slide with the flow of what was happening. No words were spoken now, only heartbeats that drummed as one.

His hands were on her hips now, as he slowly lifted up his white shirt that he is wearing. “Wait.” Maya managed to get back to her senses. They are not in their room. They are in the living room. Her cheeks blushed with the thought that someone might see them in such scene. Good thing, the kids are in school.

“Wha-at?” He asked huskily.

“Mahal, pwede wag dito?” Her cheeks reddened much more upon saying that. Richard chuckled.

“Alright, then. Let’s go back to our room.” He kissed her again before standing up.

“Pero, ano kasi… ” She bit her lips thinking if she should say it or not. Richard’s eyebrows shoot up asking her what’s up. “Ano.. Baka kasi.. Maipit si baby. Tapos masaktan.. Kaya, siguro.. Ano na lang.. Kumain ka na muna ng brunch.” She shyly told him. He nodded and grinned like a fool.

“Okay, sabi ko nga. Let’s go downstairs then. Gutom na talaga ako!” He winked. And they both headed down the kitchen to enjoy eating together.

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After The Wedding Part 4

After the Wedding Part 4

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Author: Kateydreamer


After the Wedding part 4

It echoed through the room like an ancient unknown language chant. She was asking it, her eyes shooting daggers.

He was shocked at her question. For it sounded as a statement rather as a question. He was acused of something that never did crossed his mind.

For a moment, he kept mum, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. But deep inside, mixed emotions are bubbling up inside him. He is puzzled on how on earth did she even asked that and mad on why did she acused him already.

He recalled things that might make her think of such but his memory is failing him. Damn! He cannot recall all of the things that happened days ago. He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

He is now angry. Yet he knew too well that he should take note of his wife’s situation. She is pregnant and he should not give her stress. Lifting his head up, meeting her gaze, he tried to smile at his wife. Maybe it’s her hormones that is upsetting her in things too easily.

“At anong nginingiti ngiti mo?!” She raised her voice.

“Shhhh…” He hushed her and calm her down by trying to caress her shoulder but she removed his hand.

“Sagutin mo yung tanong ko!” She crossed her arms

“Are you jealous, mahal ko?” He teased

“Oo! At kapag hindi ka nagsabi ng totoo, pagsisisihan mo.” She admitted to him. She is so damn jealous.

He smiled at the admission of his wife which earned a frown from Maya. “Okay, fine. I don’t know where did you get that stupid idea. But please, don’t stress yourself too much thinking about things that are not real. Sige ka, baka nakakunot mukha ng baby natin paglabas.” He quipped but Maya remained shooting daggers at him. Heck. He doesn’t know what to do to pacify her.

“I already said the truth, Maya.” He paused. Gathering right words to say. “Come on, saan ba kasi nanggaling yun?” He asked, with eyebrows furrowed. He wanted to know why did that question even popped up in her pretty head.

She bit her lip and kept mum for a while. He took it as an opportunity to reach to her and hug her tight.


“So–sorry.” She stuttered. He is right. She shouldn’t feel alarmed. She is so secured. Her husband is a one woman man and no matter how good-looking his new secretary is, she knows that Richard will never be seduced.

And besides, why would she be affected of a simple 8 missed calls that she saw one night on Richard’s phone from his secretary. That is just normal, right? Iya is indeed his secretary and whatever her reason of trying to call her husband on the middle of the night, is surely pure business. Why would she react such way? When before, Liza would do that, too. ‘Must be the hormones’ that made her ask him if there’s another one, she thought.

“It’s alright. Just please, trust me okay?”

She nodded and hug him back. He embraced her tightly somehow making her feel more secured and loved. Their right and left foot stepping sideways, dancing in a music that only the two of them could hear.

“Now, tell me what made you think of that?” He asked, still on the dance.

“Ewan ko nga din mahal ko. Sorry, kasi naman nung natutulog tayo, naalimpungatan ako dun sa tawag ng tawag sa phone mo. Eh ang himbing siguro ng tulog mo kaya hindi mo narinig.”

He smiled, her calling him with their term of endearment is a sign that the war is over. “And then?”

“Ayun, babae yung tumatawag. Ang daming missed calls.”


“Yung secretary mo.”

His eyebrow raised. “Maybe she’s updating me with a certain meeting. Baka nakalimutan sabihin or what.” He reasoned

“Siguro.” She replied to end the topic. Richard kissed her now and she kissed him back. For Richard, everything is okay now but to Maya, there is something that she feels that she wanted to confirm. For her sanity, she badly wanted to know the answers.


“Goodmorning Liza!” She happily greeted her as they saw each other, although Maya was a bit surprised not to see Richard’s secretary on her table.

“Oh! Maya, good to see you. Kamusta ka?”

“Ito, medyo tumataba.”

“Nako, okay lang yan. Maganda ka pa din. Anyway, si Sir Richard ba? May meeting lang saglit pero matatapos na siguro yun.”

“Ah ganun? O sige, pwede ko ba sya hintayin sa office nya?”

“Oo naman. Go ahead.”

It was almost an hour before the door of Richard’s door flew open. Richard and his secretary came in, and what Maya did not like about it is when she saw the two of them laughing at something, she hates how the girl stares at her husband. They only stopped when Richard’s eyes saw her.

“Oh, mahal. Why are you here?” Maya saw the surprised look on his face.

“Oh, bakit parang nagulat ka? Hindi ba nasabi sa’yo ni Liza?” She asked

“Well, no. She’s not outside. Baka may nilakad na papers. Kumain ka na ba?” He asked her as he steps in. Iya, the secretary stayed behind Richard which annoyed Maya even more. She doesn’t know if it was only her or if Iya really did looked at her again from head to toe and smirked.

“Uh.. Hindi pa. Pero hindi naman ako gutom, mahal” that was a lie. She is really hungry especially that she waited for an hour. She is craving for vanilla ice cream. But when she saw the look on Iya’s face, she lied.

“Are you sure?” Richard sat across his wife and touched her tummy. “Our baby might be hungry.”

“Hindi talaga”

He nodded. “Uhm, Iya, could you please order a pasta for my wife?” Richard shifted to look at Iya and smiled.

Maya hates how Richard smiles at his secretary. As far as she can remember, Richard never smiles at Liza when he instructs her before, or so she thought. Add to that, Richard’s secretary would smile as well to her husband. Oh! And she remembered that he didn’t get her welcome kiss yet! He never fails to give her that!

“Right away, sir. Ikaw sir do you want anything?”

“No. I’m okay.”

And with that, Iya left the room. Maya rolled her eyes and pouted. Maya stood up and sat on the couch of Richard’s office and started reading magazines.

“Mahal, okay ka lang ba diyan? I will just finish my paperworks, okay?”

Maya nods. Richard sat on his swivel chair and continued to work on his laptop.

Richard sits beside Maya on the couch as Maya eats the pasta that he ordered. She’s spooning every second, munching as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Oh, dahan-dahan… Akala ko ba hindi ka gutom?” Maya heard Richard chuckled.

She stops eating and realized how big she had been, and it’s because that even after she just ate, she easily gets hungry. And whenever she sees food, she couldn’t control herself. She wants to eat.

“Oh, why? Busog ka na?” He asked

“Hindi. Kasi… Tumataba na ako.” Tears starts to roll down her face.

Richard was surprised upon seeing his wife cry again. He collects her in his arms, running his hand at her back trying to pacify her. “Mahal, stop. It’s alright, atleast we’re sure na healthy si baby bunso.” He teased but that made Maya to cry louder

“Shh.. Sorry, sorry. Stop please.. Di ba sinabi ko na naman sa’yo before that I don’t care if you get fat or not? I still love you.”

“Tse! You still love me ka dyan!” She pulled away while wiping her tears.

“Oh, bakit na naman?” He tried to embrace her again but Maya slapped his shoulder

“Kanina nga nagulat ka nung nakita mo ako! Tapos wala pa akong kiss!” She sobs.

Richard couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

“Sige tumawa ka pa!”

“Haha. I’m sorry, mahal. Nagulat lang talaga ako na nandito ka. And, about the kiss sorry na.. How many kisses do you want?” He teased her.

“Hindi na! Ayoko na!” She pouted

He smiled at his wife. She is so cute. He cupped her face and started kissing the tip of her nose, her forehead and her lips. “I love you.” He whispered, and when she saw Maya smiled, he kissed her again.

“Roomieee! Ano bang ginagawa natin dito? Para na naman tayong spy niyan eh!” Emman whispered as they are hiding behind a post outside a restaurant.

“Wag kang magulo!”

“Roomie, sa laki mo-” Emman got a cold stare by Maya that made him to chuckle and to change his sentence. “What I meant was, sa laki natin and ng tummy mo, hindi rin naman tayo matatago nitong poste na ‘to! At bakit ba tayo nandito?”

“Eh kasi nga, may meeting daw si Ricky dito.”

“Oh, eh si sir chief Ricky naman pala, gorabels na tayo sa loob!” She took a step forward but Maya grabs his arm.

“Oh? Bakit ba Roomie?”

“Dito lang tayo, magmamatyag.”

“Magmamatyag? Kay Sir Chief Ricky??” He asked Maya with raise eyebrows.


“At bakit naman?” Emman probed, his arms crossed demanding for an answer

“Eh kasi, basta! Yung secretary niya kasi nakakainis. Titignan lang naman natin kung sweet ba sila or what…”

“HA? Saan naman nanggaling yan? So, pinagdududahan mo si Sir Chief Ricky?” He gaped

“Hindi naman sa ganon, kasi, ano e… Basta. Feeling ko kasi.. Hay nako! Hirap i-explain.” She scratches her head.

“Nako Roomie, hindi naman magagawa ni Sir Chief Ricky na lokohin ka. So, let’s go home!”

“Eh.. Kasi, sandali lang, okay? 10 minutes!” She pleads.

“Fine, 10 minutes.”

Maya then saw Richard’s table near the restaurant’s window. Richard is seated beside Iya. They are currently waiting for the people that they’ll be meeting.

A waiter arrived and served their food. What made Maya tears flow was when the girl serves Ricky food on his plate and Richard didn’t seem to mind. She even saw him smile at the girl.

“Emman, tara na.” She turned around and walks away

“Uy Roomie, bakit ka umiiyak? Wala lang naman yun e.”

“Hindi naman gawain ng secretary yun!” She raised her voice as she sobs

“Eh, yung girl lang naman yun e.”

“Parang natutuwa naman si Ricky!”

“Roomie, hindi naman ganun.” He’s trying not to overthink things, because he knows that Richard loves Maya so much. And that Maya’s reaction is just because of her condition. She’s so emotional these days.

“Kinakampihan mo pa!” He was startled when Maya half shouted.

But he can’t allow her to be stressed. He believes that she’s acting this way because she’s pregnant. “Okay, umuwi na tayo. Pero please, bawal mastress! Wag ka na umiyak, okay?”

Emman hailed a taxi, Maya kept mum the whole ride as she stares outside the window.

Letters (12): To Chard, From Rafi with Love

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Overwhelmed by Rafi’s excitement about Richard’s news of his pending proposal to Maya, I finally found the inspiration to write this piece, Rafi’s heartwarming letter to his best friend, Chard!

This piece is also inspired by BCWMH episodes from August 16, 19-22, 2013. 

Happy reading, everyone!

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie 

My dearest Chard,

Happiest birthday to you again, my best friend!

So, you are proposing to Maya soon, huh? Wow, Chard!  That’s the best news ever! Do you know what I did right after I hung up the phone? I screamed my lungs out and jumped like a crazy little kid on my bed! Then I called up Charlie to share with him your good news! I am so happy for you and Maya, Chard! And thank you, thank you, for letting me be the first one to know! You are indeed, my best friend in the whole world!

As I as said over the phone earlier, don’t even think about proposing in a restaurant, okay? That is soooo yesterday, Chard! Think of something as special and unique as Maya! She deserves THE best proposal ever! Ang bilis ha! You’ve really measured her ring finger na and you were subtle, huh? I surely hope so!  Di ka naman masyadong excited ‘no, Chard? So, go get the engagement ring done na. I already texted you the jeweler’s number. Hurry! Haha! And, of course always remember that if you do need my help, I’m just a phone call away, okay?

Chard, you promised! You’ll do tell your kids later, okay? I’m sure they’ll be so happy for you and Maya! Let me know how they react, okay? Or can you like take a video? I’m sure their reactions to your news will be priceless! Aww! How I wish I could be there with you when you tell them tonight!

Here I am thousands of miles away from you, grinning from ear to ear, as I excitedly go over all the photos of your birthday that Nikki posted on FB! Chard, you’re extremely happy! And I’m crying! No worries! These are happy tears, Chard! You’ve never been this happy in a long, long time! Even Alex must be so happy to see you this happy again! Thank God for Maya!

Chard, it looks like Maya made sure you had THE best birthday ever! I cannot believe it! You really wore a cowboy costume, Chard? Didn’t you tell me before how you hated it when Tita Esmeralda made you wear a cowboy costume for your cowboy themed birthday party as a child? So, was it Maya who convinced you to wear that? Ha! You don’t have to answer that, Chard! I know exactly what your answer will be… “Si Maya kasi…” Am I right or am I oh so right, Chard? Haha! Knowing how stubborn you are, I’m sure na si Maya lang ang naka-convince sa yo na mag-costume! And, matching pa kayo ha! Cute!

And Chard, did you really join all those parlor games? Wow! For the love of Maya, I’m sure! You are oh so in love, Mr. Lim! How I wish I could have been there for your birthday! You’ll never hear the end of it from me! Before, diba I found it so hard to ask you to even loosen up a little? But for Maya, Chard, you’ve learned to loosen up big time! Wow!

And to top all that, you even sang to Maya in front of a crowd! Whew! Are you really the very same Chard that I visited just last year– the one who didn’t even want to sing in front of his own family during videoke? Looking back, I’m suddenly reminded of the song you and Maya sang as a duet that night! Please Be Careful with My Heart, right? That song speaks perfectly about you and Maya, Chard! O diba, pati yung song nakisama. Even the videoke machine noticed that you and Maya liked each other na even then kaya it played the perfect song! Haha! May theme song na ba kayo ni Maya, Chard? Yun ang bagay na theme song nyong dalawa! You are her first and she’s your last romance, Chard! Awwww!

I am now looking at the photos of you and Tito Roberto singing Ligaya, and I’m like wow! (Nikki promised she’ll send me a video of this soon and I’m so excited, Chard!) I am amazed at how Maya has transformed you! You’re one happy man, my friend! I’m glad that Nikki was able to capture some really great shots of you and Maya, too! Oooh, boy! You simply can’t get enough of Maya, can you? You not only kissed her hand, you also hugged and kissed her pa on the cheek! In front of everyone, Chard!?! That is so unlike you! Oh, I am so touched! Awww! And by the looks of it, it seems like you made one very beautiful woman oh so happy that day, too! I felt Maya’s kilig leap out of my computer screen! And all your guests were radiating with happiness, as well– happy to see you happy! The best birthday ever, huh, Chard? I’m sure it was!

Seriously, Chard! I am so happy for you and Maya! My two best friends, happy and in love!  And everything is perfect! Tito and Tita are okay with Maya. Your kids are okay with Maya! Happiness, at last! That’s like the best feeling ever!

I still cannot believe it took you months, or close to half a year, to realize you were in love with her, Mr. Very Dense Lim! I was only there last year for like what? Two weeks? But I already knew that she felt something for you the moment I got there! I felt she got jealous big time when she saw me hug you! And Mr. Lim, admit it or not, you did get jealous of that Simon guy, too! You got so cranky everytime you heard someone mention his name. You were so protective of Maya even then. You didn’t want her to be away from you for far too long! Puro ka pa excuses!

And oh my! Chard! You unconsciously flirted with her on several occasions, and I can’t believe you were oblivious to your very own flirtations! Haha! I will never forget that scene you two made in the kitchen one morning when you asked her for coffee. You seriously flirted with Maya then, as you watched her (a very rattled Maya if I may say so!) make coffee for you. I saw that lingering look you gave her and that smile that slowly crept out of your lips, Chard! And then what was it that you said right after you took a sip of that coffee she made? “Parang mas masarap yung timpla mo ngayon, ah!” Chard, you left one utterly dazed, very giddy woman in the kitchen after that! And I was like all smiles, too! I thought to myself then, “My bestfriend and my new found friend are in love with each other and they don’t even know it yet! How cute!” Then during Nikki’s play, you even had Abby switch seats with Maya so Maya could sit beside you! Ano namang style yun, Chard? Kunwari ka pa you wanted to check out the Florante and Laura book she was holding, ha! Eh you could have easily borrowed the book naman from her without her and Abby switching seats, diba? I’m so sure you just wanted her to sit beside you lang! Ikaw talaga, o!

And after Nikki’s play, didn’t we all celebrate with a cake at home? And because Maya was away from the dining table and talking with someone on the phone pa, you didn’t even want anyone to start eating the cake without her!  Anong sabi mo nga? “Where’s Maya? Hindi pwedeng wala siya dito!” Haha! And remember the flowers Charlie sent me? Diba I wanted those thrown away sana? Remember what you did with the flowers? YOU gave them to Maya! Bakit sa kanya mo binigay, Chard? Pwede naman kay Manang Fe, kay Doris, kay Sabel, even kay Nikki or Abby mo ibinigay yun, ah! Why did you give them to Maya? Haha! Admit it na kasi! You were so in love with her na back then! You were just fighting off your feelings pa lang… And what about the plans for Abby’s birthday? You couldn’t even make plans without consulting Maya! What she thinks matters to you! So cute! Huli na kita nun pa lang, Mr. Lim! Come to think of it, even Abby already had an inkling about you two. Wasn’t she the one who named her pet parrots, Mai-Mai and Chief? Talo pa pala kayong dalawa ni Abby, eh! That early, even she knew that you were perfect for each other!

May I share a secret? I was so certain Maya was in love with you even then, she just wouldn’t admit it to me, or maybe even to herself yet. That day we had home spa, I actually asked her what she was looking for in man. Sabi niya yung dream man niya yung nakakapagpakilig sa kanya, yung nakapagpapatorete sa dibdib niya, yung nagpapakaba sa kanya. Yung mahal daw niya and mahal din siya. Masungit man daw siya, madamot mang ngumiti (Hindi ba ikaw yun, Chard? Haha!) basta daw alam niya na yung kasungitan niya eh nakakapagpakilig sa kanya at yung minsanan niyang pagngiti ay nakakapagpakaba sa dibdib niya yun na daw siguro yun! Chard, alam mo when she said that, I realized only one thing! I felt all those things for Charlie! I would’ve have lost Charlie had Maya not shared that with me! And for your information Mr. Sungit, even then, ikaw na yung dream man niya, okay? And I am so sure, even back then, you love her na, you just haven’t admitted it to yourself pa! Kayong dalawa talaga ni Maya, o.

Chard, you found yourself one amazing woman! Maya’s capacity for loving is just so much! She not only loves you, she loves all your kids, too! I saw how Maya was with Abby! She loves your little girl like she is her own. And she loves both Luke and Nikki just as much! You are so lucky to have her, Chard! She has so much love to give! She loves everyone you love. She’s a miracle worker, Chard! She embraced everything about you without any reservations. She’s truly a wonderful, wonderful woman! You are truly blessed to have her!

You know what, Chard? I am so happy to have you and Maya as my best friends! I love you and Maya so much. You, Maya, the kids, even sina Manang Fe, you’re all like family to me. I want to thank you for keeping me updated with the kids all the time and making good on your promise to keep me updated with your LOVELIFE(!!!), too!

You know what? I enjoyed all those Skype and phone calls we’ve made and continue to make where you tell me about Maya, or you share with me stories about you and Maya…! I am always left smiling after every conversation we have…! That call you made back in December asking me if I think Maya has a crush on YOU was my absolute favorite, Chard!!! My best friend– Mr. CEO and Chief Engineer, giddy with excitement at the thought that the girl he likes has a crush on him! Para ka lang si Luke ha (maybe I should tell Maya about that! Kikiligin yun, Chard! Alam mo, she Skyped me that same night, too! And she had questions about you! But I’m not going to tell you what she asked me! My lips are totally sealed!)… And then I also enjoyed that call you made on Valentine’s Day. Learning that you enjoyed THE day that you normally hated because you spent it with Maya made me smile ha! Aww! That was so sweet, Chard…! And Chard, thank you for calling me the minute after you first said ‘I love you’ to Maya because you needed advice! Chard, you just don’t know how you made me all excited then! Thank you for allowing me to feel and experience your love journey with Maya!

I love you both so much, Chard! You guys truly deserve each other! Thank you for always taking time to call me. I appreciate it! I’m glad that time and distance have not alienated us from each other! Thank you for being the most amazing best friend ever!


Sorry, Chard! I got a teeny-weeny busy lang and forgot to finish this letter na.

When we got off the phone the other day, you said Maya’s Nanay and Lola are coming and you’re inviting them for dinner, diba? Parang perfect timing lahat Chard, ah! You’ve been given the perfect opportunity to ask Maya’s Nanay for her permission. So, did you? Tell Maya’s Nanay na? And have they had dinner with your parents? How was it, Chard? Tell me! Tell me!

Chard, I know you’ll get very busy in the next few days as you prepare and plan the best proposal ever, pero make sure you don’t neglect Maya, okay? Don’t make her feel you have less time for her na. Continue to be attentive to her, para she won’t feel like she’s not a priority to you! Be sensitive to her needs and feelings! Remember that disaster of a weeksary you had because of you? Naku, magagalit na naman ako sa yo, Mr. Lim, if something like that happens again! You know how sensitive we girls can be sometimes! And Maya can really be so sensitive at times, diba? She always tells me pa naman that you are THE best boyfriend there is. Don’t ever fail her! Don’t make her think otherwise! This is just a reminder lang naman, Chard! I have complete faith in you and your love for Maya! It’s just that sometimes when we make the perfect plans, we get too preoccupied kasi! And I don’t want that happening to you and Maya!

Oh, before I forget, let me ask again! Have you told the kids yet about proposing to Maya? So…? How was it? How was it? I’m dying to know, Chard! Give me a call soon.

I am so happy for you, Chard! After all the pain you and your kids have gone through, you totally deserve this! You deserve to be happy! Your kids deserve to be happy! And I’m glad that Maya is that one special woman that you now want to spend the rest of your life with! Mrs. Maya Dela Rosa Lim! Hmm, sounds nice, ‘no? Be honest now, how many times have you thought about that and have written that name on a piece of paper over and over again, huh, Mr. Teenager? Haha! Mrs. Maya Dela Rosa Lim. Mrs. Maya Lim. Mrs. Lim! Ahh! I know I’m making you blush na! Mr. & Mrs. Lim! Husband and wife.  Doesn’t that sound perfect? Ahahaha! Peace, Chard!

I am so looking forward to all the calls you’ll make to me soon as you give me a blow by blow account of your plans for the EPIC proposal! Nothing too cheesy or over the top, Chard, okay? Like I said, I have complete faith in you. I know you’ll be able to come up with a proposal that your dear, sweet Maya deserves!

Take a video of the proposal, Chard! Pleasssssse! For me! And of course for you guys na rin! I’m sure that someday, Luke, Nikki, Abby and your future kids will enjoy watching clips of your proposal to their Mama over and over again! Spread the love, Chard! Maybe even Luke and Nikki can make an MV for you and Maya!

Take care and God bless you and your wonderful family always, Chard! I hope to see you all soon!

Hugs and kisses to the kids and Maya!  Oops!  Hugs and kisses to the kids and Mrs. Maya Dela Rosa Lim pala! Haha!

Chard, I can actually see you smiling… You are truly one very happy man!





(Written: early morning, August 23, 2013)



Allow me to give credit to BCWMH TV show’s brilliant writers as some lines and scenes from this letter were taken from the TV series.  Thank you.