After The Wedding Part 5

After The Wedding Part 5

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Author: Kateydreamer

“Mahal, I’m home!” Richard yelled as soon as he stepped inside their house. It is quiet and it was dark inside. He checked his watch only to find out that it was already 3 in the morning. He swayed as he tried to walk further. He is a little bit of tipsy and tired for a day’s work.

The meeting went on for hours with their possible partner. This is a huge project although it is certain that they’ll get the deal, Richard couldn’t still say no to the offer of the big boss of the other company. Although he wants to go home after the meeting, he still went out to unwind with them.

The people around the table are busy talking, laughing at some things, mostly are about business issues that they found amusing. Well, most of them are sobber so that explains why.

Richard managed himself not to take too much alcohol. When offered a drink, he will quickly take it but take few sips from the glass, so it will take him quite some time before he could finish a glass. So basically, he is cheating. But he just can’t drink too much. He doesn’t want Maya to see him sobber. But he remembered that he managed to text his wife so that she won’t get worried.

His text composed of:

“Mahal, I’m still with my business partners. Sorry I will be home late. I love you.”

He sent it and waited for his wife’s reply, but to no avail. He just thought that she might be sleeping that time and she haven’t read his message.

Trying to be normal, he tightens his grip on the rails of the stairway as he slowly goes up the stairs.

“Dad??” Luke recognized his father as he was his way downstairs.

Richard stood straight. “Uh.. Son, why are you still awake?”

“Nagising lang po ako dad, nauuhaw kasi ako kaya bababa ako.” He studied his father’s appearance and ask again. “Uh dad, kakauwi nyo lang po??”

“Well, yes. Goodmorning. I’m stucked kanina sa mga business partners ko and I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh. Kaya po pala parang mugto yung mata ni tita mommy kanina. Ayaw po ba niya kayong payagan?” He asked again while walking closer to his father.

“Wha–?” He recalled that he did told Maya about him going home late, so was she upset that’s why she didn’t replied and cried instead?

“Um.. Dad?” Luke scratched his head as his eyes studies his dad’s face that must have been in deep thought.

“Ah.. Yes son, I will just talk to her tomorrow. You go back to sleep after, it’s still early.”

“Yes dad.” Luke nodded and went pass his father.

The door slowly opened as Richard pushed it, too careful not to make a sound that would awake his wife.

He found Maya sleeping soundly on the side of her bed. He quickly went inside the bathroom for a quick shower before he take his side of the bed. Before he could drift off to sleep, he kissed Maya’s tummy and whispered, “Goodnight buddy, daddy loves you.” After that, he stared at Maya’s face and kissed her on her forehead. “I love you.”

It was late in the morning. The kids are already in the school while Richard is still sound asleep. His phone kept on ringing but still, Richard didn’t wake up. He is in deep slumber that nothing could ever disturb his sleep.

Maya was still upset with her husband. Whenever she sees him, she can’t help herself but to get mad at him. It may be unfair to Richard, because she didn’t clear things to him yet, but she just can’t help herself. She is too jealous of what she saw.

She went up in their room after the kids went to school. She will wake Richard up because it is already late for his office.

“Richard! Bumangon ka na, late na.” She is tapping and shaking him at the same time but still, he doesn’t want to wake up.

He is not like this before. When it comes to work, he will wake up earlier than the alarm. He must have been really tired. He slept late. She wondered what time did he got home.

“Ricky! Ano ba? Anong oras ka ba nakauwi at inaantok ka pa dyan?” She is now annoyed. The thoughts of yesterday came up in her mind again. What if they are together the whole night and it is not true that he’s with his clients?

“Mahal…” He murmured. “I’m still sleepy. I will just call Iya that I will not go to the office today.”

As she heard Iya’s name, her mood totally got worse. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t like that girl. Kalma, Maya. Baka maging kamukha ni baby! “Hindi na. Ako na lang ang tatawag at magsasabi.”

Richard just answered with a groan.

Reaching Richard’s phone on the bedside table, she was surprised to see 27 missed calls all from the same contact. Add to her annoyance, it’s Iya. She is reminding herself that it is normal since she’s Richard’s secretary but her mind keeps on telling her otherwise.

Without second thoughts, she quickly dialed Iya’s number.

It didn’t take any longer for her to pick up the phone.

“Sir! Finally, I was calling you for quite some time..” Maya could sense that she was excited that Richard called. Her brows furrowed in annoyance. And why is she trying to call him up?

She cleared her throat before speaking to her in the calmest manner possible at that moment. “Good morning, this is Mrs. Lim. Pinapasabi lang ni Richard na hindi siya makakapasok.” She waited for the response of Richard’s secretary.

Maya heard her sigh. “Uhm.. Sige po ma’am. Pakisabi na lang din po na I will just cancel some of her meetings today. Bye.” Was what she got from her and immediately hung up.

She could only roll her eyes.

Her eyes darted back to the sleeping man on the bed. He is so at peace. Himbing ng tulog! Akala mo walang kasalanan! Hmp. Teka, meron nga ba, Maya? She talked to her innerself as wild thoughts continue to bug her mind.

What if Richard is really having an affair?
What would she do? Will she give him up?

He stretches his arms up in the air as he blinks a couple of times. He was surprised when he check his phone to find out that it was already 11 in the morning. His head is pounding lightly. He heaved a sigh as he remembers going home early in the morning. He is acting like a teenager! Maya must be really upset because of that.

Slowly, he stood up to look for his wife, but she is not in their room.

He went downstairs. To the kitchen, pool area, still, she is not in there. “Maya!” He shouted, but no one answered. He almost run upstairs again to search every room and there, she found his wife in the entertainment room, quietly watching something. And when he went near her, he saw her watching their wedding video. The video is now in their wedding vows, with him reciting his vow.

Maya is watching intently, as if it’s a new released movie. He smiled upon seeing her.

He is standing behind her as she is sitting with her eyes fixed on the tv. Richard embraced her from behind and nuzzled her neck. “Hmm”

“Gising ka na pala.” She moved to disengage from his hug. And that’s when Richard noticed that she’s crying.

He sat beside her and wipe her tears away. “Hey. What’s wrong?”

Maya shook her head and sobs. Richard couldn’t be able to believe how much upset she was with him, going home late. “I’m sorry mahal if it’s because inumaga na ako ng uwi. Ayaw talaga ako pauwiin ng clients and we were engaged in a talk, hindi ko din namalayan yung oras. Sorry if you’re upset with that, I promise it won’t happen again, just please don’t cry.” He ensured her and held her tight.

He felt Maya shook her head again, so he pushed her away from his hold in order to read her face “You are not upset na late ako umuwi?”

She shook her head again in response.

“Then what is it?” He asked. “Please tell me what’s bugging you, Maya” he is now really concerned on his wife’s behavior.

“Ri..Ricky..” She murmured in between sobs.

He stared at her, with his eyes telling her to continue.

“I love you.” She blurted out and hugged him tighter. She cried harder this time. He is now totally confused on what’s happening.

“I love you, too. So much.” He whispered to her ear as his hand runs over his back “what is wrong, Maya? I’m so worried.”

She leaned back and cups his face. “Hindi mo naman ako iiwanan di ba?”

“Of course not. We will grow old together.” Even though he is confused on her actions, still, he gave her what she wanted at that moment- assurance. He doesn’t know why Maya wanted to be assured of his love to her.

“I know you’ll say that. I’m better now.” She smiled as she wipes her tears away. “Gutom ka na ba? Tara na sa baba, mahal.” She was about to stand up but Richard stopped her from doing so. He stared at her eyes, studying it.

He doesn’t know why she’s acting like this, but all that she have to do is to make her loved. Slowly, he cupped her face and lean forward to touch her lips with his lips. He kissed her lightly at first, Until their kisses got hungrier, he pulled her really close and squeezed her tight as she gave in to the intensity of the kisses that they both shared. Their tongues played with each other, like big waves in their own little ocean. “Ri..cky..” She groaned. “I love you..” He said between kisses.

All of her thoughts about him having an affair were all gone, as she felt the intensity of Richard’s love for her. Maybe it was an instinct for every human to slide with the flow of what was happening. No words were spoken now, only heartbeats that drummed as one.

His hands were on her hips now, as he slowly lifted up his white shirt that he is wearing. “Wait.” Maya managed to get back to her senses. They are not in their room. They are in the living room. Her cheeks blushed with the thought that someone might see them in such scene. Good thing, the kids are in school.

“Wha-at?” He asked huskily.

“Mahal, pwede wag dito?” Her cheeks reddened much more upon saying that. Richard chuckled.

“Alright, then. Let’s go back to our room.” He kissed her again before standing up.

“Pero, ano kasi… ” She bit her lips thinking if she should say it or not. Richard’s eyebrows shoot up asking her what’s up. “Ano.. Baka kasi.. Maipit si baby. Tapos masaktan.. Kaya, siguro.. Ano na lang.. Kumain ka na muna ng brunch.” She shyly told him. He nodded and grinned like a fool.

“Okay, sabi ko nga. Let’s go downstairs then. Gutom na talaga ako!” He winked. And they both headed down the kitchen to enjoy eating together.

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Undercover— Case 3

Note: This is a continuation to Undercover–Case. 02

Author: blossom

Author’s Note:

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Now for the first round of the game: Who is… Alpha from Wolven Fang?


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Last Chapter:

I’m mistaken once again. I tend to be most of the time now… since that nanny came here.

I wasn’t wrong when I used the term ‘spitfire’ for Maya dela Rosa. I overlooked the second meaning of the word.

spit·fire  [spit-fahyuhr]  


2. (initial capital letter) A British fighter plane with a single in-line engine used by R.A.F. throughout World War II.


If she continues getting under my skin… she’ll sure ignite another World War in my previously peaceful home.



Unknown Location

“The night is the time…

“When the ravens take flight…

“And the darkness looms and the clouds divide.”

“Swallow, 2845”

“Sparrow, 2501”

“Woah, you’re in an S Class mission sis?”

“Yup. Magician’s tent.”

“Damn. I’d love to be in your place.”

“Ha, you’ll think twice when you see me now. New intelligence. Eagle’s previous location uncovered.”


“01, MM, PH”

“Damn. She’s THAT close.”

“There’s more. Previous family. DC Conglomerates. Current family. Magician’s Circus.”

“WTH?! You mean?”

“Yeah, she’s been in contact with the target for at least two years during mating life.”

“Shit. I have to report this to White. Keep cover. Contact me soon.”

“Copy. Bye.”


“Ate Maya? Sinong kausap mo? Swallow? Eagle? Magician?”

“Ah eh-

Uh-oh. So much for keeping cover.



Bullet 03. Vermin Infestation

Lim Residence, Manila, Philippines

“Oh, bat gising ka pa Abby? Late na ah.”

“Hindi po ako makatulog eh. I was looking for you to tell me a bedtime story.”

“Ah, ganun ba? O sige, wait lang ha baby? May tatapusin lang si yaya sandali tapos pupuntahan na kita sa room mo.”

“Ok Ate Maya. Still… you didn’t answer my question. Swallow? Eagle? Magician?”

“Ah yun ba? Kausap ko lang yung friend ko. Nagtatanong siya ng pwedeng ikwento dun sa anak niya, kaya ayun sabi ko sa kanya ikwento na lang niya yung tungkol sa “Ang Ibon at ang Magickero.”

“Ang Ibon at ang Magickero? What is it all about?”

“Hmm, sige ganito na lang. Akyat ka na muna sa room mo, dahil malamig dito, baka sipunin ka. Tapos ipagtitimpla kita ng gatas and I’ll tell you the story. Okay ba?”

“Okay Ate Maya. Aakyat na po ako.”

“Good. Dahan-dahan sa pag-akyat ha? Sandali lang ako.”

“Okay po.”

Maya watched her charge slowly trudge her way back up to her room. She sighed loudly and momentarily closed her eyes, calming her breathing. She almost blew her cover! It was a good thing that the child bought her lie. She took a deep breath and made her way to the kitchen to get the glass of milk, failing to notice a pair of gleaming black eyes behind spectacles following her movement.

The traps are set.


“Sa isang malayong lugar, may isang masayang pamilya ng mga ibon. Payapa silang namumuhay, si Tatay, Nanay, Ate at Bunsong Ibon. Mas nadagdagan pa ang tuwa nila nang may dumagdag pa sa pamilya nila, ang Baby Ibon na anak ni Ate Ibon.”

“Ate Maya, can we name the Ibon family? Kasi po, its awkward to call them Bunsong Ibon or Baby Ibon.”

“O sige baby, anong gusto mong ipangalan sa kanila?”

“Hmmm, can’t we also have a Kuya Ibon instead of a sister and yung Baby Ibon pwedeng little sister nalang sila nila Kuya Ibon and Ate Ibon?

“Ha? Hahaha, baby ah, ikaw na lang kaya ang magkwento? Biro lang. We have Kuya Ibon, si Ate Ibon na dating Bunsong Ibon and ang cute little sister nilang si Baby Ibon.”

“Yay! Thanks Ate Maya! And I thought of their names na.  Baby Ibon would be Ruthy, Ate Ibon is Gracie, Kuya Ibon is Andy, Tatay Ibon is Ricky and Nanay Ibon is Alexie! Now, continue the story na po using their names.”

“Gaya nga ng nasabi ko, payapa at masayang namumuhay ang pamilyang Ibon, pero nasira ang lahat ng biglang may umatakeng kalaban sa pugad nila. Pilit pinrotektahan nila Ricky at Lexie ang pamilya nila pero sa kasamaang palad, namatay silang mag-asawa at naulila yung tatlong magkakapatid…”

“Abby? Why are you crying?”

“Will you leave us too Ate Maya? Like how Tatay Ricky and Nanay Lexie did?”

Maya gazed sympathetically at her charge. She kissed her hair and patted her hair. It didn’t escape her notice how she named the story characters out of her own family. The kid has faced serious trust issues because of her Mom’s departure. It was never a pleasant experience… to that she can testify.

“Hangga’t gusto mong nasa tabi mo si Ate Maya, hindi siya aalis Abby.”

“Talaga po? Promise?”

“Oo naman. Late na, tulog ka na ha? Next time na lang natin ituloy yung kwento.”

“Will you stay with me po until I fall asleep?”

“Sige. Matulog ka na Abby. Good night.”

“Good night Ate Maya. Thank you po.”

“Para saan? Sa kwento? Wala yun.”

“No, for arriving in our lives.”

“Wala kang dapat ipagpasalamat sa akin Abby… wala…. Hindi tulad sa aking nagpapanggap.”

“What were you saying?”

“Wala. Tulog ka na… Sweet dreams.”

“Thank you Ate Maya. Sweet dreams too…”


“Yes Richard? Napatawag ka?”

“I want you to ask Corpuz to investigate on a woman named Maya dela Rosa.”

“Maya dela Rosa?”

“Yes, find out everything you can about her. Her family, past relationships, everything.”

“Sana sinabi mo na lang ng derecho kung may nililigawan ka Brod. Dinaan mo pa sa imbestigador.”

“… What the hell are you saying Ryan?”

“Looks like Richard Lim have a crush!”

“I don’t! She’s just Abby’s new nanny and I want to clear my suspicions.”

“Ohhhh. If you say so… I’ll talk to him. Anything else?”

“Owl the Howl. The gods are moving.”



“Confirm your positions.”

“J, area 6.”

“L, area 4.”

“A, area 2.”

“Z, area 3.”

“X, area 5.”

“The target?”

“Positive. He’s inside his office.”

“Any trouble?”


“Contact me once the coast is clear. We’ll launch the attack once.”

“Yes sir!”



“Tol, tapos ka na ba dun sa project natin sa Pol. Sci?”

“Kanina pa. Wait, di ka pa tapos?”

“Hindi pa nga eh. Ang hirap naman kasi humanap ng PDF file tungkol sa topic.”

“Anong site na ba yung napuntahan mo?”

“Google School pa lang tol, pero mukhang malabo dun.”

“Natry mo nang mag EBSCO?”

“Ha? Oo nga no, hindi ko naisip yun. Henyo ka talaga bespren! Yung sayo ba nahanap mo na?”

“Yup. Nagparegister ka pa sa library di mo rin pala gagamitin account mo eh. Sayang effort nung technician.”

“Grabe ka naman tol, nawala lang sa isip ko na gamitin yung EBSCO ganyan ka na makapagsalita? Ang sakit ah.”

“Tama na ang drama. Daig mo pa si Niks sa pag-iinarte. Mag search ka na at nang pareho na tayong makatulog. Good night. Kitakits bukas.”

“Sus, sige na mag beauty rest ka na bespren. Salamat pala sa tulong. Good night.”


“Sir Luke? Anong ginagawa mo dito sa labas? Gabi na. Bakit di ka pa matulog?”

“Ikaw nanaman? Kinausap ko lang yung friend ko, nagtatanong ng tungkol sa assignment namin. Walang signal sa loob kaya lumabas ako.”

“Ahhh. Okay. Sige, sara mo na lang yung sliding door ha? Matutulog na ako. Good night!”

“Wait! Where are my video games?”

“Tsk. Tsk. Di ba ang usapan hangga’t di pa kayo nagkakaayos ng Daddy mo hahawakan ko muna yung mga laruan mo?”

“I’m not a kid! And you’re an employee here so pwede kitang ipatanggal sa ginagawa mo. Gusto mong mawalan ng trabaho?”

“What so bad being a kid? Nagmamadali kang tumanda? At nililinaw ko lang, si Donya Esmeralda ang nag-hire sa akin so siya lang ang pwedeng magpaalis sa akin dito o si Ser Chief mismo dahil technically Boss ko siya. Unless kakausapin mo siya para paalisin ako, then sige, do it.”

“ I—

“See? Kaya pumasok ka na dito sa loob at baka sipunin ka pa diyan.”

“Later, I’ll just get some air here.”

“Sir Luke?”

“Why are you still here? Umalis ka na pwede?!”

“Manners, Luke Andrew Lim. May itatanong lang sana ako sayo.”


“Then hindi kita titigilan hangga’t di mo sasagutin yung tanong ko.”

“Fine. One question.”

“Bakit galit na galit ka sa Daddy mo? Anong nagawa niya at ganyan na lang ang pagkamuhi mo sa kanya?”

“Dalawang tanong yun.”

“Answer me Luke.”

“Hindi mo ako pwedeng utus-utusan Maya.”

“Mahal na mahal kayo ng Daddy mo Luke. Sana makita mo yan.”

“Saan banda? Di pa naman malabo yung mata ko ah.”

“Wag kang pilosopo! Sa loob mo alam mong tama ang sinasabi ko pero pilit mong pinipipigilan ang sarili mong makita yun… na mali ka.”

“Well, based on sa mga words and kilos niya, parang hindi ko naman nakikita yung ‘pagmamahal’ na sinasabi mo… and besides lagi naman akong mali sa paningin niya kaya wala na akong pakialam kung anong isipin niya.”

“Kung ganun, bakit nandito ka pa? Sino yung may maganda at komportableng bahay, magagarang mga damit at gadgets? Sino yung hatid-sundo pa papunta ng school araw-araw? Sino yung kahit halos gabi-gabing nagsisigawan sila ng Daddy niya, ni minsan hindi siya pinalayas sa papamahay nila? Sige, sabihin mo nga sa akin Luke, kung hindi iyon pagmamahal, anong itatawag mo dun?”

“Ewan. Awa? Obligasyon?”

“Magkaakibat ang awa at pagmamahal Luke. Hindi mo mararamdaman ang una kapag wala ang ikalawa. Obligasyon? Pwede ka naman niyang bilhan ng tirahan at padalhan ka ng allowance buwan-buwan. Pero hindi niya ginawa yon. Nandito ka pa din, kasama ang mga kapatid mo at ang Daddy mo, kahit na pagod na pagod na siya sa trabaho, pilit pa rin niya kayong inaalagaan sa abot ng makakaya niya.”

“Inaalagaan? Wala ka dito noong panahong umuuwi siya ng madaling araw at aalis din after ilang hours lang. Magkikita lang kami ng tatlo o apat na beses isang linggo. Hindi siya aattend ng PTA Assembly o kahit ng ano mang activity namin sa school kasi may meeting siya sa kung saang lupalop ng mundo. Mas mahal pa niya ang trabaho niya kaysa sa mga anak niya.”

“Sa tingin mo Luke, para saan kung bakit niya binubuhos ang lahat ng lakas niya sa trabaho?  Para kanino?”

“Hindi namin kailangan ng pera! Siya ang kailangan namin! Si Dad mismo! Umalis na nga si Mommy, siya rin parang iniwan na niya kami!”

“Alam mong hindi totoo yan Luke.”

“Hindi totoo? Ang alin? Na bigla na lang kaming iniwan ni Mommy ng walang paalam? Na nagbago si Dad nung umalis siya? Na nasira ang pamilya naming magsimula nang umalis siya? Na nasaktan kami ng mga kapatid ko nang basta lang niya kami iniwan sa Daddy naming ang concern lang sa buhay ay yung trabaho niya?”

“Enough! Hindi lang ikaw ang nasaktan sa pag-alis ng Mommy niyo Luke. Pinakanasaktan ang Daddy mo sa inyong lahat Luke! Pinagkatiwalaan niya ang Mommy mo, pero siya ang lumayo! Stop dwelling on the past you ungrateful brat! Intindihin mong hindi lang ikaw, kayo ng mga kapatid mo ang nahihirapan. Wag mong isisi sa Daddy mo ang lahat.”

“Bakit ba grabe na lang ang pagtatanggol mo kay Dad? Wala ka naman dito nung umalis si Mommy eh! Hindi mo alam yung sakit na dinanas naming nung mawalan kami ng ina!”

“Sa tingin mo ikaw lang ang nawalan ng ina? Pasalamat ka nga andyan pa ang Daddy mo. Hindi tulad ng iba na hindi man lang nakilala ang tunay ng mga magulang o kinuha sa kanila pareho ang tatay at nanay nila. Stop being so selfish and open your damn eyes!”


“Luke. Listen to me.”


“Luke Andrew Lim!”

*bang* *bang”

“Shit! Duck!”

“Ha? Anong?”

“Mamaya na ang tanong. Wag kang kikilos, stay low kung ayaw mo pang ma-meet and greet ang nasa itaas.”

“As if I’ll stay quiet about this! Bakit tayo inaatake? Sino sila at anong pakay nila dito?”

“Aba, eh nagsisigawan nga tayo dito diba? Paano ko naman malalaman yun? Ano ako fortune-teller?”

“What is-

*bang* *bang* *bang*

“Tsk. Stupid vermins. I have to handle them first. Stay low Luke.”

“Bakit ka naghuhubad, anong-

“Keep quiet!”

“Eh bakit mo kasi hinuhubad yung blouse mo! Woah, stop!”

“Shut up! Do you want us to be peppered by bullets?”

“Is that a gun? Bakit may ganyan ka? Diba may gun ban?”

“I have the proper authority to possess something like this Luke.”

“Authority? E diba yaya ka? Sino ka ba talaga?”

“Pwede ba, mamaya ka na magtanong, kapag wala na ang kung sinong nagbabalak na pasabugin ang mga ulo natin if not, then be my guest and face them.”

“… Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”

“Thank you. Now, let’s go. It’s hunting time.”


“Cease fire! Retreat and confirm your positions.”

“J, area 2.”

“L, area 3.”

“A, area 5.”

“Z, area 4.”


“X? Can you hear me? Respond and confirm your location!”

“A, look for X!”

“Sir, there’s a— *bang*

“Z, scout for A and X’s position!”

“They’re— *bang* *bang*

“A! Respond!”


“J! Position!”


“L! Respond!”

“What the hell is happening!?”

“Game over, rat.”


“You-You killed them?”

“I just used rubber bullets to knock them unconscious. Kailangan silang i-interrogate.”

“Rubber bullets? At kelan ka pa nakapagpalit ng ninja outfit?”

“I have to keep my identity at wala kang pagsasabihan tungkol dito, maliwanag?”

“Hindi ko kailangang—

“Gusto mong iparinig sa Daddy mo ang usapan natin kanina?”

“What?! Nirecord mo yun?”


“You’re bluffing.”



“Bakit galit na galit ka sa Daddy mo? Anong nagawa niya at ganyan na lang ang pagkamuhi mo sa kanya?”

“Dalawang tanong yun.”

“Answer me Luke.”



“Inaalagaan? Wala ka dito noong panahong umuuwi siya ng madaling araw at aalis din makalipas ang ilang oras. Magkikita lang kami ng tatlo o apat na beses isang linggo. Hindi siya aattend ng PTA Assembly o kahit nao mang activity naming sa school kasi may meeting siya sa kung saang lupalop ng mundo. Mas mahal pa niya ang trabaho niya kaysa sa mga anak niya.”

“Sa tingin mo Luke, para saan kung bakit niya binubuhos ang lahat ng lakas niya sa trabaho?  Para kanino?”



“Proof enough?”

“Fine. I’ll keep this a secret. Pero you own me an explanation.”

“Let’s do this tomorrow. Gabi na, may pasok ka pa bukas. Buti na na lang mukhang hindi nagising ang mga tao sa bahay. Pasok na. I have to make some calls.”

“Promise yan ha?”

“Yes, yes. Go inside.”

“… five culprits…. Yes… They were armed with standard-issue M40 US Marine Corps sniper rifle, probably smuggled… I know, used rubber bullets… suspects? Pffft, of course it’s them! Who else would it be?… Nah, I’m good, my handy 9×19 mm Walther P99 is enough to handle those pests… I don’t think the Magician noticed. Yeah. I have to go. Bye.”

Maya sighed tiredly as she ended the call. Babysitting is not a fun business! Now, she has to think of some plausible explanation to pacify the teen on what happened this night. It was a good thing that the walls in the mansion are pretty thick and no one was caught in the crossfire.

Surveying the garden, she saw that the clean-up crew did a good job. She nodded in satisfaction, cracked her neck and was about to trudge back to the  house when she stopped dead in her tracks, a very familiar, cold steel is pointed at the back of her head.

“Oho? Magician? That sounded really interesting, tell me intruder, who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house brandishing that gun? Are you one of those annoying pests skulking around my property hmmm?”


“Cat got your tongue? Oh come on, you killed knocked down those rats a while ago, aren’t you supposed to be the cat?”

“I have no obligation to answer.”

“Oh, I beg to differ. Need I remind you who has the upper hand here?”


“Then I guess I have to keep you as well.”

“As well?”

“I knocked a whole squadron of those pests loitering outside my home. They fell on my traps. Besides, my brothers were kind of agitated so they leapt into action. You just finished the remaining small fry for us. They’re with my men right now, getting cosy with a cup of coffee.”

“Sorry about that. Well, well, who would have thought that you have connections in the dark hmmm? You of all people.”

“So you know me after all.”

“There are wolves preying after you, if you must know.”

“Wolves? *snort* that’s classic.”

“Don’t underestimate those who are hungry for power and prestige. They can do anything to accomplish their goals.”

“I don’t need a preacher to point out the obvious to me. Enough of this, I’ll take you in for questioning.”


“Yes? We found these near the veranda.”

“What the?! What have you done to Maya?”

“What are you talking about?”

“These are her clothes! Have you taken advantage of her? Where is she?!”

“I don’t…

“If you don’t speak up this instant, I won’t hesitate to blast your brains out of your skull, bastard. SPEAK!”


A man hidden in the shadows smirked in glee. His raven eyes and hair exuded a dark aura of menace and terror.

Well, well, how will get out of this one eh, Sparrow? You’re the almighty agent right? He chose you over me after all. Come on; show me what you’ve got. Tell me how you’ll escape the Magician’s Mesmer.

To be continued.

Thoughts please?

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“Dad? Anong nangyayari dito?”

“Go back inside your room Nikki.”

“No Dad, I heard those gunshots. Are you hurt?”

“No. I mean… how?”

“I know what you’ve been up to for these past years Dad… All of them.”


“Dad, I think we need to talk.”


“Paano ka nakatakas?”

“His daughter came and distracted him. I swear she done on purpose.”

“What do you mean?”

“She winked at me and gestured me to go.”

“What? Paanong-

“I don’t know… I don’t know.”


“Brod, lumabas na yung pinapaimbestiga mo.”

“Bout time. Ang tagal naman ni Corpuz ngayon… usually ang bilis ng trabaho niya ah.”

“Brod… the thing is…

“What… is this?”

“There’s nothing that can be traced with the name Maya dela Rosa. Her family, birth certificate, everything. It is as if she doesn’t exist Brod.”


“Surprise! Did you all miss me?”

“Hi kids! I missed all of you! And who is this charming lady?”

“Maya dela Rosa po.”

“Nice to meet you Maya, I’m Rafaela Alcantara. Just call me Rafi.


Will it work? – Part 11

Note: This is a continuation to Will it Work? – Part 10

Author: Alexandra Therese


Ni hao! I’m back! Sorry for the long wait. It’s sembreak time so I want to spare some of my time continuing what I have started.

Before anything else, I wanted to thank those persons who are still willing for the continuation of this story. Thank you for the patience guys. So without further ado, here’s the continuation of will it work.

Note: (This is purely fiction. From Alexa’s imagination only and is not intended to be related to the real storyline. There are some names and details that I used from the original story that is why I give credits to the owner).

-AlexandraTherese (Alexa)




Richard: Hold on Maya. Malapit na tayo sa hospital.

After Alfie’s arrival, Maya was bleeding. Richard was in panic and was driving too fast. One hand on the steering wheel while the other is holding his newborn. Maya cannot hold Alfie because she fainted due to her bleeding. She’s at the back seat right at the moment. Richard tries his very best to reach the hospital as soon as possible. He’s very worried but he believes that Maya can do it.

Few minutes and now they’re at the hospital. He immediately asked for help and then gave his son to the nurses who are now waiting for their arrival. Then, he went to Maya and assisted her. The nurses are all in hurry and brought Maya and the baby to the emergency room. Richard wanted to come in but he wasn’t allowed.

Richard: Oh please! My wife and my son need me!

Nurse: Sir sorry but you’re not allowed to come inside. Please wait here. Then he closed the door.

Donya Esme: Son, calm down. Everything will be okay. She will be okay.

Richard: Mom…

Then hugs her mom.

Donya Esme: Don’t worry son. Just trust her. I know that she’ll hold on.

Richard: This is my fault mom. Kung dinala ko na sana siya dito ng maaga.

Donya Esme: Shhhhh..Don’t say that son. Wala namang may kasalanan diba.


All the doctors are in a hurry checking the patient. The rest of the family are nervous especially Richard. They are just waiting outside. A nurse came out and called the doctor who is in the station.

Nurse: Doc, Doc, the patient is still bleeding.

Doctor: Ok, let’s go. I’ll check on her.

Hearing this from them, Richard asked once again.

Richard: What happened?!

Nurse: Sir maghintay lang po kayo dito. The doctor needs to check on her. Kayo po ba ang asawa ni Maya? Maya…

Richard: Yes..Yes.. What happened?…Is she okay? How about my baby? Is he okay?

Nurse: She is still bleeding Sir but don’t lose hope cause the doctors are here to help her. The baby is okay. Excuse me Sir.

Richard was so worried because he felt that his wife isn’t doing well. He is pacing back and forth. He went to the chapel to ask for a very big favor and guidance. He is just suppressing the tears that was about to fall but he cannot control it anymore. He gave in just to calm himself. He stayed there for few moments then he went back to the lobby/waiting area.

The doors swung open and a man in white came out.

Doctor: Sino po ang asawa ni Mrs. Maya..

“Ako po”.

Richard was surprised and look where the voice came from.

Richard: Hey, we are not playing games here. I’m the husband Doc.

Doc: Eh sino po ba talaga sa inyo?

Richard: Can’t you remember me? I am the one who brought my wife here!

Stranger: Ano? Ako po Doc ang asawa. Asawa ko si Maya. At ikaw singkit! Huwag kang makigulo dito. Buhay ng asawa ko ang nakataya dito. Ayoko din ng nakikipaglokohan kaya pwede ba tumigil ka na.

Richard: Oh shit! (in his thoughts – breathe Richard, breathe) Just don’t mind him Doc.

Stranger: Eh gago ka pala eh!

Sinugod ng lalaki si Richard. Hawak hawak niya ito sa kwelyo dahil nanggagalaiti na sa galit. Richard was surprised by the sudden attack but he was able to avoid his attacks. The doctor asked help from the others to stop the fight.

Stranger: Huwag mong inuubos ang pasensya ko Singkit!!!! Asawa ko si Maya!!!!!!!!! Maya Lee!

Richard: Huh?

Doctor: Will both of you stop for a moment!!! Mr. Lee I think we had a misunderstanding here. We’re talking about Mrs. Maya Lim and not Mrs. Lee. Mrs. Maya Lee is on the other side Sir.

Mr. Lee: Oh..  I’m Sorry… Mr….

Richard: Mr. Lim. Richard Lim. L-I-M and not L-E-E.

Mr. Lee: I’m very sorry Mr. Lim. The names are the same and the surname, uhm, err, sounds the same as well. Please forgive me. I’m just in panic especially of the happenings that my wife is experiencing. I’m very sorry Mr. Lim.

Richard: It’s okay. I understand.

Nurse: Mr.Lee!..Mr. Lee! ..Your wife…

Dali dali tumakbo si Mr. Lee kung saan nandoon ang nurse na tumawag sa kanya. Hindi na nalaman ni Richard kung ano ang nangyari sa asawa ni Mr. Lee dahil hanggang ngayon ay gulat pa rin siya. Sa laki ba naman ng Pilipinas, dito pa nagkataong may kapangalan si Maya.

Doctor: Mr. Lim?..Mr. Lim!

Richard: Ah..yes doc? So how’s Maya? Yung bleeding?

Doctor: She’s okay right now. And okay na ang mga vital signs niya. She’s doing fine now and I believe na kayo na lang po ang hinihintay nila sa loob.

Richard: I thought siya yung sinasabi ng nurse kanina na kausap ko na she’s suffering from bleeding daw.

Doctor: Oh. I think it’s the other Maya. Maya Lee. The moment you arrived here with your wife okay na po siya. You just misunderstood it Mr. Lim. Well, I think she’s waiting for you inside.

He entered the room and much to his dismay, siya na lang talaga ang hinihintay sa loob.

Richard: Whooah! So ako na lang pala talaga ang wala. Bakit hindi niyo po ako pinatawag?

All: Shhhh!!! Tulog pa si Maya.

Richard: Sorry.

Donya Esme: Son, why don’t you change your clothes first? Mukhang ikaw ang nanganak eh.

Realizing that he still has stain of bloods in his shirt and his hair almost in disarray, he opted to change clothes.

Manang Fe: Oh eto Ricardo, magpalit ka muna hijo.

While he is inside the comfort room, he called Liza…

Richard: Liza, uhm, can you please order a bouquet of flowers and send it here at Makati Med? I wanna give it to Maya.

Liza: Right away Sir. Congratulations! And please send my congratulations to Maya too.

Richard: I will. Thanks Liza.

Everyone is excited to send their congratulatory messages to Maya kaya ng magising ito eh isa isa na silang lumapit sa kanya and hugged her.

Richard: Honey, for you.

Maya: Naku, nag abala ka pa. Anyway, thank you.

Donya Esme: Oh, Maya dear, huwag ka muna masyado gumalaw dahil baka mabinat ka hija.

Maya: Yes Mom. Thanks for coming.

Richard was seated beside Maya.

Richard: Do you want something? Are you okay?

Maya: Hon, I’m okay. Si Alfie?

Richard: He’s in the nursery rooom.

Then a few minutes. They heard a knock on the door.

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Lim here is baby boy Lim. May I just know what is the name of the baby for his record purposes.

Richard: It’s Richard Alfonso Dela Rosa Lim.

Nurse: Okay Sir. Please check it again para po sa spelling.

Richard: Okay na miss. Thanks.

Nagsilapitan kaagad ang mga nandoon sa loob ng room and all were very excited to see the new bundle of joy of the family.

Donya Esmeralda: Oh, Roberto, look, his eyes are so chinky just like Ricky’s and his lips, gaya ng Mommy niya.

Don Roberto: In short, the combination of both of them.

Manang Fe: Hay, naalala ko tuloy si Ricardo noong bata pa siya.

Don Roberto: Oh bweno. Kailangan na siguro nating umalis para makapagpahinga na sila. Babalik na lang kami para bumisita ulit.

Richard: Okay po. Dad, Mom thank you very much. Ingat po kayo.

Donya and Don: Sige. Maya bye.

Maya: Mom, Dad, thanks again.

With that, the visitors left the room leaving only the three of them. Nakatulala lang si Richard habang tinitingnan ang kanyang mag-ina. Maya is busy carrying Alfie in her arms when she noticed Richard in deep thoughts.

Maya: Baby mukhang may iniisip si Daddy. Honey?

Richard: Hmmm?

Maya: Bakit parang ang tahimik mo?

Richard moves closer and then sits beside his wife.

Richard: It’s nothing Hon.

Maya: Weh? Ano ba kasi yun.

Richard: Well, hmm, parang hindi pa kasi ako makapaniwala na daddy na ako. Parang kailan lang diba? Noon focus ako masyado sa work tapos we’re like cat-dog who always fight. Pero ngayon, look, we have our own family. Hindi ko nga alam kung ano ang nagawa kong maganda dahil sobra sobra na ang ibinigay sa akin. And I am very thankful for that.

Maya is very happy knowing that Richard is mature enough and hindi na gaya ng dati.

Maya: Here, hon. Take him. I know gustong gusto mo na siyang yakapin. And also para mafeel mo na rin na daddy ka na talaga.

He carried Alfie in his arms. Seeing his little boy sleeping soundly in his arms is the best feeling he ever experienced in his entire life. He’s being emotional at the time being.

Maya: Hay, I hope we’re always like this. Kapit bisig lagi. Pahug nga ako sa two boys ko.

Indeed, it was a happy family especially that Alfie came into their life. But of course, problems are always there and cannot be avoided. Life would be boring once you do not have a problem.

After few days, Maya was released and ready to go home. They were surprised by the household as they were welcomed by them in the mansion. Manang Fe, Joma, Sabel, Doris, Donya Esmeralda and Don Roberto were there and they prepared a simple celebration.

Doris and Sabel: Welcome Home Alfie!

Sabay silang lumapit kay Maya to see the baby.

Doris: Hi baby ang cute! Naku Maya ang pogi ha.

Sabel: Oo nga. Kagandang lahi! Oh Maya ha, pag walang gatas wag kang mag-alala dahil pwedeng pwede ako magbreastfeed kay Alfie. Malaki laki rin ang imbakan eh.

Maya: (laugh) Si Sabel talaga oh.

Then, Alfie starts to cry.

Doris: Hala, Sabel. Yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh. Tingan mo’t umiyak na tuloy ang bata. Mama pro lang ang peg, Sabel?

Sabel: Tse! Doris talaga. Nagsusuggest lang naman eh.

Joma: Uy kayong dalawa huwag nga kayong maingay. Tulungan niyo na lang kaya akong ibaba ang mga gamit mula sa kotse.

Doris: Ay mabuti pa nga. Halika na Mama Pro. Ah eh. Excuse me lang ho Ser Chief. Ah este Ser Richard. Hehe.

Richard can only smile upon hearing these jokes from his helpers.

Donya Esme: Hay ang dalawa talagang yon. So, you two I know gutom na kayo. Sige na kumain na muna kayo at kami na ni Roberto ang bahala dito sa apo namin.

Maya: Ay opo Mom. Baby kay Lola at Lolo ka muna ha.

Donya Esme: cute my apo is.

Don Roberto: Mana sa akin.

Richard: Let’s go Hon. Let’s eat.

Maya: Okay.

The two went to the dining area while the oldies are fond of taking care of Alfie.

Richard: Hon, thank you.

Maya: For what?

Richard: For this. For everything. For loving me and for giving me the chance to love you. I am so blessed to have you. You and Alfie are the most precious gift that I have.

Maya: Naku, naglalambing si Mr. Lim. Siya sige na kumain na tayo.

Dahil sa sobrang excitement and busy ng mga tao, hindi nila namalayan ang oras. Kaya nang mapansing time to sleep na, they started to retreat to their own rooms to have rest.

Master’s bedroom…

Richard going out of their walk-in closet.

Richard: Honey, do you think we should hire a nanny for Alfie? I know how much you wanted to take care of him pero baka mapagod ka niyan masyado.

Maya: Chard, thank you for the concern. Pero okay lang ba if ako naman ang magrequest sayo? Okay lang ba if huwag muna tayo mag hire ng nanny ngayon dahil gusto ko kasi na ako muna ang mag-aalaga sa kanya. Diba baby boy? (now talking to Alfie who is comfortbaly lying on his parents bed and waiting for sandman to come)

Richard: Okay Chief if that’s what you want. Pero you must promise me na hindi mo masyado papagurin ang sarili mo. And, nandito naman ako so salit salitan tayo sa pag bantay sa kanya, understood?

Maya: Yes, Daddy. Promise po.

Richard: You silly.

Maya: Ahm, papasok ka ba bukas?

Richard: Ayoko na sana pumasok pero may kailangan akong ayusin eh.

Maya:  Ah okay lang na pumasok ka. Baka mapabayaan mo naman ang company niyan. Eh ilang araw ka ding hindi pumasok right?

Richard: Well, yes pero alam mo na naman na mas importante kayo sa akin diba? Anyway, uuwi na lang ako bukas ng maaga para naman makapagbonding kami ni little boy.

Maya: Oh you heard him baby? Daddy will be early tomorrow kaya you have to sleep now.

Then she craddled Alfie into her arms and sang a lullaby to help him sleep while Richard made himself comfortable and readied himself to bed.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Time is so fast. Alfie is now in his six months. He’s growing too fast and Richard is very happy taking care of his son. Kahit busy siya sa work, he never fails to show how much Maya and Alfie meant to him. Minsan nga ng umuwi siya from work he saw Maya sleeping with Alfie. Then nung lumapit siya nagising yata ang bata and he suddenly cried. Nagising din si Maya and babangon na sana to take care of Alfie but Richard said na siya na lang knowing how tired his wife must be. He reached for Alfie and sang a lullaby that made him fell asleep again. Lahat ng pagod ni Richard ay nawawala lalo na pag nakikita niya ang kanyang mag-ina. One can say that they are already adjusted to their family life. With regards to Alfie, he’s a good boy naman but you cannot avoid that he will cry at night when he’s hungry or when he wanted to change diapers (just like what the other normal baby would do). Minsan kapag tulog si Maya, Richard would take charge of changing Alfie’s diapers or di naman kaya i-bottle feed si Alfie. Kahit madaling araw Richard would try his best to wake up and alagaan si Alfie dahil naiintindihan niya rin ang pagod ni Maya who most of the time takes care of their son.

Richard: Shhh…little boy. Stop crying na. Baka magising si Mommy. Shhh…Daddy’s here naman diba. O sige. I’ll sing you a lullaby… Rock a bye baby on the tree top…la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.

There is one instance that Richard and Alfie had their bonding time and Maya would just peek in to see what they are doing. Her heart leaps in gladness every time she sees the father and son sleeping soundly together. Since she’s very sentimental, she would take pictures of them and include it in her scrapbook.

One morning.. (during breakfast)

Maya: Good morning Daddy! Here’s your coffee.

Richard: Good morning Mommy. O nasaan si Alfie?

Maya: Ah nasa taas pa. Pinasamahan ko muna kay Doris dahil tulog pa.

Richard: Hon, what if kumuha na tayo ng nanny ni Alfie? Just in case kasi na bumalik ka na sa work mo eh di may magbabantay na sa kanya. And para na rin magkaroon tayo ng quality time together.He added in his thoughts.

Maya: Chard, diba napag-usapan na natin ito? Saka ano na ang gagawin ko kapag may yaya na siya?

Richard: Maya, ang gusto ko lang naman eh para hindi ka na mastress. Look at yourself. Mukhang napapabayaan mo na yung sarili mo.

Maya: What do you mean? Na tumataba na ako? Pumapanget na ako?

Richard: Maya, it’s not what you think. All I’m just saying is you should have time for yourself.. and for me also. He added.

Maya: Excuse me. I’ll just go upstairs.

Richard: Maya…

Maya: I’ll just check on Alfie. Ingat ka sa pagpasok sa office.

Richard: Maya, are you mad at me?

Maya: No. Then she smiled a bit. Sige na baka malate ka pa.

He just sighed. Then, continued with his breakfast.

Meanwhile, Maya went to the nursery room to check on Alfie. Seeing that he is still asleep with Doris, she decided to go to their bedroom. She looked herself in front of the mirror.

Maya: Hmm. Maya, mukhang tama nga siya. You need to fix yourself. Mukhang tumataba ka na. And your eyebags. Oh Maya. Please. Ikaw pa ba yan? And your hair. What a mess. I think it’s time to pamper yourself. Eh pero saka na lang.


Richard: Honey, tomorrow we will be having a ball. It’s the opening of the new hangar in Laguna. You should be there.

Maya: Oh sige hon. I’ll just leave Alfie to Doris.

Richard: Okay.


At the ball…

Sylvie: Oh Mr. Lim!

Richard: Huh? I don’t mean to be rude but do I know you?

Sylvie: Sylvie. Remember?

Richard: I’m sorry. But…

Sylvie: You forgot. Well, let me introduce myself again. I’m Sylvie Cruz, Catherine’s friend.

Richard: Oh. Nice to meet you. Sorry I forgot. Oh, this is my wife, Maya.

Maya smiled at her but Sylvie just nod.

(In Maya’s thoughts) Aba. Ang taray ha. Naku Mr. Lim.


Sylvie: Is she the wife, Cath?

Catherine: Unfortunately, yes.

Sylvie: Gosh. What’s gotten into his mind? Look at his wife. Ang itsura parang napabayaan ang sarili.

Catherine: Sylvie, stop that huh. Okay naman siya ha. They already have a son so you better back off.

Sylvie: Whatever Cath.

Catherine: Naku, don’t test the water dahil baka kung saan ka damputin. Sa taray ba naman ng mother ni Mr. Lim plus the wifey pa.

Sylvie just smirks at her then proceeded to the bar at the ball.


Maya: Chard, sino ba yung Sylvie?

Richard: Honey, I met her during my site visit in Mindoro matagal na kaya nga hindi ko na nakilala eh. She was Catherine’s friend.

Maya: Oh so mukhang crush ka ah. Naku ang pogi kasi ng asawa ko.

Richard: Tss. Silly. Stop that hon.

Maya: Ayi.Aminin.

Richard: Honey, you’re supposed to…

Maya: What?

Richard: Nothing. Let’s not talk about her okay. Besides, I don’t want into trouble.

Richard dismissed their conversation and carries Alfie who is cuddled into Maya’s arms.

Richard: Hi Alfie. Did you miss dad? So what do you want? You want milk?

Maya eventually stop the conversation and raises her hands as a sign of defeat. She knew that if she continues to tease him, it might end up on arguments that surely she’ll not win.

Maya: Okay Chief.


Maya: Honey, are you mad?

Richard: Nope.

Maya: Hindi nga?

Richard: I said no.

Maya: Uy sorry na. I was just teasing you a while ago. Alam ko naman na wala naman yung Sylvie na yun.

Richard: Then bakit mo pa inuulit ulit kanina?

Maya: As I said before, I was just teasing you. Sorry na. Please.

Nang hindi pa rin ito kumikibo. Maya made the first move. She kissed him lightly on the lips. Then, another until kisses was raining on his face.

Richard: You really know my weakness, Mrs. Lim. Then he claimed her lips passionately. The two were turned on when Alfie cried from his crib.

Maya: Chard, si Alfie.

They stopped and then Richard attended his son.

Richard: Anak naman eh. You know, you and your mom are both silly. (laugh)


Richard: Hon, I’ll be gone for two days. Site visit to Clark.

Maya: Okay mag-iingat ka ah.

Richard: Yes Chief..


Liza: Sir, an emergency call from Manila.

Richard: Hello, Manang?

Manang Fe: Ricardo, umuwi ka muna dito.


The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger– part 13

Note: This is a continuation to The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger – part  12.

Author: blossom

Author’s Note:

February 23, 2013 started it all.









Like a Ticking Bomb…

He Exploded.


At the Eye of the Storm




… And today ends it all.

I humbly present The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger’s last instalment.

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Last Chapter:


Looking at the picture, he smiled at his little angels. They are so adorable! As he opened the succeeding letters detailing their first word, first step, first birthday, first toy, first trip to the dentist, first friend, first school day, first artwork, first medal, first book, first recital for Amy, first LAS uniform for Arty, first school play, first school festival, first school trip, and every first in their lives, Richard did only a sane man would in his situation.

He cried… and cried.

He cried for Maya… for leaving her alone for the past five years, raising twins…. He cried for Artemis and Amy for growing up for the last five years without a father figure… He cried for his children, Luke, Nikki and Abby for missing their twin sibling’s growth for all these years and finally, for himself who was kept in the dark about his twins, the one who was closest to Maya but the last person to know how she endured the pain of being alone after all these years…Him who accused the woman of adultery, ridiculed her, trampled on her integrity and dignity.,. Him who after all he has done to hurt her, still has the gall to love that wonderful woman who brought his heart with her in London.

Foolish man.


“Kaya naman pala napaka tiger mode mo eh. Seloso ka talaga Dad. Nung una kay Tito James ngayon nanaman, another pilot.”

“That’s enough kuya. Basta Dad, you should begin apologizing now.”

“I know. Pero she totally hates me now and I don’t have the right to-

“Dad, wag nang matigas ang ulo! Do you want Tita Maya to end up with that Captain-what’s-his-name?”


“Then it’s settled, you’ll swallow that huge pride of yours and apologize.”


“I have a plan.”


The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger

Part 13: Triple Headlines

Fletcher Incorporated, Main Branch, London

“It is a pleasure doing business with you Richard. Your plan is flawless. I expect the tides would be on our favor on the World Annual Aviation Expo.”

“Thank you very much Mr. Fletcher. We, the Lim Aviation Services, would offer nothing but the best aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul services. Rest assured that Project Uranus would be a successful endeavour. You won’t regret your decision.”

“And we, the Time Airways, I assure you as well Mr. Fletcher that we would train the best aircraft pilots and flight stewardesses to offer the best customer service.”

“I’m very much aware of that Richard, President James. Please call me Garrett.  We’re partners now aren’t we?”

“Indeed Garrett.”

“Oh by the way, Richard, I heard a rumor that some kid impressed the board last meeting with his proposal. Mr. Sawada mentioned it in passing but he expressed it with much conviction and admiration that I initially thought he’s exaggerating. Did he?”

“Well about that… Uh…

“It’s true Garrett. The board of executives was impressed with dear little Arty’s proposal. In fact, majority of the members are supporting it and it’s one of the projects to be launched as soon as Project Uranus becomes active.”

“Oh? That sounds interesting. So who’s this Arty, and what makes him so special?”

“Well, his real name is Artemis Cielo de la Rosa, a five year old kid and a pure blooded Aviation nut. His twin sister, Apollo Amore is a music prodigy. He is the son of Time Airways, London Branch’s Head and Chief of Operations and currently an apprentice to one of the executive engineers of LAS.”

“Five years old? Woah. And he’s an Aviation prodigy? That’s amazing. His parents must be exceptional.”

“Yes, his mother, Ms. Maya de la Rosa is one of the finest flight stewardess Time Airways has produced since our foundation and his father well…

“He’s an aviation engineer.”

“Really? You know him personally Richard?”

“Yes. Very well. How many kids do you have Garrett?”

“Me? Oh, I have three. Two boys and a girl. You have three as well if I’m not mistaken? Two girls and a boy?”

“No. I have five. Three girls and two boys.”

“Huh? I only know Luke, Nikki and Abigail.”

“Well, the other two are my twins, Artemis Cielo and Apollo Amore.”

“Your twins? Then that means…

“Yes, they’re my children with Maya.”

“Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. You must be proud. Well, congratulations!”

“I am, very much. Thank you Garrett.”



“Lunch is served.”

“Thank you. Shall we have our lunch guys?”



*phone ringing*

“Excuse me for a while.”



“Ma? Napatawag ka? Is something wrong?”

“Tell me the truth.”


“Nagkaanak kayo ni Maya?”

“How did you know that?”

“It’s all over the news Ricky. Almost half of the globe knows about your genius twins now.”


“Lower your voice! Ang sakit sa tainga. Anyway, as I’ve said before, various business magazines and tabloids are talking about it. I don’t know how they knew it but they did. And those sharks are feasting over your blood and making a huge ruckus. I’m afraid this will have a huge backlash on you son.”

“I could care less about myself. What I’m concerned about is the content of those articles. Are they discriminating my twins?”

“No. No. In fact, they’re lauding them for their achievements in their respective expertise… What they’re after now is Maya.”

“What about Maya?”

“They’re destroying her Ricky. Whore. Gold-digger. Slut. They’re calling her horrible names and questioning her current position in TA. It won’t be long before the media gets a hold of her residence and hounding her and your twins for exclusive interviews and responses. Her honor and reputation are getting compromised due to this fiasco Ricky. Have you gotten a hold of her?”

“WTH?! Those bastards said those? Who published those trashes? I swear I’ll wring the neck of those blasted authors! I will-


“Yes Ma?”

“Calm down! Instead of getting violent over there, you should do the damage control ASAP. Your father and I are trying our best to placate the reporters swarming outside our home now, persisting on getting our reactions about the news. But we can all stall for a short while. It’s all up to you to clear this mess and make things right. Does Maya know this already?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Sabi ko na nga ba. I guess you two had a fight?”

“How did you-?”

“Don’t bother asking such an obvious question Ricky. I’m your mother. I know how your temper is and your tendency to react impulsively on such matters. Well, I won’t meddle between you and Maya but I have to warn you son, kapag hindi ka pa kumilos, baka masaktan si Maya at ang mga anak niyo. You know how cruel the media people would be, they would do anything for the sake of getting a scoop. I suggest na you temporarily set aside those issues and work together for the safety of your family.”


“You don’t plan on letting her go the second time around don’t you Ricky? Especially with my twin apos.”

“Of course not, but-

“Then no buts. Get moving now before those sharks sink their jaws on your family.”

“Yes Ma.”

“We’re not yet done talking. When all this fiasco ends, you have a LONG explanation to give. You and Maya. Understood?”

“Will do Ma.”

“Good. Go get them son. You can do it.”

“Thanks Ma. Bye.”

“Goodbye son.”


“Richard, you won’t join us for lunch?”

“Sorry guys, an emergency came up. Have to go. Maya and the twins need me.”

“Oh. Need some help?”

“Thanks for the offer Garrett but I’m fine. I started this mess, and I’ll fix it and save my family.”

“Attaboy! Good luck man!”

“See you Garrett, James. I’ll go ahead.”

“Good luck pal.”


Lim Residence, Manila, Philippines

*phone ringing*

“Hello Dad?”

“Good morning Luke.  I know it’s an unholy time there but this is an emergency. I asked Liza to book us some tickets to San Nicholas. I’m going home with Maya and the twins; we’ll probably arrive there the day after tomorrow. I want you and your sisters to pack a week worth of your things and go to San Nicolas ahead of us. Manang Fe and the others as well as Liza will accompany you there. Susunod na lang kami nila Maya sa inyo.”

“Po? Bakit? What happened?”

“The information about my paternity of the twins was revealed on public, the media here are on frenzy about it. It’s only a matter of time before the mass media there gets a hold of this. We have to move ahead and get you to a safer place. Also, gusto ko kasama niyo sina Nanay Teresita sa San Nicolas, dahil pati sila hindi alam na may nangyari sa amin ni Maya noon. They need you there. Gusto kong nandoon kayo in case maunahan kami ng mga reporters na masabi ang balita kila Nanay Teresita.”

“Okay Dad. Ako nang bahala kila Niks at Abby. Just get home safe with Ma and my siblings.”

“Will do son. Thanks for understanding.”

“No problem Dad. Bye.”

“Call me if needed. Goodbye Luke.”

Dela Rosa Residence, San Nicolas, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

“Cristina Rose anak, kanina pa nagriring yung cellphone mo.”

“Nay, pakisagot na lang po, may inaasikaso lang ako sandali dito.”

“Sige anak.”


“Cristina Rose?”

“Si Teresita ito. Richard anak, ikaw ba yan?”

“Ako nga po Nay. Si Cristina po?”

“Ay may ginagawa na baba. Gusto mo tawagin ko nak?”

“Hindi na po Nay. Sasabihin ko lang po sana na magbabakasyon kami ng mga bata diyan sa San Nicholas.”

“Ha? Bakasyon? Di ba may pasok pa ang mga bata?”

“Opo nay, pero kailangan po muna naming magbakasyon dahil sa mga pangayayari.”

“Naku, okay lang ba kayo diyan?”

“Opo Nay. Nag-iingat lang. Ngayon po ang flight ng mga bata diyan, kasama sila Manang Fe. Susunod na lang po ako sa kanila.”

“Aba, bakit hindi ka pa sumabay sa kanila nak?”

“Nasa London pa po ako. May mga inaasikaso lang sa negosyo pero malapit na pong matapos.”

“London? Anak… nagkita ba kayo ni Maya diyan?”

“Ah… opo Nay.”

“Kumusta naman siya?”

“Maayos naman po Nay.”

“Pa hug at pakiss na lang ako sa kanya ha? Limang taon ko nang hindi nayayakap ang anak ko… Maya…”

“Nay, wag na po kayong umiyak. Pangako ko, uuwi din kami kaagad, kasama si Maya.”

“Talaga Richard?”

“Opo Nay. Promise.”

“Salamat Richard. Napakaswerte ng pamilya mo at ni Maya sa iyo.”

“Ako nga po ang maswerte sa inyo at lalong-lalo na kay Maya. Pinalaki niyo po ng mahusay ang nagmamay-ari sa puso ko.”

“Maraming salamat Richard. Osya, babye na at baka bumaha pa ng luha dito .Mamamalengke muna kami ni Nanay at ipagluluto namin ng  kare-kare at suman na may latik ang mga bata.”

“Salamat din po Nay. I’ll just text Cristina Rose pag andyan na po ang mga bata.”

“Sige anak. Bye.”

“Nay! Sandali lang po!”

“Ano iyon Richard?”

“Mahal na mahal niyo po si Maya di ba?”

“Hindi na kailangang itanong yan Richard. Bakit mo naman naitanong yan?”

“Mas maganda po pag personal naming sasabihin ni Maya sa inyo. Pero Nay, mahal na mahal din kayo ni Maya at alam niya ang ginagawa niya. Sana po maintindihan niyo siya kung bakit niya iyon ginawa. Nay, sorry din po. Napakalaki ng pagkukulang ko sa anak niyo. Sorry po talaga. Sorry… Mahal na mahal ko si Maya… Sorry…”

“Richard, umiiyak ka ba?”

“Ah, hindi po Nay *clears throat* Just a cold.”

“Sus, kilala na rin kita Richard. Alam kong may dinadamdam ka. Hindi kita maintindihan pero malaki ang tiwala ko sa inyong dalawang anak ko. Napakarami niyo nang napagdaanan at hindi yon basta basta matitibag ng kung ano mang pagsubok sa buhay ninyo. May awa ang Diyos anak, malalampasan niyo rin yan.”

“Salamat po Nay.”

“May utang kayong paliwanag ni Maya sa akin. Sige na, bye!”

“Bye Nay.”

Time Airways, London Branch, Cambridge, London

“Have your read the article?”

“Yes! I can’t believe that she of all people would be such a slut! And her I thought she was an angel!”

“A slutty angel in disguise!”

On her way to the office, Maya woke up at the wrong side of the bed and had a mild stiff neck, burned Arty’s egg benedict, stumbled on three different black cats, broke her heel strap, and forgot her I.D. Just with the encounter with the cats, she should have taken it as a bad omen and immediately run back home and lock herself up in their condo, but no- she ignored the glaring signs and upon arriving at the huge marble floors of the TA, hundreds of eyes zoomed at her direction.

As she took the lift, she stared straight to the silver doors and stared back at those eyes boring holes at her back. Shoulders squared and chin high; she walked towards her office with grace and confidence, not minding the looks and occasional not-so-loud whispers that reached her ears. Her eyebrows twitched at the ‘slutty angel’ comment but remained silent. Once she reached her office, she pivoted rapidly and faced the gossipmongers who were taken aback.”

“Do you have something to say ladies? Please do share it to me. I’m greatly interested.”

“No ma’am.”

“Oh come on Cherie, we’re among friends. No word will go out of this building. Right friends?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Excellent! So, if you may Cherie? Oh and Sylvia, be a dear and please prepare coffee for everyone. Having a cup of coffee while chit-chatting would be the best.”

“Right away ma’am!”

“But ma’am, its office hours and the President-

“I don’t mind being called Maya, no need for formalities. After all, you didn’t hesitate to refer to me as ‘the naïve little bird Maya’ when you were chatting with your boyfriend DURING office hours…”


“… and President James wouldn’t mind if we make use of this time to strengthen our bonds right?” Everyone deserves a break once in a while.

“But ma’am-

“Are you questioning me Ms. Cherie Francois Dubois, Assistant PR?”

“No ma’am, I’m just following the rules and the President-

“Excuse me then Ms. Dubois.”

*dials phone* —Loudspeaker on

“Hello James?”

“Maya? To what do I owe this call hmmm?”

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything.”

“No, I just finished talking with my fiancé. What’s up? Any trouble in the office?”

“No, no. Actually, we’re trying to have a bonding with the office people right now. A very interesting discussion over coffee. Care to join?”

“An interesting discussion?”

“Yes, my office mates are calling their Chief of Operations a ‘slutty angel in disguise’. Sounds interesting huh?”

“Woah. That does sound real interesting. I’m on my way there.  I want the front seats.”

“Oh? Things may get messy you know. Your immaculate clothes may get tainted.”

“I don’t mind. I’m sure whoever woke the tigress within you won’t last that long. I’ll survive with a taint or two.”

“But what about work? A very concerned employee, Ms. Dubois is worried about work… and the rules.”

“I am the rule Maya. I can do whatever I want to do in my office. And I’m telling you that work can wait later. This is more interesting than the boring paper pushing.”

“Your call. I’ll see you James. Drive safe.”

“See you. Hold your horses. I need to be there to stop you from eating the people there alive.”

“Oh, I won’t deprive you of the pleasure of seeing it. Bye.”

“Ha, you bet. Bye.”

“So, any more complaints Cherie?”

“No-no ma’am.”

“Good. So, shall we move to the conference hall while waiting for President James?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Sylvia, let’s go to the pantry. I’ll help you with the coffees.”

“Ma’am I can manage.”

“I insist. Besides, President James prefers his coffee black with a dollop of sugar.”


“Well, good morning ladies and gentlemen. So, where’s Maya? Did she already begin her hunting?”

“How rude President. I just got you your coffee and you’re accusing me around.”

“Oh there you are. I thought you started ahead. Anyway, so what’s with the new nickname?”

“Here’s your coffee. Hmm, I don’t know that myself. So, care to enlighten us about that?”

“Ah, uhm- I- ah-

“Cat got your tongue Cherie? Oh come on my dear, you were so eloquent about cursing me a while ago. What happened?”

“Ma’am I’m terribly sorry about that I was-

“Quit bullshitting me and get straight to the point!”


“No James! I’m not that complacent, naïve country bumpkin anymore! I grew up! I faced the reality and survived. I’m proud of my patience but with all that happened with us I have no time for beating around the bush. Now Ms. Dubois, will you please go straight to the point or would I be forced to use my authority to get anything out from you? Choose.”

“I- I read an article about you ma’am…”

“Article? What article?”

“I think you should read this ma’am.”

“A gossip newsmagazine? Why would I be in this?”

“Just read it ma’am. It’s in the headline.”


The Two Faces of Maya dela Rosa

Time Airways London Branch

Chief and Head of Operations

Lim family’s resident nanny

Maya dela Rosa, 31 years old, hails from San Nicolas, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. She is currently the Head and Chief of Operations (CAHO) in one of the most prestigious airline companies in the world, Time Airways London Branch. People generally describe her as a passionate and dedicated woman in her work, a positive ball of energy and a jolly person. She is an ‘angel’ sent here on earth, as said by a TA employee and yet behind the angel is the darkness of a well-suppressed demon.

Approximately five years ago, when Maya wasn’t yet employed in her current company and position, she was in fact working for another famous individual in the Aviation industry, The Tiger of Asia Richard Lim—as a nanny. Yes, folks, you heard right. The respected CAHO was actually a nanny for Lim’s youngest daughter, Abigail Ruth.

(left) Maya dela Rosa, (right) Abigail Ruth Lim

After riding the coattails of Lim’s fame and power in the Aviation industry, Maya grabbed the attention of the current president and CEO of Time Airways Philippines, President James Ventura who  succeeded his father, former President Jaime Ventura after the latter announced his retirement. Sources told us that it was Captain Ventura who recommended Maya as a trainee in the FA program and became her backer. This led to her eventual offer of acceleration here in London and landed her current position.

(left) James Ventura, (right) Maya dela Rosa

Her conquests didn’t stop there. Unknown to the public, Maya and Lim had another relationship, aside from their professional one as employer and employee. Maya came to London five years ago, pregnant, and bore twins, a boy and a girl and reared them here. Without Lim and Ventura by her side, Maya found a new man to answer to her whims. Here comes Captain Gerard Montgomery, the General Manager at TA London Branch and a minor stockholder at LAS.

Gerard Montgomery

It’s funny how fate works. Maya started as a nanny under Lim Aviation Services’ Richard Lim, became a trainee of Time Airways owned by James Ventura and later on worked as the CAHO of TA London Branch together with Gerard Montgomery. No matter how much she runs away from her mistakes, Maya is still hunted by her choice of men, as they were interconnected, in one way or the other.

It’s a pity that Maya and Lim’s child prodigies, Artemis Cielo and Apollo Amore’s futures and reputations would be tainted because of their mother’s infidelity and whorish ways. The Glitz and Glamour Magazine fears for the Aviation industry’s integrity and stability because of the presence of this seductress, ready to ensnare a new prey under her charms.


“Maya? Okay ka lang?”

“Yes. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Ah, because of the stupid article?”

“Oh, but as you said, it’s stupid. No harm done.”


“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can clearly see that most of you have read this article hmmm?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Then, first and foremost, I’m far from an angel. Bless the soul of whoever said that but based from what you have read, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. I’m not an angel. I’m a mere human who eats food and feels emotions as you do. Secondly, I don’t mind you talking about me, but I’ll appreciate it if you’ll say it in my face, not behind my back. Thirdly, call me whatever you want; a whore, a slut or a gold-digger but I won’t tolerate you bad mouthing any of the three gentlemen involved here as well as my twins. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I can’t hear you!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Excellent. And lastly, I’ll leave it to you if you’ll believe in this trash or not. But coming directly to the source herself, I would like to clear something about this trash’s statements. I didn’t consider loving Richard Lim and having his children as a mistake. It’s the greatest gift God has given to me aside from my life and family. Excuse me.”

“Well, it that’s all, let’s go back to the paper pushing shall we? Now, up ladies and gentlemen. This is an order.”

“Yes sir.”


“Maya, wait! Maya!”

“James, iwanan mo muna ako, please.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“James naman eh!”

“Maya, alam mong pareho tayong makulit. Hindi ako papatalo sa yo.”

“Madudumihan yung damit mo.”

“Okay lang.”

“Baka masakal ka.”

“Ready ako.”

“Sigurado ka?”

“Yes. Now, halika na, bawal na ang arte.”

*runs and hugs James tightly*

“James! *hic* Ano bang nagawa kong masama at nangyayari sa akin to? Dahil ba to sa pagkawala ng dangal ko nang hindi pa kasal?”

“Shhh. That’s not the reason Maya…”

“Then why? Why is this happening to me?! Bakit ako pa?”

“Maya, things happen for a reason. Hindi aksidenteng nagkakilala kayo ni Richard, naging yaya ka ni Abby, nakilala mo ako at nabigyan ka ng offer dito sa London. Hindi rin aksidenteng may nangyari sa inyo ni Richard and naisilang ang mga baby niyo. If you had a chance, would you have done it differently? A life without meeting the Lim family and having your twins?”

“No… No. Hindi ko kayang mawala si Richard at ang mga bata… lalo na ang kambal ko.”

“Then, accept and embrace all the things that are happening right now. Face them head-on and prove them wrong. You can do this Maya. Nasaan na yung Maya dela Rosa na nakilala ko five years ago sa summit?”

“She’s alive and ready to fight James.”

“That’s more like it.”

“Salamat talaga ha James? And sorry…”

“Para saan?”

“Dito sa shirt mong puno ng luha ko, sa scandal na to, nakakahiya tuloy sa fiancé mo. Baka umurong pa s akasla yan dahil sa akin ha?”

“Sus, my Angie isn’t that narrow-minded Maya. She knows what happened between us and where we are right now. That amazing woman surprises me with her deep understanding about me.”

“Masaya talaga ako para sa yo James.”

“Thanks Maya. I hope you’ll be happy again soon.”

*hugs* “Sana nga James… sana nga…”

A shocking flash caught the two by surprise, wrenching themselves apart with utter shock and amazement as a huge swarm of reporters with their cameras flashing and notepads swinging are being restrained by the TA SGs with great difficulty. The swarm struggled valiantly as they shouted at Maya and James’ direction.

“Ms. dela Rosa, how come no one has heard of your relationship with Mr. Lim before? Are you in a secret relationship?”


“Ms. dela Rosa, is it true that you were a former nanny of Mr. Lim’s kid and you just seduced him to get to your current position?”

“I don-

“So, who’s the better catch Ms. dela Rosa? Captain Gerard Montgomery or Engineer Richard Lim?”


“Or Captain James Ventura is the best of the three? Your previous position is a very solid proof.”

“This is ridiculous! I’m not-

“Now, Ms. dela Rosa, stop pretending and show your colors! I’ll give you a good time after this if you like…”


“Wha- Why are you here?!”

“It’s Captain Montgomery!”

“Sir! What’s your comment about the latest article about Ms. dela Rosa?”

“How much have you spent to Ms. dela Rosa?”

“Are you aware of her connection with Engr. Lim and Captain Ventura?”

“Maya dela Rosa is a dignified and respectable employee of this company. Her efforts and hard-work has led TA to leaps and bounds. We didn’t have any affair, I may have courted her before but she has turned me down and I gracefully accepted it. She’s a very dedicated mother to her children and hasn’t done anything that deserved your harsh judgements cruel assumptions. I demand for public apology for Ms. dela Rosa and her family who must have been scandalized by this unfounded accusations.”

“Were not-

“Hey, make way!”


“Don’t block the way!”

“Get some pictures hurry up!”

“Richard Lim is here!”

“Camera man!”

“Ladies and gentlemen of the mass media, I ask that you stop compromising the peace within this place. Time Airways can charge you of illegal trespassing and disruption of peace. I know that there had been various articles that are circulating around with regards to my alleged affair with Maya dela Rosa. The public has the right to know about the truth behind this but you don’t have the legitimate reasons to ostracize and throw harsh nicknames around. I’ve arranged for a press release in a respected news magazine addressing this issue so I respectfully ask you to comply with our wishes of leaving us alone. The soon-to-be published article shall answer all of your questions. With that, have a good day. Guards, please guide our media friends outside.”

“Well, that was really exciting.”

“Shut up James.”

“Hands up. Sorry Richard.”

“I believe we haven’t been formally introduced sir, I’m-

“Captain Gerard Montgomery. I know you. Richard Lim.”

“Congratulations for knowing me. Then-

“Richard Lim.”


“Stop being rude.”

“I’m not being rude. I’m just saving him form the trouble of introducing himself. I know him already.”

“Still be polite and accept his handshake.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Stop being a kid!”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Then stop acting like one!”

“No, Maya, it’s okay-

“Of course it’s not okay! Just because this big baby is jealous doesn’t mean that he can do whatever he wants!”

“Who said I was jealous?”

“I did. Aren’t you?”

“Of course not!”

“Are you sure?”


“Well, Gerry can you be a dear and drive me home? James, I’m sorry but I’ll go home early today.. I have to check on the kids.”

“Sure Maya. You may go.”

“Let’s go Maya?”



“Yes, I’m freaking jealous. Happy? Now remove your arm in her waist Montgomery before I break it off.”

“Uhm, okay?”

“Now Richard, that’s my employee we’re talking about here.”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, that’s our signal to leave Gerard. We’ll go ahead okay Maya? Richard, take care of her and the twins.”

“Will do.”

“Wait James–

“Oh, and don’t forget my wedding! Bye!”

“Let’s get going too.”

“Huh? Where?”

“You’re coming with me.”


“You have no choice. Everything is settled. Your things are already packed.”

“My kids!”

“Are going with us.”

“You can’t do this to me!”

“I just did Maya. You’re all coming with me back to the Philippines.”


“No buts Maya.”

“Wag ka nang makipag-argue. Handa na ang lahat. The twins are already waiting for us at the hangar. We’re taking a private jet. We’ll land at approximately 10 am tomorrow and have a short snack break before boarding for an 11:30 am trip from Manila to San Nicolas.”

“Sa-San Nicolas?”

“Yes. Sa San Nicolas. You’ve dragged this long enough Maya. You have to tell your family about our twins.”


“Stalling won’t get you any further Maya. You’ve lied to them once, and you’ve done it twice. You of all people know the agony of hiding something form your loved ones. It’s never easy.”

“Natatakot ako Richard…”

“That’s why I’ll be going with you, kasama ang mag bata. If Nanay Teresita gets angry with you and paluin ka, I’ll be there to save you.”

“Richard naman eh!”

“I’m just joking. Seriously, I promise I won’t let you face all this alone. Kapit-bisig tayo remember?”

“Fine. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun okay na tayo. Time out lang muna dahil kailangan sabihin kina Nanay. Pagkatapos nito, away na ulit tayo.”

“Yes, yes. Sabi mo eh. Let’s go. The twins are waiting.”

As the private jet took off the London soil, Richard Lim looked back at the disappearing outline of the island, silently praying that risky move was enough to clear his lover’s name as well as dispel any nasty rumor that may plague Maya’s every waking dream. ‘ As soon as that article is out, I have to commence the next plan.’ Looking at his twins and their mother, Richard imagined his three other children with them, having fun and laughing their hearts out as they teased each other. He closed his eyes and he savoured his fantasy for a little longer before he succumbed to a peaceful slumber.

Beijing, China

“Esme, look at this.”

“Hmmm? What is it?”

“Looks like your son made his move.”

“Oh? Let me see.”

“Wow. Leave it to Ricky to banish those speculations as well as proclaiming his feelings for her. Buti na lang hindi namana ng anak mo ang pagiging unromantic mo.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that Esme. So, what do you think would happen next?”

“I suggest we better arrange our schedule soon.”

“Bakit naman?”

“Anytime now, I’m sure we’ll have a wedding to attend to.”

“Are you sure that it’s her?”

“Positive. Ricky won’t make the same mistake of letting her go again, and with the discovery of the twins and all, I’m sure Ricky won’t let any other day pass without him in the twins lives.”

“True enough. I’m excited to meet my apos with her, especially Artemis.”

“Aviation nuts.”

“I love you too dear wife. I’ll leave the schedule to you. I’ll arrange the meetings so we would have at least three months’ worth of vacation this time.”

“That’ll be great Roberto. I’ll book the tickets as well, ASAP.”

Dela Rosa Residence, San Nicolas, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

“Nay, okay na po ba yung bagoong?”

“Okay na Teresita. Eh yung latik, nailuto mo na ba?”

“Opo Nay. Si Cristina Rose po?”

“Ayun, hinatid na si Pochollo.”

“Osige po. Sila Maya kaya, anong oras ang dating?”

“Nagkausap sila Cristina at si Richard bago umalis yung anak mo. Ang pagkakadinig ko, bandang ala-sais ng gabi, andito na sila.”

“Ganun po ba? Osya, mamalengke ako ulit mamaya at ipagluluto ko ng espesyal sila Maya. Halika na dito sa taas Nay at patulong naman pong maghanda.”

“Papunta na.”

“Lola Teresita!”

“Abby apo! Naku ang laki-laki mo na! Pakiss nga si lola.”

“Mano po Lola Teresita, Lola Mamang.”

“Pagpalain kayo ng Diyos, Nikki, Luke, Abby. Asan sila Manang Fe?”

“May kinuha lang po sandali sa kotse, Paakyat na rin po sila.”

“Hala, sige, upo na mga apo, habang mainit pa ang ulam. Sige na, nakahapag na ang almusal, dumulog na kayo at susunod na kami.”

“Opo Lola.”

“Lola, asan po si Cho?”

“May pasok siya Abby. Mamaya pa ang uwi niya.”

“Okay po. Eh si Ate Cris po?”

“Hinatid lang sandali si Cho. Pauwi na rin yun.”

“Lola Tere…”

“Ano iyon Luke?”

“Pwede po ba namin kayong makausap pagkatapos kumain?”

“Oo naman apo. Tungkol saan ba?”

“Tungkol po kay Daddy tsaka kay Mama, este- kay Tita Maya po pala.”

“May problema ba sila?”

“Opo… medyo nagkatampuhan at nagalit po si Tita Maya.”

“Hmmm, anong plano niyo? Game ako diyan.”

“Pano niyo po nalamang may plano kami?”

“Naku, si Richard ang pinag-uusapan dito. Alam ko na magkasing-tigas ng ulo ang anak ko at ang daddy niyo kaya alam kong kayo na ang gagawa ng paraan para magkabati ang dalawa.”

“You’re so galing naman Lola Tere!”

“Syempre, nanay ako. Nang kausap ko ang daddy niyo sa telepono kahapon, narmadaman ko nang nagkatampuhan sila. Pero hindi rin naman nila matitiis ang isa’t-isa at magbabati rin ang mga yun. Kaya lang, kailangan nila ng konting tulak. Ano ang plano natin?”

“Ganito po yun Lola….

“Sige, akong bahala, kayang-kaya namin ni Nanay yan!”

“Thanks so much Lola!”

“Walang anuman mga apo. Kain na. Magpakabusog kayo. Marami kaming niluto para sa inyo.”


“Ma, ano pong gagawin natin sa San Nicolas?”

“Ah eh-

“We’re going to visit your mother’s hometown. Her family consisted of her Nanay Teresita, Lola Mamang, Ate Cristina Rose and her nephew Cho.”

“Talaga po? May lola kami?”

“Yes! And dalawa pa sila.”

“Excited na akong makilala sila! Eh si Kuya Cho po, mabait po ba siya?”

“Naku, oo naman, guwapo na nga, matalino pa. Candidate sa valedictorian position ang pamangkin ko.”

“At, malaki ang posibilidad na mabigyan siya ng scholarship sa nag-iisang pivate school dito sa San Nicolas.”

“Wow! Ang galing naman po niya!”

“Paano mo naman nalaman yun Richard?”

“Ha? Ah eh-

*phone ringing*

“Excuse me; I have to take this call.”

“Hello Dad?”

“Yes Nikki?”

“Everything’s ready. We also got Lola Tere and Lola Mamang’s support. What’s your ETA?”

“An hour and a half.”

“Okay. Stick to the plan. We have to catch Mama off guard. Have you talked to the twins?”

“Yes, they also know their parts.”

“Okay good. Eh how about you that? Are you prepared for this?”

“More than ever.”

“Good. I’ll see you later Dad. Have a safe trip.”

“Bye Niks.”


“Sino yun?”

“My girl.”


“My girl nga.”

“Sino yun?”

“Bakit? Selos ka?”

“Hindi no! Sino nga yun?”


“Ang daya mo naman Richard!”

“Fine, I’ll tell you in one condition.”

“Ayoko. Nevermind na.”

“Let’s go on a date.”


“I’ll tell you who she is, pero you have to go on a date with me first.”

“I’m not interested.”

“Are you sure?”

“Final answer.”

“Art, di ba may tumawag noon kay Dad na girl din? Kinukumusta siya?”

“Ah, yeah! She even said I love you!”

“Yeah, and Dad was so happy that time and said I love you too.”

“Hmmm, I wonder if she’s really pretty.”

“Even prettier than Mom?”

“Syempre, I don’t know, we haven’t met her. But I think her voice is very sweet, hmmm…”


“Anong saan?”

“Saan tayo pupunta sa date?”

“Akala ko ayaw mo?”

“Gusto mo bawiin ko?”

“Sabi ko nga hindi. It’s a surprise.”

“May pasurprise surprise ka pa diyan. Let’s go.”

“High five Art, Amy! Galing talaga ng mga anak ko!”

“Syempre naman Dad, full support pa lang kami sa love team niyo ni Mama. Si Ate Nikki yun no?”

“Yup. She told me everything’s in place. They’re only waiting for us.”

“Thanks for helping me in this kids.”

“No worries. We both hope for a whole family, and we should work together to have it. Kapit-bisig!”

“Kayong tatlo diyan, pag di pa kayo kumilos iiwanan na tayo ng eroplano.”

“Coming Ma.”

“Hindi kita anak Richard, wag kang nakiki- Ma diyan.”

“Papunta na Mahal kong Napakaganda pero Napakabugnutin.”



“Excuse me Miss, what is the password for your wifi here?”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but there is no internet connection onboard.”

“The Time Airways FA Guide, page 34, paragraph 2, line 4 states that ‘All Time Airways aircrafts are equipped with necessary paraphernalia such as coffee machines, food carts, folding tables, lavatories, wifi connection, and complimentary magazines for the maximum comfort and convenience of all passengers.’ So I suggest that you speak with your superior and ask if I’m mistaken or not.”

“Ye-Yes Ma’am. Please excuse me!”

“Mahal, wag mo namang takutin yung mga FAs dito.”

“I’m not intimidating her. I just asked for the service that I should be receiving while flying with TA.”

“Pero you don’t have to be so snappy about it. Are you still angry with me?”

“Excuse me Ma’am.”


“I’m sorry for my mistake earlier. Yes, we do have internet connection on-board. Here. I’m really sorry. I’m just here for my first duty and I’m really nervous.”

“I understand Ms.-Ms. Rivera. But you’re here to train and have a first-hand experience of what it means to handle passengers. There may be some rude and demanding ones, so you have to have the confidence and knowledge to answer to their demands. You are going to carry the wings of the TA so I hope that you’ll wear it proudly.”

“Thank you very much Ma’am… Are you a Time Airways FA too?”

“Yes. I’ve been for 6 years. But I’m stationed at TA London and this my first time back in my hometown for five years.”

“Oh, that’s great. I’ll go ahead ma’am so I won’t disturb you and your family. Just call for me when you need something else.”

“Will do. Thank you Ms. Rivera.”


2 New Emails received

From: James Ventura

Subject: Wedding Invitation


Hi Mayabells! How does it feel to be back in the Philippines after five years? Nagkaayos na ba kayo ni Richard? May utang kwento sa akin ha. By the way….


I mentioned this to you before pero nakalimutan kong ibigay yung details. An online wedding invitation is attached to this e-mail but I’ll send a printed one once nakapag settle ka na ulit.

Well that’s all, Godspeed and good luck with everything there.

P.S. Open your heart Maya. Don’t let your past ruin your future. You might regret forever not taking the risk to be happy. Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone. Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

I’ll be looking forward to see the Lim family whole once again.

1 attachment: Ventura-Enriquez Wedding.docx

From: Shelly Williams

Subject: Read this ASAP!


Maya! You have to read this! I can’t believe he did it! Just for you! Come on, I was a fan of Gerard and Maya love team before but this guy’s move left me thinking. Call me when you have time. I miss you and say hello to the kids for me!

1 attachment:

Richard Lim ‘The Tiger of Asia’ Exclusive:

The Missing Fruits from the Family Tree

By blossom

The past week has been a chaos for the business world. Various articles from tabloids, gossip magazines and online sites have been posted, detailing about a certain renowned businessman’s apparent scandal and illicit affair with a lady belonging to a known airline company, resulting to the birth of genius twins.  Even the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as several blogs and forums are being flooded by this topic that caused a media frenzy which left thousands of tongues wagging, speculating and asking for answers.

Ladies and gentlemen, yours truly has been given the chance to interview the man himself, dubbed as the ‘Tiger of Asia’ Richard Lim, involved at this trending news. Through his own words, the authoress shall do her best to redeem the Lims as well as the other party involved in this apparent ‘scandal’. Open mindedness is greatly asked from the readers for this tale to be made plausible.

This interview is exclusively done with Mr. Richard Lim yesterday, two days aftermath the ‘scandal’. 

(left) the late Alexandra Lim, (right) Richard Lim

Esteemed business mogul Richard Lim, CEO and owner of Lim Aviation Services (LAS), a two-time awardee of the ‘Most Outstanding Entrepreneur–Aviation Category’ has revealed of his two other children, aside from the three (Luke Andrew, Nikki Grace and Abigail Ruth) with his late wife, Alexandra Lim who died in a plane crash approximately 8 years ago.

It was publicized by Lim himself a week ago, when a boy, five years of age, Artemis Cielo and a girl of same age, Apollo Amore barged in a closed door meeting with regards to a new joint business venture by the LAS, Time Airways (TA) and Fletcher Incorporated (FI).  Lim admitted that there were some discrepancies in their budget proposal for their baby project that he himself overlooked and was pointed out by his son in front of all the chief executives of both LAS and TA. The Project Uranus (PU) shall be presented at the next World Annual Aviation Expo as a joint project for the three companies.

Artemis impressed the whole board as he eloquently explained and defended his claims of foul play in the midst of the business companies. He confidently presented the case and cleared all the inconsistencies in the financial aspect of the project. Furthermore, he presented his own proposal in accordance to one of the objectives of PU that gained the approval of the board members. Lim, rarely seen to display his softer side surprised everyone when he tearfully announced to the board members that he is proud of his twins, Apollo and Artemis, especially the latter.

(left) Apollo Amore, (right) Artemis Cielo

This is the conversation between yours truly and Mr. Lim during the interview.

B: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to interview you exclusively Mr. Lim. I’m greatly honoured that you chose me to cover your story.

RL: You’re welcome. I know you’re one of the most honest people in your field and I’m more than happy to answer the questions of the public and clear things once and for all.

B: First question: Who is Maya dela Rosa?

RL: Maya is the mother of my twins, Artemis and Apollo. Way back in 2012, Maya was employed under my household as my youngest daughter’s nanny. Abby really liked her a lot since Maya saved her in the airport. Maya was the only nanny who can stand Abby’s whims– greatly influenced by her selective mutism, which developed since Alex’ passing. She helped me mend my broken bonds with my other children as well. She’s a great and dedicated woman, passionate on her craft and a pleasant person. I’m saddened with all the obscenities and cruel accusations hurled at her.

B: Why haven’t we heard of your relationship?

RL: We were never really official as boyfriend and girlfriend. I mean, it’s not a casual fling but before we had the chance to commit to each other, Maya was offered the chance of accelerated training in London five years ago. I can’t afford to stand between Maya and her dreams that’s why I shackled my urge to keep her here. I let her go… for the sake of her dreams.

B: Are you aware that Ms. dela Rosa is pregnant with your children at that time?

RL: Honestly… No. I only became aware of my twins when I bumped to Apollo at the Beijing International Airport two months ago. At that time, she was claiming that I am her father, but I didn’t believe her. A month later, I met Artemis at the LAS London Branch as the apprentice of one of my associates here. He explained everything to me and showed me the proof that they were really mine and Maya’s children.

B: How did you take this revelation?

RL: Anger… no, I was downright furious– that was the first emotion that I felt for Maya. For five years, we are constant communication with each other. Skype calls, international calls, even FB chatting. I forced myself to learn all the latest modern technology social networking just to connect with her. Those times that we were talking, she hasn’t spared even a minute to tell me about our children. My children.

However, when I saw Apollo performing with her piano, playing Edward Elgar’s Salut d’ Amour, I realized that my anger is nothing, compared to the love that I felt for my children. I already wasted five years not knowing about them. Would I waste another five being angry and miss the chance to be with them? I’m very proud with my twins, genii or not, they’re my beautiful children.

B: What is your comment with regards to the article released by the Glitz and Glamour, referring to Ms. dela Rosa as the ‘Poison Ivy’?

RL: Simple, if only I didn’t know that Maya would be angry with me, I would have used all the power I have to shut that publishing company down. There is no grain of truth about Maya ‘riding my coattails’ just to land a chance for her internship at TA. All the success she enjoys today is the fruits of her labor; I, President Ventura and Captain Montgomery were merely helpers that guided her.

B: Are you going to file a legal lawsuit against Ms. dela Rosa to claim the guardianship of your twins?

RL: There will be no need for lawsuits. Artemis and Apollo are my children as well as hers. We are not enemies, trying to claim some kind of property or whatever. I’m not taking away my children from their mother. Period.

B: Have you talked to your other children about this revelation?

RL: Yes. I talked to them via Skype yesterday, explaining about everything. I was afraid that they would get angry, especially Nikki but to my surprise, they were surprised and excited to meet their siblings. They understood the circumstances and happily accepted what happened. Even before the incident, Maya has always been close to my family, even prompting them to refer to her as ‘Mama’ or ‘Mommy’.

B: What was your parent’s reaction about this?

RL: It was my Mom who warned me about the G and G article. She said that I should move soon if I wanted to protect Maya and the twins. They expressed their support to whatever decision I make and they’re very fond of Maya as well, encouraging me to patch things up and settle down once again.

B: What are your plans now?

RL: I’m going back to the Philippines, together with Maya and the twins. We still have to talk to Maya’s family about this as well as let the children meet. After all things are settled, we’ll pick up from that.

B: Did you re-marry? Or is it your wedding ring with Alexandra Lim? The ring in your finger has been a constant topic in your interviews and you offered no answer. Are you willing to answer this time?

RL: Well no… I left my wedding band with Alex at her mausoleum. I’ve come into terms with her death and have her blessing to pursue love once again. Alex is my first love, but this ring belongs to my first true love, and hopefully the last. It is a symbol of my promise in front of my true love’s family.

As arrogant as it may sound, but the truth is being an eligible bachelor attracted women one after the other, vying for my attention even if I committed myself to woman who brought my heart millions of miles away with her. Well, the platinum silver ring quietly signalled them to back off. My colleagues and some friends were wondering when I got married again but I only smiled and shook my head.  No one dared to ask again. Only my family and close friends knew the meaning behind this ring… My vow and promise to the woman who took my heart far away.

B: Last question: Who is your first true love then?

RL: I don’t think I have to state the obvious Blossom. Why would I go this far just to clear a woman’s name? I think the answer is glaringly obvious. I love her. I’m irrevocably and unconditionally in love with Maya dela Rosa, the mother of my twin children and the light of my family. I want her… more than any wealth that this world has to offer…

B: Thank you very much for this interview once again Mr. Lim. Have a safe trip back to the Philippines.

RL: My pleasure. Thank you very much for this too.


Well folks, there you have it. It is now up to you whether you would believe Mr. Lim or not. The man opened his heart and voiced put his feelings with regards to the issue. The authoress hopes that the readers may have the heart and mind to sympathize with this couple and eliminate the destructible plights that may destroy their family.


“Maya, why are you crying?”

“Richard naman eh! Nakakainis ka!”

“What did I do this time?”

“Why do you have to do that stupid interview? Why do you have to tell those things? Why do you have to melt my heart with those sappy words? I hate you! I’m supposed to hate you!”

“Shhh, mahal, tahan na. Pinagtitinginan na tayo ng mga tao, iniisip nila na inaapi kita. Baka itapon ako pababa ng eroplano ng di oras nito.”

“Ang corny mo pa rin!”

“But you love me for it.”


“Oo na, assumero na. Now sleep. I know you haven’t slept a wink at the flight back here.”

“Opo Tay.”


“Ma, wake up! We’re here!”

“Ha? Oonga, tara na, get your luggages na.”

“Already done Ma. Halika na, dali!”

“Arty, Amy, san nyo ba ako dadalhin? Hindi naman diyan ang terminal ng mga tricycle papunta sa bahay eh!”

“Basta Ma, halika na, sumunod ka na lang sa amin.”

“Nasaan na ba yung daddy nyo?”

“He got the car, he said we’ll go somewhere muna before going to Lola’s house.”

“Bakit hindi na lang niya sinabi sa akin kanina?”

“Kasi po you’re sleeping eh, he didn’t want to wake you up daw po.”

“Ayan na si Daddy! Bye Ma!”

“Wait Artemis! Bakit hindi kayo sasabay sa amin?”

“Sila Kuya Luke po yung susundo sa amin. You have a date with Dad right?”

“Pero we can do that later! Halina kayo.”

“No Ma! You’re going with Dad. Ayan na sila Kuya Luke oh.”

“Hi Ma! I miss you so much! Pa-hug naman diyan!”

“Luke! Naku ang tangkad mo na! Bat andito kayo? Asan ang mga kapatid mo?”

“Nasa hotel po Ma. Naghahanda lang sandali. Pero pupunta din po kami kila Lola pagkatapos. Isasama ko nap o tong kambal para naman po makapag-bonding kami. Excited na po sila Niks and Abby na makasama sila Amy. At magbobonding naman kami ni Art, diba tol? High five!”


“No buts Ma, wala ka bang tiwala sa akin?”

“Meron naman, kaya lang-

“Yun naman pala eh. Enjoy your date, Ma, Dad!”

“Bye Ma.”

“Magpakabait kayo ha? Wag kayong maglilikot, baka mamroblema sila Kuya at Ate.”

“Opo Ma.”

“Luke, ingat sa pagdadrive.”

“Opo Dad.”

“Ingat din po kayo.”


“Richard, san ba tayo pupunta?”

“Remember you asked for a date before you left five years ago?”


“Well, we only managed to have two. Itutuloy natin ngayon yun.”

“Ha? Okay na! Nevermind.”

“I insist. Besides, di mo pa ko natotour sa San Nicolas fully. Well, the best tourist guide in town, can you do it?”

“Ako pa? Game!”

Temporarily forgetting their fight, Maya and Richard went on a date like a new couple. Visiting the San Nicolas church, getting some dirty ice cream, eating cotton candy and window shopping at the tiangge, the two placed their worries and problems at the back of their minds and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Snapping pictures everywhere, Richard didn’t let any opportunity to capture Maya’s every expression. In return, Maya forced Richard to pose with her in the pictures, even kissing him in the lips when they were walking at the park.

Richard was so shocked about what happened and had his mouth wide open and Maya predicting the reaction, snapped a quick picture of it.

“Ang cute talaga ng Sir Chief ko pag nagugulat!”

“Maya! Delete that!”



“Habulin mo muna ako.”

“Maya, start running….”


“Huli ka!”

“Richard, ibaba mo ako! Ahh!”

“Akala mo di na kita kayang buhatin ha? Malakas pa to!”

“Oo na! Bitawan mo ako!”

“Kiss mo muna ako.”


“Hindi kita ibaba hangga’t di mo ako kinikiss.”

*kiss on the cheek*

“O ayan na, ibaba mo na ako.”

“Pang bata naman yan eh! Hindi naman ako sila Art eh!”

*a passionate kiss on the lips*

“O ano *pant* pang bata pa rin yan?”

“No.” *pant*

*jumps down*

“Oo, pang matanda na, bagay na bagay sa yo! Hahaha! Habulin mo ko!”

“Get back here you minx!”


“Ser Chief…”


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Ganito pala yung feeling ng may boyfriend no. Ang sarap pala.”

“Did you enjoy?”


“Good. Let’s go.”

“Uuwi na tayo?”

“No, we have one last destination to go.”


“Richard, ano nanamang pakulo to? Bakit may pablind fold ka pang nalalaman?”

“Just go with the flow, halika na.”

“Baka naman madapa ako dito sa pinaggagawa mo ha?”

“I’ll hold you. Come here.”

“Richard? Uy, asan ka na? Tatanggalin ko na to.”

A strum of the guitar permeated the air. Maya stopped groping around and looked for the source of the sound.

Di ko nais na magkalayo tayo
Nagselos ka at nilayuan mo ako
Buhay nga naman, tunay bang ganyan
Bumalik ka naman

Maya removed her blindfold and was awed at the sight of her parent’s most romantic place decorated with lighted paper lanterns. There was a makeshift stage in front where a man was strumming at his guitar, singing his heart out. Her own heart skipped a beat as he gazed directly at her eyes and continued singing. He is dressed in pure white, eyeglasses gleaming and lips set in a beautiful smile. ‘Since when did he change clothes?’

Kahit na ano pa ang iyong gusto
Okey lang basta’t magkabati tayo
Minamahal kita, hihintayin kita
Sorry na, pwede ba?

One by one, her family donned in all white, showed up, carrying a bud of white tulips… symbolizing forgiveness. Abby hugged and kissed her tight, followed by Nikki, Luke, her twins, Manang Fe, Kuya Joma, Sabel and Doris, Nanay Teresita, Lola Mamang, Kute, Cho, Lino, even Jeff is here!

Buhay ko’y nasa ‘yo
Matitiis mo ba ako, oh baby
Huwag sanang magtampo
Sorry, pwede ba?

Her whole family sung together as the mighty Richard Lim continued his serenade…

Kahit na ano pa ang iyong gusto
Okey lang basta’t magkabati tayo
Minamahal kita, hihintayin kita
Sorry na, pwede ba?

He slowly descended from the makeshift stage still strumming his guitar, slowly approaching her at the middle of the clearing. As he sang the chorus, he’s in front of her, right hand on her cheek, voice echoing…

Buhay ko’y nasa ‘yo
Matitiis mo ba ako, oh baby
Huwag sanang magtampo
Sorry, pwede ba?

He placed back his hands at the chords and gazed at her eyes, trying to convey his feeling… With his and her family backing him up in his singing, their voices filled the whole space.

Buhay ko’y nasa ‘yo
Matitiis mo ba ako, oh baby
Huwag sanang… huwag sanang magtampo
Sorry, pwede ba…

Sorry, pwede ba…

Sorry, pwede ba…


“I’m sorry Maya… for everything. I love you. Will you allow me to make it up to you? Please take me back?”

“Papalag pa ba ako? Binaback up-an ka pa pati ng pamilya ko. I love you too!”


“Nay! Ah eh- Ano po sorry po kasi ano-

“Tama na. Okay na. Naipaliwanag na sa akin ng mga apo ko.”

“Nay… Sorry po talaga. Hindi ko naman po ginustong itago eh… kaya lang…”

“Oh, tahan na. At magkakaiyakan pa tayo dito. Limang taon na ang lumilipas ang babaw pa rin ng mga luha niyo. Hala, upo na at nang makakain na tayong lahat.”

“Nay/Mamang naman eh!”

“Sige na, tama na ang drama. Kainan na!”

Maya thought that nothing can beat that night when she and Richard consummated her love. Now looking at the joyous faces of her San Nicolas family and the Lim family, a few tears can’t help but escape from her eyes. Someone suddenly hugged her from behind and she stiffened, but she immediately relaxed when a familiar scent reached her nose.

“Crying again love?”

“I’m just so happy. So…so happy…”

“I promise that you’ll never cry again unless it’s tears of joy.”

“Sure ka diyan ha?”


“I love you Richard Lim.”

“I love you Maya dela Rosa Lim.”

“Ha? Anong sabi mo?”

“Just practicing.”

“Ewan ko sayo.”

“Halika ka na Mrs. Lim.”

“Oh, nasaan na yung girl mo?”

“Oh her? My girl, Nikki Grace Lim. I think you’ve met her.”

“Whatever Mr. Lim. Ang corny mo talaga.”

“Ang sabihin mo, selosa ka lang.”

“Ako lang?”


Three months later…

London Times, Main Office, Cambridge, London

“Miss Blossom, express mail for you!”

“Thanks dear!”

“Ohh! Finally!”

Manila Cathedral, Philippines

“ I, Maya de la Rosa, take you, Richard Lim, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

“ I, Richard Lim, take you, Maya de la Rosa, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

“You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen.”

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Richard tugs his bride forward and gave her a long, passionate kiss. The bride smiled at this and happily returned her newly proclaimed husband’s kiss. When they parted, she tiptoed and whispered those words that he swears not to forget even after his death.

“I will always love you, Richard Lim, in this life and in the next”.

“And I will love you, Maya dela Rosa Lim, in this life and in the next… and beyond all the worlds in this world.”



By blossom

It is with great honor and pride that yours truly is given the chance to cover in what is considered as the ‘Wedding of the Decade’, held at the Manila Cathedral in the Philippines last June 17th year 2018. In an intimate wedding at the said church, 100 pairs of eyes witnessed as the man considered as the most powerful business magnate in Asia delivered his wedding vows to his spouse Mrs. Maya dela Rosa-Lim.

(left) Maya dela Rosa-Lim, (right) Richard Lim


Reception followed at the Shangri-La Hotel, where almost a thousand well-wishers expressed their support and love to the couple who conquered many controversies before finally tying the knot. Since this authoress’ article three months ago (see Richard Lim ‘The Tiger of Asia’ Exclusive: The Missing Fruits from the Family Tree), the couple faced three different press conferences in order to clear up the misunderstandings and to answer the public’s questions.

Since then, the Lim family, consisted of their head Richard Lim, Maya dela Rosa-Lim and their brood Luke Andrew, Nikki Grace, Abigail Ruth and the newly added Artemis Cielo Lim and Apollo Amore Lim are often featured by different business magazines and became trending topics in social networking sites.

The love story between the former nanny and employer endeared to the hearts of millions of people and gave the power couple an instant fame. In fact, a rumor is spreading that some producers are asking for the couple’s permission to feature their story as a movie production. Mrs. Lim shyly confirmed this rumor and said that they have already started the filming, with all of the casts acting as their own character. This film is entitled ‘Be Careful with My Heart the Movie’ and shall hit the cinemas on Dec. 25, + 8 .00 PST.


Be Careful With My Heart the Movie promotional poster

Featuring Richard Lim and Maya dela Rosa-Lim

This couple proved us that love is not about how long you’ve been together but how right you are for each other… They haven’t been together for longer than a year but they truly fell in love with each other… the lands and seas separating them didn’t stop their love to flourish. Facing controversies strengthened their faith for each other, and hand-in-hand or in Mrs. Lim’s term, they did it in the kapit-bisig way. The Lim family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Lim as well as their brood of five laughed in happiness and joy as they faced the new chapter in their lives.

This authoress shall be looking forward to the new happenings in the said family.

See you on the Be Careful with My Heart the Movie premier!


Five years later…



“May tatanong ako sa yo.”

“Ano yon mahal?”

“Bakit ako? Napakaraming babaeng ibang mas hihigit pa sa akin. Mas maganda, mas matalino, mas may kaya sa buhay. Bakit ako pa?”

“What brought this question, after so many years?”

“Wala lang. Five years na ang nakalipas pero hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na nagpropose ka sa akin sa Jones Bridge, sa harap ng maraming tao. Pinasara mo pa yung buong tulay. Grabe, hiyang-hiya talaga ako nun, pero sobrang kilig kasi hinarana mo pa talaga ako dun.”

“Of course. It all started there. That long haired country bumpkin in yellow blouse and long sky blue skirt captivated me with her honest  and vibrant eyes. At that time, I knew that you were a very special woman. Well, you were really special, pretending to be mute and all to escape my anger.”

“Richard naman eh!”

“Don’t try to understand everything Maya. Sometimes, it is not meant to be understood, but to be accepted. I love you Maya. It’s as simple and profound as that.”

“Ihhhh! Sir Chief!”

“Ano nanamang kasalanan ko?”

“Hanggang ngayon naman, hindi pa rin ako maka get-over sa pagpapakilig mo! Ikaw ha Mr. Lim, baka naman kung kani-kanino mo pinapractice yan ha.”

“As if. There’s no one but you. Hmm, so what can I do to prove it to you?”

“Ewan ko… How about a kiss hmm?”

“Is that proof enough?”

“Hmmm, siguro.”

“Bakit di nating gawing sigurado ha? Hmmm, gusto mo sundan na natin sila Alexandra Beatrice, Cassandra Dianne at Elyssandra Fate?”

“Naku, Mr. Lim, kaya tayo pinagpupustahan ng mga anak mo eh. Besides, di ka pa ba kuntento sa anim na prinsesa’t dalawang prinsepe mo?”

“I want more princesses and princes in my kingdom. I want more little Mayas and little Richards running around, playing piko and basketball in the garden. I want more laughter filling our whole home.”

“Sus, sige na nga. Pasalamat ka mahal kita eh.”

“Yes! So, quadruplets this time?”

“Aba, kung kaya mo pa, why not? Bring it on!”

*grunt* “I love you Mrs. Lim!”

*moan* “I love you Mr. Lim!”


“So, anong pusta niyong gender at ilan this time? Art and Amy?”

“Quads. Two boys and two girls.”

“Lex, Cas and Els?”

“Quads. Three boys and a girl.”


“Quads. All girls.”


“Quads. Three girls and a boy.”

“Ikaw Kuya Luke?”

“Quads. All boys.”

“Hmmm, let’s see.”

9 months later…

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lim! Four beautiful baby boys!”


The End

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